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Author moonwolf214 ( ago)
this is so cool your awesome

Author umit344 ( ago)
she is suitable for belle

Author Noctis Arcadia ( ago)
Disney should definitely hire her

Author Eryo Budianto ( ago)

Author Delany Davis ( ago)
She is amazing!!! And the videos are incredibly entertaining

Author Red vegas ( ago)
I love your music. I keep hoping someday you'll do a remake of "Your song" by Elton John.

Author Selenayenalee * ( ago)
Btw loves just a feeling is my fave

Author Selenayenalee * ( ago)
I like everything about this but i wish she appear in a beautiful yellow ballgown at the end

Author Malathi Dharmalingam ( ago)
music so beautiful

Author Shee-Hou Cheah ( ago)
Lindsey actually looks a lot like Belle in actual Beauty and the Beast animation.

Author Genesis Rich ( ago)
she looks so much like bell😀

Author Giveaway Yay ( ago)
the way the guy "plays" the cello makes me cringe 😂

Author Carlos Siqueira de Oliveira ( ago)
I like you
I like to see you playing
I like your videos

Author su sjorsje stotijn ( ago)
watch beauty ant the beat by todrick hall I can only hear those lyrics XD

Author Unctrois ( ago)
This video has been uploaded on LRH's birthday !

Author Clay Goodin ( ago)
*watching the whole thing, and staring at Lindsey's wrist😡😡* WRONG WAY

Author Chubby Cat Lps ( ago)
You should do a Harry Potter one

Author cookiesw ( ago)
she starts to look old

Author Faefaefae ( ago)
You always surpass my expectations. Well done.

Author Charjune ( ago)
This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It stays true to the soundtrack and is a perfect blend! I'm also positively surprised by the setting in the first part of the video. :D And Lindsey dressing up as Belle is beautiful. I didn't get that white outfit until I saw that Mrs. Potts reference. So amazing! (listens through it a second time)

Author Gamze Gündüz ( ago)
What a talent and beauty.

Author Hasna Hagi ( ago)
She could never be belle because
.Her hair is slightly red
It's too late now they have already made the decision of Emma Watson instead and the have made the movie
Emma Watson is even better
So never say that

Author Maria Fernanda Mendes ( ago)
LOVE IT!!!!!!! "

Author Lolli lustig ( ago)
2:42 is this in Germany? 😃 because ,,Getränke" 😂 who knows what was that in english? 😜 nobody? Okay it's in english ,,drinks" Haha nice Lindsey😜.

Author Kittibodee Rubporn ( ago)
Flawless <3

Author Lolli lustig ( ago)
1:24 wow 😉

Author Kalani Farley ( ago)
The Gaston scene was hilarious xD

Author Lyric Gage ( ago)
she looks more as the belle that envisioned from the original than emma watson does

Author ana laura Puiggros ( ago)
perfect!!!!!!!! <3

Author DSM Productions (official) ( ago)
Why did you have to dress as Belle to play violin especially covering your hair with a cheap synthetic wig

Author ARsing2580 ( ago)
Today I had a talent quest and I played violin.

Author Kevi Prajna ( ago)
I think lindsey really look like belle at disneyland inthis video! She is super gorgeous!

Author sparda gamer ( ago)
très jolie merci pour cette nouvelles vidéo

Author Mark Edman ( ago)
If wandering who I Am, think of me as a big brother, am there in your heart, to meet in real life not important, the mass consciousness thing of life works just fine.

Author Mitchell Estefania ( ago)
woow Lindsey
I love You
You publication is of Day of my birthay
i lovee

Author Kitty Sky ( ago)
WHO"S EXCITED FOR BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!? I'm gonna see it on Monday! March 27th!
Why is there 2,902 dislikes!? She's better than me at playing the violin! SO EXCITED TO SEE THE LIVE-ACTION VERSION!!!!!!!!!!

Author MegaChickenfish ( ago)
That guy is definitely not actually playing the flute _but I admire his energy._

Author Kate Parker ( ago)
This cinematography is beautiful! It must have taken so long to plan, film, and edit! Lovely arranging, playing, dancing, and especially cinematic work!

Author daisy doge ( ago)
its amazing!!! :o :D

Author Valeria Andrea Luna ( ago)
YOU are Belle. :) love you lin ! kisses from Argentina !


Author Can Cairo ( ago)

Author Can Cairo ( ago)
even when the music sounds PERFECT and GORGEOUS people is sitting behind a computer saying that "they are holding this instrument bad". THE MUSIC SOUNDS AMAZING, dumbass

Author Juan Díaz ( ago)

Author OcarinaGreen ( ago)
I love how they did this like a backstage thing XD

Author Nyree Brown ( ago)
why is he playing the cello like that? i usually play it leaning back on my chest more...

Author Saralee Tigard ( ago)
Holy wow!!! she makes a gorgeous Belle! I love everything about this

Author Arianna Dragneel ( ago)
Can I cry?
I am going to cry
I am definitely crying....

