6 Times Gordon Ramsay Actually LIKED THE FOOD! | Kitchen Nightmares COMPILATION

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  • RetroKing227
    RetroKing227 1 hour ago

    Jesus Christ that woman hating on the burger was just being an envious spiteful idiot. I can tell you it was pure food porn!

  • Wookie Cookie
    Wookie Cookie 1 hour ago

    this makes me so happy

  • Thegirlgamer Ytube
    Thegirlgamer Ytube 1 hour ago

    Gordon: It's delicious!
    Woman thinks: DA HELL

  • Thegirlgamer Ytube
    Thegirlgamer Ytube 1 hour ago

    HE LIKED IT :3 WE ARE #1 WE ARE #1 :D

  • Lawrence
    Lawrence 3 hours ago

    0:55 me entering class really late

  • Sara Zaki
    Sara Zaki 3 hours ago

    oh god the 3rd old woman reacting to the burger hahahahah

  • Iron Spidey Gold
    Iron Spidey Gold 6 hours ago


  • Indigo Tiger
    Indigo Tiger 6 hours ago

    Aw! The woman at the end was so sweet! I love her haha

  • Dr. Awesome
    Dr. Awesome 6 hours ago

    So he HAS a heart.

  • Daniel Kwon
    Daniel Kwon 7 hours ago

    I'm not surprised that Nino is on mu suggested list.

  • hughshikarii
    hughshikarii 8 hours ago

    "ill go for the cake"

  • dat guy
    dat guy 12 hours ago

    Why is the last scene filmed so much nicer and has narrative with no music? it fits real nice

  • jakevideos0826
    jakevideos0826 13 hours ago

    Nino wouldn't have been on this list because Nino is the G.O.A.T

  • JrhGamer 012704
    JrhGamer 012704 14 hours ago

    Does him eating the edible flowers instead of the food in "Hotel Hell" count?

  • MidnightSundowns
    MidnightSundowns 17 hours ago

    The American version of Kitchen Nightmares has a serious fetish with sound effects and shit music... Dear god!

  • Steve Kimble S.
    Steve Kimble S. 17 hours ago

    Dam, I want that last dish so bad. And I LOVE Gordon Ramsay!

  • Bobby Lambert
    Bobby Lambert 19 hours ago

    I did not know this was even poossible.

  • dogsrule 1222
    dogsrule 1222 19 hours ago

    there a place near me GET IT ON KITCHEN NIGHTMARES IT'S FRICKIN TERRIBLE😝😝😝😝😝💩💩👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Hamza Zaman
    Hamza Zaman 20 hours ago

    Take the picture of the plate MAMA that isn't crazy

  • klikkapo
    klikkapo 23 hours ago

    "Finally, some good fucking food" hahaha thats Ramsseeeeey

  • AllBlackEverything
    AllBlackEverything 23 hours ago

    Okay quick question...How did Gordon become like a highly respected master chef and food taster or judge or whatever? Anyone know his background or anything? Just asking.

  • STINGY21
    STINGY21 1 day ago

    It makes me smile to see Gordon happy.

  • Matt Grice
    Matt Grice 1 day ago


  • Lax :D
    Lax :D 1 day ago

    im watching this while fasting LOL

  • Jacob Latu
    Jacob Latu 1 day ago

    Fuckin 'ell..... those ribs..... so tenda

  • ok ko
    ok ko 1 day ago

    Gordon: "Can I have the recipe?"
    lady:"for a price"
    Gordon: "You donkey come here. I will have that recipe, one way or another, I dont care. I will fuck you up, you understand me? Wipe that grin off your fat face, fuck the cameraes, I will literally knock you out, right know. I want that recipe, I NEED it, bloody hell come herr, donkeys cock"

  • Mustafa the overlord

    hello my names NIIIINNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I died at the ending

  • Sean O.
    Sean O. 1 day ago

    I fed chef Gordon Ramsey and he CLEANED HIS PLATE!!!

  • markfitz59
    markfitz59 1 day ago

    when he said that he
    like the burger the
    women's face dropped 😅😅😅

  • James LMAO
    James LMAO 1 day ago

    The problem is that in kitchen nightmares they always use frozen food cause they have big places so they cannot afford fresh products

  • Beachedwhale 41
    Beachedwhale 41 1 day ago

    I bet they put chemicals in it to make it taste good

  • sasinmo
    sasinmo 1 day ago

    You can't fuck up desert.

