Beauty and the Beast - Lindsey Stirling

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  • Noe
    Noe 12 hours ago

    Wow hermoso ♥

  • Dave Amorette
    Dave Amorette 14 hours ago

    harry potter please

  • Kyle Mann
    Kyle Mann 17 hours ago

    To be honest when you are this talented and have a heart like Lindsey you can wear what you want and I will still admire how amazing the music is!

  • Ailish O'Rourke
    Ailish O'Rourke 1 day ago

    I'm a huge fan but you looked too much like Dorothy from Wizard of Oz and not Belle

  • Marcy Roth
    Marcy Roth 1 day ago


  • Kelly S
    Kelly S 1 day ago


  • BlackBear Runswithbeer

    I respect that she chose that costume instead of the typical yellow gown. that's too obvious! a very nice change! I personally would have tried to be beast just to be different also!

  • #Hashtag Maria
    #Hashtag Maria 1 day ago

    Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I Love beauty and the beast!!!!!!

  • Ellen sousa
    Ellen sousa 1 day ago

    convenhamos que ela seria perfeita para interpretar o papel da bela e a fera que acabou de sair... o que a Emma Watson protagonizou... meu deus ela é muito parecida com a bela do desenho :')

  • Angelica Boatright

    I'm only a beginner of the violin but I hope I can be almost as good as her.

  • alma cruz
    alma cruz 1 day ago

    beautiful song I love how you play your violin

  • Sophie Burns
    Sophie Burns 1 day ago

    2:40 her bow fell off and it was back on in the next scene! XD. Anyone else notice that?

  • Kawaii
    Kawaii 1 day ago

    She should collab with Jun!!

  • Salk222 The Crazyest Person ever

    You should do one on How To Train Your Dragon

  • Tony Staeger
    Tony Staeger 2 days ago

    In my humble opinion, you make the best music videos....ever!!

  • Julie Lane
    Julie Lane 2 days ago


  • Don quixote Doflamingo

    I can see the botox from here

  • PurpleLuvbug 17
    PurpleLuvbug 17 2 days ago


  • Shiro Bani
    Shiro Bani 2 days ago

    I love your music and stuff! I also love that your friends with Cassey Ho, I love you both!

  • FuzzyWuzzy was a? B

    What a doll.


  • Лариса Солдатова

    Умница, красавица и талант!

  • B Fetterman
    B Fetterman 3 days ago

    your music is a bueatiful thing! Never stop making it!

  • Katarah Renalde
    Katarah Renalde 3 days ago

    so im waching this and every time the flutes is shown im just like dont passout in know your a bit dizzy but you can do it you got this.

  • aiman dhiloon
    aiman dhiloon 3 days ago

    Does she remind anyone else of lily aldrin on how I met your mother?

  • Flora Luna Escobar Garcia

    doldi a ser dede

  • Dragon Darise
    Dragon Darise 4 days ago

    The guy with the cello in the back doesn't look like a cellist. He plays cello like a double bass:)))

    • Alan Smith
      Alan Smith 4 days ago

      None of them are actually playing the instruments except Lindsey. The guy with the cello is actually a keyboard player and a guitarist.


    hola hace dos semanas se quemó mi casa con todos mis instrumentos, tengo muchas ganas de seguir estudiando música pero ya no tengo violín, Ayer soñé que recibía una caja con un violín de lindsey stirling , que ella se había enterado de lo que me pasó y me lo enviaba de regalo, .. bue se que es un sueño, pero si de alguna manera alguien de uds se lo hiciera saber, quizás, quizás... quién te dice?

  • Natalie R
    Natalie R 5 days ago

    This sent shivers down my spine and made me cry 😢 I just love how she plays the violin!

  • Hiruka Uzumaki
    Hiruka Uzumaki 5 days ago

    Trop bien

  • Psybur
    Psybur 5 days ago

    How come the other dudes aren't dressed up that she's playing with?

