Draymond Green on Championship Parade, Steve Kerr & Song for Cavaliers

  • Added:  7 days ago
  • Draymond talks about what it's like attending the Warriors Championship Parade, his relationship with Coach Steve Kerr and gives a preview of the song he wants to sing for the Cavaliers.

    Mr. Robot's Rami Malek Visits the Museum of Ice Cream https://youtu.be/zKIIf6W16Uk

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    Draymond Green on Championship Parade, Steve Kerr & Song for Cavaliers
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Comments: 108

  • Monye Govern
    Monye Govern 4 days ago

    this is bullshit cavs yup lebron yup cavs suck nop warrior still blew 3-1 yup . 3-1 is still popular today don't worry cavs fans next year cavs will have a superteam weak ass warrior bandwagon fans😂

  • John50 Beach
    John50 Beach 5 days ago

    I still think Javale McGee should've got MVP... and Zaza, cos that guy was breaking ankles

  • Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry 5 days ago

    Warriors in 5? Yup
    Cavs in 7? Nope
    They choked? Yup
    Kyrie over curry? Nope
    Thompson over jr? Yup
    Cavs next year? Nope
    Warriors next year? Yup

    • Andrea B
      Andrea B 4 days ago

      KD did all the work? yup

    • Monye Govern
      Monye Govern 4 days ago

      Stephen Curry warrior suck because it wasn't kd cavs will swept warrior. NBA wanted warrior to win so they paid spurs to loss in paid cavs to lose

  • TheLegendaryLinx
    TheLegendaryLinx 5 days ago

    Warriors blew 3-1 lead, but after three years Warriors are up 2-1 funny how that worked out. 🏋

  • Santiago Costa
    Santiago Costa 6 days ago

    Cavs... NOPE
    Warriors ...YUP


    METWBS 6 days ago

    rip hamster

  • Aaron Poor
    Aaron Poor 6 days ago

    0:55 parades are fun

  • Merge McCringleberry

    That thing was a song? Lol

  • Winnie Mai
    Winnie Mai 6 days ago

    Don't worry, his speech was way shorter this time...
    Standing for 7 hours there was worth it!!

  • Zakiya Wiltz
    Zakiya Wiltz 6 days ago

    People in the comments please GO and subscribe to my channel!!💕😇

  • Darin Barry
    Darin Barry 6 days ago

    Draymonds is a weirdo

  • Crys Meireles
    Crys Meireles 6 days ago


  • Nikesh Rai
    Nikesh Rai 6 days ago

    that draymond green and steve kerr clip in the beginning was hilarious LMAO

  • mr_reddy
    mr_reddy 6 days ago

    This dude got on jogger slacks

  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez 6 days ago

    Nice sense of humor bruh

  • ReBlon Jones
    ReBlon Jones 6 days ago

    its not even a song dumbass

    • happy man
      happy man 6 days ago

      Lebroom Jones cavs suck? yupp

    • ellochewy
      ellochewy 6 days ago

      Lebroom Jones draymond was doing his own version of e-40's song "choices" off the top of his head. So in that sense it is a song. E-40 released a warriors version of choices during the 2015 playoffs

    • Billy Obama
      Billy Obama 6 days ago

      so maad, cry more

  • Rollin Kocher
    Rollin Kocher 6 days ago

    I remember last year with all the trolling the Cavs did at their party. lol

  • toobasaurus23
    toobasaurus23 6 days ago


  • JustSomethingStupid

    Damn jimmy just exposed him 100% on national tv smh

  • richard jones
    richard jones 6 days ago

    I love draymonds voice

  • Kid Dynamite
    Kid Dynamite 6 days ago

    Warriors. Yup.
    Cavs. NOPE.

  • Leonard 2031302
    Leonard 2031302 6 days ago

    So he said Cavs suck, yup. LeBron, nope? He respects the dude fr

    • Xemnas
      Xemnas 5 days ago

      +Kid Dynamite That is also true.

    • Kid Dynamite
      Kid Dynamite 6 days ago

      Xemnas Ok but Cavs only in the finals cause LeBron😑 Stupid ass

    • Xemnas
      Xemnas 6 days ago

      It was cause of Durant though.

    • Kid Dynamite
      Kid Dynamite 6 days ago

      Relax And Work But who won 2/3 meetings tho😶😶😶 1st was injuries. Now that your healthy you say its cause Durant? LMAOOOO Lavs fans im sleeeeeeep

    • True Dope
      True Dope 6 days ago

      ight yo watch what you say with that Kevin on your team

  • Natasha Davies
    Natasha Davies 7 days ago

    Draymond looks drunk in that video !

  • Brandon Ninja
    Brandon Ninja 7 days ago

    Cavs sucks Draymond is right. Remember they almost got swept. Yes GSW blew a 3-1 lead but that's in the past now. GSW 2017 Champions!!!!!