  • Sulfen
    Sulfen 1 day ago

    If I ever visit an African American city in the Eastern US the first thing I'm going to do is try their traditional food. There just isn't any in my area in the North West US and I've never tried it. But so many people have said good things about the food.

  • NellyNelly609 diva

    When people label you as "mean" and when you have a good heart and genuinely good way about you to let people know when they've done a great job Is amazing to see

  • Werhakon
    Werhakon 1 day ago

    1:49 "It's delicious"

    ITS A DIO 2 days ago

    I fucking hate gordon

  • Pokemaniac Leev
    Pokemaniac Leev 2 days ago

    3:06 aww thats so sweet <3

  • AresDemigod
    AresDemigod 2 days ago

    Bread is not ment to be a pudding.... Fuk that

  • [G4L]Pilot Guerilla

    That old lady had a huge problem with the burger tasting good lol

  • Jude Turner
    Jude Turner 2 days ago

    Famous independent threaten proposed shut prayer marry easy besides.

  • Daryl Lonigan
    Daryl Lonigan 2 days ago

    The last chick.... LOVE her! =D

  • BizeDex
    BizeDex 2 days ago

    Burger guy!

  • Hez
    Hez 2 days ago

    why was the red velvet cake moment so heart warming

  • Grammar Nazi
    Grammar Nazi 2 days ago

    2:38 it's always the old ones that nail it

  • Jenny Humboldt
    Jenny Humboldt 2 days ago

    Guy at 0:21 looks like Soup Nazi from Seinfeld

  • Reaction Leaction
    Reaction Leaction 2 days ago

    lmao the editor for editing the end.

  • Judith majesty
    Judith majesty 2 days ago

    wait therez a new season of kitchen nightmares!!!!

  • Vallencia Wijaya
    Vallencia Wijaya 2 days ago

    at the burger kitchen,i think the boss dont like it when gordon like it

  • failsafe
    failsafe 2 days ago

    it would have been '10 times Gordon liked the food' but they could only find 6

  • Richard L'Esperance

    "Finally, some good fucking food."

  • Steven Nguyen
    Steven Nguyen 2 days ago

    I'm hungry now.

  • KiritoKazu
    KiritoKazu 2 days ago


  • Hendrik19kuifaap
    Hendrik19kuifaap 2 days ago

    3:50 "omg" more like: Fuck

  • Daniel Söderström

    Something isn't right.

  • Gabriela Piechowicz

    Bill, the owner of Handlebar, died in 2015, he had cancer :(

  • Nick Butler
    Nick Butler 2 days ago

    if Gordian Ramsey takes more than one bite of a meal, he loves it, of he finishes it, it's amazing beyond words

  • Ashfalor
    Ashfalor 2 days ago

    2:30 resting hag face.

  • Raul Hernandez
    Raul Hernandez 2 days ago

    You forgot about Morgan's sticky toffee pudding...u rookies

  • Stephan Harz
    Stephan Harz 2 days ago

    think I found Nino.....

  • xxxCODExxx1
    xxxCODExxx1 2 days ago

    It takes a real asshole to serve someone a burger with no fucking bun.

  • Mr. Wolf 120503
    Mr. Wolf 120503 3 days ago

    2:03 when you think you know what you doing but you really don't

  • Darwin Waterson
    Darwin Waterson 3 days ago

    Holy shit nino

  • SyscoVids
    SyscoVids 3 days ago

    4:04 is she serving microwave mac and cheese

  • Pong Lenis
    Pong Lenis 3 days ago

    "What is that strong taste that i am testing?". That's salt, you salty bitch.

  • Fajrin Al Fikri
    Fajrin Al Fikri 3 days ago

    That burger kitchen is the most fucked up kitchen nightmare eps after amy bakery

  • someone
    someone 3 days ago

    man i wish i know where's that black lady restaurant (last clip) .. her food looks tasty

  • Dylan Tillerson
    Dylan Tillerson 3 days ago

    That red velvet cake looked so good

  • Theortheo
    Theortheo 3 days ago

    NINOOOOOOOO at the end

  • Jce L
    Jce L 3 days ago

    What about the sticky toffee pudding?!

