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Author stimpyl (6 years)
you need to get some liquid sulfur, stink spray. you open it up, put a drop
on her fat ass, watch her run off, thinking it's you. haha. she'll smell
like that for days. - IF she smells it at all, over her 'natural - burning
tire' scent. should've been smarter, just throw some bananas on the floor
next time. That's why I couldn't handle NYC. Too many loud mouth, stank
turds that need an ass kicking.

Author Yahwehservant (5 years)
That was funny! Sit next to her in the winter! If you can squeeze in a
spot! EAT FOR 2 AND BECOME 2 OR 3 OR 4. Biggie fries.....SUPERSIZE ME! GET
- 3 people can sit down.....sad! DO BETTER....don't eat in front of the
tell-lies-visually (TV) EXCERCISE!

Author CaramelMamiChula (7 years)
that NAACP and united negro college fund start that organzitions during the
jim crow time so,stop using the tems "colored" and "negro".the better term
is "african-american" and "people of color" and u said u got couple of
black friends?,ask them which is a better term 4 them 2 say about black
people?.if u go 2 125 st and say "colored" and "negro" so loud front of
black people,they can own ur racist,fat,off-the-boat,white ass 4 a
mintue,so dont deny ur racism and ur ignorance.

Author Cobbie D (6 years)
And, as for the other old black bitty he taped, WHO THE FUCK DOES SHE THINK
SHE IS??? What the fuck was her problem that she couldn't move her bags?
What a stupid Bitch.

Author mcs240 (7 years)
Can you please provide the statistics that you state in your comment? I
hear people use the words 'statistics' and 'fact' alot, yet never back it
up with actual data.

Author t Bone (6 years)
don't worry about it, she'll die of diabetes or heart attack or AIDS soon
enough :D

Author JustOneQuestion (7 years)
lol you're the only one here actually being racist, the reason nobody likes
you is because you sound like a proper thick cunt not because of your race,
threatening people you don't know over the internet is just one example.

Author bodiegod (6 years)
Yet another groid who eats too much crap from KFC.

Author bobdudes (6 years)
lol...nice one bruv!! I feel for you!!

Author mrallcock (6 years)
how did she get fat negro ass into the train? i usually just reach back
like a pimp and slap a ho like her. then i open dat purse and take the
money she owes me. dats how we roll in bushwick

Author Doooodeo (8 years)
ur as offended as if you're the lady fat cow and LAWLZz at u bro great
capture live on Tape beeyotch

Author Will Backbone (6 years)
Looks like she has been into the KFC again the FAT heffer. I bet she lives
on welfare & has 5 or 6 kids, all by different fathers aka "baby daddies".
She probably smells of cheap perfume and corn chips. I am glad I don'y have
to ride a subway every day.

Author sk8bow (6 years)
fuckface congregation. amen!

Author jazzroqs (6 years)

Author hcvang (6 years)
unbelievable,... I'm a white fat guy, and I never fuckin' sit down and mush
other people like that. Hell, I prefer to not even take the bus or subway,
if there are too many people in it, 'cause I'm gonna be in the way. but
then, noone has any courtesy left in the US today.

Author hollabckgurl (6 years)
well you need to change your profile....fem gay male....and proud of your
cock....strange, naw you just confused!!

Author hollabckgurl (6 years)
a twat is what you wish to have, too bad your fag ass got to pay for one,
and it still wouldn't be the real thing!!! suck a black ass hole you gay

Author Trinidancr (7 years)
fuck you

Author NCFB4Life33 (6 years)
this guy ain't doin a damn thing wrong until this video, in the one video
he was getting bitched out by a bunch of ghetto bitches and in the other
one he was getting bitched out by a old black bitch.

Author Will Backbone (6 years)
People call you racist when you disagree with immoral lifestyles. Blacks
have kids out of wedlock and that is a FACT and a true statistic they have
over 73% of their kids out of wedlock. Now that is not racist if I were to
call them little niglets than that could be considered racist, but I don't
care what welfare recipents think about me.

