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  • Wanted you all to meet my puppy! Her name is Cookie! ♥

    I am a huge animal lover and have wanted a dog for many years.
    Owning a dog is a lot of work and I made the decision to wait until it was the right time, so I could give a dog the attention and love they deserve.

    What other products should I check out?

    Order The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook here:

    Snapchat: rosannapansino


    *Bone Shaped Dog Feeder:
    *Klip Scoop:
    *Freezy Pups Kit:

    *Puppy Pet Head Shampoo:
    *Oatmeal Pet Head Shampoo:
    *DeShedding Tool:
    *Pet Brush:
    *Puppy Dental Kit:

    Clean Up:
    *Poop Bag Dispenser:
    *Poop Bags:
    *Carpet Spray:
    *Hard Wood Spray:
    *Puppy Pads:
    *Lint Roller:
    *Bissell Spotbot:

    *Puppy Kong:
    *Orbee-Tuff Bone:
    *Frog Rope Toy:

    Out & About:
    *Retractable Leash:
    *Collapsible Travel Bowl:
    *Dog Tag:

    Note: All products purchased by me and many recommended by my vet. This is not a promotion.
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  • Tova Napell
    Tova Napell 15 hours ago

    You can also put cream cheese or peanut in the hole of the Kong

  • Amelia Pelico
    Amelia Pelico 22 hours ago

    My bird died 😰😰😰😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Khadija Horeiby
    Khadija Horeiby 1 day ago

    i love puppies

  • Bendy Devil
    Bendy Devil 1 day ago

    My dog name cookie

  • Oscar Perez
    Oscar Perez 2 days ago

    on your other video you have stuff toys for cookie

  • Samayra Sheza Shoreef

    Who is the bigger sister ro or mo?i love ro can you do one more Sister 's q&a

  • Ines Faladžić
    Ines Faladžić 4 days ago

    Thumbs up if your watching this video but you don't have a dog and a piece of you just died inside

  • Tonya Miller
    Tonya Miller 5 days ago

    skeeck toy

  • Chupi
    Chupi 5 days ago

    Your a NEW dog owner? Your already such a pro!

  • Destiny Keanna
    Destiny Keanna 6 days ago

    I. have a puppy.
    I. bote. toys for. elboni ...

  • Brenda L. Martinez
    Brenda L. Martinez 7 days ago

    my puppy is 2 years

  • Josie Gibbons
    Josie Gibbons 7 days ago

    my neighbor has those bowls

  • Zmonster Snake
    Zmonster Snake 7 days ago

    I have a dog named cookie

  • Jasmeet Kaur Makhija

    U r the best puppy mom. Cookie is very lucky that she got such a cute & sweet puppy mom.

  • Jasmeet Kaur Makhija

    Ro u r super cute & the sweetest person in the world. U r the best chef I know.

  • Nalah The Gymnast
    Nalah The Gymnast 7 days ago

    Can you make a dog treat BOOK

  • Bhupinder Nat
    Bhupinder Nat 7 days ago

    Wizard oz theme(ruby slippers and/or emerald city) please please

  • Kit Kat101
    Kit Kat101 7 days ago

    get her some outfits!!! like if u agree😄

  • Chloe The Hufflepuff

    My grandparents put peanut butter in the puppy Kong things when they leave so they have stuff to do if they're bored.

  • Master Licorice
    Master Licorice 8 days ago

    it's a French pug

  • lucario sisters
    lucario sisters 8 days ago

    im getting a puppy

  • Chavez Family
    Chavez Family 8 days ago

    I can't believe how little cookie was back then and now she's so big.🐶🐩

  • Benjamin Molina
    Benjamin Molina 9 days ago

    My dog is a boy and he is four years old

  • Benjamin Molina
    Benjamin Molina 9 days ago

    where did you get those dog stuff because I have a dog

  • aidan woodley
    aidan woodley 9 days ago

    I have a dog named sweetie so I need to love this video thanks mo

  • Addison Kitzmiller
    Addison Kitzmiller 9 days ago

    I made a puppy toy. All you have to do is take strips of fabric and then brade them together. My dog loves it

  • aidan woodley
    aidan woodley 9 days ago

    I want a puppy so badly and are you rich I want the meet you so badly but I'm going to America this holiday 😊🛫✈️🛬💺🚅🗺⛲️🌆🌇🌌🌃🌉🗽📱💵📦

