2 Godzillas In The Monsterverse: Kong Skull Island After Credits Scene Explained (SPOILERS)

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  • The first crossover episode of Godzilla and Kong explained focuses on diving into the hidden implications of the Kong Skull Island after credits scene that you may have missed. Those implications bring the fact that if the continuity set forth in either Godzilla 2014 or Godzilla Awakening is to be kept intact than the Godzilla scene in the cave paintings that MONARCH has is a different Godzilla than the one in the 2014 movie!
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  • D Man1954
    D Man1954 3 months ago

    Tell me now; what do you think, are these cave paintings evidence that there are two living Godzilla's in the Monsterverse or do you think there is still just one?

    • frankie migs
      frankie migs 1 day ago

      D Man1954 it may not be in cannon

    • FFJustice
      FFJustice 2 days ago

      I swear more people or guys are saying "It might be a prediction" shortly after I said this weeks ago!! I wasn't the first but this Reply Timeline indicates it wasn't THIS frequent back in the day!LOL! STOP STEALIN' MAH THUNDUH!!!LOL

    • Darren Xie
      Darren Xie 2 days ago

      D Man1954 , in the old Japanese films, Mothra was of course there in a lot of the films and in most films, there were two small fairies there that knew something would happen and maybe this could be linked to the fairies as mothra is seen in a painting here, this leads to a hypothesis that these paintings are just part of a big prophecy that a monster war was indeed coming, we saw the image in the end where Godzilla and Ghidora were fighting and that there would be a lot of destruction. There can't be two Godzilla's because these are probably just paintings of a vision someone or something had of the coming battles. Why else would there be an older painting of Godzilla if he wasn't there during the paintings creation, not only that but other monsters too like "Rodan."

    • Justin Melecio
      Justin Melecio 3 days ago

      D Man1954 My guess when I saw this was, the cave paintings were predicting that these monsters would be discovered and fight each other over who's more powerful, at some point in the future

  • Maz Terbate
    Maz Terbate 12 minutes ago

    Can't the painting be of the dead Godzilla where they found the 2 Eggs in the 2014 movie?

  • Bob Lamonta
    Bob Lamonta 10 hours ago

    Why are you tying this to comics and shit I could do a better analysis

  • Tigger the Tiger
    Tigger the Tiger 1 day ago

    Uuummmm it was already proven because their were a previous Godzilla skeleton in the 2014 Godzilla

  • J C
    J C 1 day ago

    I think there is 2 Godzilla's one of them fights Kong the other fights Rodan and Ghidorah and the one the fights Kong loses..

  • Slacker Advice
    Slacker Advice 3 days ago

    it's not a cave painting... it's a statue/ carving/ rock formation. Notice the empty space around it and minor water reflection around the base, like a pool.

  • Ivan Fuentez
    Ivan Fuentez 3 days ago

    king kadora died nd was saved intro mecha king kadora so so did it makes kids if it was made by thos 3 lil things nd theres not more king kadroas theres just 1 soooo could they have make a new 1????

  • Jasmine Walker
    Jasmine Walker 3 days ago


  • Christian
    Christian 3 days ago

    Monarch THEORIZED that Godzilla and the other monsters that thrive on nuclear radiation have been dormant this whole time that doesn't mean it's actually the case. If it were the case then NONE of the monsters would be around to have paintings done of them their whole idea was that the reason why these monsters weren't widely known is because all of them thrive on radiation the way Godzilla and the MUTOs do and they didn't rise up until the rise of nuclear weapons.
    That said these different monsters are whole species. The MUTOs were two mating MUTOs about to breed a whole damn hive of more earlier in the Godzilla movie they show the skeleton of another of Godzilla's species. So yes at one point there was more of all of them.
    That doesn't mean anything the paintings are supposed to be Ghidorah Mothra Rodan and Godzilla himself that's the point it's a teaser for the monster universe that's it it doesn't work if it isn't supposed to represent the monsters we identify them as

  • Apocalyptic FTW
    Apocalyptic FTW 3 days ago

    isn't there 4 Godzilla's they tried to kill one then radiated an iguana egg it hatched #3 it died on the Brooklyn bridge #4 hatched in the Madison Square Garden possibly more then one to be continued

  • Ramone Night
    Ramone Night 3 days ago

    Your an idiot lol.

