How to Apply Your Mask

And this is how to apply your mask

Place the elastic bands around your ears like so

Pinch just above the nose for a snug fit

And now you're ready to go show off your new mask

You look great

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Directed by: Titanic Sinclair
Fashion by: Samantha Burkhart

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Author AnnikaThePotato ( ago)
take off that mask and eat, poppy

Author Wantaplay Entertainment ( ago)
How to apply your mask to filter out the cancer that is the world

Author LinkA gamer999 ( ago)
How To Poppy

Author Lucia Mae Neveux ( ago)

Author Queen Infinity ( ago)
Is anyone else scared of WHY we might need a mask?

Author Lauren Kremer ( ago)
When someone farts in class

Author Digital_Fruitcakes ( ago)
This is even more autistic.

Author Vison Gt ( ago)
All human know how to use Mask /Fp

Author Baka Fudge ( ago)
and then you remember she's 16

Author Tiya ( ago)
What if i have glasses??

Author kate jonasson ( ago)
Poppys music is soooo litttttt

Author Electropi ( ago)
WTF am I watching

Author Cinnamon the Shiba ( ago)
instructions were unclear

Author Stevan Kasic ( ago)
I am going kill me🤓

Author jackie juven. ( ago)
Where are your parents? I wonder what her parents think about her videos 🤔

Author Mistxel ( ago)

Author VANDAL SQUAD ( ago)
shes trying to be scary but still want cum on em face

Author J CG ( ago)
Flat is justice!

Author Brooke &Hailey ( ago)
is poppy simple?

Author Bink Abalooby ( ago)
This is my favorite video on youtube

Author Angry Cherry ( ago)
I think she's making fun of how to channels

Author europanoms ( ago)
nobody cared who I was until I put on the mask

Author kaneki x ( ago)
Oh! i was waiting for the bleed

Author Yagit Yogurt ( ago)
mask = makeup
everyone nowadays has to wear makeup

Author PastelTessa ( ago)
Is she tryna bash the snapchat filter?

Author Ruby and Saphire ( ago)

Author Amber Brown ( ago)

Author Jacob Roling ( ago)
I don't need you telling me how good I look poppy.

Author Buster Hunter ( ago)
No Girl fuck it Mask off

Author Fritz2824 ( ago)


Author The Lonely Lobo ( ago)
I think this is talking about the everyday people that are often afraid of trying out what other people haven't done. Masks help make sure the bad stuff doesn't go in. Going out and not doing the popular things in life can be strange.

Author SuperSonicSP ( ago)
What is this, AlanTutorials?

Author Falli ( ago)
I feel like this is almost definitely referring to how some people are actually very sad inside and they put on a mask that makes everyone think that they're okay. A lot of times when you do that it is referred to as a mask, even in posts that you can sometimes see about depression and all those things and how you really don't know what's going on behind closed doors they show people putting on masks that make them look happy so you can't tell if they're happy or sad. Just a thought.

Author Thinh Nguyen ( ago)
I think she is criticizing that people right now are in a habit of applying too much makeup on themselves just to impress other.

Author Yaz Dolan ( ago)
Me: *Farts*


Author Russian Federation ( ago)
this is just racist

I'm kidding

Author siobhan murray ( ago)
A mask that portrays that we don't need grace

Author TwentyØneChemicalCrybabies AtTheDisco ( ago)
wow, I'm so proud, poppy, you put on a whole mask! whaaaaat amazing👏

Author Kircial ( ago)
you see climate change is not real people war masks only because it's fashion

Author Twiggy Noir ( ago)
First Examples Must Apply Chemical Air Maps - P.S : Alien

Author Friendship Productions ( ago)
Instructions unclear got dick stuck in toaster

Author TheCVestal ( ago)
Breathing. That's Funny.

Author alek banov ( ago)
explanation; she mean that thare are many masks and its good to know how to put one

Author PineappleHQ ( ago)

Author Redstone Plays ( ago)
did you guys notice in the description there is a #cult?

Author Wolf Tuber B-3 ( ago)
legit AMSR

Author headass ( ago)
Didn't work, arm ended up in toaster.

Author Rashood Alenizy ( ago)
0:20 illuminati poppy lol 😂

Author Lucie Medňanská ( ago)
You can go to the Japan :D because ill people can't blow :-DDDDDDDD

Author Pretty Negative lol ( ago)
She is trying to show all the things that matter in life and she doesn't care who hates she is beautiful

Author Ashley Ramos ( ago)
thanks poppy now I know how to put on a mask!