  • aidan woodley
    aidan woodley 9 days ago

    Your the best dog mum I have ever seen 🐶🐶🐶🐶🍗

  • lifewithcale
    lifewithcale 9 days ago


  • Emma Morgan
    Emma Morgan 9 days ago

    Who does not under stand what I'm about to say:example:Emmy walts says:i love this vid so Lia bethengton says:Emmy walts i

  • Claudia Amaya
    Claudia Amaya 10 days ago

    thumbs up if you love cookie😘🐶💝

  • Kim Maceira-Brown
    Kim Maceira-Brown 11 days ago

    did you get your dog a bed

  • Tanisha Vostrikov
    Tanisha Vostrikov 12 days ago

    Cookie is so cute

  • Jakie Da puppy
    Jakie Da puppy 12 days ago

    0:34 beastiality

  • isaac rodirguez
    isaac rodirguez 12 days ago

    so cute

  • Fermy Meres
    Fermy Meres 13 days ago


  • Suzette Scott
    Suzette Scott 13 days ago

    Oh yeah be prepared when your dog grows up to an adult they start to have *dog breath* wich is supposed to be normal and will not be able to get rid of it no matter how much you brush it!!! And will stink even more depending on what you give your dog for food. We feed our dog salmon and her breath stinks like garbage, but we plan to change it from blue buffalo. Blue buffalo is atchually a very good food sorce for puppy food. So mabye try that!

  • Suzette Scott
    Suzette Scott 13 days ago

    A kong is actullay a kind of puzzle toy for your dog and cat, there supposed to find a way to get the treat out, they also can be filled with cheddar cheese filling from petco or petsmart. It was a pain getting treats for my dog,(since there really smart animal), because she blew through a pack each week.

  • Paige Nickita
    Paige Nickita 14 days ago

    OMFG Cookie is sooooooooo adorable

  • Gym aholics
    Gym aholics 15 days ago

    Tearless actually means no tears like tears in your hair I don't think many people know that it's really confusing but I just found out and it's really interesting. ☺️

  • BÏĀ -logical
    BÏĀ -logical 15 days ago

    My dog's name is cookie as well! She kinda look like she has chocolate chips all over her=]

  • Esha Bhasin
    Esha Bhasin 15 days ago

    Get dog clothes

  • Nguyet An Nguyen
    Nguyet An Nguyen 15 days ago

    i love your dog

  • That Panda, Celeste
    That Panda, Celeste 15 days ago

    people love naming their dogs after food! *My dogs name is Chalupa😂😂*

  • Joe Annino
    Joe Annino 16 days ago

    I have some of the Same things

  • kawaii marshmellow
    kawaii marshmellow 17 days ago


  • Yellow Hammer
    Yellow Hammer 18 days ago

    cookie is so cute

    FAITH GAMES 20 days ago

    September 17 2014!!

  • Fatniss Fergaldeen
    Fatniss Fergaldeen 20 days ago

    You should cook with cookie

  • Galaxy Girl
    Galaxy Girl 21 day ago

    can i suggest a dog food brand james wellbeloved naturally healthy it does dog food for puppies, junior and adault dogs

  • ali khan
    ali khan 21 day ago

    u are very cute

  • Alexarae Andrade
    Alexarae Andrade 22 days ago

    My dog looks like that and it's a girl to

  • Lola Reit
    Lola Reit 23 days ago

    Your puppy is SUPER CUTE!? I'm getting a puppy soon I'm gunna name her Twinkie or Rosanna!!

  • Jojor Sianturi
    Jojor Sianturi 24 days ago

    i agree chantelly heart

  • Madison Porter
    Madison Porter 27 days ago

    can you do another video with ijustine?

  • Thomas P
    Thomas P 28 days ago

    my dogs name is cookie, too!!!!😄😃😉

  • Olivia Petrush
    Olivia Petrush 29 days ago

    If any one here gets a new dog you should get a pitbull. They are super sweet. If you have cats don't get a pitbull. Pitbulls are a breed that aren't that good with cats.

  • Elizabeth Avellanet
    Elizabeth Avellanet 29 days ago

    my dog's name is cookie

  • SquishyUnicorn 123
    SquishyUnicorn 123 29 days ago

    end this comment with four words to make a story.

    once there was a ....

