How Star Wars and World War 2 Fighters Use Similar Tactics!

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  • Wo 9
    Wo 9 1 day ago

    IMO USA fits the Galactic Empire more, because of vast manpower and production capability. The rebels had neither of those.

  • David Pemberton
    David Pemberton 2 days ago

    I'm enjoying your series of videos, keep it up!

    Just a point to note, Star Wars space, doesn't seem to act as space as we know it, fighters are able to bank and air-break similar to our fighters can in the air. I know this was originally because George Lucas liked it and wanted it this way, but now we as fans must explain it, The Vacuum of space is either different in the Star Wars Universe or Star Wars Spacecraft can utilise maybe Dark matter? to perform these manoeuvres in/on?

    • Gowan James Ditchburn
      Gowan James Ditchburn 1 day ago

      Well I think it would have to do with the inertial dampener technology used in star wars, possibly also the artificial gravity generators. This would create a pull that would create resistance comparable to air resistance. It would also explain why star wars ships only have engines in one direction and why they must be constantly active due to the fact that to move they must constantly accelerate against this force.

      That is a theory however, but I think it explains the characteristics best.

  • Obsydian Shade
    Obsydian Shade 3 days ago

    I would argue that in terms of firepower, performance, and relative advancement, the X-Wing is probably more analogous to the P-38 than the Wildcat or P-40, which were relatively inferior to the Zero, but with the right tactics, could prevail. The P-38, however, was, like the X-wing, superior in most categories, except for sheer range, and turning circle.

  • Wehraboo_Of _El_Alamein

    What gave u the idea that the empire are japs? Wtf

  • dagon valdez
    dagon valdez 3 days ago

    what am i missing? lucas said he modeled fighter battles after wwII fighter battles...???

    • dagon valdez
      dagon valdez 1 day ago

      youre preaching to the choir, brother.

    • Bill Mullins
      Bill Mullins 1 day ago

      But the current generation is utterly unaccustomed to doing such research. They never had to do it so they never learned how. You and I know that Lucas based much of the action in the destruction on films of actual air combat from WWII. Today's young people cannot understand such a concept. If my arithmetic is still good, the distance in time between New Hope (Wasn't it at one time titled New Dawn? Lucas just keeps changing things) and WWII is approx. a decade less than between "New Hope" and today. For today's fans WWII is ancient history. It ended 70 years ago. When you add in that today's young people have not been taught much history it is no wonder that they take things backwards. Add in that the education establishment has deliberately failed to teach recent generations anything related to critical thought, it makes perfect sense. The very last thing demagogues desire is an informed electorate, capable of independent, critical thinking. Such people are seldom easily fooled or led around by the nose.

      Remember, you NEVER have to fool ALL the people ANY of the time. You only have to fool ENOUGH of the people ENOUGH of the time. The less (culturally) literate and capable of critical thought the electorate is, the better things are for the career politicians.

    • dagon valdez
      dagon valdez 1 day ago

      my point is age shouldnt matter but since reading and research are literally at peoples fingertips....well maybe the old agage applies.....shut your mouth, open your eyes and ears (not you, Bill). cool story though and i made the same point about the goldsmith theme more than once. thanks.

    • Bill Mullins
      Bill Mullins 1 day ago

      You have to remember that the majority of people making these videos and commenting were not around when "New Dawn" came out. I doubt many (any?) of them have read anything about the making of the original Star Wars and are reasoning ass backwards. I had a similar experience on the Trek side. This was some years after STTNG had wrapped and while DS9 was on. I overheard a couple of worthies opining about how STMP used the same main theme as NG. I patiently explained to them that STMP came out several years before ST:TNG and that Paramount was hedging their bets by reusing Gerry Goldsmith's theme rather than paying for a new theme. I don't think they believed me. It didn't matter, though, because I spent the day with Majel Barrett, providing physical security. She was lovely a person as you could ever want to spend time with. And she was still a damned fine looking woman.

  • AlexSDU
    AlexSDU 3 days ago

    So, I'm guessing B-Wing is P-38, heavy yet deadly.

