The Ending Of Alien: Covenant Explained

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    After seeing Alien: Covenant, you probably have some questions. That's okay — like Prometheus before it, Alien: Covenant was long on terror, and short on answers. As such, we're here to do our best to get to the bottom of some of these mysteries, and try to figure out just what the takeaway is from Ridley Scott's latest extraterrestrial murderfest. So now, with a very obvious spoiler warning, let's try to explain the ending of Alien: Covenant...

    Why did David help Daniels and Tennessee? | 0:22
    Who's mommy? | 1:25
    What did it all mean? | 2:12
    What happens next? | 3:14
    What happens when the prequels are over? | 3:46

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Comments: 1 545

  • Looper
    Looper 1 month ago

    What would you like to see in a sequel to Alien: Covenant?

    • Kamil C.
      Kamil C. 3 days ago

      I'd like to not see anything from RS anymore. If every single bit of a movie needs army of YT clips to "explain" it's simply a horsecrap.

    • Rickster79
      Rickster79 16 days ago

      Aliens vs Spongebob

    • Z Rondo
      Z Rondo 19 days ago

      Hell to the no. Riley Scott has totally ruined the franchised with this boring, horrid-scripted you-gotta-be-an-idiot-to-like-this-stupid-shit-ass-movie

  • Adam
    Adam 7 hours ago

    If The Engineers created humans, WHO CREATED THE ENGINEERS?

  • MrGallis
    MrGallis 1 day ago

    In the final scene, I think David was getting along just trying to see if he's creation (Xenomorph) was actually the capable monster he planed all along or if Daniels and Tenessee could still be "superior". That failed so now he will perfect he's creation while everyones's in cryosleep.

  • drudown____tv
    drudown____tv 2 days ago

    The ONLY reason that David "didn't help the Alien" and let them "live at the end" was because he had a PRE-MEDITATED PLAN to "get the colonists into their cryogenic sleep" so he could THEN use them ALL like lab rats. If the Alien on board was allowed to "run amuck"... there goes his "biological material" aboard the ship insofar ONE ALIEN could and likely would kill all of them.

  • daniel mclean
    daniel mclean 2 days ago

    mother is covenents A.I. waiting for mother means waiting for the ship to take him and aliens where more life is.

  • xparagon
    xparagon 3 days ago

    When they re-release the original series just call it the Dave's not here collection.

  • Moses Turner
    Moses Turner 3 days ago

    Prometheus and Alien Covenant were both FUCKIN DUMB

  • thirdstrike4u
    thirdstrike4u 4 days ago

    cool movie i would have hid under my seat if the aliens started talking and preaching about Jehovah😬

  • No Man's Sky
    No Man's Sky 4 days ago

    There doesn't Always have to be answers

  • David Quezada
    David Quezada 5 days ago

    reboot? sounds intriguing. would miss Ridley though

  • Ben Durcholz
    Ben Durcholz 6 days ago

    an alien reboot would not be made by ridly scott and likely be a waste of time and money. while it is a classic, why replace weaver and tell the same story? seeing as he already defined a historical scifi thriller, why remake what started it all?
    not many will go to the theatres to see a movie they already know the entire plot to.
    like robo cop was very different than the origional.

    also, whats up with avp? and predator in general...

  • ros1tony
    ros1tony 6 days ago

    Why make a female lead character?  We know its shit right from the get go....

  • sean cummins
    sean cummins 6 days ago

    Y'all as soon as David cut his hair and started looking like Walter I was like son of a bitch I know exactly how this is going down

  • TheUltimateChuchu
    TheUltimateChuchu 6 days ago

    My questions are: Why is this ovie so boring? Why did they messed up the Chestbuster? ANd Why is everyone loving this movie?