  • Aisha Kamboj
    Aisha Kamboj 1 month ago

    I have a French bulldog to

  • Fobi Castellano
    Fobi Castellano 1 month ago

    I love ❤️ 🍪 and I named my stuff toy cookie 🍪

  • Emmy J
    Emmy J 1 month ago

    It's not good to wash you dog too much you should only do it once a month

  • Pilar Villarreal
    Pilar Villarreal 1 month ago


  • Alan .Ridez
    Alan .Ridez 1 month ago

    What type of dog is cookie

    BT BT BTS 1 month ago

    When you can't get a dog but you're taking notes for the future when you are probably 20 or something ;-; this was really cute tho!! :)

  • McKenna Witts
    McKenna Witts 1 month ago

    my puppy has the same leash and harness but in blue.

  • McKenna Witts
    McKenna Witts 1 month ago

    my puppy has the same leash and harness but in blue

  • McKenna Witts
    McKenna Witts 1 month ago

    my puppy has the same leash and harness but in blue

  • McKenna Witts
    McKenna Witts 1 month ago

    my puppy has the same leash and harness but in blue

  • McKenna Witts
    McKenna Witts 1 month ago

    my puppy has the same leash and coler

  • Saw Min Oo
    Saw Min Oo 1 month ago

    😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😀😒😏 Find the difference

  • Orea Micaela
    Orea Micaela 1 month ago

    you should try this thing were you connect a hose to is it comes with a container for the shampoo i have tryed it is so so cool cookie will not get scared it don't make any sound try it

  • Brett Espino
    Brett Espino 1 month ago

    My pug's name is Cookie

  • مجدى نصر
    مجدى نصر 1 month ago


  • مجدى نصر
    مجدى نصر 1 month ago

    يا حراميه

  • Natally Dominguez
    Natally Dominguez 1 month ago

    You did not get her a bed

  • Kelly Asia Tang
    Kelly Asia Tang 1 month ago

    Try Origen brand for dog food, thats what I use and my pet really like the food 👍 you need to try Origen

  • Club American Girl
    Club American Girl 1 month ago

    Can u make a summertime cake if so that would be awesome

  • Roxanne Boyer
    Roxanne Boyer 1 month ago

    real vs. gummy food plz

  • KESTRA F . Flynn
    KESTRA F . Flynn 1 month ago

    "you put it on your finger and then you go:BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP"

  • Marina George
    Marina George 1 month ago

    My dog 🐶 is also named cookie

  • Faith Elkins
    Faith Elkins 1 month ago


  • izzy200240
    izzy200240 1 month ago

    I just got a puppy yesterday (he is a pug and we named him Poe after the Star Wars character) and I remember watching this video a while back so I watched this video before getting him and it helped so much on what to get him. We got him wipes for his wrinkles and other stuff mentioned here. Thanks for this video super helpful and entertaining!

  • Mikala Tenny
    Mikala Tenny 1 month ago

    I love cookie so much almost just as much as I love you

  • mariah neilsen
    mariah neilsen 1 month ago


  • Dahlilah Moan
    Dahlilah Moan 1 month ago

    i have a dog named abe and he is really nice and he's a red nose piple

  • Rainbow Dash
    Rainbow Dash 1 month ago

    cool our cat went to the vet a little time ago and they used the FURminator

  • Lps Bella-Kitty
    Lps Bella-Kitty 1 month ago

    ᗯᕼO ᗯᗩTᑕᕼIᑎG Iᑎ 2018? 😂

  • Lidy Xox
    Lidy Xox 1 month ago

    My dog is scared of ice cubes.

  • Apud1984
    Apud1984 1 month ago

    super video! watch my channel, I'm sure you will like it.

  • kitty killencakes
    kitty killencakes 1 month ago

    my dog is name cookie too and i love you.

  • Suzette Friar
    Suzette Friar 1 month ago

    You should get her a squeegy toy that is snake a horn that is puppy teateing

  • Susana Rodriguez
    Susana Rodriguez 1 month ago

    silvia p. valdes....why do you hate puppys

  • Shannon Schmidt
    Shannon Schmidt 1 month ago


  • girls rule Boys drool

    can you do a unicorn cake

  • Violet Ching
    Violet Ching 1 month ago

    You shouldn't use the rechractibal.

  • Mia Cosic
    Mia Cosic 1 month ago

    My dog's name is Cookie too! She is a maltese terrier

  • Emaan Sudozai
    Emaan Sudozai 1 month ago

    I really really really really really really really really really really really really really want a 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶☺️☺️🐶🤣😊🤧😩🙂😆😆😆🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

  • Anil Kumar Bhasin
    Anil Kumar Bhasin 1 month ago

    I love your​ 🐕

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