Fatal car crashes in Russia winter 2016

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  • Fatal car crashes in Russia autumn 2016 - https://youtu.be/0KqD44RKRsU

    Fatal car crashes in Russia 2016. Every week add new two video compilations!
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  • Runtime: 6:48
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Comments: 745

  • Far Que
    Far Que 7 hours ago

    It's most likely the Vodka doing the driving........and a very LOW IQ....... bad combination.....

  • Stuart Hughes
    Stuart Hughes 1 day ago

    they ned one lane direction roads not double direction..

  • MICHAEL Rudge
    MICHAEL Rudge 1 day ago

    Cant beleieve some of these cunts didnt even stop to help...........

  • John Livingston
    John Livingston 3 days ago

    lmao love to see Darwin at work

  • raduta cristian
    raduta cristian 10 days ago

    How can peopels enjoy this videos when see others die or make crush...i see 1418 like...crayz world

  • andy1dp
    andy1dp 11 days ago

    All accidents are avoidable but these mostly selfish or just plain dumbass drivers deserve what they get - Bad news for the innocent parties involved though as usual in these incidents! Horrible for the families especially the children!

    IBM VIET NAM 13 days ago


  • Morten Harket
    Morten Harket 15 days ago

    For the world cup of soccer the number of accidents will increase to thousand

  • Stephen Rushworth
    Stephen Rushworth 19 days ago

    enjoyed these videos and thanks for the info max brown nice 1 m8

  • Ivor Biggun
    Ivor Biggun 20 days ago

    Darwin is busy in Russia.

  • soul__seeker__
    soul__seeker__ 24 days ago

    amazes me how fast russians drive no matter what the rd condition is like. u would think living in a country thats known for bad weather they would have the sens to slow down when everything is covered in snow and ice

  • S Kirk
    S Kirk 24 days ago

    Never seen driving this bad in the USA.

    Russia is a crazy place.

  • Mark Sapsford
    Mark Sapsford 25 days ago

    Suicide by truck seem to be a reoccurring theme.

  • bryan scott
    bryan scott 26 days ago

    notice how nobody even try's to use the brakes ?

  • peter ramsay
    peter ramsay 28 days ago

    seems like there's a new one every week

  • Cassion53
    Cassion53 28 days ago

    Was that last car driven by a Lemming?

  • gomphrena
    gomphrena 1 month ago

    ew that last one was bad.

  • Arizona man
    Arizona man 1 month ago

    Сука блять!

  • فيصل الفيصل

    ذبحكم السكار

  • G
    G 1 month ago

    what the hell is wrong with them Russian drivers? tomuch vodka

  • sarge505050
    sarge505050 1 month ago

    2 words. Nerf Carski!

  • unknown unknown
    unknown unknown 1 month ago

    y would yu stop for them fucke them

  • Asskickingness2014
    Asskickingness2014 1 month ago

    All those drivers were rushing B

  • Jacky Janvier
    Jacky Janvier 1 month ago

    OH SHIT.

  • MultiStarboard
    MultiStarboard 1 month ago

    3:51 gangnam style

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams 1 month ago

    WTF Does all the drivers in this country eat a big bowl of DUMB ASS be for they go out driving?????

  • Hafiz JR Z
    Hafiz JR Z 1 month ago

    the last one is funny ......oh look like the driver know he will die...

  • Prins van Oranje
    Prins van Oranje 1 month ago

    6:42 A guy in a white shirt just got thrown out of the bus.

  • Alfa Painting
    Alfa Painting 1 month ago

    I by a hors.

  • RandomGuy
    RandomGuy 1 month ago

    Dayummmm! I got wiplash from watching that one lol

  • Todd Jones
    Todd Jones 2 months ago

    Most didn't use common sense.

  • American Bastard
    American Bastard 2 months ago

    In Russia car drive you

  • OmniBass
    OmniBass 2 months ago

    fatal car crash happens : what an idiot *drives away*

    fatal car crash happens and hub cap hits windshield : oh shit, I better exchange insurance with this dead dude *gets out of car*

  • lorenzo52877
    lorenzo52877 2 months ago

    proof that all Russians are fucking stupid

  • John Callaghan
    John Callaghan 2 months ago

    If you decide to wreck your car and commit suicide on the road, at least have the decency not to involve other people in your 'guilty little pleasure'.

  • noctusowl
    noctusowl 2 months ago

    Love how Russians carry on and don't give a shit.

  • Rytorus Farakon
    Rytorus Farakon 2 months ago

    all accidents with a fatal outcome(( poor stupid Russians((

  • Rytorus Farakon
    Rytorus Farakon 2 months ago

    idiotic Russia, idiotic Russians...lol

  • theoaristi53
    theoaristi53 2 months ago

    Oh God. Why do they have so many accidents in Russia?