  • brodie elford
    brodie elford 4 days ago

    there's multiple godzillas have you never played the games? 😂 however two in one movie? How would you pick a side if they look pretty much identical other then different colour laser beams 😂

  • Darryl Powless
    Darryl Powless 4 days ago

    Although awesome, no second Godzilla is needed to explain the cave paintings. You missed that possibility the During Godzilla and Ghidorah's battle that Godzilla could have been wounded, and went into back into hibernation to heal. Only to be re-awoken by the submarine in 1954.

    There's also the fact that the inhabitants shown on the island were primitive,. So the cave paintings themselves might not even be old, well not ancient anyway. So the battle could be far more recent than people think.

  • Carlo Siuze
    Carlo Siuze 4 days ago

    This Godzilla could be the original Godzilla that fought King Ghidora, in the previous fight. Because this Godzilla stands more up straight than the 2014 Godzilla. Also the paintings could mean when all three monsters arrive, King Ghidora awakens or that if Mothra awakens, King Ghidora awoke. That's what I think

  • Ross Hopkins
    Ross Hopkins 4 days ago

    or since the universe includes things like magical fairies who worship mothra. Its possible that its just a prophecy. Since king kong is real obviously the government would take such a thing seriously. Dosent have to mean anything it depends on how you look at it.

  • Jamie Trun
    Jamie Trun 5 days ago

    If this catches on... I think they'll try to fix it but I bet money this was just an over looked plot hole.

  • Psycho Fury
    Psycho Fury 5 days ago

    well yeah Godzilla had a son so...

  • justin endicott
    justin endicott 6 days ago

    is it evidence of two godzillas or just a painting of the first godzilla

  • John Cantrell
    John Cantrell 6 days ago

    at the beginning of Godzilla 2014 there was a Giant skeleton body and that might have been the old Godzilla

  • THEgamer7270 J.B.G
    THEgamer7270 J.B.G 7 days ago

    There would be more than one cause the first ever Godzilla movie the humans kill Godzilla and some of the movies Godzilla had a child he would need to make the child... right?

  • Razer Force
    Razer Force 7 days ago

    What if the paintings were painted mothra's priest

  • Tyrant Lizard King
    Tyrant Lizard King 8 days ago

    If there is more than one Godzilla introduced on screen (dead ones are fine) I give up on Legendary's take on the franchise. That would totally kill the vibe and be totally ridiculous. Not as in realism, but in a storymaking sense.

  • Bahamut Zilla
    Bahamut Zilla 8 days ago

    if the whole hallow earth theory is being used and becoming fact, for this franchise then yes their are or were multiple godzillas at some time or another and that theirs an entire ecosystem of giant organism living within the earth and that makes this even more interesting because if earth is home to giant monsters then it makes it easier to except that on other planets, giant monsters live within or on the surface of other planets and that makes it easy to intruduce other kaiju like gigan, space godzilla lol, or monster x into the franchise aswell. for all we know in this new franchise king ghedorah could be a kaiju that comes from mars or some other planet for all we know from to time to time and godzilla who is tied to the earth senses invasive species from other worlds as a threat to the balance of earths eco system. which could be a clue as to why the whole thing with the skull crawlers being put in check by kong on skull island to keep them from eating everything on the island and multiplying out of control and possibly getting off the island and spreading across earth. just my thoughts.

