Dillon Cooper - Blind (Official Video)

Dillon Cooper in "Blind" PROD BY SQDRN

Directed by Pete Quandt and Leroy Farrell





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Runtime: 3:45
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Author awsumromey ( ago)
People sleeping on Dillion cooper this dude got talent

Author Lotta_6ix ( ago)

Author HaSe 654 ( ago)
Here since State of Elevation 🔥🙌

Author Dylan Valies ( ago)
please put this on spotify😭😭
song is lit btw🔥🔥

Author Fullplate Media ( ago)
I got hater blocker frames!

Author Anne - Marie ( ago)
glad that i saw u in the hotbox with marvin game. keep it up

Author txd7 ( ago)
I stopped listening to all-amerikkkan bad$$ and I dont regret

Author VNTI EVRYTHING ( ago)
Athens hood Greece salute homie 💯

Author ELAINE PITRE ( ago)
s/o from canada

Author theherbpuffer ( ago)
I fuck with colors version more

Author Benzo 777 ( ago)

Author Bwood86 ( ago)
witten ist im Haus #fiiiireee🔥🔥🔥

Author MONSTERcrave ( ago)
He starting to sound like yelawolf lol

Author 1LuVo ( ago)
saw it live and it was even better than the studio version 🔥

Author 1LuVo ( ago)
saw it live and it was even better than the studio version 🔥

Author hexag00n ( ago)
fucking with it from norway

Author Nathan Perez ( ago)
Shout out from Arizona.. Keepup the great work bro.

Author alextheman ( ago)
Love this. Support from Greece.🔥

Author Liselore Veeken ( ago)
Love and support from The Netherlands!

Author Jarek Olajuwon ( ago)
I became a fan years ago, it feels good to see dillon makin moves

Author Lobster with Mustard and Rice ( ago)
Yeah bro you are amazing
you'll be very big and famous one day.. Keep it up man!

Author Peanut GamingPG ( ago)
Listening to this since 3k views <3 this is lit brah

Author Felix Thiele ( ago)
That Shit is Dope man! greetings from Germany 󾓨

Author GriechenRusse HNX081 ( ago)
dope shit<3 Support from Germany👍

Author donute ( ago)
best live artist ever !!

Author RecklessRoccTV ( ago)
Haven't heard anything from Dillon cooper in a long time. This visual and song is fire 🔥. If you fuck with Dillon then you will definitely feel my music check it out

Author isi_whatelse ( ago)
crazzy! support from switzerland!

Author Brix42 ( ago)

Author Marc Forcada Jiménez ( ago)
desde el 2015 escuchandote sigue asi

Author cubaz corleone ( ago)
Deam sooooo goood
Respekt dillon
Iam blind to the bullshit

Author Jon doe ( ago)
Thank you Dillon.

Author Lu'cid ( ago)
yeeee good song bro'
support from switzerland

Author Robby RedEye ( ago)
Arguably best song from DC, fuckn great to see a vid too.

Author EluzDray ( ago)
Dillion killin it again WOOOOO THAT FUEGO 🔥🔥🔥!!!!

Author Jakub ( ago)
The oldschool isnt dead....dillon is alive ;)

Author dxyz192 ( ago)

xxl 2017

Author Poor Mikey ( ago)
mighty ducks!

Author SJFlamesFan ( ago)
Love From Canada

Author Daniel Taylor ( ago)
Sick 🔥👌🏼

Author Theofanis Dimakis ( ago)
bad mixing,so much better on Color Show

Author Flamingo Bill ( ago)
just now occurring to me that Dillon cooper sounds like asap mob mixed with pro era

Author Azazel Haracash ( ago)
support from germany

Author Azazel Haracash ( ago)
i fucking love this song

Author Y2Kforthewin ( ago)
this is so fucking dope.

Author Acid Enchi ( ago)
Dillion cooper put your music on Tidal man. Tidal needs your music lol

Author Noel Connors ( ago)

Author Ryan Mcmurtry ( ago)
Keep doing what your doing bruh. Support from Oregon!