  • ironwarmonger
    ironwarmonger 3 days ago

    There is a UK make WWII movie called "the Dam Busters", Lucas lifted early the entire battle sequence from that movie for the attack on the first Death Star. In fact many of the lies are same between the two movies.

    Also reflected was part of the U.S. military standard aircraft rules. The single most important part of any fighter or really any aircraft is it pilot or crew. The Japanese did not see it this way. The gave the Americans a massive advantage, they could make a mistake, survive and learn from it! The Japanese pilot was just dead.

  • John the gamer
    John the gamer 4 days ago

    You forgot the tactics of the japanese zeros when they were fighting wildcats
    Since they knew the americans had a better plane
    But zeros can reach a higher height so they get to a chase against the wild cat the zero goes for a steep climb and then the wild cat engine smokes and the zero goes for a dive and shoots it down

  • Fritz Vongerbel
    Fritz Vongerbel 7 days ago

    sounds like the rebels are useing germanys point of view of quality is best

  • Joe Perry
    Joe Perry 7 days ago

    Rebel Alliance = United States confirmed

  • OriginalTharios
    OriginalTharios 8 days ago

    Yeah...this is not exactly something people didn't already know. Honestly, it's a flaw, more than anything.

    Suspension of disbelief is all well and good, but it's not meant to be stretched that far. If you want to include something fantastic, then it still has to make sense in the universe you've built. Star Wars doesn't do that. With their technology, fighters are nothing but fodder death traps. Or rather, they would be, if any of their technology were applied in any practical way.

  • Chris Douglas
    Chris Douglas 8 days ago

    I think the X-wing would be better compared to the Hellcat than a Wildcat or a Warhawk, both the Wildcat and Hellcat were vastly outclassed by the Zero. While a Hellcat could hold its own against a Zero, much like an X-Wing could against a TIE Interceptor. The A-Wing and the P-51, completely agree, fast, agile but pretty frail. Sweet Video though :-)

  • Mike Mac
    Mike Mac 8 days ago

    Is that Tie/INT the Lego version?

    • AlexSDU
      AlexSDU 3 days ago

      I think it's the scale resolution effect, which make the pixel look like lego.

  • ringleader61
    ringleader61 8 days ago

    i like your comparisons. One major fact you may want to add is: the japanese had a very small core of elite pilots and a huge core of mediocre pilots at the start of the war.Most were killed from the battles of Midways and Guadalcanal. were as the U.S. did start in a similar way, they soon developed a system that gave them a massive core of very good pilots that were able to out match the japanese by 1943-44.

  • Joe Soap
    Joe Soap 8 days ago

    I think you'll find the reason they are so similar is because WW2 dog fighting was all the writers had for reference since there has never been any real ship to ship dog fighting in space.
    Consider that in space there is no gravity. Therefore there is no up or down. You're in a vacuum so there is no wind resistance. Unless you are near to a star there is no light so you are in the pitch dark. It's hard to see and chase your foe in the pitch dark.
    In reality such things would never really take place. Little fighters battling it out while zooming between giant spaceships is strictly in the realms of science fiction. It looks good on the screen but is really just nonsense.

    • Resurrected Starships
      Resurrected Starships 8 days ago

      Indeed! I was thinking about mentioning the Dam Busters! LOL I've seen documentaries but need to watch the actual movie. I don't know if I love Lucas for pulling good inspirational sources or dislike him for being unoriginal. Oh well :)

  • Jedi JC
    Jedi JC 8 days ago

    Still Not Bad on George Lucas' part. The Military History he knew before making the First Three Star Wars Films was the War Movies he saw as a Child / Teenager.

  • MisterBassBoost
    MisterBassBoost 8 days ago

    Great! Keep it up!

  • Sameson223VIDS
    Sameson223VIDS 8 days ago

    There's a whole lot of issues. I study WW2 as a history major in college and I can't help but put this out there. The Comparison first should be the zero and the Hellcat/corsair. The Japanese fighters were weak since they had thin aluminum armor and no self sealing fuel tanks. The japanese lost their good pilots after Midway and the American doctrine was bring to bring a huge amount of overwhelming firepower of good trained pilots to wipe out the japanese carriers and surface fleet. Please do better research. You can't make a video based only on what you hear on the history channel. That's just a few issues I have.

