Rapper Nas talks to Bill Maher about his career

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  • Rapper Nas tells Bill Maher on Real Time about his life and works, and reveals that he's unlikely to vote Republican anytime soon.
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Comments: 298

  • Koanizm
    Koanizm 3 days ago

    Bill Faggot is such a faggot.

  • Darius Willams
    Darius Willams 6 days ago

    Come to Queensbridge motherfucker!!!! REPRESENT, REPRESENT........ FUCK THAT!!!!! #Nas gonna always b my #1 MC

  • Ben Williams
    Ben Williams 10 days ago

    He looks like the type of nigga who be pissing in your elevator

  • TravieGoesOff
    TravieGoesOff 15 days ago

    That lady feelin nas 😂

  • DilbertHernandez
    DilbertHernandez 15 days ago

    Fuck Bill Maher

  • CallMeLum
    CallMeLum 23 days ago

    It almost bugs me that Nas is being interviewed by all these people who don't appreciate his music.

  • TheHehe1223
    TheHehe1223 24 days ago


  • Vinh Phan
    Vinh Phan 24 days ago

    NAS = Network Attached Storage. He should be rappin about network devices.

  • Bram Houben
    Bram Houben 26 days ago

    nah man, he number 1

  • Respectheculture
    Respectheculture 27 days ago

    I always thought Bill major was kinda of a dick

  • Jay Rock Jinx
    Jay Rock Jinx 29 days ago

    He'll always be my number 1 emcee.

  • Captain R
    Captain R 29 days ago

    THE GOAT - has a little flab tho shirts to tight fitting

  • Chilanta
    Chilanta 1 month ago

    I reckognize Illmatic is probably Nas' greatest album but it's not my favorite album from him. Call me crazy but I like Lost Tapes and Life Is Good more.

  • Trane SFC
    Trane SFC 1 month ago

    illmatic is one of the greatest albums ever made

  • Kimson Bonney
    Kimson Bonney 1 month ago

    Wow, were those Republicans across from him?
    I wish I could have thrown a fucking Louisville slugger at their smug faces when they laughed after Bill mAHer cracked the joke.
    Republicans ARE PIECES OF SHIT ALL OF THEM....

  • Chambers Heros
    Chambers Heros 1 month ago

    to be honest, Nas is the best poetic rapper of all time, he always on a message for human struggle n excetral, he dominated African society for music rap n till this day, Africans like to play Nas n jarule period.

  • Nelson Charles
    Nelson Charles 1 month ago

    that shit don't crack ?

  • hallnoats4ever
    hallnoats4ever 1 month ago

    Belly was a good movie

  • 415City
    415City 1 month ago

    Bad lookin pudgy

  • Eric Lett
    Eric Lett 1 month ago

    a z den nas

  • joe pg Pom
    joe pg Pom 1 month ago

    a alot of dickridding here..

  • 8MileWalker
    8MileWalker 1 month ago

    Half man half amazing gets love from all around the world. I profoundly admire him, and have been existing with his music throughout long years of my life.

  • Christian Charles
    Christian Charles 2 months ago

    Nas, 8 Ball, Ghostface , Scarface , Eminem the best storytellers in hip hop. Nas buried 50 wit don't body urself.

  • Christian Charles
    Christian Charles 2 months ago

    It Was  written is the best Nas album. Illmatic, I Am, Stillmatic, Lost Tapes, N, Life is Good all classics. His mixtapes, collabos all classic. Nastradamus is the only bad album.

  • Emmanuel Shade
    Emmanuel Shade 2 months ago

    if nas was number 5 who was number 1?

  • William Eason
    William Eason 2 months ago

    Bill....shut the fuck up and let the king talk!

  • Zaqan Napash
    Zaqan Napash 2 months ago

    This interview in one word... Condescending

  • joe pg Pom
    joe pg Pom 3 months ago

    dam that lady tit sagging

  • The Boy
    The Boy 3 months ago

    Nas is that dude but he has terrible posture lol.

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali 3 months ago

    Nas is number 5? Who we joking? Nas has and will be THE NUMBER 1.

