Everything Wrong with the BATTLE OF GEONOSIS

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  • Everything Wrong with the Battle of Geonosis. Part 5 of our Star Wars Tactics series this time we'll be looking at the first battle of the clone wars on geonosis. The newly created Clone Army are led into battle by inexperienced Jedi General against the newly discovered Separatist Droid Army. It's an unnecessary blood bath.

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  • Oryx TheMad God
    Oryx TheMad God 2 hours ago

    tbh i only like episode 2 because of the battle at the end

  • alejandro gonzalez
    alejandro gonzalez 2 hours ago

    2:39 I did not need to see that

  • Logan White
    Logan White 4 hours ago

    What's with the Boromir reference?

  • Awesome Cheerio
    Awesome Cheerio 6 hours ago

    Battle of Kashek

  • ironwarmonger
    ironwarmonger 6 hours ago

    So in other works, Lucas proved that all the liberals who said that after 9/11 the U.S. should have just send the FBI in an arrested OBL were wrong. Or for that matter Carter's attempt to Rescue the Hostages in Iran, with a small commando force rather then a sizeable military action.

  • Ascender2306
    Ascender2306 8 hours ago

    Why wasting ground troops if you can bombard the surface from orbit? The droid army does not seem to have a powerfull shield system like the Gungans in Episode I.

  • Alexander Rath
    Alexander Rath 9 hours ago

    @Generation Tech:
    From a tactical perspective this is all right what you say, but while watching this an idea came up in my mind.
    Maybe the Jedi's incompetence of leading and not using both strategic and tactial superiority and advantages was part of the "great" plan, foiled by the chancellor (aka Darth Sidious). It would at least explain Order 66 without inhibitor chips. And somehow shows the egoism, self-assirance and ignorance of the Jedi, as mentioned by Yoda in the same movie!
    The Jedi were, as mentioned, trained for 1v1 combat, not as generals or leaders of great units (1000 + soldiers etc.). At this point (if we don't follow the story line) the clone commanders should have stepped in as they were trained and drilled for leading units and obey this command structure, better knew of tactical and strategic advantages (air supremacy etc.) and were clones too, so understood what it meant for their subordinates.
    It would have been possible to achieve a victory with either a low casualty number or greater victory than in the movie all along.
    Jedi are a bit reckless and this episode shows this quite good.

  • Piotr Dubrawski
    Piotr Dubrawski 12 hours ago

    It's almost as this movie was written by someone who had no idea what they were doing. I know.... Crazy.

  • Potassium 19
    Potassium 19 14 hours ago

    The Jedi are so stupid. Generation tech can think of such awesome tactics but not even 1 Jedi is able to come up with a plan that is half as good as his.

  • Raptor302
    Raptor302 15 hours ago

    The (much) bigger mistake made by the Jedi was accepting, without question, a gift-wrapped army that was conceived and paid for ten years before they needed it.

    A few questions were raised when Obi-wan discovers it, but those questions were quickly abandoned. This is in spite of the fact that the person who supposedly placed the order for the army was dead before the order was made, and nobody bothered to follow the money trail for who financed the project. The Jedi practically let themselves get wiped out by Order 66 by embracing this Trojan horse.

  • davante barbain
    davante barbain 17 hours ago

    one thing I did agree with is that the Jedi Didn't go in with out a plan im pretty sure they knew that the senate was going to inact the clones I think the Jedi were either sent as a distraction while Yoda was sent to get the clones and in the clone wars comics and cartoon both the one in 2003 and the latest one you see that Jedi although peace keepers have had some type of military and strategic lessons or study's of them and one point is the clone wars movie they use stealth to sneak passed and destroy the enemy shield generator and also the second battle if genosus (fucked the word up) was that one they would launch and establish a beach head which was obi wans team animal would attack from the east and take care of the forces their and destroy the blockade so future tanks could go and then ki add would attack the west and destroy anti air canons or clear the caves for of geinossain forces in their then converge on obi wan at least this time the attack used more military stratigcs

  • Roberto Sanchez
    Roberto Sanchez 18 hours ago

    There was a lot done wrong throughout the Clone Wars, many points as to which you highlighted, but at the same time many of these situations were of no fault of the Jedi. The problem was that prior to the Old Republic, the Jedi hadn't been in war in over 1000 years so they became very complacent in their position and instead of practicing battle drills and focusing on training to fight, they trained on deepening their connection to the force, and seeking out the Sith. The average life span of any Empire is around 200 years, so needless to say, the Jedi more than wore out their welcome and within their complacency, they lost it all because of their arrogance and blindness. SImilar to the reason why most Empire's fell in real life.