  • robby the bloodless ninja

    Screw u spaecoming is not f reeboot sure it is a new actor but it is a sieries in the comics so get it right

  • bing's wig Crosby
    bing's wig Crosby 7 days ago

    I don't think those people David killed were the engineers from Prometheus, not only was there skin different, but they're eyes were not as big. also why was their city roman looking? It would be biomacanical, like the base in Prometheus. I think they are either another creation of the engineers that worship them, or a subtype of engineer that has been waiting for the more advanced engineers return

  • Agata Jancelewicz
    Agata Jancelewicz 7 days ago

    jak włoże słuchawki do uszöw to też mam taki sam dźwięk jak z obcego@ milki-waysss agatka43aj

  • Walter Allen Ricohermoso

    he preserve it becuase he wants to see its final form the true form of that species

  • Mustang Art
    Mustang Art 8 days ago

    the key to understanding the movie is "Paradise Lost"

  • WarriorZ ToyZ
    WarriorZ ToyZ 8 days ago

    AVP ...was better than nothing . stop talking shit about a b+ movie

  • xxSpike1989xx
    xxSpike1989xx 8 days ago

    the space jokey was 1000s of years old not 10 years old! david is a red herring!

  • Zatzzo
    Zatzzo 8 days ago

    i think its just such an entertaining and multifaceted movie, i will probably watch it a fourth time next week lol

  • ImpatientGames
    ImpatientGames 9 days ago

    first qustion, why he help them? he wanted them to go peacefully to sleep so he could Dr the fuck out that bish.

  • Bill Fox
    Bill Fox 9 days ago

    Removing Shaw was as big a screw-up as getting rid of Newt and Hicks. "Prometheus" promised a lot and failed to deliver. I haven't seen "Covenant" yet, but from what I've seen on Youtube and in the press, it seems they've done and "Alien 3" on fans.

  • Erlisch
    Erlisch 10 days ago

    wait it needed explenation?

  • Jeff Schwab
    Jeff Schwab 11 days ago

    also so what happened to the decon alien at the end of prometheus.

  • Andrew Meadows
    Andrew Meadows 11 days ago

    Think I'm done with this series. I was really hoping to see the engineers story fleshed out, not see a 5th alien survival flick. Ohh wells, too many other places to spend the dough.

  • Legendarydrago123
    Legendarydrago123 11 days ago

    well im not going to watch the rest of the sequels to prequels

  • Yatsura2
    Yatsura2 11 days ago

    Didnt explain shit.

  • parasite159
    parasite159 12 days ago

    Wait, David says he's "Waiting for Mother" and you don't immediately make a connection to The Nostromo?

  • tony weir
    tony weir 12 days ago

    with there being only one more movie as part of a trilogy it will have to lead the way for the crew of nostromo in alien so my thoughts is with David on his way to god knows where i can only assume he will be heading for the planet that the nostromo went to so im thinking with all them colonists just waiting to be experimented on n thats what David does but back on the home planet of the engineers Walter isn't dead and an engineer that survived the mass wipe out that David caused anyway that engineer fixes Walter and together they team up and escape the planet on the only ship thats left which was the engineer ship that David and Dr Shaw arrived on so they use that and go after David but by time they catch up on David hes already crashed the ship onto the planet lv426 and is taking care of his experiments sop the engineer ship that the engineer and Walter is on lands on the planet and they go looking for David who isn't on the covenant ship and many of the colonists have disappeared at some point a fight breaks out between Walter and David whilst the engineer checks on what david has done but its too late the xenomophs are all the place and the engineer gets a face hugger meanwhile Walter manages to kill David but not without receiving serious damage the engineer wakes up from his face hugger and knows what will happen so he gets back to his ship and sits ion the chair but the the alien bursts from his chest killing him setting up the scene for alien when they see the engineer dead with his chest opened David meanwhile goes to the covenant and sees its infected with xenomorphs so he takes of on the ship and sets the ship to self destruct and ship explodes killing Walter and all exenomorphs but one exenomorph survived because it was in the engineers chest when the engineer went board his ship and the alien is a queen so for the next 20 years the queen has been laying eggs and in a dormant state and the queen is same setting all the scenes up for the arrival of alien 1979...good idea and that ties up any loose ends of course the film will be longer that my explanation and its good groundwork to work on...