  • larry legend
    larry legend 3 months ago

    Bill just earned some hip hop points

  • Terry Turner
    Terry Turner 3 months ago


  • Shawn Sitaras
    Shawn Sitaras 3 months ago

    the album spoke reality and hits at your heart that's why it withstood time

  • It's So(ul) Amazin'!
    It's So(ul) Amazin'! 3 months ago

    Nas is a real one

  • Jamaal Penn
    Jamaal Penn 3 months ago

    bills critique on nas and sades music was spot on 4:30

  • Keron Little
    Keron Little 4 months ago

    Real brother,he's the best and honest rapper in America

  • President Santana
    President Santana 4 months ago

    Realest rapper

  • Lawson Draper
    Lawson Draper 4 months ago

    ctfu God Son!!! your learned poetry from us

  • the wasted one
    the wasted one 5 months ago

    i was born the day illmatic came out.. seen the illmatic 21st anniversary in glasgow a couple years back and he was flawless, still kicking the shit after all these years. nasty nas will always be the number 1

  • Bobby Silverman
    Bobby Silverman 6 months ago

    When Nas threw shade at the Republicans at the end😂😂lmao

  • Jamie City
    Jamie City 6 months ago

    Yo, Shakespeare was not soft at all lmao. Him and his goons stabbed and beat up a rival back in his day. There are court record that show this. He had to pay a compensation and got off. William was a straight up about thug life. 😂

  • braine0nbludd
    braine0nbludd 6 months ago

    Nas Is G.O.A.T but Bill Maher you cringy asf!!

  • Robert Leone
    Robert Leone 6 months ago

    Nas ~ GOAT.

  • thejasaeljehu
    thejasaeljehu 6 months ago

    Nas is the man! I grew up loving his music!

  • Carlito End play time
    Carlito End play time 6 months ago

    Nas you ma nummer 1 G 4 ever Q.G in da street G's up H.N.Y.C

  • Mike GS
    Mike GS 6 months ago

    thier will never b another nas!

  • theninjararar
    theninjararar 6 months ago

    idk nas came up with biggie and tupac making it to 40 is pretty good.

  • Chanpreet singh
    Chanpreet singh 7 months ago

    Best rapper of all time hands down

  • Eric Serrano
    Eric Serrano 7 months ago

    wheen this album came out i was in rikers island awaiting trial and when i heard it i never heard something so real this album changed my life and my way of thinking i salute you nas since doing 2 and ahalf years i have not been back since. i got a job

  • Ricardo Beltran
    Ricardo Beltran 7 months ago

    I bought that Album by mistake. This rap was different in a good way. I bought that album in my teens.

  • Jonathan Gomez
    Jonathan Gomez 7 months ago

    1. Nas
    2. Pac
    3. BIG

  • Arie Luxe
    Arie Luxe 7 months ago

    NAS will always be number one

  • Arie Luxe
    Arie Luxe 7 months ago

    That shit don't crack hahaha😂😂😂😂

  • Ignition 24 kb
    Ignition 24 kb 8 months ago

    Nas is the best rapper

  • SkaterJames760
    SkaterJames760 8 months ago

    Nas and Adele would be a fire ass collaboration to be real🔥🔥🔥

    • SkaterJames760
      SkaterJames760 6 months ago

      James Kim and...

    • James Kim
      James Kim 6 months ago

      +SkaterJames760 because your mother sucks

    • SkaterJames760
      SkaterJames760 6 months ago

      +James Kim and..........

    • James Kim
      James Kim 6 months ago

      because adele sucks

    • SkaterJames760
      SkaterJames760 6 months ago

      +James Kim lol please give me some details on why it wouldn't be??? if you're actually smart enough to give me some.

  • Truth fairy
    Truth fairy 9 months ago

    Beautiful, talented, intelligent, poetic genius, musical genius, mysterious, humble, gangsta but down to earth. You cant get a lot cooler than Nasir.

    PUD NUK 9 months ago

    I can't handle such greatness!!! 1 minute in and I'm melting. he is so humble, so smooth, and so handsome. I love you Nasir!

  • Rich Ə Wrych
    Rich Ə Wrych 9 months ago

    when I release
    my inner beast
    rise like yeast
    to conquer peace
    leaving savages
    to roam in the streets

    • SkaterJames760
      SkaterJames760 8 months ago

      Rich Ə Wrych DEJA VU

    • Rich Ə Wrych
      Rich Ə Wrych 9 months ago

      +matt f listen to the song. Then apologize. Rap genius fucked up once again

    • matt f
      matt f 9 months ago


    • Rich Ə Wrych
      Rich Ə Wrych 9 months ago

      you're wrong bro.