Author hollabckgurl (6 years) and that lady on the train have alot in common.You and her
have to deal with being accepted by the with being a gay male
and her with being a over weight woman, both of yall are sometime looked
upon as less than human. For you...of all people, to be making any kind of
comments that could be taken as negative...shows that you have a REAL
problem!! Go get some help with dealing with yourself...I'm done...Have a
nice day, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Author Bloodsport1 (6 years)

Author Kyler Holliday (5 years)
Thats fucked up how you would point out someone elses problems when
everybody knows you got one too. IGNORANCE!!!

Author babycakesjk (6 years)
Shes wearing a business suit. Maybe shes going to her fucking job. Maybe
shes doesn't have any children and is a career woman. You got some shit
wrong with you. Has noone else noticed that the man in these videos is just
as fat. Ya'll need therapy for real.

Author Elena Ding (7 years)
fat people have feelings too... LOL!

Author CaramelMamiChula (7 years)
i live in the ghetto but that dont mean i am but i bet u were the
off-the-boat man keep saying "colored people" b/c modern-day white people
say "black" or "african-american" or "(so-and-so)of color".after the jim
crow time was over,people dont use that word "colored" anymore b/c thats
how racist southern whites used 2 call black people.and yes,us puerto
ricans and other latinos r mixed with black,european and native.

Author CaramelMamiChula (7 years)
i mean,knocked-up my bad!

Author stevesworldnyc (8 years)
NO, the ignorant one is the fat pig that sits where she doesn't fit....if
you fit then it's ok, but why should an entire row of people suffer for one
fat slob's actions?

Author Leer Wesen (6 years)
LOL her arm is so fucking fat it obscures the camera from her view

Author Will Backbone (6 years)
You FAT heffers sure stick together.She may as well been coming from the
employment office what your rednecks call the"unemployment" office after
filing for an extension of benefits.You FAT asses think you deserve special
treatment.Your FAT spills over into our seats on airplanes,at sporting
events & public transportation.You smell because you sweat so easily I bet
your man thinks its a "chore"to have sex with you.Take all your clothes off
naked & look in the mirror & see what we see a FAT Bitch

Author George Smith (5 years)
I wish Tyra Banks and Beyonce squished me on a train... or bus.. or
airplane... or taxi... or a car... on a bicycle... or a couch (lol).

Author Amy Wade (5 years)
You are GREAT!!!

Author WadeDeadpoolWilson (8 years)
Okay okay, you still haven't seen my keys though have you?

Author pete5668 (4 years)
@2dasimmons If they are fat cows, they are fat cows. He's just telling the

Author Derrick McGrown II (7 years)
im black and i dont like our obese yuck

Author marshall TYler (2 years)
damn fat bitch is right lol

Author stevesworldnyc (8 years)
why should I get up from MY seat that I was ALREADY in when this fat bitch
forces her fat ass in where it don't fit. She shouldn't sit there and I'll
tell you this...She should be getting a ticket for her actions.

Author NIGHTRAID (5 years)
How I would love to find this guy in NYC with me ...i would just get up
from my seat and punch you right in your fucking fat face ...!I hate people
like you !! It's called public transportation for a reason...YOU DONT LIKE
TO SHARE GET A FUCKING CAR BITCH ...and if u have anything to say il come
your way since I'm from the city myself ...

Author bexxxie (8 years)
LOL. nice. XD

Author TiVo2Go (8 years)
I go through this almaost everyday too. Fat people squash me too. They sit
on top of you not next to you.

Author Tacosruleandstuff (6 years)
That's why I hate fat people. They take up a lot of space, and then they
don't do anything with their lives.

Author pete5668 (4 years)
@oldbag699 i think i heard "beep, beep, beep!" lol

Author Jade (2 years)
this actually happened to me in the seventh grade

Author pete5668 (4 years)
@2dasimmons They are fat cows. They are what they are. There is no denying
this fact. To deny it is not manners, but idiocy.

Author oldbag699 (4 years)
dont u just hate it beep beeep beep wonder if she has reversing cameras in
that great big butt

Author Andrew Emmet (5 years)
so much hate lol....

Author Glamgir (5 years)
@FyFhFr25 oh please be quiet what you commented on is stupid u prick

Author Mitch81596 (5 years)
shes planet shadiqua

Author mashpotatobrains (5 years)

Author pete5668 (4 years)
@2dasimmons have you ever had a fat cow sit next to YOU on the bus, train,
subway or plane? I have, and it is REVOLTING.

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