TWO HOURS of gentle lullabies for babies - Baby Sleep Music

Put your children to sleep with hypnotic graphics, accompanied by gentle nursery rhymes played beautifully on the piano.
Music taken from 'Piano Lullabies for Babies' by Andrew Holdsworth, available on iTunes via the link above.

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Author okykarl ( ago)
you made my little brother go to sleep.

Author Lizette Mendoza ( ago)
I completely love these sleeping lullabies. My 2 month old falls fast asleep every time ☺️☺️

Author Nyla Oregbesan ( ago)
Scrolling through while trying to get my niece to sleep😅😌😌

Author Isis Cousar ( ago)
This works every time

Author Maria Del Mar Lopez Fornes ( ago)
Tonight is not working🙄😑

Author Nicola Jemmott ( ago)
Anyone else's baby trying to look at the screen and are smiling at the images instead of sleeping?

Author Nicola Jemmott ( ago)
Here we are again 😩

Author Survivenature ( ago)
My baby cousins slept instantly to this

Author Monique Gimer ( ago)
My 16 month old son is put right to bed.

Author Adam/sasha Richards ( ago)
My baby sisster will not go to sleep

Author Kattia Valencia ( ago)
Buffet bcc gb63:456; is f4;(;76:;:/(,4;: real math kids don't now seriously it's secret I made this math3:;4:::is53/5783:3;;

Author Juan Garcia ( ago)

Author Kenesha Davis ( ago)
When trying to get a 4month old and 1yr old to sleep at the same time...this has been my best friend. Works every time less than 15min

Author Israel Martinez ( ago)
trynna make a baby sleep and scrolling through the comments and most of it saying "making my little sibling sleep time to look at comments!" lmao

Author Regina Lasovich ( ago)
it put me to sleep

Author Nahum Hernandez ( ago)

Author Diannyelis Videos ( ago)
waiting for little sis to catch some zzzzzzz😴😴 well instead of waiting its comment reading time

Author Ramon Chirinos ( ago)
i tried this on my puppy

Author Kaitie Williams ( ago)
love this video.

Author savage girl gaming ( ago)
this is actualy working as a sing / waiting for baby cousen to sleep

Author mythily mylvaganam ( ago)
My daughter will not sleep unless I play this music.... so glad I discovered this video :)

Author Cyra Mae Maliwat ( ago)
I am the first whot got fall asleep instead of my daughter. 😂😂😂😴

Author JuniorGamer101 ( ago)
thank you this worked

Author Mary Villanueva ( ago)
my brother fell asleep for 4 hours cuz of this song

Author Ziyauna Chatman ( ago)

Author Mirna Herrera ( ago)
Thank You for making this video

Author Jared Garcia ( ago)
Please everyone if you see me around please don't look at my silly comments please 😔😣🙁😩😫😭😭

Author Jared Garcia ( ago)
I wish I had lullabies like that,and thought that I could make one but since I have only one,well I get what I get and I don't get upset so XD,damn can some one give this video a apluse,mabe I could make a video of a lullaby I want to be just like Andrew Holdsworth and I know I send crazy or wacky comments so just wanna say to you all...I'm sorry😔

Author Tristan Delorme ( ago)
I'm with my nefew rn

Author Tristan Delorme ( ago)
this actually works

Author Juan Garcia ( ago)

Author Emmanuel Tom ( ago)
I'm 21 I always listen to this before I go to bed. It gives me sweet chills and good dreams.

Author Dorothy Arredondo ( ago)

Author Sandy Ramirez ( ago)

Author Judy C ( ago)
This is beautiful. Thank you

Author FashionSylveon ( ago)

Author FashionSylveon ( ago)
why are you puting coments its sleep music

Author Nataliacookie Beltran ( ago)
I'm not at home I'm a adult but accidently went here and then I'm tired 😂😑😴😪😴😪

Author Norma Montiel ( ago)
reading comment wile my brother goes to sleep. 😒😮😯

Author Lamaya Johnson ( ago)
this don't work for shit 🖕😠

Author Kristinium Crystal ( ago)

Author Lara Norbury ( ago)
Love this! Works wonders for my baby! Xx

Author Yaeesh Allie ( ago)
Nothing puts baby to sleep better than some boob... Wish I had a pair of moobs right now, little man won't give in

Author Ian Purser ( ago)
think i have read all the comments now arghhh

Author Rupert 31 ( ago)
I think this is great it never fails to help my little boy go to sleep. Regarded as a Rescue remedy.

Author Jonathan Kharat ( ago)
Thanks, This Video Really Helped My Little Brother Go To Sleep

Author hexgirl gaming ( ago)
I'm 19. No kids. I'm just so desperate to sleep I'm willing to try anything

Author devyn norman ( ago)
My friends bro bro loves this and hes 6

Author Steffie Z ( ago)
This put me asleep

Author CuteKittyGaming ( ago)
i swear i heard "down came the rain and washed the spider out* OMG KINDERGARDEN IS BACK NOOOOO

Author Jessica Wright ( ago)
Is it me or does this sound like the itsy bitty spider?🤔🤔🤔 and my brother fell asleep in my clothes😡😡
👕👖👞🕶🎩 brother if u see this you owe me some clothes

Author dorito Chip ( ago)
My baby sis is messing around and not sleeping oh geez help someone plz... plz ok fine I will just read da comments

Author galxay cat ( ago)
love your music vid.# lightshow

Author Jared Garcia ( ago)
Andrew Holdsworth why aren't you sending comments?

