"Waltzing Matilda" by Puddles Pity Party

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  • NotAnother Meme
    NotAnother Meme 15 hours ago

    0:38 "Whatever the fuck that means" LMAO

  • Patrick O'Guinn
    Patrick O'Guinn 4 days ago

    This makes me laugh. Thanks

  • utetrahemicon
    utetrahemicon 5 days ago

    Puddles, I just watched your Minnie the Moocher from 2015.
    I Tweeted you a while back with a request for Saint James Infirmary Blues and a picture of Cab Calloway.
    Could it be time for a really sad one from him as no other than Coco the clown in Betty Boop?
    Or would another clown frown at that?

  • labtechsuperstar
    labtechsuperstar 8 days ago

    I'm not Australian, but I just love this rendition of this song. I basically love everything Puddles does! He's just so talented!
    Puddles? Will you sing O Canada anytime soon? I'm sure you could bring a tear to any Canadian's eyes if you sang our anthem.

  • pumken
    pumken 16 days ago

    love the french man haha

  • Zman Jace
    Zman Jace 17 days ago

    Would be great if he did Tom Waits's version (Tom Traubert's Blues).... Ok its a completely different song but it has the line Waltzing Matilda in it so it counts right?

  • Cammy Cakes
    Cammy Cakes 18 days ago

    For the non-aussies listening;
    - "Swagman" is a person travelling the countryside looking for work, pretty much backpacking
    - "Swag" is a bed roll
    - "Billabong" is a watering hole or a small lake type thing
    - "Coolibah Tree" is a type of Eucalyptus tree native here
    - "Trooper" is a policeman
    - "Jumbuck" is a sheep
    - "Squatter" is a type of early aussie farmer, they raised livestock on land they did not own
    - "Tucker Bag" is a bag for storing food, or "Tucker"
    - "Billy" is a boiling pot, mostly used for tea and such.

    So the song is about a vagrant travelling around looking for work, while resting at a water hole he spots a sheep and steals it. The farmer grabs some cops and tries to get him arrested, and rather than be taken in he drowns himself.

  • Snakelady
    Snakelady 18 days ago

    Seriously, Puddles could sing the phone book & I'd be mesmerized!

  • paulj88able
    paulj88able 19 days ago

    bloody top effort now time for a few soothing ales fromNSW

  • I. M.
    I. M. 20 days ago

    My Aussie war bride mom taught this song complete with original homemade visuals to her boy scout troop in California in the Sixties. Those little all-American boy scouts learned everything about Australia - and nothing about the USA, lol.

  • Lily Iris
    Lily Iris 22 days ago

    I wonder if he knows what a jumbuck is though? haha

    • Lily Iris
      Lily Iris 15 days ago

      +dschonsie Hahahaha there are too

    • Gibran Moroyoqui
      Gibran Moroyoqui 17 days ago


    • dschonsie
      dschonsie 21 day ago

      Lily Iris there are 3 black ones on his dress ^^

  • Lily Iris
    Lily Iris 22 days ago

    As an Australian I am appreciative, it is a great rendition and rivals John Williamson. I have to say though, I don't think I have heard a yank sing it before though.

  • Bruce Goldberg
    Bruce Goldberg 23 days ago

    we just saw you here in Australia on Americas Got Talent. You are amazing!!

  • John Copeland
    John Copeland 23 days ago

    should do Tom Waits version of Waltzing Matilda.

  • Andrew Lynn
    Andrew Lynn 25 days ago

    Can we get more with the band? I like them

  • a.e. Hyde
    a.e. Hyde 29 days ago

    would love to hear more Tom Waits or at least his waltzing matilda.

  • Preview43
    Preview43 1 month ago

    Never seen Puddles so 'upbeat' before. Nothing like a rousing ditty about 'Andy', the sheep thief to make a sad clown happy.

  • KingOfElectricNinjas

    A song that doesn't really need parodying because it's already really weird.

  • Anthony Seabury
    Anthony Seabury 1 month ago

    would rather hear his version of "And the band played Waltzing Matilda".....instead of this.......

  • Jsuis14
    Jsuis14 2 months ago

    This is my favorite :3

  • Dave Gee
    Dave Gee 2 months ago

    Struth Mr Puddles, Sir, an excellent rendition of the common version, but may I recommend the original, Mr A.B. (Banjo) Paterson's version. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f4/Original_Waltzing_Matilda_manuscript.jpg

  • utetrahemicon
    utetrahemicon 2 months ago

    Tie me kangaroo down, Sport

  • Overwatch118
    Overwatch118 2 months ago


  • Samara Gagne
    Samara Gagne 2 months ago

    I can't even handle this right now omg 😂

  • john smith
    john smith 3 months ago

    This was unexpected.

