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Author Mr K (14 days)
In the beginning, wouldn't it have been more appropriate if they were
saying "stroke, stroke, stroke"?

Author Primož Kovačič (7 days)
Fq yo enemy, see them bent before you, and hear the lementation of deh

Author jasminne mcdonald (5 months)
I'd like to see him do Tarzan. He's got the hair and body for it.

Author Johneka Shorty (1 month)

Author trespasser4000 (1 month)
Well too look like arnold you have too be on roids can't do that natty and
if you think you can you're just stupid.

Author trespasser4000 (1 month)
There's a film called homo erectus made in 1995 with cave people having
sex.and it has a evan stone look alike in

Author trespasser4000 (1 month)
But he's just not as hung as evan stone.haha

Author MrMessi56 (6 months)
Not really Build like arnold 

Author NapalmDude13 (1 year)
HAHAHAHAHA, this is the exact same script as the Age of Conan MMO game.

Author Joe F (7 months)
scene cut!

Author JenkPac Shakur (1 year)

And he wore the jewelled cockring of apollonia upon a troubled cock...

Author ajit singh (1 year)
Very good

Author Rohman Cigoong ars (1 year)
guriiiihhhhh liat ginnian mah..... mantap

Author manFORsuck (1 year)
hahaha what a fail

Author jacco lee (1 year)
Scott Davidson

Author Tim Torment (1 year)
Porn? xD

Author morgan heyas (1 year)
Hey what is the name of this movie and where can i watch this ? Give me the

Author JenkPac Shakur (1 year)
LMFAO @ the severe need for a Basil Paledouris Conan theme song at 3:34!

Author KalEdDJ (1 year)
Bonan? wakakakakakaka

Author Scott Davidson (1 year)
Hell no I don't watch porn for the acting.

Author mansequotte (1 year)
The girl looks butt ugly!

Author RouvenKruse (3 years)
Evan Stone FTW!

Author Danron0022 (3 years)
The action is fuckin wicked

Author Rebecca Lau (3 years)
Haha go watch pirates. His acting is better than you think.

Author Arijit Nath (1 year)

Author Nacnueed (4 years)
@HotChickOnGuitar what are you on about, i'm ready for a wanky snooze now :D

Author yawngate (3 years)
i like it if the title is boner the barbarian...

Author generalzod4life (1 year)
Bonan! What is best in life?!

Author Fr33km8 (3 years)
Rofl...The sword is literally inside he´s pants!

Author Paahau (3 years)
@ProFFury Good point.

Author quesondriac (3 years)
Evan, we love you, but you are no Arnold.

Author Masta Don da Mastodon (4 years)
@HotChickOnGuitar no one watches porn movies seriously. they watch them for
the hilarious/hilariously bad acting and/or story and, on occasion, to see
some sex. there's nothing serious about it.

Author Rape Time (4 years)

Author Murlocc55 (2 years)

Author MrKingston4life (3 years)
really amazing acting

Author MC BrokeBack (4 years)
@Daafsel It is porn

Author Tracy Vanity (4 years)
<3 Evan Stone!

Author Daafsel (4 years)
wtf is this

Author onesexygrl (2 years)
This sux my fuckin paremts put filter on my fone

Author edstar83 (3 years)
This is better than the 2011 Conan the Barbarian remake.

Author riceeaterz (3 years)
thank gosh theres porn in this because the acting is terrible lol

Author enigma19833 (2 years)
Whoa... was that, like, an actual attempt at CGI? In a porn film? MIND =

Author MakaveliWiklund (3 years)
whats the movies name?

Author SimbaToo (1 year)
Hopefully the porn is better, but I don't see how. She's a typical idiot
who can't act so she does porn. He's fat, ugly and has no ass...Somehow I
don't think it's going to get any better.

Author davie crocket (1 year)

Author agsmallticket (3 years)
hahahaha a high school drama class made this

Author JoeNuggets (4 years)
Bonan is the man!!

Author roytomb (2 years)
I like how he has suspenders to hold up his loin cloth XD Sadly, the fight
against the "slaver" isn't the worst fight scene I've ever seen. I wonder
if there was any intended symbolism by having his "pole" and then his sword
tucked into his underwear, hehe.

Author chubbylilloser (2 years)
WOW move over Avatar! there's a new king of CGI in town..check out that
realistic boat at the start :)...

Author whatdapakq (3 years)
bonan the retard barbarian

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