  • 14345654jjjj
    14345654jjjj 3 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay: Dem ribs, so tenda

  • That Guy
    That Guy 3 days ago

    The last video with Momma cherri always has me so happy yet sad.

    One because her business closed down. But mainly because you really can NEVER know where good food is when it comes to restaurants.
    Some of the places Gordon goes to look so nice yet all the food is shit. But look at how inconspicuous Momma Sherris place looked. HOW the hell am I supposed to know places like that is where all the good food is? Feelsbadman.

  • LBViralStriker
    LBViralStriker 3 days ago


    TOOMERS 3 days ago

    That woman eats the burger with a fork and says it's bad like wtf

  • Alexis Alexander
    Alexis Alexander 3 days ago


  • rockerseven
    rockerseven 3 days ago

    He also actually liked one of the deserts at Amy's Baking Company...though, there was some debate online on whether or not she actually made them herself, or just ordered them.
    But to be fair though, it's not that hard to screw up cake.

    WHOSMANS 3 days ago

    2:33 😂

  • Canopy Dragon
    Canopy Dragon 3 days ago

    as long as the food tastes good doesn't matter how it looks cuz its all gonna look the same in the end!

  • Thoraxe555
    Thoraxe555 3 days ago

    lmao, the editors of this page know exactly what they are doing. That outro.. "Hello, my name is NiiiiNooooOooooOooooo"

  • Gaming X100
    Gaming X100 3 days ago

    2:30 people trying to look to good to like what Gordon Ramsay likes

  • Lmao Emily
    Lmao Emily 3 days ago

    This made me cry, wow this is beautiful

  • Uncreative Child
    Uncreative Child 3 days ago

    I got a fucking Jamie Oliver ad before this.

  • thediamondphoenix 1

    that burger made my mouth water

  • marcko resendez
    marcko resendez 3 days ago

    that fucking cunt at 2:00 tried to fake not liking that beautiful fucking burger.

  • _Black Rabbit_
    _Black Rabbit_ 4 days ago

    The ending tho😂😂

  • Dmitriy Kim
    Dmitriy Kim 4 days ago

    Put tears on my eyes, I love it when food is prepared with love. Nothing can beat a dish if it is served and prepared with care

  • ILikeCHEEZ9
    ILikeCHEEZ9 4 days ago

    Never doubt grandma's food. Grandma is always the best cook. No doubt

  • Elizabeth Lestrad
    Elizabeth Lestrad 4 days ago

    "I fed Gordon Ramsay, and he cleaned his plate!" On this show, those people are so few and far between they deserve a trophy.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 4 days ago

    Are we just gonna ignore the NINOOO meme at the end?

  • Genji Shimada
    Genji Shimada 4 days ago

    He is 70% HULK 30% Cinderella

  • Zikar
    Zikar 4 days ago

    Isn't a medium-rare burger a good way of getting salmonella?

    We can eat rare cuts because any bacteria is on the outside of the meat which gets cooked, and the insides are mostly bacteria free, meaning they don't need to be cocked very much.

    A burger however is minced, so that means bacteria gets spread all the way through, meaning the whole burger should be thoroughly cooked.

  • Simon S.
    Simon S. 4 days ago

    that Nino outro tho

  • Jon Watts
    Jon Watts 4 days ago

    He ran up to every table and said "My names NnIiNnOoOoOoOoOoOo"

  • Y Tho
    Y Tho 4 days ago


  • SwissMarksman
    SwissMarksman 4 days ago

    5:53 this channel is savage

  • Mystery Man
    Mystery Man 4 days ago

    You know you've made it when Gordon Ramsay likes your food.

    TEKKEN GAMING 4 days ago

    that burger gordon taste that old lady looks angry at gordon

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones 4 days ago


  • Mr_Oli
    Mr_Oli 4 days ago

    That strong taste is called flavour

  • TheSalamanderGamer
    TheSalamanderGamer 4 days ago

    Jesus Christ, the fucking endslate.
    N i n o o o o o o

  • Raul Hernandez
    Raul Hernandez 4 days ago

    Best for last.

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