Author MrMalyplasan ( ago)
awesome !! big respect from Czech Republic Dillon ! :)

Author Nico G ( ago)
Wow amazing bro 🔥

Author LaBella Mafia ( ago)
and another fan from germanyyyy ❤ your music!

Author S H A D E ( ago)
UK Got yo back

Author Peter Pahn ( ago)
thankful that u worked with sido otherwise I wouldnt know you now

Author Benedikt Schäfer ( ago)
dillon you make nice music :)

Author RadianceULT ( ago)
Dillon cooper is global

Author Denis Demidow ( ago)
That Ending was Lit tho

Author redmanra1n ( ago)
such a dope track,seriously...amazing!
already love the version you did for highsnobiety but now a real music video #hyped
deserves MILLIONS of views!

Author Manuel-Maximilian Heinrich ( ago)
Still amazing but i like the version at Highsnobiety way more. Support from germany!

Author Superior 2K ( ago)
🔥🔥🔥 like usual #CoopKilla

Author The Real Niggah ( ago)
Amazing! Shout out from Germany!

Author Teo Van Lier ( ago)
You should be on XXL 2017.

Author Steven Hurry ( ago)
What a talented guy big up bruh !

Author menza ( ago)
this bangs so hard

Author Kresh ( ago)
yall better know this songs not new

Author officialdecenty ( ago)
love it. lit lit lit. bless u g.

Author Paul Balmer ( ago)
never clicked on a vid so fast

Author Gamerpower123 Beck ( ago)
Im from Germany and i Love your Music im also Black 👊🏾

Author areembeats ( ago)
I love ur work bruh, respect from switzerland🇨🇭

Author Thomas Schneider ( ago)
Amazing work man, greets from germany!

Author Kobi ( ago)
Notification squad

Author Shkacaz 1 ( ago)
One of a few newschool mc's, that is actually dope. Respect from Lithuania!

Author 419Lifestyle ( ago)
Greetings from Poland lit asf

Author DreniCak4LF ( ago)
Brings 2Pac feelings back to da streets ✌

Author Son[LEER] Donkey ( ago)
less trap more old school

flow still good

lyrics- not bad not good

Author Clashprovids ( ago)
He's back!

Author Kalash ( ago)
fucking amazing brah
support from italy

Author Smallz Productions ( ago)
Dope brotha!!! Real shit. Keep it up. Your music is always so wonderful. Bless Homie!

Author G P ( ago)
THIS IS RAP HOW WE LOVE IT! Keep going! Peace out from Germany

Author Notorious Big ( ago)

Author z7Beats ( ago)
great rapper... since sido, germany loves him

Author Wornh ( ago)
Best Track

Author Corentin Foucault ( ago)
the song of the year !

Author ASAPMop ( ago)
dillon real af

Author Praid Shc ( ago)
insane! support from Italy

Author Patrick Talesfore, Jr. ( ago)
The hook is legend. I interpret a lot of different meanings to it.

Author Sebastian Grützner Castillo ( ago)
this is so sick man!

Author Dennis RhyneX ( ago)
dillon is so underrated such a great rapper!

Author sag ichdirnicht ( ago)
Can't stop listening to this song for months!

Author john titor ( ago)

Author ralexy12 ( ago)
🔥 produced by myself X Dk (SQDRN)

Author Fin Calder-Wood ( ago)
Love the chill vibe, Cooper is his own style. 👌 Big future for this guy, already killing it.

Author Utku Isırgan ( ago)

Author ElSpako ( ago)
My fav. American Rapper !!!
Respect from Germany bro

Author giacomo valaperta ( ago)
big up!! dope

been a minute dillon...

Author Mentho Son ( ago)
Nice! Peace!

Author Anti Riku ( ago)
Coop always delivers!

Author abc def ( ago)
Real shit ! Shout out from France 🇫🇷

Author kun chan ( ago)

Author zorrozy ( ago)
You're so awesome

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