The Evolution Of Pizza

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  • Bianca Scapoli
    Bianca Scapoli 3 days ago

    That pizza look so bad

  • American Asshole
    American Asshole 6 days ago

    so pizza was invented by the Greeks ?? my hole life is a lie

  • Un Fan Di Jesto
    Un Fan Di Jesto 7 days ago

    AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH PLEASE...😂😂😂 stupid americans

  • uzumaki naruto
    uzumaki naruto 10 days ago

    Wow these are a lot of pizzas

  • Marta Sperotto
    Marta Sperotto 10 days ago

    mamma mia ma che brutte pizze apparte forse le prime😂😄😉

  • Jerry Gaming
    Jerry Gaming 13 days ago

    when did they think of the little white thing to stop the cheese from touching the box?

  • Storm Mike
    Storm Mike 15 days ago

    the best is italian pizza!I'm italian

  • Little Psycho
    Little Psycho 20 days ago

    Why do I feel like they're making more food videos this month😖

  • steve the trooper
    steve the trooper 23 days ago

    is pizza even Italian anymore

  • ExoticFire
    ExoticFire 25 days ago


  • Magnus
    Magnus 26 days ago

    None of the pizzas in this video looked that very appetizing.

    I would still eat them, but...

  • Michael Perez
    Michael Perez 27 days ago

    Fun fact pizza was not invented in Italy it was invented in Greece 😃

  • Lost Treasure
    Lost Treasure 28 days ago

    Voglio veramente qualcuno adesso

  • Ken Estrella
    Ken Estrella 29 days ago

    pizza hut is the original pizza brand

  • KagerouITA
    KagerouITA 1 month ago


  • Minegolet YT
    Minegolet YT 1 month ago

    But... who invented pizza?

  • Sharla Haksuteki
    Sharla Haksuteki 1 month ago

    You see how immigrants diversified America? See that???

  • I'm a human who makes videos rarely and needs subs

    Any1 eating pizza while watching this video 🍕

  • Miss Smartypants
    Miss Smartypants 1 month ago

    Killroy was here.

  • badNoscopes
    badNoscopes 1 month ago

    wait this is not buzzfeed

  • Emma Buschini
    Emma Buschini 1 month ago

    oh god, stuffed crust makes me cry and pizza bites are not pizza quindi porcoddio americani di sto cazzo state fuori da qualcosa una volta nella vostra vita non c'entrate un cazzo con la pizza quindi sparite

  • L'alfiere
    L'alfiere 1 month ago

    Yes but... we never put tomato slice on pizza we just use tomato sauce, with "bufala" which is a particular type of mozzarella, and a little bit of oregano

  • Svante Håkansson
    Svante Håkansson 1 month ago

    Wes Anderson style! Love it!

  • Noob Roblox
    Noob Roblox 1 month ago

    Maybe you can make a legend of Zelda logo using PIZZAHHHH!!!!!!!!1!1!!1!

  • Kenny Omega
    Kenny Omega 1 month ago

    The real question here is: Do you put pineapple on your pizza?

  • Piotr Rasputin
    Piotr Rasputin 1 month ago

    It's food that will make you die quicker bye pizza I'm vegan bye bye

  • Cupcake kat
    Cupcake kat 1 month ago

    1:53 i miss pizza rolls.

  • Rebecca White
    Rebecca White 1 month ago

    i've went to Lombardi's in nyc a few years ago and damn it is still tasty!!!

  • Epzilonz
    Epzilonz 2 months ago

    Hi hungry people

  • Okay no more redbull
    Okay no more redbull 2 months ago


  • E drop
    E drop 2 months ago

    Wait pizza rolls have been out for 52 years? WOW

  • E drop
    E drop 2 months ago

    In 13 years, Antics Pizzeria Port'alba will have been running for 200 YEARS. Dang...

  • PhotoBomb
    PhotoBomb 2 months ago

    these comments are triggering me

  • KtK
    KtK 2 months ago

    the pizza was born in Napoli ...not Italy

  • AlexCH27
    AlexCH27 2 months ago

    Originals masterrace!

  • Arianna Carasol Volpi
    Arianna Carasol Volpi 2 months ago

    The American tastes of pizza are horrible. The Italian ones are the best. Ciaoo

  • the_skinner
    the_skinner 2 months ago


  • Random 56
    Random 56 2 months ago

    high people: *heavy breathing*

  • GIO 06
    GIO 06 2 months ago

    U.S.A is definitely part of the evolution of pizza :(

  • Dolly's Music
    Dolly's Music 2 months ago

    We all have to admit traditional Italian pizza is the BEST....omg making me so hungry thinking about it

    DARKLOL98 2 months ago

    I found this video very offensive, i'm Italian and I have to protect the traditions of my country, united states have ruined the pizza what they call pizza I wouldn't give to eat even a dog "pizza history" is only and solely Italian, and you need to accept that

  • Çikolatalı Süt
    Çikolatalı Süt 2 months ago

    saw a pizza add before the vid coinsidence?

