How to Undo Her Bra with One Hand

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There'll be no awkward fumbling to spoil the mood if you master this smooth move.

Step 1: Continue kissing and stroking
Continue kissing and stroking her face or hair with one hand while using your free hand to feel for the clasp to determine whether it is in the front or back.

Step 2: Determine clasp location
Place your hand on her breast, over the shirt, and feel for a plastic clasp between the breasts. If you don't feel anything, it's probably a back clasp.

She may be wearing a sports bra, which has no clasp and can't be removed with this method, or no bra at all.

Step 3: Feel under the shirt
Slip your hand underneath the back of her shirt and feel for a thicker piece of fabric about three to five inches long in the center of the bra. This is the back clasp.

Before going underneath the shirt, make sure your hand is warm. A cold hand on the back is never welcome.

Step 4: Remove tension
Remove tension from either a front or back clasp by grasping the fabric on either side of the clasp between two fingers. Then squeeze your fingers together toward the middle to release.

Step 5: Practice
Practice the squeeze and release technique with a willing friend to ensure quick and smooth removal when it counts.

Did You Know?
Two women were killed in London in 1999 by a bolt of lightning, after the underwire in their bras acted as a conductor.

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Author firsa klanise (14 days)
aduhhh sinya

Author NextGenResidentEvil (1 month)
how did I get here from ghost stories

Author نانسي مسيار (2 months)
ريم00963944970280عندي طالبات للزواج المتعة(بدون أولاد مبدأيا")(أنا حطابة)
للتواصل معي على السكاب reem-love6666 وعلى الفايس بوك (ريم
في بنات وفي شباب ببتصلو فيني من الدول العربية)أنا بوفق بينهم في بنات بجميع
الدول العربية تقريبا"
بختصار بس بدك بنت اتصل فيني من كل يوم الدوام من 12:00 الظهر لل 4:00 العصر
يوميا" مثلا" دبي الأردن
السعودية قطر العراق وووو)(وعلى السريع بعطيك رقم بنت تكون قريبة منك)
(وكل بنت وكل شب عم بوصلن لبعض يرجى تعميم رقمي وألف مبروك شكرا")
هام جدا" اذا عممت لي رقمي هذا( مثلا"(على الفايس بوك أو غرف التعارف صور لي
على الموبيل
كبف حاطط رقمي على الأنترنت ويبعتها لي على الوتس اب له مني (سكس فون صوت
وصورة)15 دقيقة(مجانا"
رجاء كل الرجاء (نداء عاجل) لكل انسان يملك بين كتفيه رأس فية مخ بأن يتكرم
علي أنا ويضيفني على رقمي 00963944970280
(على الوتس اب)ويكتب لي وين ساكن تحديدا" مثلا" يكتب لي أنا أحمد بدبي العين
(مثلا" انا محمد بسعودية الرياض النسيم)
مثلا" انا عمار ب الاردن عمان سوق ابونصير مثلا" والله والله والله عم أتعذب
أنا حسوووو فيني ومشكورين 

Author Taylor Ann (2 months)
Oh gawd xD 

Author Ram256PL (2 months)
HAHAHAHAHAHA I couldn't stop laughing watching this film. This is all full
of bullshit

Author MonkeysUncleBob (3 months)
Oh my god my boyfriend watched a vid like this to try to undo my bra and
couldn't get it so he was just honking my boobs and going "uhh, babe yeah"
it just turned me off like a light I stopped the kissing and he tried to
move it to the bed I was ok but I asked him if he wanted me to take off my
bra instead of him tearing it to shreds so I did and he started stroking my
boobs which surprisingly turned me back on

Author ProGamersTr (12 days)
Türküm :D

Author Teodora Elena (2 months)
I can take my bra off with just one hand.. lol

Author firsa klanise (14 days)
aduh sinyl nya lemot

Author Patrick Fame (1 month)
better take the bras off before more innocent girls get killed by
lightning! :)

Author Sid Moore (2 months)
what is the point, what do you do after you take it

Author suburbannegro411 (2 months)
1:27 Really? People died when they were hit by lightning? No way...

Author Seneb&BEyond (2 months)
Almost 100 Million views... glad to see where our priorities are. ;) 

Author Chuck Norris (5 months)
i can do with no hands!

Author Lauren Baker Baker (1 day)
hey hey! Have you ever tried - Devans Dirty Dialogues? (google it) Ive
heard some interesting things about the things it teaches and my friend got
excellent money with it.

Author heba syso (7 days)
103 مليون :33 hehehe شعب ممحون 

Author Holly Rose (3 months)
Why am I watching this they ad a nasty back at 107 lol it was ugly

Author Brandon King (4 days)
Girl want to date

Author Kenny Mack (6 days)

Author Rameez Ashiq (4 days)
I do with 1 hand

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Jan mire

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=(lástima estos vídeos en la red :-(

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Mia hi momy play minecraft

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1:22 WTF??!

Author Adam Malm (22 days)


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Author Taylor Ann (3 months)
Lol "willing partner" 

Author Thygall Mattheo (4 months)
Seru nih

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ألله يخليهم يعطيهم زلزال ياىب

Author heri xfriend (24 days)
waw enak,gantian dong sama aku

Author kanyawee namkammee (25 days)

Author Elissa Landry (4 months)

Author Max John (1 month)
I'm just wondering why this video has so many views 

Author Bielka Molina (1 month)
Showe. More. Or. Your. Shows

Author Phil Kammer (1 month)
Gee wizz why not just marry her

Author dina hunter (1 month)
have sex next video

Author Sandra Martinez (1 month)
What the butt.

Author Laura Willfred (1 month)
Wow 100,000,000 views, for a video like this..

Author محمد الشمري (1 month)
لا لو سمحت

Author Tommy Dambach (2 months)
takes me 3 seconds to get a bra off and I don't even need to go under the
shirt... I've taken friends bras off in the time it takes to get a hug
haha. Also cold hands = evil... an evil I indulge in haha

Author Jacqueline Wilcox (1 month)
I wouldn't mind being someone's willing partner

Author Joshua Talbot (5 months)
almost 90 MILLION views! OMG

Author BALU JBK (1 month)
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