  • sxhxixtx
    sxhxixtx 3 months ago

    There are over 74,000 videos on Youtube of Russian Car crashes. We all know that Russians are the worst drivers on earth, but do you know why ? It's because nowadays Russians are engaging in sexual intercourse with their siblings and having babies. These inbred Russians have underdeveloped brains because of this. Many are born with abnormally shaped heads and no thumbs. SISTER FUCKING AND INBREEDING MUST BE STOPPED TO MAKE RUSSIAN ROADS SAFE AGAIN !!

  • siXis
    siXis 3 months ago

    2:00  i'm sure I don't give a fuck.  keep going.

  • Rondal Simond
    Rondal Simond 3 months ago

    The place is covered in snow who the hell teached them to drive

  • Guillemine Marc
    Guillemine Marc 3 months ago

    Beau peuple de dégénéré ces russes qui carburent à la vodka....

  • anna christine
    anna christine 3 months ago

    Am I being too stereotypical if I wonder if alcohol is a bigger factor on their roads than it is here ? I dont think so. In general alcohol is a way bigger part of their culture than it is here. Also there may still be the tolerance for drunk driving we used to have. It used to be that way here until the laws started changing around 30 years ago in the 1980s. Up until the 1970s, cops used to just tell you to drive more carefully home, would escort you as you drove your car or if you were blotto would drive you home and you could get your car tomorrow ..based on how drunk you were and if they liked you.
    Also we have the "Good Samaritan" Law here. I see so many cars on this video just driving on after seeing or nearly being part of a fatal or serious accident without checking to see if people are okay and rendering First Aid.
    I dont think I would go on any long "road trips" in Russia as a result of seeing this video.

  • TheBestPlayer
    TheBestPlayer 3 months ago

    i am from Russia, the land of bad driving

  • Даша Левакина

    Want to see at all the commentators in this conditions. You will not see so much snow even in dreams 😂😂

  • Lou Montana
    Lou Montana 3 months ago


  • Naty Popel
    Naty Popel 4 months ago


  • IRFAN Vic
    IRFAN Vic 4 months ago

    idiots !

  • BlastForward
    BlastForward 4 months ago

    Last one ... is this a "baby on board" sticker ... :o :(

  • marc80s
    marc80s 4 months ago

    5:10 ... dude just keeps on drivin!!!

  • tran hau
    tran hau 4 months ago

    They should have driven slowler in such bad weather conditions.

  • Mr Squirrel
    Mr Squirrel 4 months ago

    Putin gives russian driving license for free in russian? . Greetings from Sweden

  • ABfield
    ABfield 4 months ago

    Are seat belts not popular in Russia?

  • Random Guy From Texas
    Random Guy From Texas 4 months ago

    Wear your seat belt, drive according to road and weather conditions.

    JOHN BORTOLIN 4 months ago

    Crash Test Dummies can drive better than those Russians.

  • van kk
    van kk 5 months ago

    only in russian man......

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 5 months ago

    ah what would youtube be without russia?

  • Bertrand Demailly
    Bertrand Demailly 5 months ago

    Quand on voit les russes conduire sur des routes verglacées, on voit les parisiens conduire sur 1cm de neige!!!!

  • J Jaycobs
    J Jaycobs 5 months ago

    Russian Drivers are either very bad or just don't pay attention.

    LE MOROZOFF 5 months ago

    kakoi koshmar!!!!! uzas1 zemlya im puhom!!!

  • John Greeneyes
    John Greeneyes 5 months ago

    That last one was unbelievable. if pause at the point of impact, you can see the driver in a red sweater and his passenger is thrown through the window. Sad.

  • Enia Rikena
    Enia Rikena 5 months ago

    Авто авария ,пoсмотрите мой видео

    Check out my car crash video

  • theymusthatetesla
    theymusthatetesla 5 months ago

    ...let's do 70 in the snow! I mean....what could POSSIBLY go wrong?


  • Zydrunas Valciukas
    Zydrunas Valciukas 5 months ago

    If I were in Russia, I would only drive a Truck :D even to shop, that would prevent me of dying in car accident

  • Szymon Głazowski
    Szymon Głazowski 5 months ago

    Chory kraj chorzy ludzie

  • leighmossien2009
    leighmossien2009 6 months ago


  • DiveJumpShooter
    DiveJumpShooter 6 months ago

    For work I have been to some of the worst areas of the world for traffic Eastern Europe, Eastern and Western African countries, India, Pakistan, China- none are as bad as Russia. In Russia it seems like so many people are stereotypically drunk- even though they have strict DUI laws you don't see a ton of patrol cars on the road and most seem to be parked at a restaurant- coffee shop and oddly enough hotels. seems like speed and booze are big problems there.

