Eritrean movie "Gahdi" Part 3

Eritrea is located in the Horn of Africa and is bordered on the northeast and east by the Red Sea, on the west and northwest by Sudan, on the south by Ethiopia, and on the southeast by Djibouti. The country has a high central plateau that varies from 1,800 to 3,000 meters (6,000-10,000 ft.) above sea level. A coastal plain, western lowlands, and some 300 islands comprise the remainder of Eritrea's landmass. Eritrea has no year-round rivers.

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Author Robel saltan ( ago)


Author Angelo Ricardo ( ago)
n they also got a nice body as i ave seen in this video

Author Angelo Ricardo ( ago)
Eritrean chicks are HOOOOOOOOOT thts the only reasn i tuned in to c em

Author embagaliano ( ago)
100% agreed !! instead they r acting and casting they just reading the
script as it's!!

Author RomneyGack ( ago)
Eritrean cover of "American Pie"! Can't get any better! Anyway, is this
s'ppose to be about a guy making a movie? He DOES have a script.

Author SARON987 ( ago)
@Ethio4proud i wonder why ethiopians people are dying of hunger!!!

Author Mulugeta Haile ( ago)
I wonder why eritrean actors are so slim and thin... It seems that they
donot have better payment or living conditions....

Author alemino100 ( ago)
esseyas aforiki neza movie entezey ytikiya meselki aykifisimelkin eye kemu
dima sawa kewrideki eye yordi aytihish

Author alemino100 ( ago)
please don't be childish ok just put tho hole movie on

Author samuel mesfin ( ago)
well done, but plz upload the rest. plz plz.10Q!

Author Eshell Sawa (937 years ago)
Well yordi try to upload the rest part ASAP please thanks

Author Henok Zaid ( ago)
eta gel geber plz

Author abel solomon ( ago)
ata nebsi ..gele ba geber kemzi ko hadig medig endiki gyrkina ...

Author nadu24ful ( ago)
part 4 pls

Author azmarino asmara ( ago)
@yordinazu thanks for the upload of this movie, but i cant find the
procceding parts 4 and on...please upload them or tell me how to find

Author semere tesfaldet ( ago)
zereba walahade aysman eyu

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