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Author oichakdeyphatay (5 years)
Quetta last time I checked was in can't do this in
Afghanistan without being killed, so we can safely assume this in somewhere
in Pakistan.

Author Danish Khan (5 years)
the singer is daud hanif , not realli sure about what song it is, but most
of songs has almost the same brilliant music, juss google it

Author tanhaork (5 years)
w r u?thankx for comments

Author AfgMr1 (4 years)
da khar bachiya delete ths vedo esta kosy mor aw sis ba ham kor ki gadigye
zaror na dai chi vedo internet ki wachaye esta mor oghayama delT it da kos
pater bachyea da na sary awalada da najez bacheya

Author swetylucy12345678910 (4 years)
@boobgirl you say right he is the big kune and baggerta da

Author 110iso (4 years)

Author Syed Zulfiqar Amin Shah (5 years)
where i can get this song wht the name of the singer

Author Jahangir Khan (5 years)
Mr. sharma !!! wat do u think that we r fighting with our people ur mom
pussy's thinking the whole drama is played 4 india inshallah we all pathan
fuck ur oooo like kargil !!!!!!!!

Author qais1631989 (3 years)
dir beghirata ye think if they r ur mother and sister

Author Pashtonistan008 (4 years)
das sind tadjikiche frauen in afghanistan sexy sexy ther dance for pashtuns

Author ronsingh solankey tawao (3 years)
i wan this music i love plzzzzzzzzzz tel me

Author tanhaork (5 years)
its Dawood Hanif's song

Author bravebloodpashtoon (5 years)
fuck u not pashtoon ......

Author sharih02 (5 years)
do you think allah will forgive you...? do you have your own mother and
sisters... you may not have sisters but i m sure you have mother... do you
still feel ok if someone upload your mother pictures..???? shame on you
shame on you shame on you

Author Muhammad Faisal (5 years)
hhh it is very nice attan dance hope everyonebody will be like it Muhammaf
from UAE Dubai

Author SHAHID KAMAL (4 years)
This is quetta and balochistan style Attan. i have many friends and room
mates from quetta and balochistan they do this type of attan ...... the
real waziristan is here fellow the link .........

Author jiger53 (4 years)
way way dano valah ka ta kho de zma sra wai kana der sam attan bami dar
bande zda kalai wo sta na kho mi mkamal jar ki ka id kho de ra valigala
valah der ba khoshkhal vom(K)

Author silentboye (5 years)
these girls are not from waziristan.actully the boys who paid these girls
for dance are from waziristan.these girls are from peshawar

Author IndianSharma (5 years)
hahha.. one filthy afghan is telling a filthy pakie... ur both filthy dogs,
we will destroy both u beggars.. you are nothing without us, toooo funnnny

Author Ifti Khar (5 years)
I totally agree with naqibniazi The girls are decent with full clothes and
showing nothing but happiness only. The enjoymnet should continue and all
should enjoy instead of thinking bad for them.

Author xXfatemaXx (4 years)
@SuperPhantom0007 shame on you. there are millions of videos of men doing
this sort of thing. the rules aren't different just because they're girls.

Author abandoned lucifer (5 years)
Excellent Attan ! welldun 2 u both ...

Author junaidumm khan (5 years)
This is not Waziristani Attan.and not waziristani girls.this is queta attan

Author Syed Zulfiqar Amin Shah (5 years)
@KAKARISTAN2OO8 give me ur email i will send it to. thats afghan singer no
very famous his name is sultan......

Author sagitarian141 (5 years)
hi will u plz mention the url of the song in this video or upload the full
song. mujhay iss song ki url chaheyeh jo is video main hay, yah
bara-e-mehrbani yeh song pora upload kerdooooo advance thx

Author foxz111 (4 years)
@alichem007 waaaay waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay motherfucker pa khor de ghin
omandaaam, do u know whom u are dealing with here? i kidnap and rape people
u understand pa khor de sooor shama

Author Afaq Khan (3 years)
Nothing Wrong with this video...Upload Nahi karna chahye ta but agr upload
kr b liya tu video me kuch b ghalat nahi hai...think positive... agr me
kisi larki se shadi karaha hun tu aisi video dekh kr shadi se inkar nahi
karunga...pir b usi se shadi karunga...

