Dillon Cooper - Blind (Official Video)

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  • Mario
    Mario 8 hours ago

    That's C-O-O-P wow wow

    [Verse 1]
    Yo, serving these fools up like Federer
    Temper like McEnroe, animal
    Bitch I am Captain America
    Valet don't ask for my papers, my paper be stacking across every nation up
    Guess I'm paying bruh
    I call you Andrew Jackson cause you worth a dub
    I'm everything you wanna be but I love my impostors
    You ain't know what it was like when up a young rasta
    I was all alone on my lonesome
    Junior high school y'all by myself nigga
    When to high school at Irving glowed up
    Got around some real niggas and they showed me where the work is
    King Cooper, El Capitan muthafuckin' Dark Knight boi
    Eyes low but I see everything in my sight boi
    Peripheral vision get in my way, you [?] taking blood
    Trust me though, I take the fight boi
    Wolf, how long fucka sharks fish nigga, you just bitch made, you get lost in the surf boi
    Cookie up, plate full with that seafood
    I servin' all these fuckin' jaws, man they see-through
    I be doin' mickey, tellin' niggas "be you" (be you)
    They can never do what C-double-O-P do
    Press CTRL-ALT delete on all these foo's
    Ray Charles, hit the road Jack, I don't see you

    'Cause I'm blind to the bullshit
    I don't see no lames
    I rock hater blocker frames
    Yeah, my shit's prescription
    RIP to all the lames
    Cause I'm blind to the bullshit
    I don't see no lames, I rock hater blocker frames
    Yeah, my shit's prescription
    RIP to all the lames

    [Verse 2]
    Yeah, check
    Yeah, move in silence keep it quiet
    Lookin' for the kid but you can never find him
    I don't fuck with niggas, nah they ain't my partners
    Come around and peep the swagger line they pockets
    Pocket pickin' peasant, flows [?] pigeons
    Plottin' on your smilin' wanna fuckin' bitches
    Hide behind the screenand trollin', twitter fingers
    I ain't got the patience, shit I'm takin' victims, waves
    I been so tolerant
    Livin' in a world that feedin' off of greed and politics (niggas greedy)
    I don't give a fuck about another man's acknowledgement (fuck these niggas)
    What you think this is, you think I'm needin' all your sponsorships? (Hahaha)
    Fuck it

    'Cause I'm blind to the bullshit
    I don't see no lames
    I rock hater blocker frames
    Yeah, my shit's prescription
    RIP to all the lames
    Cause I'm blind to the bullshit
    I don't see no lames, I rock hater blocker frames
    Yeah, my shit prescription
    RIP to all the lames

    [Verse 3]
    Yo, I'm burnin' up, fire blazin', fuck these pagans, black and fire like a raven
    Seven Nation Army, got the White Stripe on me, eagle eye I'm aimin'
    Find my way out the maze, two eyes closed, my third eye amazin'
    I don't even need to look to spot a fake nigga, feeling vibrations
    Pack of 20's, seven shoguns, strollin' like a Kappa man I ain't jokin'
    Tell 'em niggas better pay attention, got that addy if you need to focus
    I don't fuck with niggas on my school niggas, ashy wit' it needin' lotion
    Close my eyes, all I see is dollar signs while I'm tokin' up that potent
    Makin' money makin' money, count it up
    And my shorty, makin' money count it up
    Stackin' paper 'cause I'm too intelligent
    I'm 23 and nigga made investments man (gettin' rich)
    Bend the game and Im'a be a manager, fuck I'm talking Im'a be a CEO
    Made Ridiculous and Driven and [?], watch me build up my empire bruh
    'Cause I'm blind to the bullshit
    I don't see no lames
    I rock hater blocker frames
    Yeah, my shit's prescription
    RIP to all the lames [x3]

  • El makarrs akas
    El makarrs akas 18 days ago

    More Drugs Dealers Ssshit

  • ezra bratt
    ezra bratt 18 days ago

    How has this not blown up yet?

