Suspicious Minds - Elvis Presley cover (Emo downer style) Puddles Pity Party

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  • This was written by Mark James and made famous by Elvis Presley.
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    Tim DeLaney did sound
    Andrew Woodman did pictures
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  • Runtime: 3:37
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Comments: 384

  • Bob Townsend
    Bob Townsend 1 month ago

    Never understood this guy's popularity.

    • Gunpro28
      Gunpro28 1 day ago

      It's like quantum either get it, or you don't.  :I

    • Kevin Pittman
      Kevin Pittman 4 days ago

      James You are RIGHT!

    • Keith  Deel
      Keith Deel 7 days ago

      Bob Townsend Because he's a great singer and he is a freakin clown 😂

    • Acedia Nihil
      Acedia Nihil 8 days ago

      So what have you got that is popular to others? should we also wonder why you exist as well while you do nothing but comment on others creations?

    • Danielle L.
      Danielle L. 9 days ago

      because he's different and he has a lovely voice, I can listen to him while cooking dinner☺

  • Gunpro28
    Gunpro28 1 day ago

    I wonder who the other 50 people who watched this are...because I'm pretty sure 135,500 of these views are mine! Cant stop watching!!!!

  • James Starr
    James Starr 1 day ago

    Kinda sounds like Neil Diamond.

  • Lupita Gonzalez
    Lupita Gonzalez 2 days ago

    Extraordinary singer with unique style💕💕💕

  • Robert Stewart
    Robert Stewart 4 days ago

    I think many of Nick Drake's songs would be fair game for being covered by Puddles.

  • Kevin Pittman
    Kevin Pittman 4 days ago

    Puddles YOU are Blowin My MInd! KEEP DOING THIS!

  • wurly164
    wurly164 5 days ago

    Puddles...the other white meat

  • rubyred849
    rubyred849 5 days ago

    Clown love is real!!

  • Johnny Johnson
    Johnny Johnson 6 days ago

    This guy has touched my heart he has one of the best voices I've ever heard. Thank you Puddles..

  • dhogan1999
    dhogan1999 6 days ago

    Very nice version.

  • Brian Baker
    Brian Baker 7 days ago

    why don't this man have a record contact with some ome

  • MrRockeno
    MrRockeno 7 days ago

    I'm a huge Elvis fan, and I hate when people cover his songs and completely screw them up. But this cover made me subscribe. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  • DARK RIDE - Nightmare on Wheels

    so brilliant

  • dundeedell1960
    dundeedell1960 9 days ago

    Puddles, you give us something new, fresh, outside of the box and very much creativeness. It's sweet positive, and uplifting with a bit of saltiness added (depending on the crowd.). You shock us not by crude attention getting stunts, but by sheer talent, and a sense of the absurd. Not what music execs have been force feeding us for years. Outrageousness only works when it hasn't been beaten to death or predictable. I love how you don't need to talk. Your action sand singing. communicate superbly what's on your mind. Never thought I would be obsessed with an imposing shaven headed 7 foot tall clown. You are not one who needs to explain why we should "get it".

  • Lawrence Bader
    Lawrence Bader 9 days ago

    Elvis meets Neil Diamond meets Puddles.

  • Comrade Dog
    Comrade Dog 9 days ago

    House of the rising song would be a great song

  • centenariojeff
    centenariojeff 9 days ago

    The only Elvis song I liked. Fine Young Cannibals did a decent cover. Puddles- anything you touch turns to gold. Keep posting .

  • The Girl At The Front Desk

    I really enjoy hearing you play the guitar when you preform.

  • rubyred849
    rubyred849 10 days ago

    Is there anything Puddles can't sing?

  • Evila Selvoni
    Evila Selvoni 10 days ago

    Wowww love Elvis love you Puddles uhuuu

  • Angela Villalobos
    Angela Villalobos 10 days ago

    I want to see puddles in platform shoes

  • Tesa Love
    Tesa Love 11 days ago


  • Dan Warwick
    Dan Warwick 11 days ago

    I suppose this is how Elvis would have sung it, had he forgotten to take his anti-depressant medication ;)

  • Andrei Lira
    Andrei Lira 13 days ago

    The only thing I can say right now is... Wow, just WOW

    That's the first time a clown made me cry, but that was beautiful :'(

  • Ultim8Aggie
    Ultim8Aggie 14 days ago

    Beautiful, honestly terrific. I wish I had known about you sooner, but now that I do you have another faithful fan. I'd drive 500 miles to be a part of your pity party.