    This is definitely a conversation that could be discussed and debated all day long. One thing is for certain, there are wrong's and right's to both sides of the coin within this timespan of the Star Wars universe.

  • Risky Nights
    Risky Nights 18 hours ago

    Palpatine intentionally sent the Jedi into a trap to greatly reduce their numbers leading up to Order 66. Looks like someone hasn't done all their reading...

  • munozali1
    munozali1 19 hours ago

    The Jedi were not warriors and were in a rush. They didn't plan anything. I think the clones got there late simply because Kamino is so far from Coruscant, where Yoda was coming from to visit. Actually, I think the clones should have taken even more time to get there.

  • Witcher Xarxsis
    Witcher Xarxsis 19 hours ago

    I know Ill get a lot of hate for this but I find many of the Jedi during Obi Wan's time are weak.. with a few exceptions. The Jedi during the Old Republic could have led the clone army easier. Also they were not afraid to fight if the situation called for it.

  • James White
    James White 19 hours ago

    The fact that the good guys with futuristic technology decided to clone humans shows how unethical and moronic they are. Now only would drone veichles on wheels or that could fly have been superior to clones in evrey way, it also would not of been unethical.

  • Michael Paget
    Michael Paget 19 hours ago

    why does Boromir appear at 6:17?

  • Jay4King
    Jay4King 20 hours ago

    beber una fría con los chicos

  • iggilepiggle
    iggilepiggle 22 hours ago

    i find this guy allen like a gem of starwars related things on youtube and then go on to watch every single video he has all while being at work :D pretty dam if u ask me.

  • Clifton Sutherland

    Holy moly finally someone else who thinks about star wars as an actual war. What do you think of the Imperial military- do they actually use good tactics and strategy (counting the books, movies are rebel propaganda)

  • Luke Price
    Luke Price 1 day ago

    Well the Jedi at this point had no idea they were even "Real."

  • Trialbystone17
    Trialbystone17 1 day ago

    Of course this is set in another galaxy...

  • Stona Raptor
    Stona Raptor 1 day ago

    om,g fuck this movie

  • Cruzi
    Cruzi 1 day ago

    Jedi were always used as generals of the republic in times of war .... so your point is invalid

  • John von Shepard
    John von Shepard 1 day ago

    The Jedi are moron?

  • Kasper Vmc
    Kasper Vmc 1 day ago

    whats the song 4:04

  • Adam Stringer
    Adam Stringer 1 day ago

    The Republic Commando books state that roughly half of all of the Commandos produced on Kamino were killed on Geonosis, mostly due to the Jedi being inexperienced in leading soldiers and deploying the Commandos as infantry.

  • Josh Montes
    Josh Montes 1 day ago

    This was a great analysis! You just earned a new subscriber :)

  • Adi Si
    Adi Si 1 day ago

    well, Star Wars is just a fairytale...

  • Muhammad Muaz Azman

    After seeing this. Maybe Order 66 wasn't so bad

  • Breaking Reality
    Breaking Reality 1 day ago

    Somebody has played to much call of duty.

  • TheHero136
    TheHero136 1 day ago

    Everything wrong with the Battle of Chopper Base.

  • Solid Snake
    Solid Snake 1 day ago

    South Africa sends Peacekeepers to wartorn countries to extract hostages. I know Hollywood loves Navy Seals and Tier 1 Delta groups but South African Peace Keepers are pretty badass they're modeled off SAS but mostly work as peacekeepers providing security detail to aid workers in the most dangerous and remote parts of Africa. If you've never heard of them.. that's the point.

  • steven licari
    steven licari 1 day ago

    No everyone thinks episode 1 is the worst

  • Zhi Kai Tan
    Zhi Kai Tan 1 day ago

    savage...just kill them!

  • omegagilgamesh
    omegagilgamesh 1 day ago

    Don't know why the hell this video was recommended for me, but now that I've seen it, I likes.

  • Suleiman The Magnificent

    Do Star Trek next

  • slicer940
    slicer940 1 day ago

    I also do not entirely agree with the idea that Jedi were bad at leading an army. For starters, they didn't even know about the army coming to Geonosis until it was literally above their heads. On top of that the armies were already landed and deployed in the formations that we see in the movie. There probably weren't too many options available. This can be said for many of the battles we see in fact. Sometimes there arent too many options like on Umbara, there was no place to land heavy tanks or set up bases and the entire planet was hostile.

