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Author Laura Ciocoiu (10 months)
2,294,136 views !!! - July 31, 2014
Thank you! 

Author kris mohan (9 months)
to any music artist reading this or anyone with music program etc. what do
you call that sound in the background of this song. the thump sound. it
starts at 42 sec

Author Sylwia Ts (21 hour)
Nobody knows who I am
Maybe you would understand
Anybody knows what I am
Down in a secret land.

Author Laura Ciocoiu (1 year)
2,091,168 on december 27th, 2013
Thank you all ! :) 

Author Sindbad DayKay (4 months)
What's the name of the castle in France seen on the 00:16 second?

Author fourkero1 (9 days)
1988 - 1989 !

Author Gianni Gasparin (9 days)

Author Klaudia Pajor (5 months)
Good night!

Author Juan José Sandoica Dalmau (14 days)

Author popi vazaiou (3 months)

Author Suez Camo (5 days)

Author Елена Ленина (3 months)
Какой голос..какой клип и какая Божественная музыка гения Мишеля
Крету.Спасибо за 80-е....

Author YaroSz (9 days)
Sandra, Sandra Cretu wł. Sandra Menges (ur. 18 maja 1962 r. Sandra Ann
Lauer ur. 18.05.1962 świętuje dzisiaj swoje urodziny, 100 lat i wszystkiego
najlepszego jubilatko bardzo droga.

Author Josef III (2 months)
Masterpiece ♥

Author Rastamila Mila (14 days)

Author Domenico Armaro (12 days)
Canzone bellissima 

Author Warbird Satanas (14 days)
thanks a lot for this

Author Adriana Szweda (2 months)

Author Marzia23041935 17051935 (11 days)
Sandra..mi ricordi gli anni più belli della mia vita ero felice e
spensierata i miei genitori mi adoravano avevo 17anni. Oggi a 47 anni
invece ho perso i miei adorati genitori cosi ascoltandoti rivivo i momenti
trascorsi tutti insieme. Sei la migliore

Author marqaswer (1 month)
Thank You Lauara 4 sharing this unbelievable song...I remember my childhood
so much...

Author Marat A (9 days)
спасибо за твое творчество!

Author strannik (4 months)
She is my ideal in music

Author Sergey Krakov (3 months)
Very Pet Shop Boys this one, but nothing wrong with that :)

Author Александр Ступин (6 months)
Классный клип,один из моих любимых!

Author Ramazan Ayrancı (2 months)
Secret Land

Author Janita PR (7 months)

Author Azula Galuba (13 days)

Author sqeric (9 days)
been listing it all night long in car and driving around city randomly.

Author VIOREL STOIAN (6 days)
BRAVO LAURA!!!...Romania ruleess!!!

Author haggi taurus (1 month)
Fantastic intro.

Author Дядюшка Женя (5 months)

Author Chelo Garcia (3 months)

Author Kob Lanker (1 month)
be continuing to live we will never forget the past

Author Līga Rēvele (2 months)
My father's idol. He always is excited hear her songs on radio. :D 

Author iren hajdu (3 months)
meg mindeg nagyon szep

Author wissem ben messaoud (4 months)
i , really, like this song so much 

Author Fredo platel (4 months)
very good !!!

Author Gérard Castel (1 month)

Author Asheem ami (7 months)
Laura Ciocoiu..........great upload. I just love you. Keep coming up with
these great ULs.

Author Sergey Magell (2 months)
Nice Music. Nostalgia.

Author Michael Graf (1 month)
Der Traum meiner Jugend! Das Lied lege ich heute noch gerne auf den

Author Andi S. (1 month)
lovely song and ....

Author qobalava q (1 month)
world is secret land 

Author Mare Pallase (1 month)

Author Karolina Lombardi Mendoza (8 months)

Author sqeric (3 months)
all time favorited


Author Sergey Stepovikov (3 months)
remember it too

Author Александр Казеев (1 year)
У меня эта песня в машине играет, особенно когда летишь по трассе в
зеркалах отражается закат и этот голос......

Author Xabier Ugarte (5 months)

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