    • matt f
      matt f 9 months ago

      *When I'm deceased, by then the beast arise* like yeast
      To conquer peace leaving savages to roam in the streets
      Live on the run,
      Police payin me to give in my gun
      Trick my wisdom with the system
      that imrprisoned my son

  • Matthew willett
    Matthew willett 10 months ago

    love it lol

  • Shabiha Assad
    Shabiha Assad 10 months ago

    Bill Mahr is a faggot

  • Kheyro Kamil
    Kheyro Kamil 10 months ago

    Write book Nas . I really want to read it. make sure you include all the things we don't know about you .

  • nords udio
    nords udio 10 months ago

    lill retarded dropp that hip hop album about cut it up ask about the bizzniz and signd that we can use it , al of a suddenly you in some homo religuse sekt to murder you bitches with fans or stans or what ever

  • Fatal Fury
    Fatal Fury 10 months ago

    Respect to a GOAT MC

  • 2 NTR
    2 NTR 10 months ago

    Nicole Jones I think the lady in the green dress might agree with you.

  • Sully
    Sully 11 months ago

    he's no.1

  • Laverne Coleman
    Laverne Coleman 11 months ago

    Gurllllll! Put your tongue back in your mouth! Lol ll

  • Yvonne Gonzalez
    Yvonne Gonzalez 11 months ago

    NAS is so SEXY

  • bigman99991000
    bigman99991000 11 months ago

    The eyes tell the most than mouth. you can tell what they feel about him.

  • TheCristeo
    TheCristeo 1 year ago

    The most charisma i ever seen in Nas haha

  • Fearless Q8
    Fearless Q8 1 year ago


  • Big Poppa
    Big Poppa 1 year ago

    Nas is still my number 1. I wasn't even alive when illmatic came out.

    • Big Poppa
      Big Poppa 4 months ago

      Gas Pump I wasn't around until stillmatic.

    • Gas Pump
      Gas Pump 4 months ago

      I wasn't alive when I am... came out

    • Hulk One
      Hulk One 5 months ago

      Big Poppa Lol damn you're young

    • Grant Bethune
      Grant Bethune 6 months ago

      Axel Minani puns flow was hella nice, nas count paint a picture like Picasso

    • Axel Minani
      Axel Minani 8 months ago

      zachos2 no he wasn't

  • King James
    King James 1 year ago

    You can tell he feels uncomfortable around all these fake laughs and political correctness

  • Die Kante
    Die Kante 1 year ago

    for me its special... i live in germany ...when I was 10 I listen to god son album ... I remember listening to it over and over again without understanding something... i was sitting infront of my little music box the hole day everyday... then I stole all his albums that comes out befor... i am very happy about that I think he chances my life ... his soul is soooo big

  • NawfsideHtown
    NawfsideHtown 1 year ago

    Nas the greatest rapper of all time Period.My all time favorite Was Album is Distant Relatives."Most Underrated Album of all time"
    I just Hate Nas has bad Back Posture, straighten your back Nas.

    • Tim Alexander
      Tim Alexander 3 months ago

      NawfsideHtown Who's your top 5?

    • SF HiWi
      SF HiWi 10 months ago

      Like your comment! Funny thing is, this back posture kind of suits this low-key attitude, the humbleness. It doesn't mean that he bows down to a superior, he simply appears used to crafting his magic, his art (do you get the analogy? Sorry for the bad description, but I really feel like he is the engineer, the artist who works in such a way...)

    • Stones Jones
      Stones Jones 11 months ago

      you need more problems or real problems yo.. ;)

  • sean chestnut
    sean chestnut 1 year ago

    Bill Maher is a fuck boy

    • mal m
      mal m 6 months ago

      you just now figuring that out?

  • shady zahidi
    shady zahidi 1 year ago

    I love his voice like if you agree

  • heavyjr1
    heavyjr1 1 year ago

    "...if i ruled the world and everything in it, skies the limit, push the q 45 infinit..."

  • TheVilhu
    TheVilhu 1 year ago

    >anything cringeworthy from Illmatic?
    So, this is a quote from the album "Versatile, my style switches like a faggot.
    But not bisexual, I'm an intellectual".

  • Tim Sohn
    Tim Sohn 1 year ago

    I am so happy I was there when the album dropped and was able to enjoy it during my teenage years. I am so lucky.