  • Justin Duncan
    Justin Duncan 13 days ago

    Don't hate on Predator. Whatever criticisms you can launch at the character is only going to be based on its portrayal years ago. Technology is better now and the story can really be written well! Predator don't give no shits about humans. Predator just wants to kill Alien. Personally, anything that can kill that foul creation deserves a showing. I'd write the script in a heartbeat! It's bound to make money. Don't hate, Looper, don't hate.

  • gematria79
    gematria79 14 days ago

    I think Ridley Scott has a vision for Alien but becuz he didn't create the book the first movie was based upon his vision can't be reconciled with it. James Cameron's ideas continued the book's universe (courageous woman takes on the military industrial complex & it's obsession for a doomsday weapon, she knows will leave no human survivors). Alien3 & Resurrection were weakly written scripts, but maintained the book's core premise. Alien v Predator was just a fun diversion for fans of both franchises(who would win if..?). Ridley Scott's own religious musings didn't start with the Alien franchise sequels, but it seriously altered the Alien universe from humanity vs Corp greed, to mankind's obsession to become immortal gods. I find that plotline & the focus on AI's as slaves quite interesting(though I seriously miss the smart, strong heroine figure). Like most, I'm most disappointed by the utter stupidity & illogical acts scripted for "the scientists" in both Prometheus & Covenant. Ridley Scott & John Logan would do well to consult Halliburton on their Corp security in the middle-east. Billion $ corps don't put untrained, stupid, philosophically obsessed people in chg of for-profit projects. They diverted the commercial towing vessel Nostromo becuz it was close to LV426 & they didn't want a competitor getting to the distress beacon first, but to-date Nostromo had the most realistic crew members. I'll watch the next "pre-quel" but I hope the next script writer is more interested in Sci-fiction than religious mythologies.

  • Blue138UEF
    Blue138UEF 14 days ago

    if Ridley Scott makes another Movie it better have engineers and a actual backstory to them.
    I'm sick and tired of seeing bad suspense and stupid couples and Ripley ripoffs.
    engineers and their history, why they visited earth and where they came from is what needs to be shown.
    enough with aliens, I'm tired of them.

  • Rudolf Janse van Vuuren

    Nope, no questions. Don't give a sh%t about this crap anymore. A good movie deserves to ask questions about it. What this was was.....pathetic. Makes me mad. Could everybody just stop about Covenant? Just stop giving this abomination of a franchise any more attention. Alien was awesome. Now it's a pile of steaming sh#t.

  • SuperDenizen
    SuperDenizen 14 days ago

    I'm still wondering what will happen to Elizabeth Shaw's body abd that Neomorph.

  • Ross Ian Wylie
    Ross Ian Wylie 14 days ago

    David is pretty bad at landing

  • Shane Shields
    Shane Shields 14 days ago

    What i got from the movie was Shaw was dying from her exposure in Prometheus.... Im going to say a year goes by, she fixes david, they search for the planet and find it, she goes into cryo. They reach "Paradise", david kills the Engineers of this planet. Shaw THEN comes out of cryo. Shaw still sick, initially David tries to help her, but Shaw rejects him, and he goes nuts over the rejection. Shaw dies, I dont think David killed her though. David uses her reproductive system to continue the research that the engineers on this planet were already working on.

  • randall estacio
    randall estacio 15 days ago


  • Kellee Evelyn Jarvis


  • Gg Gg
    Gg Gg 16 days ago

    Please, Stop... No more.

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson 16 days ago

    Please Please don't spoil it anymore.

  • mattkitzman
    mattkitzman 17 days ago

    i just DON'T understand how people can even think that David created the aliens ....

    JUDGERAMBO 17 days ago

    They called the computer on covenant mother, could david have known covenant would come?

