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Author Diya khanam ( ago)
& afaq bro sub aisa hi kehty hn par hm Pathan hn Pathan ek pic dusry k 7
dekh kr brdasht nhi kr sakty ye tu ful video hn....

Author Diya khanam ( ago)
attan khsta wo khu?????nur khu poha e...

Author aryan khann ( ago)
awesome attan but video is soo poor

Author Dubai rich kids ( ago)

Author khan azizie ( ago)
professional dance thanks for uploading 

Author khansu ( ago)
@lawF5 you are a sad case. pashto attain is a pashtoon tradition and
culture. if you are a pashtoon, you should be proud of it, if you aren't
stop watching them and let other enjoy their tradition and culture.

Author king khan ( ago)
thats very warm request to pashtuns plz dont save ur family videos in ur
mobile.there nothing wrong with this vidoe, i like the attan but what ever
these girls are some 1 sisters or daughter. Remind you we are pashtuns.
hope you guys got my messege

Author Afaq Khan ( ago)
Nothing Wrong with this video...Upload Nahi karna chahye ta but agr upload
kr b liya tu video me kuch b ghalat nahi hai...think positive... agr me
kisi larki se shadi karaha hun tu aisi video dekh kr shadi se inkar nahi
karunga...pir b usi se shadi karunga...

Author ronsingh solankey tawao ( ago)
i wan this music i love plzzzzzzzzzz tel me 

Author nida khan ( ago)
@sharih02 i love ur comment but i have one request that when ever u r
writing Allah name plz start from capital letter. thanks 

Author Johan Male ( ago)
better the boys wawawa keep it up, 

Author qais1631989 ( ago)
dir beghirata ye think if they r ur mother and sister

Author qais1631989 ( ago)
so upset the one who upload it do u think is he a muslim and pashton, i
think his or her family may do this in society, plz for godsake don't make
ur name bad in the world, plz don't thing that we may happy in it they are
our sisters and we don't want them her 

Author Ahmad Haris ( ago)
its not hostel ... i looks like home....

Author thezubair4342 ( ago)
nice dance..........beautiful

Author msaliawan awan ( ago)
good or bed 

Author aFg125 ( ago)
wa wah der she!! 

Author SHPOON SEHRAI ( ago)
@masoudafghan bro this attan is from I quetta .. and it is a family video
not of a call girls

Author SHPOON SEHRAI ( ago)
Dearoo Granooo pashtanoo wroonooo , why u saying bad about each other ,
these girls are the sisters of our all pashtons , we love them they
performing the culture, it is not bad , but the bad thing is this in our
culture it shouldn,t brought out of doors,it should be be keept indoor ,
..i don,t blame these i am sure some body els has done this... there many
ignorance people (ignorance from their pashto culture) they even don,t the
name of ATTAN , they call it dace.. its Quetta Attan

Author Ali Khan ( ago)
nice clip i think its some call girl in peshawar or not but its not hostel
girls anyway its nice clip..

Author Muhammad Ejaz ( ago)
yaar what ever but for the dance and steps wooowwww the big one if any one
of them wanna job then send me the cv on cuz i am
coming to peshawar for interviews

Author sean T ( ago)
absolutely not a wazirstan,,its is a Afghani girls and music as well

Author B_what_ur ( ago)
wow ...good

Author B_what_ur ( ago)
wow.....good dance.....:-) 

Author 110iso ( ago)

Author 110iso ( ago)

Author Faheem Wazir ( ago)
u filthy dog ! y r u insulting wazirs by tagging a false video to dey look like hostel galz???dey r aged sluts who r performing
dance at deir home...........itz na a hostel room....dere z no furnished
room in any hostel :@ and 4 ur kind information itz nt a waziristani
attan...itz quetta attan

Author Faheem Wazir ( ago)
u idiot ! cant u C, dey r nt hostel galz......dey r aged sluts who r
performing dance at da room look like a hostel room ..... don
fuck up wid wazirz :@

Author SHAHID KAMAL ( ago)
This is quetta and balochistan style Attan. i have many friends and room
mates from quetta and balochistan they do this type of attan ...... the
real waziristan is here fellow the link .........