  • Brett
    Brett 5 months ago

    Watching on 2017 Australia Day. Banjo Paterson makes me feel Aussie on a day like this

  • Dantas Nimsai
    Dantas Nimsai 5 months ago

    pessoa mais amorzinho que canta aaaa

  • Socra Tease
    Socra Tease 6 months ago

    Love singing this song

  • Debbie Paterson
    Debbie Paterson 10 months ago

    I was at the Edinburgh Festival and went to see puddles and he was BRILLIANT what a show great entertainment thank you puddles xxx

  • Dave Baker
    Dave Baker 1 year ago

    In this video Puddles broke the laws of the universe by smiling SEVERAL TIMES. #CharacterBreak

    • Blue Wren
      Blue Wren 5 months ago

      He's smiling because it's a song about a guy who commits suicide rather than getting nabbed for stealing a sheep and I guess that fits in with his general depressed demeanour.

    • yardhog
      yardhog 8 months ago

      He blinked a few times also.

  • Jeff Dewhurst
    Jeff Dewhurst 1 year ago

    I'm not Australian so suck it,!

  • Steven Campbell
    Steven Campbell 1 year ago

    Australians will cringe at this clownish effort. Puddles sings well but makes a mockery of our defacto national Anthem. Mate, you tried to make it funny but this is about the poor homeless being oppressed by big government. The starving man asks a wandering sheep to be his dinner companion. Along come three representatives of the capitalist overseers who attempt to arrest him . He jumps to his death in a water body rather than continue to be persecuted. such a tale of woe that I shed tears every time it is heard. I am weeping now for that poor man, that swaggie/hobo/homeless person.

    • John Afella
      John Afella 1 month ago

      So I take it you're a commie ?

    • SpeedbumpAndy
      SpeedbumpAndy 5 months ago

      I'm Australian and you don't speak for any of us bar yourself. It's a paddy tune about a thief who kills himself and isn't the Australian national anthem. Nor is it a defacto anthem.

      If you watch the olympics (as an example) you'll see that "Land down under " by men at work tends to be sung more often.

      Also, you are complaining about a clown. You miserable no life c$&t.

  • Ed Pritchard
    Ed Pritchard 1 year ago

    i am australian and will never approve of puddles or his work..

    • Ryan Broadhurst
      Ryan Broadhurst 1 year ago

      +Ed Pritchard Why does he need you approval you fucking criminal get back in jail.

  • Mat Guest
    Mat Guest 1 year ago

    I am Australian and i approve of this message

    • paulj88able
      paulj88able 19 days ago

      good one no bugger drinks that shit now

    • pumken
      pumken 24 days ago

      i arise my beer to puddles an not fosters cos no Australians drink that

    • Moon Morrison
      Moon Morrison 1 month ago

      and that' all that matters.

  • Lara Coelho
    Lara Coelho 1 year ago

    2:07 . I think I saw Puddles smile... That was just too beautiful for me.

  • jonathane1976
    jonathane1976 1 year ago

    got to love the map of america in the background.

  • Tony Frisa
    Tony Frisa 1 year ago

    i want ot drink some ale and dance around myself good job again puddles we luv you

  • Kittywitchthesecond

    It's unusual to hear Puddles singing something this upbeat. Admittedly, an upbeat song about theft, vagrancy, and ultimately a ghost; but still upbeat.

    • Lily Iris
      Lily Iris 22 days ago

      Kittywitchthesecond Exactly, it's just the music that's upbeat haha not the lyrics...

  • Jav
    Jav 1 year ago

    Goodonyamate. Loved this! Love your work, hope to get over there to see you soon!

  • Tim Glidden
    Tim Glidden 1 year ago

    do bohemian rhapsody by queen

    • uwcb1
      uwcb1 24 days ago

      He/they did, and killed it!

    • Christina Gould
      Christina Gould 3 months ago

      It did wonders for Wayne.

    • Colt Jones
      Colt Jones 1 year ago

      that ruins many singers careers

  • Snake Plissken
    Snake Plissken 1 year ago

    i jus went waltzing puddles and me
    <3 great fin keep up the good work

  • Aussieroth7
    Aussieroth7 2 years ago

    Have you heard our word for food?

  • Matt Kovach
    Matt Kovach 2 years ago

    Laugh clown laugh , even though my heart is breaking, laugh clown laugh

  • mike reese
    mike reese 2 years ago

    I would love to hear your version of mr cellophane

    • Bryan Schmidt
      Bryan Schmidt 1 year ago

      +mike reese Oh. My. Gods. That would be amazing.

