Original Jubil-Aire Dixie Horns

Here's my newest edition to my car. An original late 70's Jubil-Aire musical horn (Set of six horns). I highly believe this is the same brand as they used in Dukes of Hazzard. Very nice sounding set of horns. I love em. =)

Sorry for the cruddy quality. I used my hand-held camera.

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Author Canadianmancan ( ago)
Anyway t get one of these horns?? Or can one be built to sound as good as
yours? I wanted t email u but couldn't find a way.

Author chris geist (1195 years ago)
when you gonna put up more videos of your dixie horn

Author allanrox369 ( ago)
Best Dixie horn on youtube. I got one myself but its not jubil aire, the
closest i could get is putting Fiamm horns on a Wolo compressor.

Author Manny Soto ( ago)
where you buy this horn at?

Author Casey Bower ( ago)
Where did you find this?! I want one that sounds like the original so much,
but all I can find are crappy off- pitch ones :(

Author DukeBoyO1 ( ago)
@leedog66 Yeah my disc can be changed out for a different tune. That's why
it has the sixth horn. The Dixie tune only requires the use of 5 horns.
Yeah mine has the 12 different holes too I believe. Do you know anything
about the other one?

Author DukeBoyO1 ( ago)
@ezgoin11 Sorry but no. =P

Author Leedog Howard ( ago)
is the jubil aire a single tune or can the horn be change out to play other
tunes and how many notes are in this dixie tune I know there are 2 dixie
tune disc for the jubil aire I have the 2nd dixie tune disc and it has 12
notes and on the first 5 shows of the Dukes of Hazzard I don't think it had
12 notes maybe after they went to hollywood the 12 note horn came out

Author ezgoin11 (1389 years ago)
hey man would you consider selling that horn

Author boduke521 ( ago)
as rosco would say ke ke ke i lov it i love it

Author chris geist ( ago)
@trucker765 your half right. his horn isnt used in the movie. its used in
the first season of the dukes of hazzard

Author Seabeast1000 ( ago)
What kind of car is that?

Author trucker765 ( ago)
thats the ones they used n the movie, all the original GLs had them

Author jerichojlt ( ago)
thats one of the real ones of the Dukes of hazzerd aint it?

Author jerichojlt ( ago)
those any one know any thing bout air horns? i got a horn awhile back it
works but idk what it is trying to play ,theres a video of it on my channle
,if any 1 knows how to tell please tell me

Author 85bigred250 ( ago)

Author chris geist ( ago)
@KaylaT91 these horns r awsome. all i have to do is get the disc and im

Author Dante Bicolore' ( ago)
I agree with ford1979truck!!...I love it I love it!!(in my Roscoe P.
Coltrane voice)

Author Ben Jardine ( ago)
Best Dixie horns i ever herd thumbs up

Author chris geist ( ago)
@DukeBoyO1 so thats why they dont sound like jims horn. ok i get it now.
the paint is what made them different

Author DukeBoyO1 ( ago)
@generalleegoku Well, they used to be chrome. But most of it was wore off
so they were painted gray. You can still see the chrome if you look inside
the trumpets.

Author chris geist ( ago)
@DukeBoyO1 do you have chrome plated trumpets or red trumpets on your dixie

Author chris geist ( ago)
@DukeBoyO1 dude i got a jubil-aire horn. now i just need to get a copy of
the 78 dixie horn. im so close

Author DukeBoyO1 ( ago)
@generalleegoku I'm gonna try! I gotta get my camera to work first. =P

Author DukeBoyO1 ( ago)
@3500coupe You just have to be realllllll lucky. ;) They are very rare

Author DukeBoyO1 ( ago)
@3500coupe What do you mean? Do you mean if I can just push it then release
or that I have to hold the button down for the horn to sound?

Author 3500coupe ( ago)
cool where can you get some also is the best set up to have the horn is
have them link up to the hooter button or the button you have to keep
holding down

Author 3500coupe ( ago)
cool where can you get them from

Author DukeBoyO1 ( ago)
@GL383 Done did!

Author chris geist ( ago)
dude you should get more videos of your dixie horn up.

Author TitanicMatthew ( ago)

Author DukeBoyO1 ( ago)
@ChryslerLaser1986 Thanks! =D

Author 001GenLee ( ago)
Yes, they do sound like on the TV show back then. That set you have in that
there car sounds just like what Warner Brothers used in the original TV
series to a T! Why don't the Wolo brand sets or Fiamm sound that good? They
sound good, but not as true to the TV show like those in that there car do.

Author depolle13 ( ago)
Sounds good mate!!!!

Author TheBandit77TransAm ( ago)
haha just kidding. its gotta be a 69 Charger for the 01 to work right.
Dixie Horns sound sweet and you're horns are my inspiration now my dad said
yes to me buying them for my Jeep (I'd put them on something a little
muscler or sleeker........but i've got nothing sleeker! LOL).

Author DukeBoyO1 ( ago)
Thanks! =D And on those three top holes mine is long, short, long if that's
what you mean/want.

Author DukeBoyO1 ( ago)
Really you drive a rig? Awesome. But those sound cool too. =)

Author DukeBoyO1 ( ago)

Author DukeBoyO1 ( ago)
Thanks for thinkin so. =) Keep lookin, maby you'll get lucky! But those are
better than nothin tho I guessin.

Author DukeBoyO1 ( ago)
Thanks! =D

Author DukeBoyO1 ( ago)
Heheh, thanks man. =) I love em. And several friends from school do too.
Tho I think I'll think I'll pass on the '01'. XD My Dad was workin on my
kindergarden teachers car when she was taking the rotor thing-a-ma-bob to
the trash, my Dad already knew she had the 'horns' so he recognized the
motor instantly and was like, "Your not throwin them away are ya!?" To make
a short story shorter she gave them to us. ;)

Author DukeBoyO1 ( ago)
Haha! XD Thanks for thinkin so. =)

Author Aneesh A. Sehgal ( ago)

Author The Bohemian Hunting Club ( ago)

Sounds PERFECT! I wish I had the money to find and buy an origional set, I
guess I'll just have to settle with the WOLO Ive got.

Author TheBandit77TransAm ( ago)
its not the SAME brand...........its the EXACT same brand! Dude ive never
heard those horns that awesome sounding on any car other than the show!
whered you get those????? I'm thinking about getting some for my Jeep, and
they sound terriffic its the most wonderful musical horn EVER! Now you
gotta get a big '01' on the door! lol. seriously though message me. how
much were they and where'd you get them?

Author MonsterTruckRally666 ( ago)
best air horn on YT besides the real Dukes of Hazzard car. Perfect pitch,
most others are either off pitch or sound like a taco truck

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