Author Batool Shbool ( ago)
whaen I was a kid I was don't know how to put it 😂

Author TØP of the morning to my brofisted crybbies ( ago)

Author mickjen ( ago)
Yo, Poppy, you're looking a little malnourished. I know LA has a lot of pressure to be thin, but you're a beautiful woman with talent. Women need healthy fat stores to maintain hormonal balance!

Author مريم حيدر ( ago)
idk why i read it black mask at the first

Author i dont know ( ago)
Poppy: Your welcome asians!

Author Vasco Francisco ( ago)
Poppy pls tell, wat is the objective doing this videos? I really dont understand...

Author Martin Gavirati ( ago)
San Francisco, New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Kinshasa, Karachi, Bangkok, Peking...

Author Niicii_Niicole ( ago)
she's getting skinnier in every video..

Author AngelicBeliever ( ago)
The mask symbolizes how people's identities are hidden on the internet, which allows them to become a person who comment negative things, and pick on people, because there's no one to stop by addressing their real identity

Author Eyad 7shesh ( ago)
she is freaking me out

Author OrdinaryPen ( ago)
I just like the videos because they're weird. I don't wanna have to over analyze them.

Author noor senpaii ( ago)
شكلها في السعودية :)

Author Virna Pranjic ( ago)
You could also move your hair..

Author 1Abomination ( ago)

Author Tom Sachs ( ago)
i really want to fuck her

Author 1Abomination ( ago)
no tits

Author Gwyneth Meneses ( ago)
Am I the only one who noticed that she's getting skinnier?

Author Alosh 130 ( ago)
You are strange

Author Lexi W ( ago)
Thanks, Poppy. Now I can finally be the Kpop Idol I've always dreamt to be.

Author Silke ( ago)
Omg!!! It's Levi's tutorial 😂😂😂

Author pa741 ( ago)

Author sidney ( ago)
what a hypebeast

Author MrStealYoGirl ( ago)
# means h
/ means e
- means L
£ means p

Author Blue Pepper ( ago)
also me running out of ideas 😂

Author PsyQo zALB ( ago)
This how do get youtube Subscribe

Author Riley Bos ( ago)

Author Manuel Garcia ( ago)
wtf is the point of these fucking videos there driving me fucking crazy i wanna fuckin know fucking tell me someone wtf is this shitttt

Author LPS pikkis ( ago)
Are you okay poppy? Are you murder? Or are you psycho? Are you alien? WHO ARE YOU?

Author David Hombach ( ago)
This mask I wear you gave to me
One winter night beneath the trees.
It's black and blue enshrouds my life,
Surrounds my eyes and blinds my sight. This mask I wear pretends I'm here
And hides me from the awful fear
That you might find the heart of me
And take that too, beneath the trees.
This mask I wear to hide the pain.
It's all I have to keep me sane.
I just fell down, I'm told to tell.
There are no words to stop this hell. This mask I pray to God for why
He hates me so to watch me die
A little more with every night
This man comes in and rapes my life.
But little girls grow up, my friend
And learn the wicked ways of men.
And this mask I wear comes off the day
This mask I wear lays on your grave.

Katina Choovanski's homework
from Strangers in Paradise
by Terry Moore

Author شروحات قيمز ( ago)
do you do drugs

Author Luna Daisy ( ago)

Author Mr. Monkey ( ago)
it's ok poppy. I'm here now. these people will not infect you.

Author esbastian ordonez ordonez ( ago)
She's getting skinnier guys, she's not taking good care of herself

Author Azzahra Alivya ( ago)
Yay! Moonlight Sonata back sound!

Author Manal Musthafa ( ago)
Oh thank so much poppy

Author Полина Туранская ( ago)
Is this a warning?

Author Ellie Zoo ( ago)

Author Kimily Hagerty ( ago)
i wonder if shes trying TO TELL US SOMETHING?

Author Mixøn ( ago)
I have a good mask.
I love you poppy.

Author FnO_or ( ago)
fasx maconia

Author Bungalo Bill ( ago)
Come with me to Japan!!

Author Avi Tozzo ( ago)
70% of the girls wear masks in Japan. I live in Japan so I see them everyday. Don't wear masks unless you're sick, It doesn't make you look good haha

Author Joy Juag ( ago)
its report representing how easy it is to put on a "mask" and be someone your not

Author Alieno Verde ( ago)

Author Sgt Sierra 1 ( ago)
IMMENSELY disappointed that this wasn't Loki's mask.

Author dhruv kumar ( ago)
She looks like hitler

Author منى العتيبي ( ago)
ذي ما جاني منها غير المرض نفسي ايش سالفتها

Author Lord Bootyquake ( ago)
Now all you need is sunglasses and you can Nico Nico Need help.

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