Cow Qurbani

Eid -Ul-Azha, cow qurbani in lahore.

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Author raj malhotra ( ago)
muslimsare mother fuckers 

Author darsus19 ( ago)
this is a bad way to slaughter an animal,the more stressed you get it the
worse meat you get,and PLEASE do sharpen your freaking knife,god..

Author Dinesh HA ( ago)
you ass holes, please stop this cruel act.

Author Imran Arshed ( ago)
bhanchood kuti ma k bacho haramzado muslim ko badnam kartay ho gashti ma k
bacho qurbani b karni nai aati hamaray payaray nabi Hazrat Muhammad
(S.a.w.w) k b farman hay apni kneif taiz rakho apnay zabeha ko rahat do
pata nai tum logon ko qurbani k shok hay lakin ab kaya kahon bhanchodo dil
tu karta hay tum logon ko usi kneif sa kat dalon

Author Leon Hozhabr ( ago)
You fuck'n muslim are really dirty animal yourself. Why the khife was not
sharp you dirty rat.

Author 1rubiya ( ago)
bhai knife was not nice is tahara apki qurbani is haram

Author maddymechoist ( ago)
Sale madarchod Talibani..........

Author That GloryHunter ( ago)
the knife is not sharpened 

Author That GloryHunter ( ago)
@MrPruthvirajshakha how dare you said this you shit you dick dont dare or

Author SomeGuy ( ago)
@tnt6633 I agree that this slaughter was very very un-Islamic, but lets not
curse either. Poor animal...

Author SomeGuy ( ago)
That is not the proper way to slaughter an animal in Islam. The knife must
be very sharp and must immediately cut the jugular vein so that the animal
looses consciousness within seconds. That guy was basically hacking at the
throat. Poor animal.

Author Pruthvi rajshakha ( ago)
putting all poor animals in allahs ass u motherfucker muslim's 

Author Brennwertheizung ( ago)
Probiert das Halsabschneiden zuerst mal bei euch allen! Ihr dämlichen
Ritualfetischisten Try the throats first time with you all! Your stupid
ritual fetishists

Author 3106591364 ( ago)
shame on you people 

Author Sameer k ( ago)
Use general anaesthesia next time. Be merciful to animals otherwise
God/Allah is gong to destroy us. Daily bomb blasts, killing, crimes....

Author Sameer k ( ago)
@faisalmama1 : Hi what about teaching ppl to use general anaesthic
(Ketamine) next time. It will be pain free or animals and risk free for

Author petermines ( ago)
Can you imagine the terror that this poor animal is going through.

Author fayrari0007 ( ago)
You fuckers, take this video off the air, idiotic bhanchods don't even know
how to slaughter a cow. it should be done smoothly with one or 2 strokes
with a sharp knife, fucking dull ass knife. get a professional butcher.

Author haroon raja ( ago)
All Fuckers they dont know how to slaughter animal gandoo peoples with
gandoo knife. you should be a shamed to upload this movie the way you done
with animal dickheads. instead of thinking about making movie you should
thought about to get professional butcher nobhead.

Author Muhammad Jamil ( ago)
Paagal,,,,,,Churi to taiz karo.....

Author Khurram Sarfraz ( ago)

Author zalim0077 ( ago)
Ram ji.... us k liye tum logon k bachay bohat hain....Hum un ki qurbani ker
detay hain... Idher cow ki qurbaani ho rahi udher tumhaaray gaand main
churyaan q chul rahi hain??? lol

Author asadalibinladin ( ago)
lagta hai kasai aisi jaga say aya hai jahan qayhar or akal parah howa
tha.salay ko knife bhi har0p karni nahi atis

Author iioal ( ago)
gundo sharp the fuking knife......

Author umais umais ( ago)
basically yeh aik din walay qasai hai i think keh ain ka to jo roze mehshar
haal hoga woh to sub dekhain gay but ais mai khuch qasooooor owner ka bhe
hai keh ouse ache qasai choose kerne chahiye keh ghar ke bhar se guzarte
howe paker liye hai ous ne kise professional shop se laya hota to janwar ko
bhe takleef na hoti but yar its too terrifying not to do this with animal
plz khuch khayal kro

Author soxredsox ( ago)
kasi guhtia choori hy

Author ZamaniSahib ( ago)

Author FreeThinker Open Minded ( ago)
Madarchood kisai ko isi ki churee se ziba karo.Haramzaday nay janwar ko
tarpa tarpa kar mara hai..laanat ho aisay kisai per.

Author Muhammad Azam Abid ( ago)
ya bastard sirf eid kasai hotay hai.....lakin im shocked dat y dont people
think or make sure if dey r da rite one....i wish i wz there i would have
fucked dat asshole he dint even had a sharp he came here to
cut an apple....

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