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Author anuphi13 ( ago)
at 2:40 she lost her bow, and it's on the floor :)

Author Miwa Honda ( ago)
This cover is amazing! I really would love to see Lindsey perform someday! She is so talented! <3

Author Владислав Николаев ( ago)
Я Вас обожаю!

Author It's Ani Kate here ( ago)
Loved this so much! I laughed lol

Author Enora LIENARD ( ago)

Author Luis Cuevas ( ago)
quien habla español?????????
like si hablas este idioma

Author Jessica Chittenden ( ago)
I play flute

Author Maansiba Rahman ( ago)
I have never seen someone look so good dressed as a teapot.

Author ami chi ( ago)

Author zxyelle :D ( ago)
am I the only one that sang along or-

Author death strike ( ago)
Lindsey make a pretty belle and mrs.pots

Author Yolox Sage ( ago)
Why don't they cast her already for a disney movie?

Author Elí Emmanuelle Gomez Bobadilla ( ago)
Hola 3

Author Franve Muñove ( ago)

Author agrayjr774 ( ago)
You are positively adorable

Author Adam Taylor ( ago)
As always, Lindsey Sterling leaves you with a sense of awe; an unexplainable feeling of joy that lingers, and lingers. She possesses unrivaled talent in her profession!

Author Octavio Perez ( ago)
que capaaa

Author 1,000 subs with no videos? ?? ( ago)
Sorry trombone dude but I have played for years and the pat is not how you hold it. Also I am a self taught violinist and I will never play this good!

Author Mari Portilla ( ago)
Que lindooo 😍

Author kevin diaz ( ago)
me caso, con una bella así no lo pienso dos veces

Author MsDestroyer900 ( ago)
Lindsey, will you marry me?

Author Henrich Mirasol ( ago)
lindsey stirling you should do touhou flowering night

Author Mustafa Sarama ( ago)
This Sucks I Expected Better

Author William Barteaux ( ago)
just wanna say your one of my favorite artists of all time and that you should never stop believing yourself no matter what, remember believing is your magic

Author Lorrie Tiner ( ago)
contact huckgayeson through meoldfb. Steisands Prince of tides pellican dropping,😘

Author Lorrie Tiner ( ago)
come thou fount of every remuneration.......loves labourslost.

Author Lorrie Tiner ( ago)
ill be your ebaneezer

Author Karly Fer Caleco ( ago)
I played too the violin, when I was 7

Author Karly Fer Caleco ( ago)
Lindsey, would you come to Mexico for a concert? If yes, please do the concert in Puebla
I 💜💜💜 your videos

Author Hanna Gardner ( ago)
At my school we had like a dress up as your idol day and my friend dressed as you and played a song on the violin I thought it was really cool and that you should know she even gave a huge speech about your life XD

Author Sennett Lee ( ago)
I've loved your music since I was in middle school, and I'm going off to college soon. This is beautiful. Thank you for being a part of my life ❤

Author Mya Genest ( ago)
can you do a Floyd echoes would be insane with what you do

Author Chris Burnes ( ago)
What I love about Lindsey is that she has the ability to give such an emotional performance without using her voice. Her charisma amazing and she uses the violin so beautifully and naturally, it's like it is her voice.

Author Kyle Carr ( ago)
Lindsey Stirling es muy bonita.

Author parrotlady84 ( ago)
you are truly an inspiration. i haven't been well and play your music on loop almost continuously. thank you for such a gift

Author Eric Finch ( ago)
WOW! Lindsey!  thank you! That's a wonderful rendition, You made it even more special!  Thank you!  I love these "behind the scenes" type videos. You must be having so much fun!

Author Adilson Otaku ( ago)
to aqui

Author David DD ( ago)
nice idea, how to adapt the song toa diferente place concept!

Author Ichda Prasetya ( ago)
Who agree if Lindsey Stirling do a colab with Mairead Nessbit ???

Author Enjhelyn Dela cruz ( ago)
wow beautiful and Amazing👏👏👏👏

Author Emily Paille ( ago)
"be our guest, be our guest, Stockholm Syndrome is the best."

Author ashlove 0731 ( ago)
what was the flute even doing??????

Author Jacob Loveridge ( ago)

Author Adriana Torres ( ago)
Eu simplesmente, amo esse clipe.

Author Christopher MacLachlan ( ago)
The hottest violin player alive. Lol.

Author Nur Fitri ( ago)
bravoooo bravoooooo

Author hearT adeL ( ago)

Beautiful girl

Beautiful girl

Author Earendur Undomiel ( ago)
2 things one that is not how you hold a trombone and two i heard a french horn but there wasn't one there other than that this was just great

Author Celine Bourelly ( ago)

Author Rosi Torres ( ago)

Author Huawei Media ( ago)

Author Blueman Blueman ( ago)
She should have been Bell in the Beauty and the Beast movie that just came out. She would have been a way better bell. Sad how she got over looked way more talent and see looks the part.