  • Alex joaquin
    Alex joaquin 9 days ago

    what no Godzilla didn't die from the mutos

  • Alex joaquin
    Alex joaquin 9 days ago

    Oh man humans make a fight out of everything there so dumb arguments watch someone well write to what I'm writing all angry like and why because they have brains I give it 2 to 3 days prove me right someone

  • Alex joaquin
    Alex joaquin 9 days ago

    Godzilla wins king kong is second Godzilla can't lose to any thing not unless you're a traitor to kaijus Godzilla is win always

  • Alex joaquin
    Alex joaquin 9 days ago

    humans are dumb really does it matter how he says it

  • Omega Official
    Omega Official 10 days ago

    I predict that the 1st Godzilla ( The one drawn on the cave ) will be featured in this movie in a few major scenes but it's probably gonna be Mothra's faries depicting the battle Godzilla had with King Gidorah and how he died fighting Gidorah and ( hopefully) sealed him in a forced hibernatation and was never awoken until now. Godzilla number 2 is going to take the role of the avenging son who joins up with Mothra and Rodan to fight King Gidorah.

  • David Nguyen
    David Nguyen 10 days ago

    i liked to watch this guy but now he is being a dickbag, at first, he argued that there will be two king kongs in the movie kong skull island, then now he is arguing about 2 godzillas and is dissing out every opionion that people gives, he is such a douchebag

  • Wyatt Fink
    Wyatt Fink 12 days ago

    I hope they show multiple godzillas it's kind of sad to think Big G is the last of his kind

  • James Nesmith
    James Nesmith 13 days ago

    I think there is one Godzilla not two. I think you are over thinking this film scene, but who knows there might be.

  • Klaus Illhardt
    Klaus Illhardt 14 days ago

    Why does no one call Godzilla anymore Gojira?

  • Cosmicman 2017
    Cosmicman 2017 14 days ago

    godzilla, rodan, mothra and king ghidorah giant monsters all out attack

  • kelly wilson whitehead

    I wonder if that second Godzilla will be SpaceGodzilla

  • Cloud987600
    Cloud987600 14 days ago

    godzilla and king ghidora have always been mortal enemies they never team up. clash of the kings

  • Pugiron
    Pugiron 14 days ago

    What proof aside from Awakening do you have Godzilla did not awaken until 1954? The pacific atomic tests started in 1946, so if they were to kill him he must have already been active. Breaks your theory, sorry.

  • BiG_D Johnson
    BiG_D Johnson 15 days ago

    godzilla's known for dropping his seeds all ovr the damn place at the end of every film after 99, nasty ass. anyway it probably isn't another godzilla it may be an easter egg for anguirus, gorosaurus, zilla or gaborah (swear to god if they put gaborah in this i will fucking die) plus there has always been more than one godzilla theres like 8 the one kong's ancestors killed, his 3 sons!!!!!, space godzilla, mechagodzilla, zilla, and meltdown godzilla who thanks to "shin godzilla" we now know never did die. and look at 4:18 take a good look at it and tell me you cant almost see the head peice of Mechagodzilla.

  • Whitney Carrigan
    Whitney Carrigan 15 days ago

    godzilla died ya the female heres the malenohh shiit

  • matt thomas
    matt thomas 15 days ago

    there can only be one living at any given time by toho's original series rules. yes, there can be a father or an ancestor, but only one can exist at any given time. how hard is it to beleive godzilla had parents who died fighting the original ghidorah?

  • BigBoss213
    BigBoss213 16 days ago

    I knew it, the way the movie Kong was shot and made was to set up a godzilla vs Kong!!!

  • Chaoxide
    Chaoxide 18 days ago

    This doesn't really prove 2 godzillas. Godzilla could have woken up previously then went back to sleep after his fight with King. Or just to sleep and such. For men have been able to make paintings on walls for thousands of years.....

  • A
    A 18 days ago

    this vidoes is 1337 u play cod

  • Brett Schwartz
    Brett Schwartz 20 days ago

    I realize this is a late comment, but I like your assumptions. All we can do is wait and see. Nice breakdown D-man!

  • jamie wright
    jamie wright 21 day ago

    just came to dislike, due to the clickbait title and image

    • D Man1954
      D Man1954 21 day ago

      not quite, It is a legit theory and I made sure to put the question mark to warn people that it was not 100% confirmed. The theory stands a real chance of coming true in some shape or form in Godzilla 2 and Godzilla Vs Kong, but thanks for being a dick and not giving the video a chance before you judged it.