  • Dennis Morin
    Dennis Morin 1 day ago

    So what's with the Boromir frame at the 6:17 mark?

  • Gentlman Darkone
    Gentlman Darkone 1 day ago

    low key
    the Jedi are fucking pricks

  • Najmudeen Bankole

    Yoоu саn't find this mоoоviе with bеttеr qualityyy thаn here => https://twitter.com/0b2f2189bf4312e93/status/863212856405147648

  • Dan McGovern
    Dan McGovern 1 day ago

    Can you gents do a video on who snoke is or isnt?...maybe eliminate some popular theories and narrow down choices. You guys are great

  • matthew Kellar
    matthew Kellar 1 day ago

    Mace even said, "If I had slain Dooku, if I had allowed Jango slay me down on Genosis, the war might of ended that day. I don't think that shatter-point exist anymore. Now, with or without Dooku, the war would go on." Yeah Dooku may have been the leader, but he was just another cog in the system. What happened after Dooku died? General Grievous assumed leadership. When he died, another took his place. That shows you the CIS was a unstoppable war machine, and Dooku got them to that point. After that, the Jedi couldn't just kill him off because there were those who showed pleased emotions towards him. If he was stabbed by a jedi, it would of made half the Galaxy morn over his death.

    The Republic and the Jedi needed the whole Galaxy to take their side of the coin, otherwise it would made them look like murders. And they can't force it, because they'll be no better than the Empire itself years later.

  • Doncroft1
    Doncroft1 1 day ago

    At every turn, no matter what happens, Palpatine wins. Long rule the Sith.

  • Hexen Jager
    Hexen Jager 1 day ago

    episode 2 was better than episode 1

  • Scott Carver
    Scott Carver 1 day ago

    So happy to see the channel continuing to grow. Happy for you guys

  • Brennan P
    Brennan P 1 day ago

    Hey I got a good idea for a video, Earth vs Republic

  • Emperor Caligula
    Emperor Caligula 1 day ago

    Well explained. The Jedi were truly horrible war leaders.

  • Christopher Mallon

    It's been a looong time since I read the novelization so I may be wrong here but the impression I always had was that the strike team under Mace Windu did not know that the clones were coming. This movie is about the worst for weird time warps anyway so I guess it fits.

    That said it was still a dumb idea... literally all they had to do differently was have like 6 more Jedi up on the balcony and they would have won.

    Also the clone trooper incompetence when chasing Dooku - which you didn't bring up in your video - I remember thinking at the time it had to be intentional, the clones knew not to attack him - but that was never followed up on and doesn't seem to fit anymore after Episode 3.

  • Trexmaster12
    Trexmaster12 1 day ago

    Technically speaking, the Jedi have a history in armed engagements & conflicts that spawned whole wars, and I'm not referring only about their own wars with the Sith.

  • Sameer Shah
    Sameer Shah 1 day ago

    loved it... finally somebody said the truth... MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU

  • biostemm
    biostemm 1 day ago

    The fact that they didn't just conduct orbital bombardments of the outlying separatist forces, or just take out their ships/any fleeing starships, was idiotic.

  • esotericVideos
    esotericVideos 1 day ago

    I think it's pronounced "pure-ic" victory.

  • Adit Gupta
    Adit Gupta 1 day ago

    All of Star Wars is unrealistic this is pointless plus why is it such a big deal - all the Star Wars needs here are probably triggered

  • Tlahuicole barrraz

    Anyone got any advice for erectile dysfunction?

  • Zackery Baum
    Zackery Baum 1 day ago

    Do Revan and Kaan still count at this point?

  • Reality Rejection Service

    Well, let's see:

    Roughly 200 of the Jedi Order's finest willingly drop themselves into a bowl where they are outnumbered a good 1,000 to one- with NO guarantee of backup from Yoda and the clone army- all to save one idiot Senator and two idiot Jedi.

    Not a great plan.

  • Hunter 'Man Of' Steele

    I actually laughed a lot at "a bit excessive..."

  • CT 1138 Darman
    CT 1138 Darman 2 days ago

    "put a weequay (the most stupid species in star wars) at the lead of a clone battalion and they will figth well in anycase" GAR sodiers usally say this phrase to explain their feelings about the jedi

  • Sith Cult
    Sith Cult 2 days ago

    The Jedi did not know of the strength of Count Dooku's droid legion stationed on Geonosis. Else they would have not sent such a small team.