  • Hylian Air Force
    Hylian Air Force 8 days ago

    The main difference between the Empire and WWII Japan is that zeros often outranged American fighters compared to X-Wings outranging TIEs. The only aircraft that could match the range of an A6M was the P-51 late in the war. As for the comparisons, I have a better one, this time with the better analogue of America and Nazi Germany. The Bf-109 is the most mass produced fighter of all time, had a standard armament of 2 cannons and 2 machine guns, making it like a TIE fighter. The TIE Interceptor is fast with a very powerful armament, like the latewar Me 262 jet interceptor. As for what I think are good analogues for the Rebels, the P-47 is a great analogue to the X-Wing, as both have weaponry that is effective against damn near everything. The A-Wing equivalent is actually closer to latewar Soviet Interceptors, rather light and lightly armed, but also very effective with what little armament it has. Because you didn't want to be superfluous, I can make comparisons between the heavier types on either side. The TIE Bomber is in line the Fw-190, as it has devastating cannons and could carry a heavy load of bombs, like the P-47. For the Rebels, I see the Il-2 taking the place of the B-Wing, as it was rather slow and destroyed a lot of the tanks it went against with its wing cannons, and the Y-Wing would be like British Fighter Bombers, which were heavily armed and armored, but were only really effective against other fighter-bombers, like the Fw-190.

    • John the gamer
      John the gamer 4 days ago

      Didnt the wild cat i think its hellcat that beat it in 1943

    • Hylian Air Force
      Hylian Air Force 7 days ago

      Add to the fact that not a one of them had access to aircraft or heavy vehicles like the rebels did.

    • military point
      military point 7 days ago

      +Corn Marketman that is ture but it's all I had but look at the tv show rebels in the beginning

    • Corn Marketman
      Corn Marketman 7 days ago

      military point With the difference being the fact the various resistance groups in WW2 were usually unorganized, not unified, not actual armies and could have never hoped to defeat Germany alone

    • military point
      military point 8 days ago

      for ground forces
      -the empire: take after the Germans
      -the rebels: take after the freedom fighters from the areas that German forces have captured.

  • Zero Human
    Zero Human 8 days ago

    After watching the video I was entertain and found this video to be smart and well done.

  • bryan schultz
    bryan schultz 8 days ago

    This is a well thought out comparison. Just so you know, the Ki-43 or A6M were NOT made out of wood. Their structures were made from duralumin, a light metal alloy. There were wooden pieces in the ailerons, elevators and rudders, but the wings and fuselage was metal. The other thing is the US aircraft carried 4 to 8 12.7mm machine guns (.50 cal), most versions of the Japanese fighters carried fewer weapons, often of 7.7mm. That is why the firepower comparison favored the F4F / P-40.

    Good job man.

  • Stephan Stofberg
    Stephan Stofberg 8 days ago

    I discovered this channel when you did the star wars vs star trek video. I really enjoyed it. My inner star wars fanboy wanted the empire to win, but due to star trek just being what it is, with much more advanced technology I always knew it woyld win. Keep up the good work:-D

  • Zero Human
    Zero Human 8 days ago

    You should compare the X-wing to the Hell Cat. Not the Wild Cat since they weren't very good and phased out during the war. Hellcats was the best during that time. As for the X-wing was superior to the tie fighter just like the hellcat was superior to the Zeros.

    • Rafael Nishizumi
      Rafael Nishizumi 2 days ago

      i agree with u n i feel that the a-wing is comparable to F4U Corsair

  • Andrew F. Nelsen
    Andrew F. Nelsen 8 days ago

    That would be because Lucas based the space combat in SW on WWII fleet / air combat tactics.
    He's stated that openly on multiple occasions.

  • Lakota Santarpio
    Lakota Santarpio 8 days ago

    Great Work! So glad I found your channel what you do is very professional.

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