  • Aoidos - Tv™
    Aoidos - Tv™ 27 days ago

    bro why you turn it to this style? i was hearing your 2013 tracks and i told to others you are the future of hip hop, now ehh..you have the flow but the beat its not represent the old schoold you were talking about in 2013. shame bro..you are ill but you need the right style to rap on. old school is your style bro :) i like the old ones more. keep it up, think about it.

    • UMTBGL.12 'S
      UMTBGL.12 'S 17 days ago

      Aoidos - Tv™ shut the fuck up man let him do his own style

    • THC T.H.C
      THC T.H.C 26 days ago

      Aoidos - Tv™ i aint throwing shade but i agree

  • AuzyBruh
    AuzyBruh 29 days ago

    i love this new trackkkkkk, from australia

  • Pyrofreak HD
    Pyrofreak HD 29 days ago

    Dillon Cooper can sing on so much Beats. Support from Germany

  • Yewell81
    Yewell81 1 month ago


  • zKlayzer derSchwitzer

    Wer ist immernoch wegen Sido hier ?

  • zKlayzer derSchwitzer

    Respect Bro !

  • CJ Beats
    CJ Beats 1 month ago


  • Bacca pvp
    Bacca pvp 1 month ago


  • T'Swan Music
    T'Swan Music 1 month ago

    yo he played Grandmaster Caz on The Get Down that's dope!

  • R j
    R j 1 month ago


  • awsumromey
    awsumromey 2 months ago

    People sleeping on Dillion cooper this dude got talent

  • Lotta_6ix
    Lotta_6ix 2 months ago


  • HaSe 654
    HaSe 654 2 months ago

    Here since State of Elevation 🔥🙌

  • Dylan Valies
    Dylan Valies 2 months ago

    please put this on spotify😭😭
    song is lit btw🔥🔥

  • Fullplate Media
    Fullplate Media 2 months ago

    I got hater blocker frames!

  • Anne - Marie
    Anne - Marie 2 months ago

    glad that i saw u in the hotbox with marvin game. keep it up

  • txd7
    txd7 2 months ago

    I stopped listening to all-amerikkkan bad$$ and I dont regret

    VNTI EVRYTHING 2 months ago

    Athens hood Greece salute homie 💯

    ELAINE PITRE 2 months ago

    s/o from canada

  • theherbpuffer
    theherbpuffer 2 months ago

    I fuck with colors version more

  • Benzo 777
    Benzo 777 2 months ago


  • Bwood86
    Bwood86 2 months ago

    witten ist im Haus #fiiiireee🔥🔥🔥

    • IGG Hates meh
      IGG Hates meh 2 months ago

      Bwood86 Noch ein Wittener haha, stabil

    • McRock
      McRock 2 months ago

      untouchable!!! AAAAAAAHHHH

    • Jakub Reich
      Jakub Reich 2 months ago

      Wer ist Witten Dortmund-Eichlinghofen ist der lit shit

  • MONSTERcrave
    MONSTERcrave 2 months ago

    He starting to sound like yelawolf lol

  • 1LuVo
    1LuVo 2 months ago

    saw it live and it was even better than the studio version 🔥

  • 1LuVo
    1LuVo 2 months ago

    saw it live and it was even better than the studio version 🔥

  • hexag00n
    hexag00n 2 months ago

    fucking with it from norway

  • Nathan Perez
    Nathan Perez 2 months ago

    Shout out from Arizona.. Keepup the great work bro.

  • alextheman
    alextheman 2 months ago

    Love this. Support from Greece.🔥

  • Liselore Veeken
    Liselore Veeken 2 months ago

    Love and support from The Netherlands!

  • trillxguapo
    trillxguapo 2 months ago

    I became a fan years ago, it feels good to see dillon makin moves

  • Lobster with Mustard and Rice

    Yeah bro you are amazing
    you'll be very big and famous one day.. Keep it up man!