  • Pamela Chambers
    Pamela Chambers 2 years ago

    I can't even begin to tell you how happy this made me. First, you are my musical crush bar none. Second, I have a lifelong love affair with all things Aussie. And third, as a kid we sang this song each night at summer church camp. So picture this. I am sitting here at my computer with headphones on. It's 12:30 am and the apt is quiet. I happen upon this video and play it. A tear comes to my eye as I begin singing along joyously. The next thing I know my husband comes from the other end of the house to see what the catterwalling is all about. BAHAHAHAHA I had no clue I was singing loudly. He stood there a moment watching me then shook his head and told me I was "special". I was so caught up in my memories and the joy you bring me Puddles, that I raised the roof as only a tone deaf non singer can.

  • Ivanna Roquet
    Ivanna Roquet 2 years ago


  • MMusashi7
    MMusashi7 2 years ago

    That was a really good rendition!

  • Lisa
    Lisa 2 years ago

    Nothing more Australian than a 7 foot American clown singing waltzing Matilda. Haha love you puddles

  • DianaJoy Casper
    DianaJoy Casper 2 years ago

    Your great puddles! Come to Wilkes Barre Pa

  • Mike Prather
    Mike Prather 2 years ago

    WM in 4/4?  That's almost as disturbing as the 4/4 muzak version of Take 5 I heard once.  I salute your subtle evilness, Puddles.

  • Victoria Goodwin
    Victoria Goodwin 2 years ago

    The pelvic thrusts at 1:31 made me die. XD

    • Lily Iris
      Lily Iris 22 days ago

      Victoria Goodwin Yeah from 1:25 it got a bit sexual even though he was talking about a policeman catching a criminal hahaha

  • redleg56
    redleg56 2 years ago

    When I tell my buddies I'm into a seven foot all clown from Philadelphia --  they say they had no idea Allen Iverson was a baritone.

  • gijoel
    gijoel 2 years ago

    Now do a cover of Nick Cave's "Red Right Hand."

  • Naddia Arts
    Naddia Arts 2 years ago

    so talented puddles!! amazing voice!!! lov your art! regards from Argentina and always waiting for a new video!

  • nicholas van amen
    nicholas van amen 2 years ago

    how about "...And the band Played Waltzing Matilda" next?

  • Elizabeth MacDonald
    Elizabeth MacDonald 2 years ago

    My Dad and sister are smiling in heaven right now.  You did this song proud.  Thanks Puddles! 
    My Grandfather was born in Au.  My Dad was born in Canada but they went back to Au when the 1st WW broke out.  Dad always talked about Au, but he was never able to return.

  • John Shea
    John Shea 2 years ago

    Puddle's reaction after the first verse is hilarious. The pelvic thrusting is an interesting artistic choice for this song. 

  • blahers blaher
    blahers blaher 2 years ago

    Pure awesome  

  • cptexploderman
    cptexploderman 2 years ago

    Amazing as always sir, there are countless songs I'd like to hear your take on. Greensleeves, I think would be wonderful to hear. Regardless we need a collected works to purchase. Feed the rabid masses.

  • dude998866
    dude998866 2 years ago

    I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter what he sings, its always amazing.

  • Angie Barr
    Angie Barr 2 years ago

    Always perfection, Sir!!!

  • SeattleBoatdog
    SeattleBoatdog 2 years ago

    Are the flashing lights on the map a signal for UFO's??

  • Ron R
    Ron R 2 years ago

    That's 12893 views.  That means you made $12 on youtube.  Right?  Your voice is very good so keep singing.  :)

  • jayzeed warrior
    jayzeed warrior 2 years ago

    who here think he would do an amazing cover of creep by radiohead 

  • warhamsterful
    warhamsterful 2 years ago

    Yay as an aussie fan this will be plastered all over my feeds for all to enjoy.

  • Intrepid Vids
    Intrepid Vids 2 years ago

    What in the world

  • Chupria
    Chupria 2 years ago

    I am wondering what that facial expression around 0:36 is about.

  • Optikal Illuzion
    Optikal Illuzion 2 years ago

    Am I the only one that sees the irony of the huge map of the USA behind them during a "Happy Australia Day" song??? *LMFAO* GO PUDDLES!!!

  • dbauernf
    dbauernf 2 years ago

    That was a proper LOL. I'm sure Tommy Emmanuel would have loved to jump into that jam though! Good job guys! :)

  • Ryan Gillis
    Ryan Gillis 2 years ago

    Wtf did I just watch....

  • noswonky
    noswonky 2 years ago

    I wonder if the jumbuck drowned too.

  • lordbyronblack
    lordbyronblack 2 years ago

    Wonderfully done, Puddles!