  • Potato OS
    Potato OS 2 days ago

    Can u pls do the more known battles of Clone Wars and for example Battle of Attalon?

  • IAleG
    IAleG 2 days ago

    Every day that passes i feel less and less sorry for the jedi on order 66

  • SoccerBoyAP
    SoccerBoyAP 2 days ago

    5:42 - a bit excessive... no the unit under Aayla's leadership hated her. They (327th Star Corp) fought in the worst places in the galaxy. So pumping her full of blaster bolts was joyous to them, thus they just kept firing. It's like what we all wanted to do to Krell on Umbara.

  • GustAGuy
    GustAGuy 2 days ago

    well this is bullshit

  • Z9Ryan
    Z9Ryan 2 days ago

    At 6:17 Sean Bean appears holding the One Ring. That made me chuckle a little!

  • Lucas Vargas
    Lucas Vargas 2 days ago

    most clones were hesitant when order 66 came about it. most jedi were really outstanding leaders such as ki adi mundi, Shakti, luminara , kit fisto and even plo koon as well as many others. after the battle they were all taught to lead in the order, many jedi leaders have grown srong bonds with their clones. before the chip idea it was hard for so many clones.

  • Julian Schecter
    Julian Schecter 2 days ago

    Once again, you hit it right on the nail! Bravo!

  • King Banana
    King Banana 2 days ago

    Hail Emperor Palpatine #PalpatineDidNothingWrong #TheEmpireDidNothingWrong

  • Demoblade
    Demoblade 2 days ago

    The only 3 jedis really capable of commanding a clone army were Yoda, Anakin and Obi Wan, there is a reason why the 501st legion and the 212th Attack Battalion were the best of the best and the Open Circle fleet (the most succesful fleet of the republic) was under their command

  • Catzilla
    Catzilla 2 days ago

    _Everything Wrong with the BATTLE OF GEONOSIS_

    The fact that the battle takes place between two factions that I care NOTHING about: robots and clones.

  • John Curran
    John Curran 2 days ago

    People love to just bitch and nitpick

  • Philip Banks
    Philip Banks 2 days ago

    This movie was not ba+dly written, the +dialogue was a bit cluniky at times, but not ba+d, an+d it was not ba+dly passe+d, it was a bit too slow, but again not at all ba+d. I really love it, it is in+dee++d the weaikest orf the New Trilogy, but I love it, I like everything in it.

  • Dan Slash
    Dan Slash 2 days ago

    Too much vfx was never an issue, it was too much cgi...

  • Mythic VI
    Mythic VI 2 days ago

    Why is commander cody in the thumbnail, unless it's the second battle, he shouldn't be there because the 212th never took part on the first battle of Geonosis

  • Noice bricks
    Noice bricks 2 days ago

    Fuck it they should have just made a small Death Star and blown up Geonosis

  • Justin Van Volkenburg

    Close Air Support is the king of combat operations.

  • Nikola Petrović
    Nikola Petrović 2 days ago

    giving Jedi commander/admiral/general positions makes no god damned sense. Their lack of military training and shitty decision making were responsible for majority of clone casualties.

  • denaxion jaxton
    denaxion jaxton 2 days ago

    what was the purpose of stuffing Boromir from the lord of the rings into a star wars move for half a second?

  • Bidmartinlo
    Bidmartinlo 2 days ago

    Reminds me of WW1, except both sides are dumb as heck on Geonosis. xD

  • RaPtorteAm
    RaPtorteAm 2 days ago

    Actually, Anakin is well respected among clones under his command and other leaders(Jedis or not).Because he actually cared about his men and used smart tactics

  • valer48
    valer48 2 days ago

    The only problem with the battle of Geonosis, is the battle of Geonosis.

  • Raiken Xion
    Raiken Xion 2 days ago

    Too much cgi, NO extras in actual Clone Trooper armor, costumes.

  • Blake Stone
    Blake Stone 2 days ago

    I hate to be that guy but... maybe the movie just has terrible writing.

    Who am I kidding, I love being that guy.