  • Peanut GamingPG
    Peanut GamingPG 2 months ago

    Listening to this since 3k views <3 this is lit brah

  • Felix Thiele
    Felix Thiele 2 months ago

    That Shit is Dope man! greetings from Germany 󾓨

  • Grzo Prod. // GriechenRusse

    dope shit<3 Support from Germany👍

  • donute
    donute 2 months ago

    best live artist ever !!

  • RockyLottoTV
    RockyLottoTV 2 months ago

    Haven't heard anything from Dillon cooper in a long time. This visual and song is fire 🔥. If you fuck with Dillon then you will definitely feel my music check it out

  • isi_whatelse
    isi_whatelse 2 months ago

    crazzy! support from switzerland!

  • Brix42
    Brix42 2 months ago

    Its LLITTT

  • Marc Forcada Jiménez
    Marc Forcada Jiménez 2 months ago

    desde el 2015 escuchandote sigue asi

  • cubaz corleone
    cubaz corleone 2 months ago

    Deam sooooo goood
    Respekt dillon
    Iam blind to the bullshit

  • Jon doe
    Jon doe 2 months ago

    Thank you Dillon.

  • Lu'cid
    Lu'cid 2 months ago

    yeeee good song bro'
    support from switzerland

  • Robby RedEye
    Robby RedEye 2 months ago

    Arguably best song from DC, fuckn great to see a vid too.

  • EluzDray
    EluzDray 2 months ago

    Dillion killin it again WOOOOO THAT FUEGO 🔥🔥🔥!!!!

  • Jakub
    Jakub 2 months ago

    The oldschool isnt dead....dillon is alive ;)

  • dxyz192
    dxyz192 2 months ago



    xxl 2017

  • Poor Mikey
    Poor Mikey 2 months ago

    mighty ducks!

  • SJFlamesFan
    SJFlamesFan 2 months ago

    Love From Canada

  • Daniel Taylor
    Daniel Taylor 2 months ago

    Sick 🔥👌🏼

  • Theofanis Dimakis
    Theofanis Dimakis 2 months ago

    bad mixing,so much better on Color Show

    • panzimmer
      panzimmer 1 month ago

      Theofanis Dimakis kai gw ayto ithela na pw re mlk den akougete kala

    • David Acosta
      David Acosta 2 months ago

      still better than mumble rap tho

    • DrehkickDeluxe
      DrehkickDeluxe 2 months ago

      yeah, true dat

    • Theofanis Dimakis
      Theofanis Dimakis 2 months ago

      DrehkickDeluxe his voice doesn't sound good,like the mic is bad

    • DrehkickDeluxe
      DrehkickDeluxe 2 months ago

      Theofanis Dimakis what do you mean exactly?

  • Flamingo Bill
    Flamingo Bill 2 months ago

    just now occurring to me that Dillon cooper sounds like asap mob mixed with pro era

  • Azazel Haracash
    Azazel Haracash 2 months ago

    support from germany

  • Azazel Haracash
    Azazel Haracash 2 months ago

    i fucking love this song

  • Y2Kforthewin
    Y2Kforthewin 2 months ago

    this is so fucking dope.

  • Acid Enchi
    Acid Enchi 2 months ago

    Dillion cooper put your music on Tidal man. Tidal needs your music lol

  • Noel Connors
    Noel Connors 2 months ago


  • Ryan Mcmurtry
    Ryan Mcmurtry 2 months ago

    Keep doing what your doing bruh. Support from Oregon!

  • MrMalyplasan
    MrMalyplasan 2 months ago

    awesome !! big respect from Czech Republic Dillon ! :)

  • Nico G
    Nico G 2 months ago

    Wow amazing bro 🔥

  • LaBella Mafia
    LaBella Mafia 2 months ago

    and another fan from germanyyyy ❤ your music!

  • Peter Pahn
    Peter Pahn 2 months ago

    thankful that u worked with sido otherwise I wouldnt know you now

    • Psynick H
      Psynick H 2 months ago

      Ackan!! Dillon cooper has so much talent

    • Psynick H
      Psynick H 2 months ago

      Peter Pahn wann hatt der cooper mit sido gearbeitet?