  • Boss Im
    Boss Im 1 year ago

    I'm getting old
    ..20 years damn

  • Eric Carrington
    Eric Carrington 1 year ago


  • Rod D.
    Rod D. 1 year ago

    America's rapper.
    Fuck Jayz!

    • Mr Sir
      Mr Sir 1 year ago

      +Rod D. man fuck you, disrespectful ass fool.

  • Julio C.
    Julio C. 1 year ago

    This is the funniest I've seen Nas in any interview. Bill Maher could be good for hip hop related shit.

  • G Town Dave
    G Town Dave 1 year ago


  • Boss G
    Boss G 1 year ago

    you never see nas sober in and interviews hahaha
    hes not high :P

    • Omar Scruggs
      Omar Scruggs 1 year ago

      hes sober on serious shows like this. or wendy williams show or regis show. he knows when to be sober n when he can be on his regular hood shit

  • 1988Steez
    1988Steez 1 year ago

    Props to Bill Maher for this interview.

  • X1K Designer Instrumentals

    Nas has never been defeated Lyricaly or in the Street. He is number 1.

  • Wuuu
    Wuuu 1 year ago

    That feeling when u realize that Nas left school in 8th grade..

  • Paul Agola
    Paul Agola 1 year ago

    nas is a sell out compared to rakim...

    • Ryan
      Ryan 1 year ago

      I mean Nas takes influence from him and KRS. But the thing Nas has on both of them is marketing and a story to tell. Nas crushes any mainstream or underground "legend". Just like Wu Tang, Nas still remains a prominent figure in hip hop culture.

  • Celestine Meyers
    Celestine Meyers 1 year ago

    Nas T5DOA all day!!!

  • djmarz76
    djmarz76 1 year ago

    Nas's rap should be locked in a cell...King Nasir stays relevant and true to the game.

  • Waqar Saleem
    Waqar Saleem 1 year ago

    Thank you

  • KnownEpidemic
    KnownEpidemic 1 year ago

    "Rapper Nas." If you're going to essentially generalize him you should at least call him a MC. But even then it'd be an insult considering he's an artist, a writer, an actor and much more.

    • KnownEpidemic
      KnownEpidemic 1 year ago

      He's acted in around 10 movies. No matter how small his performances were, he's still an actor and clearly the directors seen his talent if they allowed him to be in the movie. 

      I get what you're saying though man. I'm by no means saying he's on the level of someone like Denzel or Al Pacino.

    • Shooter McGavin
      Shooter McGavin 1 year ago

      @knownepidemic Even tho he's in a movie, calling him an actor is kind of stretching it. That's like calling the 1985 Chicago Bears rappers, just cuz they rapped in the super bowl shuffle. I really enjoyed Belly, even with its mediocre acting (Nas being the worse). But you are right Nas is great and he is many things, I still wouldn't call him an actor tho.

    • herman diaz
      herman diaz 1 year ago

      I think Bill was probably just calling him that because of the 20th anniversary of his album, but you're absolutely right nas is versatile in the arts and is well rounded.

    • KnownEpidemic
      KnownEpidemic 1 year ago

      +Joe Basile I wouldn't worry about "Paul." Judging from his profile picture, he's constantly angry since Chelsea FC are such a shit team nowadays

    • Joe Basile
      Joe Basile 1 year ago

      +Paul Agola Really? How is he "not all that"?

  • nicole jones
    nicole jones 1 year ago

    I'm in love with Nas personality 💋😍 he is very humble 👌

  • jay Johnson
    jay Johnson 1 year ago

    Nas's voice sounds like a wise old mobster; ala, Vito Corleone

    • Joe Verity
      Joe Verity 1 month ago

      Sounds like Miles almost

    • Magic Jokic
      Magic Jokic 1 year ago

      That's why he does the voice overs for jack rabbit and Hennessy

  • HoldUpStrong
    HoldUpStrong 1 year ago

    Nasty Nasty in your area. Ready to cause mass hysteria

  • lipe cunha
    lipe cunha 1 year ago

    What a fucking King. Illmatic is forever man !!

  • Mbuso Malinga
    Mbuso Malinga 1 year ago

    That white woman got her choosi'n shoes on tho.

  • Humans above god
    Humans above god 1 year ago

    Nas is a legend

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