Author SHAHID KAMAL ( ago)
this is quetta and balochistan style Attan, i have many roommate from
quetta & balochistan they do this type of attan .....

Author Ijaz Abbasi ( ago)
Guys DONT ITS HIS MOM and SIS! dont worry he is not form waziristan either!

Author SHPOON SEHRAI ( ago)
@sharih02 why u are agianst of for uploding this nice attan... i am in
iceland any timei watch this every time and feel proud about my pashton
sisters for nice attan... zwandi vi zmong shista pashtanay..

Author SHPOON SEHRAI ( ago)
granoo pashtooo wronoo, wali badi khabri liki, lagh fiker waki chi da si
khbari kwal da you ner, asal pashton kar dai ka da baghiratha oo ba namossa
oo da hindo nasala kar da.......being as pashton i am so proud of this
attan it my culture and the way the ferforming it is the best... try be +VE
some time.....

Author SHPOON SEHRAI ( ago)
this the attan of quetta.. whats wrong with u pp wnjoy ur culture....

Author bilalktk ( ago)
I am now a days collecting nice pashto songs... and I feel its a very nice
song please send m the link

Author bilalktk ( ago)
Hi, could you send me the link on song title , or album ... please I would
really appreciate you... thanks take care

Author KAKARISTAN2OO8 ( ago)
anyone who knows this song? who is the singer and where can i download this
song? come on pashtoon ppl : ) zeendabad afghan pashtoon nation

Author abandoned lucifer ( ago)
Excellent Attan ! welldun 2 u both ...

Author KING Ji ( ago)
this is Khatak attan

Author junaidumm khan ( ago)
This is not Waziristani Attan.and not waziristani girls.this is queta attan

Author zrar11 ( ago)
and secondly their is no hostel in Pakistan that let u use tv and loud
songs in a room fucking fake nothern aliance gandu video

Author zrar11 ( ago)
madarchod they are not from waziristan maybe they are nothern aliance
bitches dancing in afghanistan capital kabul

Author Muhammad Faisal ( ago)
hhh it is very nice attan dance hope everyonebody will be like it Muhammaf
from UAE Dubai

Author Jahangir Khan ( ago)
Mr. sharma !!! wat do u think that we r fighting with our people ur mom
pussy's thinking the whole drama is played 4 india inshallah we all pathan
fuck ur oooo like kargil !!!!!!!!

Author Shahriyar ( ago)
There is more poverty in India than the whole African Continent...speak for
yourself you dirty indian cunt.

Author junaidumm khan ( ago)
They r not waziristani girls this is queta atthan(queta dance) its not
waziristani girls r atthan search Mahsood attan wich i upload in youtube
this is waziristani attan

Author junaidumm khan ( ago)
IndianSharma ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ALL Khan in filems industry
fucking hindus girls Irfan phatan also fucking many indian hindus girls

Author Gohar Wazir ( ago)
tanha ork!!! think befor u give any title to ur songs....... this attan is
not like wazirs do..infact it is the quetta wal side.. even if its the
quettawal or afghan u shd not give ne title even abt pushtuns. thanks

Author Shahriyar ( ago)
There are more Pasthuns in Pakistan than Afghanistan you stupid

Author cutemasid ( ago)
dont relate them with waziristan,, u r a damn bustard...

Author someone1982nl ( ago)
zwand zwand lar aw bar Afghan ta

Author Ifti Khar ( ago)
I totally agree with naqibniazi The girls are decent with full clothes and
showing nothing but happiness only. The enjoymnet should continue and all
should enjoy instead of thinking bad for them.

Author Shahriyar ( ago)
Quetta last time I checked was in can't do this in
Afghanistan without being killed, so we can safely assume this in somewhere
in Pakistan.

Author AShahKhan ( ago)
rora what is the difference????

Author cheratberry ( ago)
attan > great up-load !!

Author Danish Khan ( ago)
the singer is daud hanif , not realli sure about what song it is, but most
of songs has almost the same brilliant music, juss google it

Author Basavaraj M I ( ago)
great yaar.. really lovely one... just keep it up..gals, great spirit..

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