  • Hà Nguyễn
    Hà Nguyễn 5 days ago

    i love you. My princess, I'm a big fan of you

  • gabby acevedo
    gabby acevedo 6 days ago

    so amazing

  • brendon urie frekazoid

    who subbed instantly

  • Kevin Mark Barnes
    Kevin Mark Barnes 6 days ago

    the timid beast ♥️

  • Unicorn Lover
    Unicorn Lover 6 days ago

    The guy playing the cello isn't even playing!

  • Anthony Currie
    Anthony Currie 6 days ago

    Both outfits are stunning!

  • Aavalein W.
    Aavalein W. 6 days ago

    You stole my musical heart at Shatter me, still got it. xD

  • Francine Mohar
    Francine Mohar 6 days ago

    lindsey you're the you

  • Bruhke Horse
    Bruhke Horse 7 days ago

    Lol the flautist!

  • Epic Bacca
    Epic Bacca 7 days ago

    Your work inspired me to play viola and violin. Keep up the good work Lindsey!

  • Pikachu The awesome

    I know you don't act and you prefer playing the violin but you could have been Belle for the Live Actions Remake of Beauty and the Beast. I mean, you're so talented and you can probably sing without as much autotune as Emma Watson has (She's still a good actress).

  • Nina Saechao
    Nina Saechao 7 days ago

    Hey I play the flute and was very excited to see one in the video! Lol is there any band/music geeks out there? And of course outstanding job Lindsey so beautiful!❤️

  • Marlys B
    Marlys B 7 days ago

    Do a sherlock theme violin music video!

  • Ashley
    Ashley 7 days ago

    I think that Linsey would have made a very great Belle for the live action of Beauty and the Beast, not that I have anything against Emma Watson-she's a great actress!

  • Rayanne Costa
    Rayanne Costa 7 days ago

    linda! toca muito lindo!

  • jeffersongabler
    jeffersongabler 8 days ago

    I realy want kiss you girl,super cute...

  • Hamburgercat 20
    Hamburgercat 20 8 days ago

    Me when I see this on my sidebar: LINDSEY STIRRLLINNGNGNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • tigris.ntanos5 l
    tigris.ntanos5 l 8 days ago

    you are fantastic

  • Beto Díaz
    Beto Díaz 8 days ago

    Im in LOVE with this video 💗

  • Aerith
    Aerith 8 days ago


  • anin hunie
    anin hunie 8 days ago

    Pls record Harry Potter theme songs, that would be really really amazing!!!!

  • Zoe Gabriela Antipan Diaz

    Like si alguien abla español jaja

  • mia espericueta
    mia espericueta 9 days ago

    i want to be her friend!
    i just turned 9!

  • mia espericueta
    mia espericueta 9 days ago

    I love her music! shes so good!

  • Mandy Westhoven
    Mandy Westhoven 9 days ago

    I love music. I love Lindsey Stirling.😁

  • Ayelen Acuña
    Ayelen Acuña 9 days ago

    me encanta o bailo Dansa clásica "ballet" y la bailaremos me encanta

  • Stetch
    Stetch 9 days ago

    Wow this is genius!

  • Júpiter Nolly
    Júpiter Nolly 10 days ago

    simplesmente amei

    Lindsey com A Bela e a Fera é a coisa mais linda que já vi 😍

  • Gostiv
    Gostiv 10 days ago

    She was so cute in this video :D

  • JMarie D.
    JMarie D. 10 days ago

    I so love this.

  • yarixa gomez
    yarixa gomez 10 days ago

    magnificent very is perfect and
    exciting beautiful

  • April S.
    April S. 10 days ago

    LOVE IT!!! :D :D beautiful music as always with Lindsey Sterling!!! I love it!!! :D

  • Havoc Wolf
    Havoc Wolf 10 days ago

    Is she I. The musical of the new beauty and the beast?? She's is amazing

  • Damon Horak
    Damon Horak 10 days ago


  • Mad B3ar
    Mad B3ar 10 days ago

    bela e a fera AMEII

  • Aarushi Mohan
    Aarushi Mohan 10 days ago

    Plz I want to hear you singing

  • Aarushi Mohan
    Aarushi Mohan 10 days ago

    Plz I want to hear you singing

  • I Love Musicals So Much I Cry

    I wish she could have included Evermore, its my favorite. But either way, its awesome!