Author Celine Christiaens ( ago)
i just wached The movie :P

Author вячеслав полянский ( ago)
синий бант то он есть то его нет.

Author TeamZoneCommunity ( ago)
Lindsey is for sure one of most likeable person ever :)
Keep up and good job on her crew that is around her at all time!

Author Hyacinth Yuli Tolentino ( ago)

Author Hyacinth Yuli Tolentino ( ago)
your friend is ro

Author Christina amerasinghe ( ago)
love it! Especially the part where she dances with the other girls

Author Hwikil Brooks ( ago)

Author GingerBread Man ( ago)
whats the title of the song before the beauty and the beast theme song starts?

Author fabiana gomez ( ago)
ja cuando eres la unica hablando español genial video

Author Dominc Alejandro Garcia ( ago)

Author 120476501 ( ago)
All of your violin playing inspired me to start playing the violin in hopes of playing as good as you someday and you've gotten a new fan right here!

Author Benjamin Thurber ( ago)
so who the heck is Emma Watson who is trying to out out Beauty Lindsey

Author Kathrin-Maria Samarra Stehle ( ago)
I love it what a beautyfull melody tune

Author Lucy Finnegan ( ago)
The ending was too perfect

Author שירה שיר ( ago)
You are a very beutiful bel

Author Jim TsChudy ( ago)
Lindsey does it again! Violin and ballet - beautiful hear and to watch.

Author Aaron Tan ( ago)
I think Lindsey is so much better as Belle, than Emma Watson.

Author Андрей Козакевич ( ago)
Круть!)) Как и все клипы Линдси)

Author Justine Heart Gealon ( ago)
Am I the only one here who thinks that Lindsey fits the character of Belle from looks to moves? waaaah O.O

Author Mai Anh ( ago)

Author Sergen Kaş ( ago)
Bu hatuna aşığım ya. Hayal gücü, yetenek, mükemmellik ve tutku. Hayran bıraktırıyor.

Author Christine Brand ( ago)
Beautyful! I love the song!
I'm a dancing instructor from Germany and I would use it with pleasure for my little dance girls. Is there a possibility to acquire this song?

Author Mayachi ( ago)

Author Van Hua ( ago)
Is that Molly in there?

Author Jo_Jo ( ago)
Does she play Viola or Violin?

Author Harley Robb ( ago)
I still wonder how she can do those turns while playing

Author Live laugh love Life ( ago)
I actually started crying. This is beautiful

Author Shantanu Mantri ( ago)
wow she's such a virtuoso

Author Hocus Focus ( ago)
Hey lindsey.I have a question do you enhance your violin music in MVs cauz my pride is on the line an I am up against my friend to prove him wrong . Please answer my pride is on the line

Author Eric Muradian ( ago)
So gorgeous, you give me so many stars in my eyes, even if they are late on you ...

Author West Facing ( ago)
She clearly knows how to play the thing, but the violin is so out of sync in this video, it really irritates me. But I like to listen to it!

Author Bryce Smith ( ago)
Lindsay should Cover a song from Starset. Ricochet or Monter would be perfect

Author Noemi Smith ( ago)
Es primera vez que veo esto y ya me enamore de lo que expresas al tocar el violin.
Como un cantante, sin sentimientos, la música no es igual.
te felicito, me encantas <3

Author Safran Knaap ( ago)
That is so lovely, and you are so pretty! Such a wonderful video :D

Author vivian zalduondo ( ago)
Beautiful, beautiful beautiful

Author MillieGIRAUD ( ago)
I looooooooooooooove it!!!!!!!!

Author Amida Rebel ( ago)
i found cute that she enjoys the dancing so much, that her bow falls down

Author B3L6ARA7H ( ago)
lol my prename is stirling😂

Author Ludwig Van Beethoven ( ago)
1:30 I'm sorry, but...does Mozart approve of this improvisation?

Author Victoria Zamora ( ago)
MRS POT!!!! I SAW HER IN 3:22! :D

Author Alina Stabel ( ago)
so beautyful😍😍😍

Author Minahel Munir ( ago)

Author aesthetic ( ago)
People are playing incredible music like this, and I can't even play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star correctly.

Author Heidi Weber ( ago)
I have a black violin

Author Джесс Ли-Чан ( ago)
в ее руках скрипка не только играет, но и поет песни, знакомые нам с детства😍😍😍

Author jedder ( ago)
Looks like a truly remarkable experience there!

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