  • ienepien
    ienepien 2 months ago

    oh looks fantastic! *grabs phone. yeh can i get a large pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and- ya everything on it yea- oh dessert? of course! can i get a large- *stops and realize that she needs to follow her diet.. na nevermind f*dge that!- and a chocolate cheese cake.. -no not a piece! i-want-the-whole-thing ok bye.. AND YOU BETTER BE HERE IN 5 CUZ I'M FJKAKDADFJKA STARVING

  • Pasquale Fabozzi
    Pasquale Fabozzi 2 months ago

    For me, Italian person (Napoletano di fiducia),this isn't Pizza.

  • Pasquale Fabozzi
    Pasquale Fabozzi 2 months ago

    0:16 Eeeehi I,m from Napoli.
    We Béll wagliò (Napolitan Lenguage)

  • Pasquale Fabozzi
    Pasquale Fabozzi 2 months ago

    Questi americani oltre alla pizza ci hanno rubato anche la NUTELLA (I'm Italian).

  • That guy in the comment section

    Prepare to join butthurt Italians in this comment section. We hope u have a safe flight. Good luck

  • Yvette Gray
    Yvette Gray 3 months ago

    i love pizza!

  • Rachel Slays YT
    Rachel Slays YT 3 months ago

    Romanian pizza is the best :D

  • hdh Bajaj
    hdh Bajaj 3 months ago

    u guys r amazing.....

  • Ewe74
    Ewe74 3 months ago

    ,,I love pizza; you can't really go wrong with pizza''
    -Nick Jonas

  • Χρίστος Μητρόπουλος


  • Mandy Harmsel
    Mandy Harmsel 3 months ago

    I'm supposed to be doing.g three school projects, why am I watching the evolution of pizza

  • play ju PJ
    play ju PJ 3 months ago

    in Brazil we eat pizza with ketchup and tableware is that weird in USA

  • Olsen Del Rey
    Olsen Del Rey 3 months ago

    Now I want pizza

  • Jane A.A
    Jane A.A 3 months ago

    It started in the middle east!

  • Jake Langmeyer
    Jake Langmeyer 3 months ago

    This music is so annoying!

  • Ms Unicorn
    Ms Unicorn 3 months ago

    I have a gluten allergy ;(

  • M0LT3N
    M0LT3N 3 months ago

    I still like Pepperoni Pizza and Cheese Pizza, nothing else. *FOR NOW*

  • A Vader Avrahams A
    A Vader Avrahams A 3 months ago

    somehow it is always about america.....jeez

  • proud nan
    proud nan 4 months ago

    wait did middle eastern people create the idea of doing a pizza so if it was never them pizza wouldnt exist now!!!!!!

  • Papa Francesco
    Papa Francesco 4 months ago

    Ma come fate a mettere l'aglio a pezzi nella pizza

  • Papa Francesco
    Papa Francesco 4 months ago

    I am Italian and pizza with pinapple is a SHAME!! 😲 😝

  • ernesto esposito
    ernesto esposito 4 months ago

    0:55 Quella non è una MARGHERITA!! Dalle mie parti si chiama Caprese o pizza Regina!

  • Jonte R
    Jonte R 4 months ago

    I hope they included the creation of kebabpizza from Sweden

  • uomodimondo94
    uomodimondo94 4 months ago

    UN ATTIMO DI ATTENZIONE Gli ammericani sono convinti che la pizza è nata in America AHAHHAHA QUALCUNO GLI INSULTI

  • Rest in peace, Gabe the dog.

    united is copies thing so much it is worse than udechile16

  • Herr Doktor
    Herr Doktor 5 months ago

    i am Italian and im proud to be in my country... you know what? I have a Pizzeria right in front of my home... mmmh it's tradition in Italy that every Sunday evening people eats pizza... my favourite is Pizza with Gorgonzola Cheese and walnut, mmmh incredibly tasty...

  • AndrewToons
    AndrewToons 5 months ago

    Who likes pizza with anchovies???-

  • Daniel
    Daniel 5 months ago

    It was colonizers that brought tomatoes to Italy. Remember Columbus The Idiot.

  • Daniel
    Daniel 5 months ago

    Why do you use that store f-ing store bought dough.

  • ItzFlixx - Agario and More

    I love stuffed-crust!

    HEYHEYJIMI 5 months ago

    Pizza Margherita was designed for the queen in the Italian colors red green and white in order to make pizza more popular by being able to say that even monarchs eat it. It was a success because the queen loved it

  • Iris Shane
    Iris Shane 5 months ago

    And now they are putting pineapples on it

  • Alice Kjell Kungsberger

    Im swedish and even our pizzas look better. Like come on, its swedish pizzas, and they look terrible

  • Caterina Giudici
    Caterina Giudici 6 months ago

    guys greek dont invented pizza. in fact greek and ancient romans(?) used "pita" like a dish.

  • Fatimah Alamri
    Fatimah Alamri 6 months ago

    We eat normal pizza in the middle east 😒

  • Joshua Beardsley
    Joshua Beardsley 6 months ago

    Pizza is my least favorite food.