  • nibot kram
    nibot kram 2 years ago

    On the Beach starring Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, Fred Astaire. Used this song vehicle as a thematic cord though more down tempo due its post apocalyptic nuclear devastation waiting to die a slow death from radiation poisoning theme. Kinda ties back to the sad clown singing the up tempo version in a way. Kinda.

  • Zelda Rose
    Zelda Rose 2 years ago

    I have no idea what happened here. But I'll just say Happy Australia Day and go someplace quiet...

  • bruce turner
    bruce turner 2 years ago

    love this guy

  • Dylan A. Kent
    Dylan A. Kent 2 years ago

    Fantastic!   #australia #aussie #happyaustraliaday #melbourne #adelaide #oz  

  • 61digby
    61digby 2 years ago

    Errrr....lovely!  Oi Oi Oi !!

  • Dan Curran
    Dan Curran 2 years ago

    Awesome! With the sailor accompanying you it reminds me of the Oingo Boingo Sad Clown Orchestra. Such a sad song but a happy tune!😰

  • Trowzers
    Trowzers 2 years ago

    I guess Puddles is so happy because this is a song about the homeless, theft and suicide? (as an Aussie, I've always been amused that our national song is about hobos, criminal activity, and drowning yourself while running from the cops)

    • pumken
      pumken 16 days ago

      i think thunder stuck shod be an i relly wish hey do that

    • Lily Iris
      Lily Iris 22 days ago

      Trowzers Yeah it is part of our tough Australian past haha

    • GreenGlassScarab
      GreenGlassScarab 1 month ago

      It's not the National Anthem though? But maybe it should be.

    • LittleRedfield
      LittleRedfield 2 months ago

      Hobo should ride on them sheep to escape xDD

    • solarpurplestarlight
      solarpurplestarlight 2 years ago

      When I was in school, we sang this strange song for choir.  It is a strange anthem, for sure, for Australia, but, imagine a group of 12-14 year old girls singing this song for an audience.  Girls from America.  Strange, indeed, but, otherwise, a really pretty song.

  • Rikki  Brown
    Rikki Brown 2 years ago

    Mom taught me to fast waltz to this song from as early as I can remember. I will have to find someone to dance with to see if I still can.

  • Dawn Bonnevie
    Dawn Bonnevie 2 years ago

    You ah killin me! (in a good way)

  • OrbitalBliss
    OrbitalBliss 2 years ago

    You need to have Father Tim DeLaney in more of your stuff... like ALL of your stuff, he's perfect.

  • Lindy Asimus
    Lindy Asimus 2 years ago

    Fabulous! Well done. And just the thing with a trip to Oz coming up! 

  • Basil Makhoul
    Basil Makhoul 2 years ago

    Thank you so much, very well done. You did your home work, and understood what you were singing about. Studied the Australian culture and presented your tribute properly!  

  • Elaine Marie
    Elaine Marie 2 years ago

    Not what I expected, but done very well!
    Rather queer, I'd say...

    • Basil Makhoul
      Basil Makhoul 2 years ago

      definitely, you would know, just look at your picture. Coming from you it MUST be a complement .  

  • djteddy bear
    djteddy bear 2 years ago


  • Potz4pizza
    Potz4pizza 2 years ago

    Tom Waits was sad-er :(

  • Kirk Troy
    Kirk Troy 2 years ago

    This brought a smile to my 2-yr-old son's face.  :)

  • SeattleBoatdog
    SeattleBoatdog 2 years ago


  • BuckNerds
    BuckNerds 2 years ago

    I am not sure I like these Eminem covers. I mean it loses something in translation, I don't hear the anger and hurt in them. 

  • Dirt Poor
    Dirt Poor 2 years ago

    I don't know what to think.  At first I was kinda bored.  I was like, "wtf is waltzing matilda"?  Then puddles did the hip gyrations and his voice did the cool thing and then the video was ok.

  • xpika13x
    xpika13x 2 years ago


  • the1lordawesomness
    the1lordawesomness 2 years ago

    You're too cool Puddles XD

  • kornsin
    kornsin 2 years ago


  • fuzzylumpkin49
    fuzzylumpkin49 2 years ago

    Amazing! ^_^

  • Sam Heyn
    Sam Heyn 2 years ago

    Dope as always, Puddles.

  • SarahjewelAZ
    SarahjewelAZ 2 years ago

    Puddles...you're skipping...is everything ok?

  • Bill K
    Bill K 2 years ago

    Good show Puddles.  I'm still hoping that you and Susan Boyle could get together on a song or two.  That would be so cool.

  • James P
    James P 2 years ago

    Oh, sailor!

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