  • Martin Pennypacker
    Martin Pennypacker 18 days ago

    the back of the head of the engineer looks like a boiled egg

  • TheRagingCreeper
    TheRagingCreeper 18 days ago

    predator prequels??

  • Maz Terbate
    Maz Terbate 18 days ago

    I think he just wanted Daniels egg's.
    Only a female human can make a Queen.
    It's too bad David didnt find any Predators to use in his "Experiments", He sure woulda loved the Hybrid! Definitely the coolest lookimg Xenomorph. Id say 2nd is those White more human-like, mouthless Neomorph.

  • Juppy Biwang
    Juppy Biwang 19 days ago

    if david made shaw the queen of aliens then probably the 2nd david made predator... i don't know. THEORY!

  • Paula Taaffe
    Paula Taaffe 19 days ago

    it sucked

  • TheEastw00d
    TheEastw00d 19 days ago

    yeah because the ending was so hard to understand..

  • Rick Raven Rumney
    Rick Raven Rumney 19 days ago

    This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen..let alone for the Alien Franchise. Prometheus was a better movie than this celluloid garbage. I mean..these people are suppose to be explorers...yet they act like toddler's. Even little kids learn to assume all clothing Irons should be treated as HOT...even if they are not plugged in. Yet these supposed highly trained scientists...pilots and ect seem to rush into the breech without any hesitation or thought of possible danger. Here captain..dont be afraid...look into this thing with something moving in the goo that bloomed open when you got near it. Nevermind half your crew has had monsters rip out of their bodies...what could be the problem? When the chest burster came out of Captain Christopher's chest and the newly "born" xenomorph was looking at David as if he was it's mother imprinting on its new brain like a baby bird. Going so far as actually mimicking David's movements. Just what this film needed more movemrnts....bowel movements.

  • Herc Zeus
    Herc Zeus 20 days ago

    Sequel chances are slim since this movie bombed.

  • Stiefelknecht
    Stiefelknecht 20 days ago

    so they still use acogs in the future ?

  • Marc B.
    Marc B. 21 day ago

    Look....this 'Aliens' movie was just the biggest waste of money. It was so dull, I would have been more scared to watch paint dry! This movie is a 'set-up' for the next movie, THAT one will probably be THE Aliens movie we all want! But when will we see it?

  • syntaxed2
    syntaxed2 21 day ago

    David: Awakening will be a good movie.

    He learns to achieve erection and experiments in the arts of biological pleasure.

  • alexander clavijo
    alexander clavijo 22 days ago

    where are the predators? were they just a fun thing to do with alien or is there a story behind it all?

  • DeadZed711
    DeadZed711 23 days ago

    Aren't all the movies a sequel of alien vs predator 🤔

  • ɑɓɦɪϚɦəκ κϋʍɑʀ

    can anyone tell me alien released in 1979 is related to promotheus/alien covenant or not??...this movie is really tricky to understand

  • Deja_vu's _revenge
    Deja_vu's _revenge 24 days ago

    I guess the fans want to forget about AVP like the Marvel fans would love to forget X-men Origins.

  • Ian H
    Ian H 25 days ago

    Maybe we should stop putting the Engineers on a pedestal. Just because they can seed planets doesn't make them immortal or godlike. As is clear in Prometheus...they can die with the best of them.

  • JBwatches
    JBwatches 25 days ago

    alien vs predator....didn't these things exist thousands of years ago for sport?

    DOODLE HEAD 25 days ago

    you named some of the most lame reboots of movies lol there's been so many and your chosed those three

  • Todd sperling
    Todd sperling 26 days ago

    Dark Horse comics did a so much better job explaining the Alien universe. If somebody just did an animated movies explaining the back story for Netflix it would have been way much better.

  • Pete Zereeah
    Pete Zereeah 26 days ago

    Jesus fucking Christ! How many people are they gonna kill in these Alien movies? It's like the Friday the 13th and Halloween bullshit. Murder sells in the movies....always has. Always will.