  • ZinogreGaming
    ZinogreGaming 21 day ago

    I'm almost entirely sure that, the other painting is just the painting of the godzilla we know from the movie just fighting ghidorah. So, it could be that there may be 2 godzillas but, it could be highly unlikely.

  • Darth Gorrus
    Darth Gorrus 21 day ago

    The second godzilla is probably the skeleton in the 2014 movie.

  • A1catraz
    A1catraz 22 days ago


  • Ben Z
    Ben Z 22 days ago

    I bet Godzilla will fight Kong until they are both attacked by Ghidorah who knocks them both down and an unspoken truce is made where Godzilla and Kong double team to kill Ghidorah. After the fight Godzilla leaves into the ocean after defeating the true enemy. Kong does the same.... hopefully.

  • James Whitler
    James Whitler 22 days ago

    what about gigan

  • w7100
    w7100 22 days ago

    OR or just hear me out it's a movie and they did it to hype up the next movie, it doesn't have to make sense, next thing you'll tell me is that there are 2 adam warlocks in guardians of the galaxy because there were 2 cocoons

  • Ashton Walter-george

    There is only one. (I think) It had the picture of Godzilla, and then like a profocy ( forgive my spelling) or something that says they will fight

  • FultonLMiller
    FultonLMiller 23 days ago

    Nuclear. Nuclear. Holy shit, stop saying "nucular."

  • ron swaggerton
    ron swaggerton 24 days ago

    I might be wrong but weren't the cave paintings dipicting the future like a proficee

  • Alpha Bravo
    Alpha Bravo 24 days ago

    We're told in the Godzilla movie that he and his species live on radiation, due to Earths lack of it, they go into hibernation. Is it not plausible that because he, Godzilla, is a living creature that he would not have to arise to eat or find sustenance?

    As stated in this video, there may be two Godzillas in the world, this may be possible, as he obviously wasn't the only one of his kind...

  • Arsal L. Mir
    Arsal L. Mir 24 days ago


    Much Atom. Many Fission.

  • Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys

    could be. be awesome though.

  • Twiz4271
    Twiz4271 24 days ago

    Could possibly be another Godzilla, but more than likely and adolescent. Godzilla is asexual, so there could be just another one, or multiple creatures. i don't see him dying though. I didn't see anything in Kong Skull Island that suggested this. If any dies, it would be the adolescent, if that....

  • v1nc3nt11
    v1nc3nt11 25 days ago

    what if at the end of the movie,an unknown creature shows up from sea and it is the mighty cthulhu

  • Adam Perreira
    Adam Perreira 25 days ago

    There should be one more Godzilla that one should become a Mechazilla. A Cyborg Godzilla.

  • vincentx915
    vincentx915 25 days ago

    Well, I am excited for Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah!

  • Goofdookie
    Goofdookie 25 days ago

    +D Man1954 I just can't accept the 2 Godzilla theory yet. I can't say it's false, but the evidence isn't definitive to me. The skeleton in the movie could be a number of different types of monsters, and there's no reason to think these paintings are definite depictions of the past. Who's to say they aren't depictions of the future? By way of visions had by Mothra's ppl, ancient prophecies, aliens, or straight up time travel! Plus , Why? Why have 2 Godzillas? It confuses things. And he's always been one of a kind, unless they go the 90s Heisei route, & give Godzilla a Godzilla Junior, maybe becoming a full on adult bc of the 1954 tests. I'd be with that I guess, but it still seems kind of pointlessly confusing to have 2.
    Anyways, as a side note, we haven't seen King of the Monsters yet, but as of now, I want the writer & director of Kong Skull Island to do Godzilla vs King Kong. That movie was awesome, & I wanna see how he uses/portrays Godzilla!!!