  • Jason Bowen
    Jason Bowen 14 days ago

    I think you did this song right.

  • rubber duky
    rubber duky 15 days ago

    Now I wanna' hear some Smiths, or The Cure.... dddddd-pressed now..... :)

  • rubber duky
    rubber duky 15 days ago

    I can seriously hear Neil Diamond in his lower register. Gotta' cover some Diamond Pudd's, gotta' do it.... it... will.... work... :)

  • Krista Harris
    Krista Harris 15 days ago

    I keep coming back to this-what a unique and moving rendition. One of the things I love about Puddles is he makes you hear and feel the lyrics in a new way.

  • Valeri Oliva
    Valeri Oliva 15 days ago

    🤡 I've always had a deep love and respect for clowns 🤡❤️

  • Chris McDaniel
    Chris McDaniel 15 days ago

    Puddles you're awesome. keep on being you

  • 23Tressa
    23Tressa 16 days ago


  • Cameron Huntsucker
    Cameron Huntsucker 16 days ago

    I've loved Puddles since saw him at Teatro Zinzanni. Amazing talent. So glad he's popular. I pray that he isn't forced out of intimate settings into a big stage.

  • Laura Judd
    Laura Judd 17 days ago

    You're voice and its timbre are beautiful and you - your character - is so poignant and it evokes so much emotion.

    I genuinely love what you do, Puddles, and the originality with which you do it. Love you to pieces. Please tell Big Mike that I thank him kindly for sharing you with us and I wish you both all the luck in the world with your future.

  • Reid McDonald
    Reid McDonald 17 days ago

    Could you do Hurt? Please!

  • Priscilla Paris
    Priscilla Paris 18 days ago

    I saw you on Americas Got Talent, I am proud to say I just found my new favorite artist!!!! This Is amazing

  • Johnp
    Johnp 18 days ago

    Dude this guy is just plain old awesome. I think he is an awesome singer but he might need to get rid of the clown suit. Then again I think that's what makes him a little more awesome. He is being what he wants to be and killing it.

    • hammersteve8
      hammersteve8 17 days ago

      Johnp I think the beauty of him is you can enjoy all aspects. Just his superb voice (via Yt download, Deezer etc), live or watch the fantastic Yt videos all which feature his humour and pathos. The 'I started a joke' video/song is incredible as is 'All the small things'

  • Cory Gilliam
    Cory Gilliam 18 days ago

    This clown does it all,with gusto!! His funny/sad make up reminds me a bit of Klaus Nomi/David Bowie. Puddles seems gives forth a message that life is a big fascinating; yet frustrating, fluke. He reminds us not to take our existence too seriously, even in the most down moments, but to nourish the silly inner child. We can experience the joyful parody while it last! Artist like Marcel Duchamp (of "Fountain" fame) and performers such as Andy Kaufman would definitely dig this act. Today we have the Kountry Klown, Yeee hawww!! Tomorrow we will have a clown of a different variety.

  • Mykayla Key
    Mykayla Key 19 days ago

    you should do the times are a changing, I think it would sound awsome.

  • Richard Lester
    Richard Lester 19 days ago

    beautifully done puddles

  • Scotty Fusion
    Scotty Fusion 19 days ago

    Dude, I'm a huge fan!

  • Edwin Molina
    Edwin Molina 19 days ago

    Give & Love. Great tatoos, love them!

  • Hazel Twigg
    Hazel Twigg 20 days ago


  • Hazel Twigg
    Hazel Twigg 20 days ago

    AND he plays the GUITAR.

  • Brisdad53
    Brisdad53 20 days ago

    I don't think I've heard anything by Puddles that wasn't incredible ( ESPECIALLY Cheap Trick's "I Want You To Want Me"). But, Puddles, if you have a shred of decency, you'll NEVER EVER do Donovan. I don't think I could take a cover of "Mellow Yellow" (quite righteously).

