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Author twilot_spokle ` (4 months)
And no one is going to realize that this video has 100,000,000 views?!? 

Author Anna Balkizas (3 months)
Well do you know im a girl so now I know that people are going to do that

Author Zoe Pannini (19 days)
*Teach Your Woman How To Give You The Best Blow Job Ever*

Author VanossGaming (4 months)
Ok, Thanks i will try it. 

Author Mourin Fawzi (4 months)
i was watching diy videos and i got to this somhow.............

Author Agen0000 (4 months)
You will need:
*A willing partner

... goddamnit.

Author enrico frezza (4 months)
Holy moly 81million views, ahahahahhaahhahaha. Sad.

Author Skeletor Skeleton (5 months)
And this isnt banned or atleast flagged? Ok i will flag it myself :)

Author CanineGrowTime (1 month)
Haha, really? Funny video. Not that easy with us big bitches. Our bras
often have 4 clasps and it would be a lot more discombobulated. In any
case, her shirt is still on and this just sucks. If the partner is
"willing", you'd just strip and get it over with easier.

Author Ahmad Rizal (4 months)
1:21 lol

Author JTAC Bluemansonic (13 days)
1:00 is where men like us need to watch, step one: warm hands, step two:
remove bra clasp (watch video very carefully)

Author Faith Lapri (1 month)
and still my question remains unanswered... wtf?

Author DanGer Dsn (5 months)
Why I'm watching this?

Author Ole Tim Herr (4 months)
brings me highskool memoriez

Author Ousmane Yahaya (1 month)
Il sont des pdB-)

Author Allin Warda (4 months)

Author Ken Neth (6 months)
i was watching rubix cube videos.....

Author Vijyes Yechuri (2 months)
I searched for "one handed 5inch phone" and I got this video!

Author Maty0987654321 (5 months)
106million views. The world is rtrdd

Author Mohammad Farras Dhaifullah (1 month)
Pig....... this channellllllllll
Go to hell mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Author TJRock9601 (4 months)
LMAO! That's fricken hilarious. I'll try it (when I'm older) but I'm not
practicing with a friend, that's fricken messed up... 

Author Edelmira Humphery (2 months)
I like this boy named zackury he goes to my school

Author Guilherme Carlos (9 days)
Gostosa deixa eu te comer

Author Asma Mody (1 month)

Author victor reyes (2 months)
My nemesis >.<

Author Samual Guenthenspberger (3 months)
Thanks i will try with my girl when we're having our very first kiss so

Author David Edwards (7 days)

Author Hannah Pa (7 days)
Bra boy girl together

Author paradise life (3 months)
Vanoos i love your vioes

Author Sivan Shlinki (2 months)

Author Joseph Norman (4 months)
*I am using prolargent 5x5 extreme. Loving this s tuff, thanks for a great
product which gives my sexual power back to me again!*

Author Jackie Martinez (6 days)
I love this

Author SpiritWolf xox (20 days)
1:24 lmao 

Author سعد البيشي (1 month)
How to Undo Her Bra with One Hand:

Author Elizabeth Stormont (4 months)

Author fais rais (2 months)

Author Emily Sirus (2 months)
wearing bra sucks

Author theresa van (3 months)

Author Chloe Collison (2 months)

Author Pawsei Teeshara (2 months)

Author BadGirlz Forever (3 months)
1:32 Da heck

Author urishgago1 (3 months)

Author medina omeragic (2 months)

Author Cameron Pratt (1 month)
Don't know how I got here from minecraft

Author maciekx10 (2 months)
Hmmm, yeah, I`m not gonna ask a friend to do step 1 with me no matter how
willing he will be

Author Hannah Petersen (13 days)
Watch it NOW !!!!!!!,9!!

Author Khaye Diaz (3 months)

Author Ahmed Elshehaby (2 months)

Author Rina Arana (7 days)

Author Juan Gomez (5 days)

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