  • W S
    W S 25 days ago


  • northerncrisp
    northerncrisp 25 days ago

    Awakening it's ASSUMED he was in hibernation the whole time. We also know that he feeds on radiation, and was dormant from the 50s to 2014 when the MUTOs hatched.
    Perhaps he really is the balance for nature, and awakens when that balance needs to be reset. Yes, we know there was an entire species; but they died off from either the MUTO's parasitic tendencies or lack of radiation.

  • John Hyde
    John Hyde 26 days ago

    one, there will not be 2 godzilla's in the 2019 or 2018 godzilla movie, two, there are more then one godzilla, meaning different tips of godzillas

  • theScytheofGod
    theScytheofGod 26 days ago

    Where does everyone get this Ghid-O-ra pronunciation from?
    I grew up on this shit, and it was always 2 syllable Ghidra.

  • Tupac Spock
    Tupac Spock 26 days ago

    If there's 2 Godzillas, I hope the other one isn't Space Godzilla.

  • Ellen Day
    Ellen Day 27 days ago

    I didn't really enjoy Kong too much but I have to admit the Godzilla growl at the end was really cool, it was the best part of the first Godzilla teaser trailer.

  • Shadow Wing
    Shadow Wing 27 days ago

    Military: nuke Godzilla,oh it failed, he got stronger because of that NUKE HIM AGAIN

  • Richard Blakemore
    Richard Blakemore 28 days ago

    There r 2 of Godzilla's species Godzilla n baby Godzilla n there is only one king gigora n when they fight it will be Godzilla, rodane and mothra vs king gigora and Godzilla can't die because there r only two of his kind now as it's always been throughout the Godzilla franchise but don't forget that's only the tip of the ice burg there r other monsters as well n soon one day it will be all the monsters vs king gigora n soon the birth of mecha king gigora n then it'll just get even better 😁

  • fast kid 97 little brother

    by king Ghidorah

  • fast kid 97 little brother

    other Godzilla Sharp back thing

  • 9House
    9House 28 days ago

    You don't know wtf you're talking about

  • Princetin Jimenez
    Princetin Jimenez 29 days ago

    What don't you see that there is 666 dislikes?😈👽

  • Daniel Armijo
    Daniel Armijo 1 month ago

    Looks like italy

  • MoTiOn Rider
    MoTiOn Rider 1 month ago

    in one of the old godzilla movies the time travel what if a person that was on the time traveling team was actually left or someone snuk on the time machine and was left and survived the nukleyer blast or rebuilt the time machine and got stuck on skull island let me know if you read this please

  • Joseph Fridley
    Joseph Fridley 1 month ago

    I think there are two possibilities that jump off of or contradict your theory. The first, is that there is only one Godzilla who has been around for a long time, and that the comic book became non-cannon after Kong: Skull Island was released. Again, this Godzilla is old and occasionally rises to fight various human threats. After the nuclear blast he retired until it was time to rise again. Theory two posits that the Godzilla hit with the nuclear blast and the one that later rises again to combat the kaiju is newer and younger Godzilla. Maybe Godzilla's father/mother fought the original monsters and possibly even died fighting them, similar to what happen to Kong's parents. If this is the case, then I have to wonder if after Godzilla is done fighting Rodan, Mothra, etc. if Mecha-Godzilla, which is a fusion of robotic parts and the dead or cloned body of Godzilla's parent is brought online to fight Godzilla. I liked too, how in Kong John's character mentioned that Kong would get much bigger.

  • Kyle Hatfield
    Kyle Hatfield 1 month ago

    In the beginning of godzilla 2014 the mutos killed A godzilla to feed on radiation there for there WAS two godzillas at one point.

  • Eyan Stevenson
    Eyan Stevenson 1 month ago

    What about Cloverfield?? Does this have any connections with that universe?

  • YouTight
    YouTight 1 month ago

    Plot twist: The Godizlla 2014 is actually.....


  • 1DAR26
    1DAR26 1 month ago

    I'm a huge Godzilla fan and would love to read this Godzilla Re Awakening. If anyone have a link please share it with me. Thanks.

  • Antonius Maximus
    Antonius Maximus 1 month ago

    I want Godzilla vs fucking Cthulhu!!!!!!!!!!!