  • Todd Butler
    Todd Butler 20 days ago

    Been listening and following all your social media for several years. Love your stuff and wish you the best on AGT. I think you should do Mack the Knife.

  • Qwentar
    Qwentar 21 day ago

    This rendition lends an air of sorrow. It perfectly fits the tale it relates.

  • senfully
    senfully 21 day ago

    Love Puddles!

  • tibet rr
    tibet rr 22 days ago

    Love it...

  • Marcus Steele
    Marcus Steele 22 days ago

    Oy mate Nights in White Satin by the Moody Blues was written for your voice. Sing it on AGT!

  • Tj fasano
    Tj fasano 22 days ago

    the first time I vote on ago will be because I want puddles to win

  • dancam4
    dancam4 22 days ago

    mesmerizing.... how about Bruno Mars 24k

  • Badro nini
    Badro nini 22 days ago

    there are no words to describe your amazing talent. LOVE YOU <3

  • me2onthenet
    me2onthenet 22 days ago

    I don't understand why he's not the biggest star ever! I've seen him live twice, and he's great. Awesome voice, Funny, and willing to take pictures with you after the show. Go see for your self. You wont regret it!

  • Ken Moore
    Ken Moore 22 days ago

    my swivel-eyed loon detector has gone off the scales........this poor fellow is ggrreat......encore,encore......

  • Ken Moore
    Ken Moore 22 days ago

    better then elvis

  • Susan LaBarca
    Susan LaBarca 23 days ago

    Love to hear u sing Elton John's Sorry seems to be the hardest word and Willie Nelsons You were always on my mind. Your voice is sensational!!!

  • Terry Rollins
    Terry Rollins 23 days ago

    I've been truly inspired by Puddles. I'm a big guy, who does baritone range and I recently have tried to attack songs with the technique that this guy uses. So far it's been pretty receptive generally. Thanks to Puddles, I'm embracing my range

  • Skull_Krusher
    Skull_Krusher 23 days ago

    How about "hurt" Johnny Cash style?

  • Sal Guglielmino
    Sal Guglielmino 23 days ago

    He's an original. Those who don't like him are due to their own opinions. Knock him, if you want. I love his work.

  • Charles Kellar
    Charles Kellar 23 days ago

    I seen you on America's got talent the other night you didn't amazing job

  • flor wast
    flor wast 23 days ago

    Fun fact: In the Elvis Presley version of this song, Elvis sings the lyrics. True story!

  • Too Many Warning Labels

    Holy Shit. Puddles is white?!?!

  • Abbsagails G
    Abbsagails G 24 days ago

    I'm so obsessed! I'm binge watching all his videos! He's amazing! I'd so love to see him in person!

  • Luis Chambers
    Luis Chambers 24 days ago

    One of the few Elvis songs I actually like. Beautifully, and uniquely done.

  • Dave Wehry
    Dave Wehry 24 days ago

    This guy is brilliant! You've created a melancholy persona that is the perfect vehicle for such an incredible voice. The irony in your act is delicious! I think you're incredible...I would love to have a copy of Day After Day, Folsom Pinball Mashup, and a few others on my iPhone. Please release an album of covers so your fans can support you financially!

  • TheCallie1981
    TheCallie1981 24 days ago

    Luv u puddles! Please do i who have nothing and halleluah on agt!! Also requesting hurt as done by johnnycash , wicked games chris isaac , like a virgin ??? I dunno u could sing the phone book if we still had em

  • Carlton Olson
    Carlton Olson 24 days ago

    My new life dream is to become the bass player / low Irish Whistle player / wind controller player for Puddles pity Party. Oh, and tuba player. Maybe contrabass clarinet too, or bass sax for fun. Talk about a dream gig!!!!!

  • Kaitlin Ybarra
    Kaitlin Ybarra 24 days ago


  • Brian Bannister
    Brian Bannister 25 days ago

    Brilliant .