  • Latent Avail
    Latent Avail 10 days ago

    Where, and I've been giving this a ton of time before i said it, WHERE IS THE BEAST IN THIS?

    You might as well just name it....
    "The Beauty."

    This one disappoints me, Lindsey.

  • Maddy24
    Maddy24 11 days ago

    LOL I was like belle in the beginning but at the end I was like wait what?! lol hehehhe

  • Anime171
    Anime171 11 days ago

    Oh wow.I bet that was amazing to see live.

  • Dewi Joanne
    Dewi Joanne 11 days ago

    Never knew Belle could play the violin 😂

  • Alyssa Melendrez
    Alyssa Melendrez 11 days ago

    Very creative. 💙

  • Paola M.
    Paola M. 11 days ago

    Any other guitar player here?

  • If We Fits We Sits
    If We Fits We Sits 11 days ago

    I get ASMR from listening to Lindsey 😂

  • Jyninx [x]
    Jyninx [x] 12 days ago

    You should have been a princess in the first place, your very pretty you know

  • Eyal Itsik
    Eyal Itsik 12 days ago

    The ending was especially beautiful

  • Silver Quill
    Silver Quill 12 days ago

    Brought me to tears.

  • Ashly Pfeifer
    Ashly Pfeifer 12 days ago

    anyone notice how the blue bow in her kept appearing and disappearing?

  • ورد الحياه
    ورد الحياه 12 days ago

    واااااو قمة في الاحساس والرقه 😍😍❤👏👏

  • carlos navarro
    carlos navarro 12 days ago

    Lindsey is a better Belle than Emma Watson, Lindsey is prettier

  • bailarina2
    bailarina2 12 days ago

    Lindo, lindo!!!!!

  • cristina cortes
    cristina cortes 12 days ago

    me encanta esta cNsion

  • Lizy La Neko
    Lizy La Neko 12 days ago


  • Maddie LaPlante
    Maddie LaPlante 12 days ago

    I can see her as belle

  • fastandfuriousxx
    fastandfuriousxx 13 days ago

    By far the best thing you've ever produced

  • Cécile Stevens
    Cécile Stevens 13 days ago

    c'est magnifique

  • Patrick Reinhardt
    Patrick Reinhardt 13 days ago

    Every song she zoomed through gave me goosebumps from when I first watched the cartoon. I haven't seen the live-action version yet; lol I've been keeping away from the TV to avoid even watching the commercials. I want to see the full product all in one.

  • Andrew Watson
    Andrew Watson 13 days ago

    I'm cringing at the trombone player plz no don't play it like that

  • r315r4z0r
    r315r4z0r 14 days ago

    Anyone else think that when her hair is back like this she looks like Melissa Joan hart?

  • Ashley Pomeroy
    Ashley Pomeroy 14 days ago

    agreed but she is very good at violin

  • Claudson Osmar
    Claudson Osmar 14 days ago

    you is very beautiful

  • Pikolow1
    Pikolow1 14 days ago

    As to WHY IN THE HECK Disney did NOT cast Lindsey as Belle will forever be a mystery to me. BAD move, Disney!

    I mean, Emma did okay and all, but I honestly think Lindsey can sing better, and just really would've been much better for the part.

  • Kelly Vizcarra
    Kelly Vizcarra 14 days ago

    she looks nice in that dress

  • Hayleeistrash
    Hayleeistrash 15 days ago

    Release on iTunes!

  • Lacy Keyser
    Lacy Keyser 15 days ago

    How can I buy this song? I need this for my wedding in July

  • bleep
    bleep 15 days ago

    It would be cool if they all were in costume

  • Arya Chaudhari
    Arya Chaudhari 15 days ago

    Beautiful 😍

  • pire bour
    pire bour 15 days ago

    best clip ever: creative, classic, funny, dared... beautiful girl and a wonderful instrument :)

  • DaZeD Merlin
    DaZeD Merlin 16 days ago

    She really does look like a live Disney princess. :D
    I think I forgot to breathe for at least half of this video...

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