  • terence green
    terence green 1 month ago

    this is beautiful

  • Carl Jensen
    Carl Jensen 1 month ago

    There has always been a Taoish element to the old monsters. I'd suggest that the cave paintings were prophecy, not witnessed occurrences. This would especially make sense if it was from Mothra's island and her worshippers. It also answers all continuity issues.

  • Edgar Alvarez
    Edgar Alvarez 1 month ago

    maby Godzilla 2014 faught kingidora but at the beginning of earth when it was more radioactive and has experiences and no humans saw it

  • Joseph Aldrin Velasco

    you're speculating too much always murmuring unconfirmed "facts" ur a terrible reviewer....

  • Alva Leonhart
    Alva Leonhart 1 month ago

    Tbh i hope there's only one Godzilla, it just makes him more special, if theres more than one, then it just makes him seem like another big lizard of the same species, where as there should only be one GOD of monsters

  • Damon Kinney
    Damon Kinney 1 month ago

    The rumor is a stretch.

  • MajorLeagueWobs
    MajorLeagueWobs 1 month ago

    The godzilla skeleton they found near the pods of the male and female mutos that were hibernating was the 2nd godzilla or more likely the ''1st'' because its more ancient. it was most definately killed by the mutos before they went into hibernation and it was witnessed by the ancients. that godzilla probobly was the former guardian and like they said the dead godzilla was the 2014 godzilla's ancient ancestor. Our new 2014 godzilla is most definitely gonna show up and kick some ass. Youre going way too in depth on this it literally explains the entire thing for you.

  • Savage Kid
    Savage Kid 1 month ago

    my theory is that maybe Godzilla 2014 was awakened before the rise of homosapien because of king ghidorah. Since king ghidorah was causing too much harm to nature i think the other ancestor of Godzilla died because he was double teamed by the mutos(yes they were made to kill Godzilla species) it takes 2-3 mutos to kill a Godzilla species as u can tell why Godzilla was injured when fighting 2 mutos so maybe humans made a mistake just my theory

    • Savage Kid
      Savage Kid 1 month ago

      overall i do agree there could be 2 Godzillas

    • Savage Kid
      Savage Kid 1 month ago

      even though my comment is gonna be debunked a lot though because of the comics

    • Savage Kid
      Savage Kid 1 month ago

      and also in the movie humans made a prediction saying Godzilla hibernating within so many years but it was a prediction or a hypothesis

  • The spy creeper klemme

    godzilla will kill kong

  • weed man
    weed man 1 month ago

    ghidora is one of epic villains in toho's godzilla. i cant wait to see him in hollywood version.

    thought they put Biolante too cause his fight with godzilla is the very first godzilla i ever watched. guess not

  • coyoteink
    coyoteink 1 month ago

    There were 2 Godzilla's in the 2014 movie. The Muto eggs were found inside the stomach of a dead Godzilla.

  • Bryan Biffath
    Bryan Biffath 1 month ago

    what if two Godzilla's fight king kadora

  • Foodafrank
    Foodafrank 1 month ago

    This will probably explain the reason... please like to make people see

  • Knightwing
    Knightwing 1 month ago

    damn bro potato ass pictures XD

  • Jayson Hannah
    Jayson Hannah 1 month ago

    There's always been more than 1 Godzilla. Even in the old Toho movies and I know I spelled that wrong but there's always been a young Godzilla and a full grown Godzilla. For instance Godzilla vs Space Godzilla had 2 Godzillas not counting Space Godzilla.

  • Bone Doc
    Bone Doc 1 month ago

    Is that shadow Ceaser?

  • Zach Baca
    Zach Baca 1 month ago

    It could be a prophecy

  • The prime Master03
    The prime Master03 1 month ago

    Maybe it's the Godzilla from the original godzilla movies and Mabey we could see Godzilla vs Godzilla I'd pay to see that movie

  • christorpher84
    christorpher84 1 month ago

    why don't you just get to the point .its not that deep

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