  • BurnBox Printing
    BurnBox Printing 25 days ago

    You should sing the Stressd Out Song Puddles to the next AGT show... I'm from Philippines and I am a very big fan :D

  • Raymond Havens
    Raymond Havens 25 days ago

    He has real talent.

  • glowworm2
    glowworm2 25 days ago

    This sounds gorgeous! It's so beautifully emotional and perfect.

  • AnimalJamSisters4ever

    Plz reply !! You did so good spin AGT u surprised practically everyone keep singing it's really good and has a good tone

  • veryslyfox
    veryslyfox 26 days ago

    What would he sing at a children's birthday party? Probably the saddest rendition of "Happy Birthday" ever.

    • Eric Alley
      Eric Alley 8 days ago

      veryslyfox I just pictured a bunch of six year old kids in party hats bawling their eyes out... and then I giggled, because I am a horrible person.

  • shawn little
    shawn little 26 days ago

    Who here from AGT

    • Lawrence Bader
      Lawrence Bader 9 days ago

      Hmmm, Puddles covering "Nothing Else Matters". There's a thought, although PMJ already covered it without him.

  • Jason Whatley
    Jason Whatley 26 days ago

    Great stuff.

  • makidtrej
    makidtrej 27 days ago

    Now i wanna hear Marie's the name (of his latest flame)

  • SailorAllan
    SailorAllan 28 days ago

    hey Puddles----how about the Beatles "Norwegian Wood" cover?

  • sam Long
    sam Long 29 days ago


  • ccea
    ccea 1 month ago

    Poor Puddles at his most depressed, from his sad slump with downcast eyes to the so-quiet-ya-gotta-lean-in-closer vocals, then looking like he's gonna throw up after it ends, this is a brilliant presentation. Found myself nearly begging out loud LOOK AT ME which makes the "lie to you" gaze all the more powerful. Holy shit, P, seriously, you're just so good, and I'm struck again by how grateful I am to have found you.

  • David Doherty
    David Doherty 1 month ago

    Brilliant as always Puddles. Heartbreaking. Thank you for sharing your talent with us every Friday. I see people making requests, I was wondering if you'd ever consider doing If You Could Read My Mind Love by Gordon Lightfoot. Thanks again, you make Fridays Great Again.

  • Joseph Lavergne
    Joseph Lavergne 1 month ago

    that voice, it is amazing

  • monsterpop
    monsterpop 1 month ago

    just like Neil Diamond would do it;-) brilliant

  • sockmonkey13
    sockmonkey13 1 month ago

    Beautiful cover. Love the arrangement.

  • Felipe Soto
    Felipe Soto 1 month ago

    Now, thats a good version of it... nice

  • Zac Craze
    Zac Craze 1 month ago

    Damn good version of this song Puddles...

  • Susan MacMillan
    Susan MacMillan 1 month ago

    Another great cover! This song is so depressing though.

  • Michael Moulds
    Michael Moulds 1 month ago

    you have made me enjoy a song I haven't liked since the first time I heard it. Thanks.

  • Neopiate13
    Neopiate13 1 month ago

    Elton John- I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues or Billy Joel- Uptown Girl. Both would be exquisite. Many tears, much sad.

  • gumby spoke
    gumby spoke 1 month ago

    This guy isn't clowning!!!

  • Bill Wilson
    Bill Wilson 1 month ago

    I like this version even more than the Elvis version.

  • Ghastly Grinner
    Ghastly Grinner 1 month ago

    How about hello walls?

  • Nick Thomas Comedy
    Nick Thomas Comedy 1 month ago

    this was made for me.
    thank you.

  • Charlie Chill
    Charlie Chill 1 month ago

    how tf do you only have 90k subscribers??.. indeed a testament to the power of STUPID PPL IN LARGE NUMBERS.. MUCH LOVE & RESPECT GODDAMIT

  • acester86
    acester86 1 month ago

    I love the energy you bring to this classic heartbreak song.

  • Joshua Rainey
    Joshua Rainey 1 month ago

    What a beautiful cover!

  • Axelsanx
    Axelsanx 1 month ago

    The way Johnny Cash could have done this song.

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