  • Merchant Ivory
    Merchant Ivory 2 days ago

    I always liked how padme fell out of the clone transport ship and when asked where to go she says "We've got to get to that hanger"
    Given that no one knew where the Duke was going how did she already know his destination? Ah good old movie logic :)

  • Cheesoos Kryst
    Cheesoos Kryst 2 days ago

    I hope I'm first to say this but why is Cody in the thumbnail he wasn't in the first battle of geonosis??? Or is this a later battle

  • Mike.India.Echo
    Mike.India.Echo 2 days ago

    Geonosis was all just an unnecessary show of force. Landing ground forces to to take out launch sites when conventional bombardments from orbit could have reduced casualties? wtf? What a dick move Palpatine.

  • Ciaban Krommenhock
    Ciaban Krommenhock 2 days ago

    This is really great insight.

  • Ashley Leadbeater
    Ashley Leadbeater 2 days ago

    I don't think its bad at all.

  • ChathamCrows
    ChathamCrows 2 days ago

    The problem with every battle in the prequels is Lucas' terrible screenplay. He lost his touch sometime before Howard the Duck was made.

  • that one drug dealer from star wars

    YoU WanNa BUy s0me dEAth StICks?.?!!

  • Kiwiseblu Dv
    Kiwiseblu Dv 2 days ago

    Why does this guy look like Markiplier?

  • The Zen Patrol
    The Zen Patrol 2 days ago

    Just a quick note. 212th did not make an appearance at the battle of geonisis. The Sky Corps were activated and put into duty AFTER the Clone Wars began, and that's when Cody made his first appearance as a commander too.

  • Björn Mätal
    Björn Mätal 2 days ago

    Oh come on. I Come here expecting a review of tactics, and I get the usual "clone lives matter" bullshit?

    The new Disney "clones ain't bad, it's 'cus the chips!!!44!4!"
    explanation destroys one of the most interesting concept of Star Wars,
    which is:

    Here's the thing. Clones were bred and trained since birth to obey and kill. No friends, no feelings, just brainwashing.
    Until their first battle, the average clone foot soldier was exactly like all the others, they had the same personality for they had the exact same DNA AND same experiences also.
    From then on, they can be lumped up to groups based on where they fought, which allows for small divergence. Emphasis on 'small'.

    They do not have to like or dislike the Jedi, in fact, they were not allowed to have such emotions and preferences.
    All they had to do is to obey orders, that of the Jedi, until they get a different order,
    which was to kill them. Palpatine outranked all the Jedi so the clones obeyed him and killed the Jedi. Not because they hated them, but because they spent the first 9 years of their lives getting the "OBEY ORDERS" thing hammered into their cloned skulls.
    They weren't "human", they were drones, following orders to the letter.

    Only exceptions being clone commanders/commandos and such, whom required to have a shed of personality and were trained by Jedi or mercenaries, instead of going through the same training program 99% of the clones do. They had a shed of free will and so the small chance to disregard such orders because they feel like it, but still it was miniscule compared to the brainwashing they all went through during the early stages of their development.

    You, as well as Disney, underestimate the psychological impact of such a training process. It was like the perfect communism for them. From the moment they were "born", they were all equal in every single possible way.

  • Piroclanidis
    Piroclanidis 2 days ago

    The thing is that even kamino considered the clones as expendable.

    • Generation Tech
      Generation Tech 2 days ago

      +Piroclanidis kaminoans were the cruelest of them all

  • Zero Fighter
    Zero Fighter 2 days ago

    Videos like this only reaffirm my beliefs that the prequel trilogy was fine, and that the rest of the fandom needs to stop being such crybabies.

  • Captain Pang Wang Fee Fee Lang

    Totally agree, lets just jump into the middle, it was more for effects of who made it, blundered the story for views. All those loses, you had an army none knew about, use their air support and do a quick extraction then mount an offensive. Jedi could have been used to take out key points to make the extraction more likely to succeed. It's like who you trying to impress? Oh that's why the "fans" none of this shit would have happened if the producers didn't worry about deuce bag Americans and the money they spend at the movies.

  • Mythic
    Mythic 2 days ago

    Fantastic video man! :DDDDDDD

  • Jeremy Echo
    Jeremy Echo 2 days ago

    Actually Commander Bly and his company of clones (The clones who kept excessively shooting that Jedi) shot her that way because they were grateful to General Secura, so the clones wanted to swiftly and painlessly kill her. One of the clones even fell in love with Aayla Secura if I remember correctly.

  • KMS 5252
    KMS 5252 2 days ago

    It was nothing like the simulations on Kimino.

  • Alexander Miller
    Alexander Miller 2 days ago

    HEY!!! Do a Halo Scarab vs a Star wars AT-AT

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