  • Lisa Adams
    Lisa Adams 6 months ago

    So, the cars that just go into another lane and get smashed. Do you think that is primarily because they are sleepy? Very sad. :(

  • punkofthedeath
    punkofthedeath 6 months ago

    1:04 5:07

  • svicko59
    svicko59 6 months ago

    Jeden debil za druhým na ruských silnicích...

  • Карл Дениц
    Карл Дениц 6 months ago

    ordinary people are killed, and the chief of the 21st century fascist Putin did not die

  • douglas holt
    douglas holt 6 months ago

    Ait that great

  • Vadim Хороший
    Vadim Хороший 6 months ago

    5.39 водитель тойоты доставлен в ближайший морг!

  • Mark Solarz
    Mark Solarz 6 months ago

    Looks a lot like Minnesota!..............same dumb ass drivers always in a hurry.......even on icy roads!

  • Justin Icewerk
    Justin Icewerk 6 months ago

    Tell Putin instead of financing nuclear shit, it should rather improve roads security!

  • kowalityjesus
    kowalityjesus 7 months ago

    the last two were massive fucking facepalms

  • CoC Newstime II
    CoC Newstime II 7 months ago

    what was 5:33?

  • Zeta Reticulum
    Zeta Reticulum 7 months ago

    The russian race is a mongol race.
    They are not ready for modern technology like cars.

  • Yahnine nounou
    Yahnine nounou 7 months ago

    some driver don't even stop

  • Felox
    Felox 7 months ago

    4:07 R.I.P Nissan March :(

  • Felox
    Felox 7 months ago

    Russia can have sunny days all year, hot rubber roads, electronic stability control (ESC)... still win World's Worst Drivers/Crashes award...

  • Morten Harket
    Morten Harket 7 months ago

    every year die 10 000 russians in car accidents, is it true???

  • Radomire
    Radomire 7 months ago

    Its crazy that no one stops to see if anyones ok or not, they just keep driving. Barely hit the brakes

  • PC is best the best PC


  • Yamaha SR650
    Yamaha SR650 8 months ago

    "winter 2016"? I guess it's true; it's always winter in Russia!

  • spectra vectra
    spectra vectra 8 months ago

    fukin horrible Russians killing innocent kids in Syria and ther own people on roads country needs nuking putin scumbag

    • PC is best the best PC
      PC is best the best PC 4 months ago

      +Kim Jong Un Kimmy!

    • Kim Jong Un
      Kim Jong Un 4 months ago

      You retarded piece of shit, it's the west and Islamist rebels who are killing innocent kids and caused the war.

    • PC is best the best PC
      PC is best the best PC 7 months ago

      Comment deleted ;)

    • spectra vectra
      spectra vectra 7 months ago

      you fukin retard Russian bomers  dropin barrel bombs on hospitails you fukin daft cretin mong

    • PC is best the best PC
      PC is best the best PC 7 months ago

      +spectra vectra Look I don't support Putin at all, but you seem to put all the blame on one side and you are talking like you don't even know what you are talking about. PS. Please use proper grammar.... or are you Russian:P

  • Joy Merouah
    Joy Merouah 8 months ago

    Do they ever get a driving license by learning in russia or do they just buy it from thrift shops

    • 9546aw
      9546aw 4 months ago

      Drivers licenses come included free on six packs of Vodka.

  • Tom Williams
    Tom Williams 8 months ago

    Do they expect someone ahead on the road with a checkered flag? Is there a finish line up ahead? Slow down and live. Jeez.

  • Salah Al-Din
    Salah Al-Din 8 months ago

    Welcome To Vodka I mean To Russia LoL .

  • #AJ 15
    #AJ 15 8 months ago

    Well there is fuckin snow on road what should u do? Floor it baby! (Russian logic)

  • Memento mori
    Memento mori 8 months ago

    winter of 2016? wtf? it's still September

  • R.C. Collins
    R.C. Collins 9 months ago

    Russia; Where driving is done on a dare.

  • gyrex
    gyrex 9 months ago

    Download google translate on your phone and use the image translation feature. I've found that taking a photo works better than instant translate. Works well.

  • robgerr5838
    robgerr5838 9 months ago

    6:40 it would be a miracle if anyone survived :(

  • Trokiis86
    Trokiis86 9 months ago

    Ruskiji dalbajobi!!! Vadits neumeit, pravila neznajet, mozgov netu... paterenaja strana.

  • ᖴᔕ᙭ᑎOOᗷ - Gᗩᗰᕮᔕ & ᗰOᖇᕮ

    Some are more suicide..

  • anibalsagenev
    anibalsagenev 9 months ago

    It's like... Russians are less smart, right?

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