  • Benedikt Schäfer
    Benedikt Schäfer 2 months ago

    dillon you make nice music :)

  • RadianceULT
    RadianceULT 2 months ago

    Dillon cooper is global

  • Denis Demidow
    Denis Demidow 2 months ago

    That Ending was Lit tho

  • redmanra1n
    redmanra1n 2 months ago

    such a dope track,seriously...amazing!
    already love the version you did for highsnobiety but now a real music video #hyped
    deserves MILLIONS of views!

  • Manuel-Maximilian Heinrich

    Still amazing but i like the version at Highsnobiety way more. Support from germany!

  • Superior 2K
    Superior 2K 2 months ago

    🔥🔥🔥 like usual #CoopKilla

  • The Real Niggah
    The Real Niggah 2 months ago

    Amazing! Shout out from Germany!

  • Teo Van Lier
    Teo Van Lier 2 months ago

    You should be on XXL 2017.

  • Steven Hurry
    Steven Hurry 2 months ago

    What a talented guy big up bruh !

  • menza
    menza 2 months ago

    this bangs so hard

  • Kresh
    Kresh 2 months ago

    yall better know this songs not new

  • officialdecenty
    officialdecenty 2 months ago

    love it. lit lit lit. bless u g.

  • Paul Balmer
    Paul Balmer 2 months ago

    never clicked on a vid so fast

  • Gamerpower123 Beck
    Gamerpower123 Beck 2 months ago

    Im from Germany and i Love your Music im also Black 👊🏾

    • Lionel79
      Lionel79 2 months ago

      Gamerpower123 Beck 💪

  • areembeats
    areembeats 2 months ago

    I love ur work bruh, respect from switzerland🇨🇭

  • Thomas Schneider
    Thomas Schneider 2 months ago

    Amazing work man, greets from germany!

  • Kobi
    Kobi 2 months ago

    Notification squad

  • Shkacaz 1
    Shkacaz 1 2 months ago

    One of a few newschool mc's, that is actually dope. Respect from Lithuania!

  • noname
    noname 2 months ago

    Greetings from Poland lit asf

  • DreniCak4LF
    DreniCak4LF 2 months ago

    Brings 2Pac feelings back to da streets ✌

  • Son[LEER] Donkey
    Son[LEER] Donkey 2 months ago

    less trap more old school

    flow still good

    lyrics- not bad not good

  • Clashprovids
    Clashprovids 2 months ago

    He's back!

  • Kalash
    Kalash 2 months ago

    fucking amazing brah
    support from italy

  • Smallz Productions
    Smallz Productions 2 months ago

    Dope brotha!!! Real shit. Keep it up. Your music is always so wonderful. Bless Homie!

  • G P
    G P 2 months ago

    THIS IS RAP HOW WE LOVE IT! Keep going! Peace out from Germany

  • Notorious Big
    Notorious Big 2 months ago

    FIRE !!

  • z7Beats
    z7Beats 2 months ago

    great rapper... since sido, germany loves him

    • z7Beats
      z7Beats 2 months ago

      yes its right, but before sido I didn't know him... thats what i wanted to say... dillon cooper 4 life
      <3 <3 <3

    • lfs 1
      lfs 1 2 months ago

      z7Beats Dillon cooper>sido

  • Wornh
    Wornh 2 months ago

    Best Track

  • Corentin Foucault
    Corentin Foucault 2 months ago

    the song of the year !

  • ASAPMop
    ASAPMop 2 months ago

    dillon real af

  • Nel Labirinto
    Nel Labirinto 2 months ago

    insane! support from Italy

  • Patrick Talesfore, Jr.

    The hook is legend. I interpret a lot of different meanings to it.

  • Sebastian Grützner Castillo

    this is so sick man!

  • Dennis RhyneX
    Dennis RhyneX 2 months ago

    dillon is so underrated such a great rapper!

  • sag ichdirnicht
    sag ichdirnicht 2 months ago

    Can't stop listening to this song for months!

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