  • Caleb Martin
    Caleb Martin 26 days ago

    The answer to why David waited until the end to reveal himself is simple. He knew that the Covenant was a mission to inhabit other worlds. This means that he would better be able to spread the Xenomorphe by introducing it to the new world of humans as opposed to letting it kill the ones that are left. Thats why he put two face huggers in the fridge with the embryos. He wasn't confused, or curious. He had a master plan and he knew what he had to do to put it into action.

  • lazyzen09
    lazyzen09 26 days ago


  • lazyzen09
    lazyzen09 26 days ago

    what are the dates? I noticed that the date of 'Covenant' was 2104? Alien starts at 2037? what did I get wrong?

  • lazyzen09
    lazyzen09 26 days ago

    what are the dates? I noticed that the date of 'Covenant' was 2104? Alien starts at 2037? what did I get wrong?

  • ohjonnyohjonny
    ohjonnyohjonny 26 days ago

    WHAT IF when they arrive in Origae-6 they find Brand (from Interstellar) alone in that planet. In addition, they arrive the same time Cooper arrives in Origae-6. MINDBLOWN

  • SeaJay Oceans
    SeaJay Oceans 26 days ago

    The ALIEN line is played out and a boring failure. It would be far better to learn of the mystery of predator homeworld, their culture, and how the Predator Race encountered the 'engineers' and first 'aliens'. Could it be the Engineers actually were hired by the predators home world to develop the most challenging 'game'? Yes the horror of the aliens were just a work order for bored predators - a form of entertainment like PlayStation 4.

  • Chris Edwards
    Chris Edwards 26 days ago

    If the movie was actually well written, then we shouldn't have to consult a goddam youtube video to explain it to us.

  • Stevie Bell Vocals
    Stevie Bell Vocals 26 days ago

    clunky, dull with telegraphed twists.
    characters that were paper thin.
    illogical plot path.

  • Misha's World
    Misha's World 26 days ago

    "let me do the fingering". Anyone else laugh out loud at this?

  • MadPhrog MadPhrog
    MadPhrog MadPhrog 26 days ago

    I was really disappointed by this movie, not really much else I can say about it. I found the entire movie predictable and a waste of the alien name. The aliens were not scary at all and imo were used totally wrong.

  • The Broham Nation
    The Broham Nation 26 days ago

    Yes, Daniels, and T are genetic material to blend for better Xenos

  • roy anderson
    roy anderson 26 days ago

    i want see the HOME WORLD of the engineers in the next one , where there at war with 2000+ aliens , remember the ship ? over 2000+ people in sleep , how ever , some people may just get saved by the engineers ? [ maybe ] ..

  • Peter Rozich
    Peter Rozich 27 days ago

    this movie isnt new is it kus i rember watching this last year

  • R Stan
    R Stan 27 days ago

    Saw Alien Covenant: Big disappointment. I can't believe what a terrible job they did on this movie. I felt sorry for Michael Fassbinder who had to put up with this terrible story. Don't pay money to see this in the movie theaters.

    • Oliver x
      Oliver x 26 days ago

      R Stan Yeah, I just went ahead and watched it via a torrent.

  • LoveMoose86
    LoveMoose86 27 days ago

    But Alien: Awakening comes between Prometheus and Covenant, so we won't get answers to Covenant yet.

  • Maxtrex 03
    Maxtrex 03 27 days ago

    Ill do the fingering

  • Rheanon Jasmyne
    Rheanon Jasmyne 27 days ago

    I know, the people who liked the movie must have been wearing facehugger glasses !

  • Terje Solem
    Terje Solem 27 days ago

    This is the worst alien by a lightyear.

  • Burnt Lettuce
    Burnt Lettuce 27 days ago

    David believes he is a god, so he tries to create the most perfect specimen and that is the alien. The ending is basically him just going out into the ship and looking at all the fine specimens he could use to create a bigger and better alien species. I for one liked this movie it was pretty thrilling in its own way, and I was questioning on where the aliens came from before this movie.