Author Patricia Senjaya ( ago)
Just realized that she's doing a mashup of beauty and the beast soundtrack right?

Author Amanda Brown ( ago)

Author Philip Paul ( ago)
No enchantment? No Kill the Beast? :(

Author Sloth Lover ( ago)
Wow it looks like she's on the set

Author Kajal Pandey ( ago)
I'm obsessed with this song😍

Author Rhodri Davies ( ago)
Well, apparently no one on Lindsey's crew, not to mention Lindsey herself has never seen how a trombone is played....

Author Cineas Carten ( ago)
Super vidéo

Author harmonyandmore ( ago)
That moment when Lindsey Stirling is more of a "Beauty" than Emma Watson.

Author Cinder Fall ( ago)
the best

Author Dmitry ( ago)
Beauty, you are the BEST !!!)))

Author Girls Power ( ago)
ela parece a Lindsey Lohan

Author Kim Cageman ( ago)
i love this video <3

Author Fred Norrell ( ago)
Congrats on the change, Lindsey: more melodic and less technical than past music.

Author Nader Adel ( ago)
i love u so much

Author TheColorInYourLife ( ago)
this is rlly amazing! what a classic!

Author Good Gid ( ago)
She looks like Belle!!!

Author Natalie Fiestada ( ago)

Author Team Black ( ago)
I think if you had Beast come in this in a wookie costume, it would have MADE this

Author Fuamus1 ( ago)
Wow she is SO talented! Love the way she makes magic with her bow! This video never lets me down - it always leave me with a smile

Author an van ( ago)
How old is she now please Tell me

Author calgar ( ago)
Am i the only one to thnik she would have been a way better pick for the movie than Emma Watson?

Author Matt Caspermeyer ( ago)
I love it when Adds is smiling at the table and the other girls look at her in disapproval - that's so Adds! :-)

Author Bubbly 121 ( ago)
I'm thinking of after ever after lyrics when I hear this tune 😭

Author Kim Eacho ( ago)
Love her and Love how she plays her bow. Makes me wanna watch beauty and the Beast again. Oh well, I'm watching!
>> <<

Author Michael Montgomery ( ago)
I adore me some Lindsey Stirling!

Author Mya Dallas ( ago)
She would've made a great Belle in the movie <3

Author Violet Vu ( ago)
your face remind me to fiona in shrek

Author elrincondeemily2 ( ago)
Disney must use your cover of the classic theme for the movie and no the john legend's version!!!

Author CrazyDJCats Eicholtz ( ago)
I love it 😍

Author everestfalls ( ago)
that was beautiful... thank you.

Author Mikey Graves ( ago)
I enjoy this very much, keep up the amazing work!.. would you please so kindly do the Jurassic Park theme or sorta a mix of songs from that movie? it's my all time favorite film ever! and since Jurassic World 2 is coming out it may be a good fit.

Author Jirafira13 ( ago)
My childhood! ♥ And Lindsey!!! I-I cry... T-T

Author Renan Santos ( ago)

Author Rby Cruz ( ago)
excelent!! I really I love it😍😍😍

Author Dark Violinist ( ago)
these men don't know how to play the instrument lol

Author John Cox ( ago)
This is the kind of video I subbed for: fun, happy, with bits of shenanigans thrown in like being oblivious as the sound guys run a cable over her lap, and how the one guy is feeding another lunch meat held in a pair of pliers. It made me smile :)

Author Sachi da Empress of Idiocy ( ago)
Am I the only one that wondered whether Lindsey set up an entire audience for that teapot scene or if she actually had a concert dressed as a teapot?

Author Jaylin Moye ( ago)

Author DarkDrifter01 ( ago)
As a Professional Lighting Electrician and Stagehand, a part of me should be appalled by the blatant mockery of the stage crew in this video... but on the other hand I've been working backstage for upwards of 7 years now and I sadly know just how accurate this really can be sometimes! *cry*
Great job Lindsey on making me completely crack up!

Author Jill Logan ( ago)
thanks Lindsey! You are awesome!

Author Jean-Didier Mattazzi ( ago)
perfect no need to say anything else..... don't have words to describe what i feel

Author CJ Yay ( ago)
Who else sang along with the WHOLE THING!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Author N Videos ( ago)
brown hair looks pretty good on you

Author luxon4 ( ago)
lol that dude cannot play the flute at all. his fingers and his embouchure is not even close

Author luxon4 ( ago)
i wish we could see the live recording. the audio syncing is pretty off so its not believable

Author Emilia :D ( ago)
this song is very spectular and amazing besutiful. GREAT

Author Emilia :D ( ago)

Author Kyla C ( ago)
I love this so much!

Author Amelia Hill ( ago)
Absolutely amazing!

Author Smiley Mianoray ( ago)
ubiera sido ella bella :3 😍😘😘

Author William Meis ( ago)
Amazing as always!

Author Angela Citlaly ( ago)
i love your song

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