DreamUp Tutorial - Flash Your Dreambox - DM500 / DM800 HD

This tutorial shows you how to use DreamUP to flash your dreambox.

The Tutorial is based on the DM500 Model, however also works with all other supported models such as the DM800.

You can download the required files from: CardShare.TV
You can also Buy a Dreambox from: SatStore.TV

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 3:18
Comments: 34

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Author Maciej Adasiak (1 month)
dzieki jak podniesc ten tuner

Author Mehdi Alahy (2 months)
Hello I wanted to ask how I could do to connect my dreambox 800 hd pvr to
my PC because my PC has 15-pin port

Author Maciej Adasiak (1 month)
25 ok

Author Mehdi Alahy (2 months)

Author Joe Mangle (9 months)
hi brilliant upload thanks for sharing ! where can i download latest image?

Author Matthew Grech (7 months)
this software can i use it to my 500s clone ?

Author TheRockerxx69 (1 year)
can you help me in private-??? I cannot flash the new firmware!!!!

Author Felix Zinyemba (1 year)
Thank you..

Author romi don (2 years)
How do you get a server?

Author -Emonzaemon - (2 years)

Author Dollos87 . (2 years)
if u could please message me i would like to ask you something about my

Author rmxd x (1 year)
what wire am i supposed to use? etherner or WHAT???

Author Declan Dwyer (2 years)
what version of dreamup do i use?

Author Vasil Gatev (3 years)
I have dm500v8 and 6 months I flashed it and it was working. I put it in
the box and few days ago I took it out again, but now it doesnt wont to
work. The green led is on, but that is all. I tryed reflashing it with
dreamup and null cable but with no success. here is what i get: 10:22:37
box type: DM500 10:22:46 Ping result: OK, box is alive and speaking to us
;-) then I try flashing it: 10:23:11 Uploading file to box but 10sec latter
I get this message: Aborted by user, Exiting What should I do

Author uniquelyad (2 years)
where do i buy the serial to usb

Author WereBrooklynAt (2 years)
why would you flash XD im a noob at this

Author fo9legend (2 years)
can you send me the link?

Author aziz hardi (2 years)
Gemini 4.70 DM500s No Time Bomb Hurteam Special_By meteor.img

Author youssefn90 (3 years)
it just does not seem to connect for me i have this plugged into my com
port inside the computer from there the null cable to the box Ethernet
plugged in also tried doing what you are doing but still will not work just
says turn on the dreambox which i have?

Author Leyenda (2 years)
but how the hell i have to conenct the dreambox with my computer ?`!!?!?!

Author Manuel De los Reyes (2 years)
does this work for the dm500s?

Author Rehmat Jahangir (3 years)
plzzz help where do i get the dreambox dm500s file

Author batigoolmessi (3 years)
can i use the 500s image for the dm 500c????????

Author MRWHITE3535 (4 years)
Will this fix my Dreambox 800HD which had the Gemini 2 image on it, but has
developed a fault, where it boots up to the Gemini 2 image and then keeps

Author Erol SAHIN (2 years)

Author Leyenda (2 years)
and where i can download dreamup ? omg..

Author CanerYilmaz94 (2 years)
what can u actually do after u flash the dreambox?

Author Disruction Lord (2 years)
what is the benefit of flashing the dreambox?

Author François Rochat (2 years)
Can you up your version of dreamup plz?

Author Gre3nDog (3 years)
I solved the problem i was the Dream up version that was to new for my DM
500s end so i didn't work so i download an older version from dream up end
it worked! I used UNIVERSAL DREAMUP V1.2 :D!! So try with that!! I heave
the website contact me if some one need help with that!

Author Kawsar Qureshi (3 years)
When I try flashing its get stuck at a stage "upload completed waiting for
acknowledge"? any help?

Author Gre3nDog (3 years)
same probleme HERE to 10:22:37 box type: DM500 10:22:46 Ping result: OK,
box is alive and speaking to us ;-) then I try flashing it: 10:23:11
Uploading file to box but 10sec latter I get this message: Aborted by user,
Exiting What should I do

Author ZIGGL3R (2 years)
My dreamup isn't doin anything it's still on the bit where it says
"connection prepared, now switch on the dreambox" n I hav switched it on
pls can any 1 help

Author Kasim Yasin (4 years)
will sky sports work after this process ?

Author Kar Ann Poh (1 year)
im using a usb to rs232 with a gender changer but its didnt work!

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