Ka Lom Huk Ka Lom Louang by Parn+Sandra

Ka Lom Huk Ka Lom Louang by Parn+Sandra with photos slide show

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Added: 6 years
Runtime: 3:51
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Uploaded by: Tar Chittarath
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Author raytavart (4 years)

Author maitongyang (5 years)
she looks so much better with black hair. I didn't like her other dyed hair
in the other Lakorn with Wier.

Author Norb1t9 (6 years)
once in a while we come across a very talented young asian person. i am
very proud to say that you are one of a kind and it's rare to have an asian
and one that is of laos native is even better. keep up the great work. i
know that many of us lao people are proud of you.

Author OS253 (5 years)
Wow! That's the Lao singer Alexandra Bounxeiu! She's hot!

Author sweetazngirl2 (5 years)
who is the guy that sings first.. he has a great voice too..

Author Al Ithivongkham (3 years)
@bounang ok,now lao they all speak vietnamess uh and they don't eat padeak
or sticky rice anymore .i see thanks for telling,oh by the way why don't go
see them over there if u r essan make sure u know how to speak fucking
vietnamess ok.if u speak lao they won't understand u .

Author VOLTIS5 (6 years)
i cant find this movie online. can anyone tell me how to get it.

Author ลูกลาว เลือดลาว (6 years)
My god, Alexandra and Cee Siwat! I can't wait to see the series and listen
to their songs. I hope they (prodicers)make DVD of the series and the
songs. Big time fan from USA

Author Yang Ntshis (5 years)
Alexandra, you look very young on this slide show...I like it

Author Laowest (6 years)
I love this song. The lyric is very heart touching. I am very proud of You

Author PC4ever (6 years)
Cee looks so cute with Alexandra. Can't wait to see the movie, I'm ready to
buy the DVD.

Author thai32usa (6 years)
Very beautiful and talented Lao girl. I like to see this because it truly
shows the friendship between Laos & Thailand. LOVE THAI-LAO

Author Edyson Roxx (5 years)
Great duet, I love this song. Thank you for uploading this.

Author vicki23vang (5 years)
some photos she looks like Vanessa Hudgens

Author Sassy Sab (5 years)
Tothai32usa, I agree with you.

Author PYJABT (6 years)
Some of her pictures look like Cartoon Kanokwan. Alexandra is cute and very

Author BShyna (6 years)
i like this song....I especially love ai-parn's voice. He is awesome.

Author laovientiane (3 years)
ເຊີນຟັງຂ່າວຈາກວີທຍຸສຽງ ສຣຊ
ການລັກຕັດໄມ້ລາວພາຍໄຕ້ການບົ່ງກາ­­­­­ນຂອງພັກໂຈນ siengserixo­nlao.ຄອມ/
ສາມາດດັດແປງໃຫ້ເປັນທີ່ນີຍົມຊົມຊ­­­­­ອບຂອງທ່ານຢ່າງ ເຖິງອົກເຖິງໄຈທີ່ສຸດ
ທິມງານທຸກຄົນສາມາດຊອກຮູ້ເຫັນເຖິ­­­­­ງຄວາມຊັ່ວຊ້າຂອງພວກgangໂຈນ ຄມນ

Author sompattana (4 years)
my Ex o_O

Author TICKCANADA (6 years)
she so pretty...Go LAO Go..can't wait to see the lakorn..

Author saokhonekean (4 years)
ມາປ້ອຍຣັຖບານໂຈນເຖື່ອນລາວແດງໄດ້ ຖືກໄຈຜູ້ຂ້າແທ້ ພວກໂຣກຈີດທັງນັ້ນ ຜູ້ນຳພັກຫມາໆ
ຂື້ນແລ້ວບໍ່ຈັກລົງທັງໆທີ່ນຳພາ ປທ ເຮົາໄປສູ່ຄວາມຈີບຫາຍວາຍວອດທຸກຍາກ
ຂໍທານໂລກແດກຫ່າ ກູ ອາຍຕາງເວີຍ

Author babimel085 (4 years)
Her picture @ 3:10 scares me a little. Her eyes are so big! I love how
theirs always an asian celeb that looks like one of the American celebs.

Author Oracle1o1 (6 years)
thank you for sharing this song!

Author emothai1986 (6 years)
good good Ai tar!!!!

Author xrs7 (5 years)
I'm proud of ai-Parn. He is an awesome singer with stunning voice. He
deserves all the credit.

Author Lao2007 (6 years)
I think if sandra see me she'll fall in love with me....I'm not's for real.

Author NitNatNes (5 years)
I agree with u too

Author jimmyeatsworld2009 (5 years)
she is cute, bangable

Author bigmagic555 (4 years)

Author laovientiane (4 years)
Bounang+kikuyaki ແປກທີ່ສຸດໃນໂລກນໍ ໃນອານາຈັກໂຈນລາວແດງ ມີແຕ່ໂຄດແມ່ແກວຫັວຂອດ
ເພາະ ໂຄດ ບັກຫມາຈູມມາລີ ໄປນົບຕີນພວກນີ້ມາໄຫ່ຍໃນ ປທກູ ໂດຍອາສັຍ ສັນຍາແກວລາວ ປີ
1977 ແລະ ທີ່ ອານາຈັກສຍາມ ຊ້ຳ ພະ ໄປເອົາ ນຍ ແກວຫວັຂອດ ອະພີສີດ
ມາຄູມຄອງພໍ່ແມ່ພີ່ນນ້ອງລາວກູ ທັງຂ້າ ທັງຈັບກູມໂດຍມັນໄດ້ຣັບໄຟຂຽວຈາກ
ສອງຜົວເມັຍເຖົ້າຊັ່ວໆ ໃນເມື່ອ ພວກນີ້ຕ້ອງການຮັກສາຣາຊບັນລັງມັນໂດຍ ເອົາ
ຊາກສົບຄົນລາວ ທີ່ ວັດປະທູມວະນາຣາມ ເປັນຕົ້ນທຶນ ທັງທີ່ ເປັນສະຖານທີ່ ອະພັຍຍະໂທດ
ຫ້ນາດີເຫລືອເກີນ ເຈົ້າພຸດ ຄົນສຍາມຊາວພຸດ ຂ້າຄົນເກັ່ງ ຈີບຫາຍ ຄູບາມັນຍັງບໍ່ຈົ່ງ

Author sweetazngirl2 (5 years)
beautiful song and video.. wonderfil photos of cee and alexandra.. they're
such a cute and sweet couple!! great work

Author Sompone Sakdy (3 years)
@saokhonekean Keep people uneducated is one way to corrupt the country. Lao
Communist didn't care to educate people so that they can control
everything. Oh! they did educate some people to be their puppet and dog for

Author Thao Khamsene (5 years)
ອ່ອນຫວານດີ! ບາງທີວັນຫນຶ່ງຄວາມເປັນປົກຕິຄົງຄືນມາ!

Author kikuyaki (4 years)
@bounang เพิ่งรู้เหรอครับ ประเทสลาวทุกวันนี้มีแต่ลาวเชื้อสายเวียด

Author bounang (4 years)
รัฐบาลลาวคือโจร จากลาวอีสาน ขอบอกพี่น้องชาตีลาวว่า

Author laoxiengmai (4 years)
คนเกลียดไอ้เจ้าบ้ากลุ่มนี้ยิ่งกว่าขี้ทั้งประเทศ ..ต้องยอมรับอยู่อย่างหนึ่ง
ที่ไอ้เฮี้ยภูมิพลและหางเครื่องยังลอยหน้าอยู่ได้ เพราะคนไทยยังไม่พร้อม

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