Author sean T (4 years)
absolutely not a wazirstan,,its is a Afghani girls and music as well

Author fizzaafridi (5 years)
cute dance! lovely

Author SHPOON SEHRAI (4 years)
granoo pashtooo wronoo, wali badi khabri liki, lagh fiker waki chi da si
khbari kwal da you ner, asal pashton kar dai ka da baghiratha oo ba namossa
oo da hindo nasala kar da.......being as pashton i am so proud of this
attan it my culture and the way the ferforming it is the best... try be +VE
some time.....

Author foxz111 (5 years)
peshawar has turned very beghaiat with these new haamzaada generation,
their fathers were smugglers and alocohol consumers and so are their kids
haramies, now they do these kinda stuff no wonder ALLAH's azaab is on
peshawar, 130+ died that day in people mandi, 30+ died today in charsadda,
beghaiati sar pe sawar ha inn ki.

Author mehmood004 (4 years)
fuck uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Author Faheem Wazir (4 years)
u filthy dog ! y r u insulting wazirs by tagging a false video to dey look like hostel galz???dey r aged sluts who r performing
dance at deir home...........itz na a hostel room....dere z no furnished
room in any hostel :@ and 4 ur kind information itz nt a waziristani
attan...itz quetta attan

Author khansu (3 years)
@lawF5 you are a sad case. pashto attain is a pashtoon tradition and
culture. if you are a pashtoon, you should be proud of it, if you aren't
stop watching them and let other enjoy their tradition and culture.

Author B_what_ur (4 years)
wow.....good dance.....:-)

Author masidgwal (5 years)
the attanr style definitely belongs to quetta and qandahar...

Author msaliawan awan (4 years)
good or bed

Author junaid234 (4 years)
its really good but still you should not put your sisters video on
youtube.. if they are not your sisters then may be they are like your
sisters.... grow up....

Author pataha1 (2 years)

Author johan male (3 years)
better the boys wawawa keep it up,

Author lawF5 (3 years)
I guess this is one of the biggest drawbacks about cell phones with cameras
i worried a couple of years before when smartphones got flourishing in our
country,and i still fear many such other cases to come, fuck this new
telecommunication system, this ruined our society, our GHEYRAT and our
SOFAID PHSHI...esecially in our pukhtoon society, such a shame, please
remove this video!!

Author Ali Khan (4 years)
nice clip i think its some call girl in peshawar or not but its not hostel
girls anyway its nice clip..

Author Ahmad Haris (4 years)
its not hostel ... i looks like home....

Author zrar11 (5 years)
madarchod they are not from waziristan maybe they are nothern aliance
bitches dancing in afghanistan capital kabul

Author KraZzYQaiS (5 years)
Salaam Eve One ! I just dont understand you guys ....using bad words...and
such abusive language for these girls doesnt suits u all.. You guys claim
to be Pashtoons..

Author TheNymph85 (5 years)
artasay meer hir qwas oghayama!!mish badnama wayi

Author B_what_ur (4 years)
wow ...good

Author IndianSharma (5 years)
stupid pathans, after we overrun pekistan we will absorb all these pathan
areas into Mata India and breed your horny girls out. plus we need more
indian irfan pathans and nighat khans sluts in our movies. loosers, we have
u dogs fighting each other while our great country gets stronger. you are
nothing but terrorist dogs. we already fucked u in kashmir. now we can sit
back and relax while u dogs fight each other.. hahaha loosers. Jai Hind!

Author Em Axam (4 years)
@TheAliahmedkhan no yar...u can see the wooper and other music instrument
also big scrren tv? and there is no red corpet in hostels like this
bro.......the uploader hust want to rank his video

Author KraZzYQaiS (5 years)
Such language does not exist in Pashtoon Culture.. 2nd These girls are
pashtoon and its not their fault ...that u guys use such looks
like private home party and they are enjoyin it..but if somone has got it
and post it..its not their fault.. They are also humans and they also needs
fun and enjoyment...So u all brothers are kindly requested not to use such
language...use ur brains dont get emotional... Thanks De khodai pe aman
DostanO !

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