Author leila ibrahim ( ago)
Well... it's long

Author leila ibrahim ( ago)
I ... like it so much.

Author satyam godasi ( ago)

Author Alon Harris ( ago)
Thank you guys so much

Author NatalieAngle ( ago)
I made my cousin fall asleep.

Author Angela Rose ( ago)
I could have swore I found another video with the same music and same backdrop that was either 8 or 11 hours long

Author Alicia Shakur ( ago)
My baby love this Lullabies! He only listen s to this video ! ✌🏽👶😴😴 Thanks for saving my nights, and nap times! 👻👻💃🏽👼🏽🌒🌓🌔🌗🌘⭐️🌛🌜⭐️🌟🌃🌉🌌🎆🌠💜💙💚💛❤️

Author Amaya Gabrielle-Ruth ( ago)
I love you lullabys

Author Gamingwithbond ( ago)

Author Frisk Dreemurr ( ago)

Author Frisk Dreemurr ( ago)
R.I.P to my aunt. She died in a car crash + she had a like 3 month old baby and a 10 year old kid! T~T

Author Frisk Dreemurr ( ago)
Awwww! <3! My little sisters and brother just fell asleep with my new Cane Corso! They are so ducking cute!

Author alexis mathews ( ago)
My dogs are asleep by this. I meant this to put ME asleep not them. Lol

Author regan rae ( ago)
I am not a baby but use it is recommend it

Author Dicky Sudrajad ( ago)
What i mean is my child sleep after he is crying

Author Dicky Sudrajad ( ago)
My little Brother sleep at once whwn he herd this song

Author Wolfteeha Lps ( ago)
Perfect for my hatchamal

Author Danielle Williams ( ago)
thanks this actually put my baby to sleep

Author Travis Stuart ( ago)
my baby daughter fell asleep literally in two minutes

Author Alison Gaiters ( ago)
This put my baby sis to sleep😊😘

Author CEAIRA M GIVENS ( ago)
Guess I didn't need the full two hours... my daughter fell asleep before the first song was over! This is my new favorite video lol

Author Alena m ( ago)
One day when your kids are older you'll say. "I had to sit and read the comments on YouTube while I waited for you to fall asleep. You guys don't have to do that anymore, you're so lucky. You don't know the struggle" 😂😂

Author tuwanta93 ( ago)
beautiful and relaxing and peace and quiet

Author Keshia Covington ( ago)
this make my 2 baby Sister go fast as sleep

Author Jutheking ThatBluePandaGuyYesSamster5677NoUTTPVGCP ( ago)
My Cousin Baby Boy Was About Go to sleep.. He WAS stil AWAKE.

Author Pooh Sanders ( ago)
it's work in

Author i girl ( ago)
ideky I have dis on I'm 11 and not trying to fall asleep...

Author Aurora B ( ago)
I'm almost asleep I'm almost asleep I'm almost asleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Author Jenny tran ( ago)
Aw I "like" it haha get it cuz I liked the video

Author Bridget McDermott ( ago)
Currently babysitting and this seems to have done the trick perfectly! But the second I turn off the music the little girl I'm watching asks why it's off... so I guess time to keep reading the comments like it seems everybody else is doing 😂😂

Author abby lewis ( ago)
trying to get me 10 month old cousin asleep she has been screaming blood murder since I've gotten her earlier today... praying this will get her to sleep!!!

Author Roxy Feighery ( ago)
roxy and a bit. I'm a big difference between us, but it would like the look at this point I am Dan same as last year, and I will be in the UK. I have a look at the moment. the only thing I can be found in the UK. the other side of the dogs and the chipmunks. this was not able the first one. it has to go on, I will not sure about that I am Dan same as last night and the chipmunks. this was not able the first one. it has to go on, I will not sure about that I am Dan same time. I have a look at the moment.

Author Ellamae Grice ( ago)
who noticed that the piano was doing nursery rhymes if you listen very carefully you will hear

Author Ellamae Grice ( ago)
I stare at the patterns and it makes my eyes go sleepy

Author Tiffanie Torres ( ago)
this is the best. My older daughters showed me this video for my 8 month old son, and it works wonders. I give him a bottle and put this on, and he is out in 5 minutes. I love this😊😊😊

Author Genae McBride ( ago)
waiting for my nephew to asleep

Author Jordin Lewis ( ago)
This help me go to sleep💤

Author Robin Broff ( ago)
Putting this on to help my girlfriend fall asleep.. she's 19 lol

Author hebahshone ( ago)
it's just sooo relaxing for the baby and yourself

Author I love it rein ( ago)
I fell asleep to the soothing sound I might fall asleep right now because I am watching this that I will watch it forever I will do it anytime I sleep because I just did it last night so I'm very still tired so I might make me fall asleep again sorry if any auto correct

Author Dankzz Hoe ( ago)
my son elijah loves this song ❤

Author Negar Badri ( ago)
My six months baby 👶 loves ot.🙏 Thanks for sharing.

Author Juliett Dreams ( ago)
it's so lovely and the affects are so mezmerizing my sister's favorite thing to listen to before bed

Author Andriea Butler ( ago)
Thank You for this song

Author Jared Garcia ( ago)

Author Lazell Refuerzo ( ago)
I'm just jhgchgchtchtcgcgjcjhvjhk

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