    • Oliver x
      Oliver x 26 days ago

      Burnt Lettuce That's why he was a failed android cause he exhibited to many human traits. If he wasn't as human as he was he would be never thought himself to be God.

  • Phosis9
    Phosis9 27 days ago

    What the fuck was this garbage? What did you say?

  • SashaBlightWing
    SashaBlightWing 27 days ago

    I'd rather see a sequel than another prequel...

  • Dmitry vgera
    Dmitry vgera 27 days ago

    1 idiots do not check up on each other in a hostile environment , they just split , yeah right whatever
    2 another stupid idiot literally put his head into an Alien egg after evil robot told him it is safe !!! sick
    3 no space suits , no protection whatsoever on just new discovered planet !
    4 quarantine , what the fuck is it, never heard about it. let's bring a person with unknown infection on the ship.
    5 nobody hears shots fired in that temple , the temple made from stone I believe and not a big one
    6 the movie has sooo many smaller logic holes

    P.S. I did not get the scene when David alike robot bombs Engineers city from a space ship. Did it happen when he arrive with Elisabeth ?

    wasted 15$ and 2 hours of my time

  • Dmitry vgera
    Dmitry vgera 27 days ago

    I just went to the cinema and watched this shit , Ridley Scott you should retire ! now

  • beatlecost
    beatlecost 28 days ago

    Ironic how these films that deal with corporate bullshit and extreme human ambition will probably fall victim to these exact causes.

    VULTRON 28 days ago

    So basically man can create synthetics, travel space and colonize right? Except they can't input a failsafe that verified any individual synthetic interactions that was agaisnt the mission. lmao. nice addition to the alien roach smash series. I hope the future of it fails.

  • Heems J
    Heems J 28 days ago

    what they need to do, is stop this garbage, and let Neil Blompkamp make Alien 5...

  • Ja Man
    Ja Man 28 days ago

    reboot alien, pls dont. every alien movie theyve made following the alien 1979 were all failures. call it a day, move on, and find something new.

  • Ja Man
    Ja Man 28 days ago

    he helped them cuz he needs them as host for the two facehuggers

  • AnfordWiLC
    AnfordWiLC 28 days ago

    Watch ALIEN: COVENANT Full HD Quality

  • Tracy Gilbert
    Tracy Gilbert 28 days ago

    If David created the aliens, how do you explain the aliens skull that Danny Glover's saw on the predator space ship in the eighties? Am I missing something?

  • jmac2050
    jmac2050 28 days ago

    basically, according to the movie we all came from the virus, that all
    it wants to do is consume and spread. as humans we slowly consume our
    world than want to colonize other world's, ( consume and spread like a
    virus). earth was a failed colony of the engineers, the people that
    David killed was a successful colony of the engineers. the aliens are
    the ultimate form of the virus, just consume and spread. David took the
    organic aliens and made them synthetic ones, just like man created him.
    the horror is in the realization we do the same things as the aliens do,
    consume other animals and claim new territory, just at a slower rate
    and less gruesome, sometimes.

  • Chase Wulff
    Chase Wulff 28 days ago

    We could have had a movie about a strong woman who, motivated by the death of her husband and fellow crew members, heads across the galaxy with the urge to find out where we came from. Instead, we got a rehash of the original Alien movie. People in spaceship receive a signal. They search out the signal. They are killed by Aliens. Woo.

  • A R C A N E
    A R C A N E 28 days ago

    they should just turn Alien into a tv series so they can go more in depth

  • A R C A N E
    A R C A N E 28 days ago

    they should of used 2 different actors for the robots. it got really confusing because it was hard to tell who was who at the end

  • Michael Grana
    Michael Grana 28 days ago

    When social justice warriors get caught in space.

  • Franklyn R. Ben-Khaled

    Why can't the Alien a bit life form like human so that there's a continuation of Prometheus

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