    • Andrea B
      Andrea B 6 days ago

      cavs suck? gsw swallows

    • Dennis Franken
      Dennis Franken 6 days ago

      Brandon Ninja the Cavs don't suck. FACT. ;) LeBron will be a legend who deserves to be named in the same sentence as Kobe and Jordan. FACT. You know it's true.

    • Brandon Ninja
      Brandon Ninja 6 days ago

      +Dennis Franken if it wasn't for the referees the Cavaliers would have gotten swept. FACT.

    • Brandon Ninja
      Brandon Ninja 6 days ago

      +TheLegendaryLinx .....ok it doesn't really matter GSW won.

    • TheLegendaryLinx
      TheLegendaryLinx 6 days ago

      Brandon Ninja You can have the 3-1, Warriors are up 2-1 in the Finals

  • Brandon Ninja
    Brandon Ninja 7 days ago

    I Love making Cavs fan mad. LeBron is 3-5 hahahaha

    • Brandon Ninja
      Brandon Ninja 6 days ago

      You do realize this is the internet right? There's a meme for everything.

    • Brandon Ninja
      Brandon Ninja 6 days ago

      +DanTheMan1026 Not really?

    • DanTheMan1026
      DanTheMan1026 6 days ago

      Brandon Ninja ummmm.... Not really, but whatever your say

    • Brandon Ninja
      Brandon Ninja 6 days ago

      +DanTheMan1026​ My team? Also the Cavs are memes as well.

    • DanTheMan1026
      DanTheMan1026 6 days ago

      Brandon Ninja Your team is a literal walking meme... You have zero room to talk

  • Brandon Ninja
    Brandon Ninja 7 days ago

    GSW 2018 champs

  • AY Blackie
    AY Blackie 7 days ago

    KD wears 35.
    If you split that number into two you get 3 and 5.
    Lebron has 3 wins and 5 losses in the NBA finals.
    KD has 1 ring and Lebron has 3.
    That makes 1-3.
    The Cavs blew a 1-3 comeback opportunity.

  • Me7o TV
    Me7o TV 7 days ago

    draymond is a first ballot hall of famer.

    • shnigaa
      shnigaa 4 days ago


    • Swish Scope
      Swish Scope 6 days ago

      If Ben Wallace isn't first ballot yet, then Draymond definitely won't be

    • TAGemUP
      TAGemUP 6 days ago

      You're a first ballot dumbass.

    • blastoisemetapod
      blastoisemetapod 6 days ago

      Me7o TV jesus. nowhere near that right now. he'll probably get in at the end of his career, let him play 10 more years.

  • Kundai Gotore
    Kundai Gotore 7 days ago

    Glad to see Leineedhelp not better than Jordan lose

  • Daniel Gebremedhin
    Daniel Gebremedhin 7 days ago

    Dayday is GOAT

    • Andrea B
      Andrea B 4 days ago

      you mean donkey...right?

  • Cheferino Kripperino


  • Sean Peters
    Sean Peters 7 days ago

    whats donkey from shrek doing in the nba

    • Jimmy Neutron
      Jimmy Neutron 6 days ago

      Sean Peters hey at least he's actually doin somethin with his life. Plus he's got two rings and he's a great play maker. Fool

    • Jada Pickett
      Jada Pickett 6 days ago

      Sean Peters winning rings

    • Sports Edits
      Sports Edits 6 days ago

      Sean Peters well that donkey from shrek has 2 rings now so.....

  • WarriorNation 24/7
    WarriorNation 24/7 7 days ago

    People need to watch the Barber shop video with Lebron and Draymond! It is hilarious!

    • YOLO 2
      YOLO 2 6 days ago

      espn youtube channel

    • Shane G
      Shane G 6 days ago

      Cloth Talk I didn't where do I find this

    • Cloth Talk
      Cloth Talk 6 days ago

      WarriorNation 24/7 Everyone did

  • fang stanley
    fang stanley 7 days ago


    • True Dope
      True Dope 6 days ago

      Found the retarded kid

    • Justin Gecale
      Justin Gecale 6 days ago

      fang stanley not even a LeBron fan, just a basketball fan lol. Your team already made the NBA boring to watch when Durant was added to the warriors but degenerates like you makes it much more boring to watch knowing that you just stepped in the bandwagon, obviously.

    • fang stanley
      fang stanley 6 days ago

      Ayan Choudhury I just enjoy to see bron dickriders angry. Haha

    • Ayan Choudhury
      Ayan Choudhury 6 days ago

      are just*

  • Raheem Misherghi
    Raheem Misherghi 7 days ago

    3rd comment bitches

  • James TWINE
    James TWINE 7 days ago

    Notification squad where u at???

  • Puneet Grewal
    Puneet Grewal 7 days ago


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