  • blox rocks
    blox rocks 6 months ago

    Once i set the oven to like 3000 degrees and put in a pizza to cook for 2 minutes kinda worked but the cheese was burnt so i had to take it off once it cooled in the freezer

  • Christopher Anthony
    Christopher Anthony 6 months ago

    1:53 wait I thought it was Tostino's...


  • trill valley
    trill valley 6 months ago

    Italian pizza looks so classy I'm proud to be Italian

  • phan trash.
    phan trash. 6 months ago

    Wait! What are pizza roll?? In Italy they doesn't exist! Another thing: the marinara has only tomatoes sauce, oregano and olive oil, not tomatoes on top and garlic!

    • Papa Francesco
      Papa Francesco 4 months ago

      phan trash. In Italy there is only pizza , Stop!

    • Adrian Creates
      Adrian Creates 6 months ago

      It's a small square of pizza crust that spews hot lava when you bite into one.

  • Will Treck
    Will Treck 6 months ago

    Yes but the Margherita is made just with tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil...not with fresh tomatoes

    • Nuria Geijsel
      Nuria Geijsel 3 months ago

      the sauce should ALWAYS be made with fresh tomatoes

    • Papa Francesco
      Papa Francesco 4 months ago

      Will Treck RIGHT men! In Italy pizza margerita is with mozzarella and sauce CAZZO

    • Herr Doktor
      Herr Doktor 5 months ago

      in ancient Naples they used fresh tomatoe

    • Devon Noel
      Devon Noel 6 months ago

      Well and tomatoes didn't make it to Italy until 1548. It would have been rare and exotic so it's unlikely 'poor Greek settlers' would have gotten their hands on them. Maybe monks.

  • Kortney Smith
    Kortney Smith 6 months ago

    i love the food part of buzzfeed

  • TaZe Memes
    TaZe Memes 6 months ago

    a fricken mazing

  • Amber Draws
    Amber Draws 6 months ago

    1968 is when my dad was born:D

  • Elena Nicolosi
    Elena Nicolosi 6 months ago


  • Arianna Bizioli
    Arianna Bizioli 7 months ago

    Cosa è sta merda

  • GoldMinecraftPro
    GoldMinecraftPro 7 months ago

    the chapati and the arab bread maybe is the one of the pizza's inspiration. (Arabs conquered parts of italy before,meaning muslims)

  • DinoFan 15
    DinoFan 15 7 months ago

    where is buzzfeedgreen?

  • DaWeed YT
    DaWeed YT 7 months ago

    Thats the worst looking pizza ever.

  • Matteo S.
    Matteo S. 7 months ago

    ma siamo seri?! spiegano la storia della pizza e nel video fanno la margherita con una piadina, pocgissima passata di pomodoro e del pomodoro fresco non adatto ( cuore di bue).... addio concezione della pizza. Like se sei italianooo

    • Papa Francesco
      Papa Francesco 4 months ago

      Matteo S. O frate questi americani nella margerita spalmano un po qua e lá la salsa, due pezzi di mozzarella e due chili di basilico

  • paolo donzelli
    paolo donzelli 7 months ago

    Perché mettono i pomodori tagliati così a caso sulla marinara e sulla margherita?!

  • Donf Tube
    Donf Tube 7 months ago

    ho fato vedere il video a mia nonna.E niente, appena ha visto la salsa messa a crudo su impasto cotto, con sopra fette di pomodoro e 10 foglie di basilicosi é armata di mestolo e mattarello,ha prenotato un volo per gli usa e sta venendo a cercarvi

  • Tokidoki PUG
    Tokidoki PUG 7 months ago

    The best story EVER like if u agree

  • Bruno Milocchi
    Bruno Milocchi 8 months ago

    those pizzas look horrible.

    • Raymond Tang
      Raymond Tang 4 months ago

      Billy Coen the "Italian" pizzas where on a precooked crust. Basically a lunchable.

    • Herr Doktor
      Herr Doktor 5 months ago

      except italian ones

    • Bruno Milocchi
      Bruno Milocchi 7 months ago

      +ma-arij Soomro didn't say you were

  • Erika Dell'Atti
    Erika Dell'Atti 8 months ago

    Si, certo la margherita dovrebbe essere con la salsa al pomodoro, se si mette anche il pomodoro fresco allora dovrebbe essere una pizza bianca😐

  • xjzmine
    xjzmine 8 months ago

    I've been watching buzzfeed food videos for 20 minutes straight now
    not a good idea to do at night
    I'm hungry af now

    • Ádám Papp
      Ádám Papp 7 months ago

      I've been watching buzzfeed food videos for 80 minutes straight now and I ordered a pizza when I started the wathcing

      I stopped just becuase the pizza was delivered

  • Fun Tastic
    Fun Tastic 8 months ago

    oh and btw the "cheese" they usually put on pizza in the US is actually called MOZZARELLA

  • ☆ GFXJake ☆
    ☆ GFXJake ☆ 8 months ago

    What about Calzone?

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