Whited00r Custom iOS Jailbreak & Unlock For iPhone 2G, 3G, iPod Touch 1G, 2G

NEW Bring iOS 7 Like Features To Older Devices Whited00r 7.1 Jailbreak & Unlock For iPhone 2G, 3G, iPod Touch 1G, 2G:

iREB_r7 (Windows)

iREB_r7 (MAC)

NEW whited00r 6 Updated on 14th December 2012 Downloads:

Important Info Whited00r has been updated to version 6 after installing the Jailbroken custom firmware you will be ale to run Cydia, Apple app store and the 3 Store by clicking on the App store icon you will then get the choice to launch the above mentioned markets.

IMPORTANT For iPod Touch 2 Users:
Whited00r firmware only supports the iPod Touch 2G MB series, not the MC one. The two models have a different Bootloader.
Check it in Settings -- General -- Info -- Model: the first two characters indicate the series.

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Author Elquenosequeda (1 year)
Awesome video, man but I have an ipod 1st gene... Model. MA#####. version
2.2.1 do you have any idea, I tried everything still don't work

Author nyle rigor (1 year)
Hi, thank you for the vid, it did update my 3g successfully but it only has
3.something version and itunes is telling to download version 4.2, is it
okay to do this? Thanks.

Author Dave Flint (1 year)
Try so many times im sick of it! i think im just gonna mail it to you
across the ocean just so you can do it for me.

Author Jerlan Zuniga (2 years)
I got the Ipod 2G

Author Jrd4292 (1 year)
damn i cant seems to download ireb r7 . it showing problem with the page ..
do u have another dwnld link. help plz..thankz

Author Elaadlouni Mouhcine (2 years)
thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Finaly thnx thnx

Author DinoZambas2 (2 years)
Click on the link in the video description to see the Whited00r6 updated

Author DinoZambas2 (2 years)
If it's the MC model it won't be supported unfortunately.

Author Mohammed Nasim (2 years)
ios 3.1.1

Author SinbadUnstoppable (1 year)
if i used ur technique with my ipod 2g MC model will it work i know it says
its not supported but will it? (i know they have different bootloader)

Author Patrick Shreps (1 year)
Thanks! :)) It worked very well! :)

Author Rafael Dood (2 years)
it doesn't work on my ipod touch 1g :( what will i do?

Author DinoZambas2 (1 year)
Use the unlocked version of iOS.

Author DinoZambas2 (2 years)
Click on the new Whited00r 6 video in the description it shows how to
install apps that would only install on higher firmware devices.

Author CORSAIR (2 years)
It doesnt install iOS 6. It only installs the iOS features ;D

Author Nexuez Nicholas Chua (2 years)
i was successfully installed WD 6 on my i3g however when i installed some
tweak like activator & sbsettings, there was some bugs like settings
crashes and when i tried to make hard reset printscreen was activated...
what should i do?

Author Ahmed Maye (2 years)
I can't do it on iPod touch 2g it won't let me

Author chris Sss (1 year)
thx <3

Author .AceTechHD ™ (2 years)
if your using an iPod touch 1g or 2g it doesn't have a camera

Author Syrita Vaughn (1 year)

Author DinoZambas2 (1 year)
Reboot your computer then reconnect the device via a different USB port and
try again.

Author DinoZambas2 (2 years)
Open up iTunes and select restore.

Author DinoZambas2 (2 years)
Cydia is available in the app store app if you click on the new Whited00r 6
video link in the description you will see.

Author Robin Pak (2 years)
What whitedoor6 video in the description to see the updated version.. i
cant find it. can u post the video or link plz reply ASAP

Author DinoZambas2 (2 years)
Click on the video link in the description to see the new Whited00r 6 video.

Author Harshbardhan Goenka (2 years)
does it works on ipod touch 2g mc model plz reply

Author DinoZambas2 (1 year)

Author kevin stewart (2 years)
i really need your help my girl got a jailbrocken iphone3g and restored it
and lost cydia if i do this well it come back

Author BinkTinks (2 years)
By any chance do you know any Cydia app that allow you get free apps for
the iphone 2g?

Author 19Arriaga91 . (2 years)
thanks bro u were a big help I was stuck but this helped alot

Author DinoZambas2 (2 years)
iPhone 2G only goes up to iOS 3.1.3 if you want to add more feature view my
updated Whited00r 6 video link in the description.

Author miguel navarete (1 year)
i will like it though but all i want is to get the updated apps

Author Devin Brathwaite (1 year)
u iz a boss Thanks

Author DinoZambas2 (1 year)
Use Unlocked if you don't have a legit Sim card.

Author Martin Kühne (2 years)

Author Phil Sullivan (2 years)
honestly im not familiar with model types. im mainly an android user and
this is the first time i've actually owned an apple device.. so im still
learning... any tips on how to get some apps on this thing? I installed
cydia but dont really know how to use it..

Author Sedrick Alejandrino (2 years)
I got a problem ! I successfully installed whitedoors on my 3g iphone!! But
the simcard is not activated , i also tried installing the ultrasnow but it
didnt work!! What am i gonna do?? Pls help me !!

Author FreeClanGFX (2 years)
what do u do if u encounter the error. i did and i had to restore back to
its original mode

Author DinoZambas2 (1 year)
Glad the tutorial helped :")

Author DinoZambas2 (2 years)

Author ohh Friz (1 year)
i upgraded but their is no cydia??

Author paul baker (2 years)
thanks m8 a real help..

Author Miss Cieww (2 years)
i'm still not understand i have ipod 2g ios 4.2.1 but i want upgrade to ios
5..but always failed..please description step by step..which anything
software must i have to support procces install that.. thanx before _<...

Author Sandeep Jvv (1 year)
my iphone 3g after accepting the unlocked firmware from itunes after
succesfull dfu mode got 1600 error my itunes version is iphone bb

Author NRXTM (2 years)
can you explain this time machin app for me? is it in cydia

Author Lola Greywall (2 years)
@DinoZambas2 but what if your phone is jailbroken AND unlocked and just
needs that update? will the resseting part take away the jailbroken and

Author DinoZambas2 (1 year)
It a modified version of 3.1.3 that can unlock and bring iOS 6 like
features to older devices this will also allow you to install apps that
would only install on higher iOS via TimeMachine as shown in the tutorial.

Author Sandeep Jvv (1 year)
before dfu mode when i restore via itunes showing error 1015,then i used
redsnow 0.9.6b6 and bring my iphone to emergency screen mode ,then after
succesfull dfu with iREB after accepting unlocked firmware showing same
error 1600

Author Hezuzfocker (2 years)
i still need help, i hav a 2gen ipod, i did all the steps you said, and it
ended up being ios 3.1.3 and i wanna download a new game on app stores but
it says i needa update to ios 4.1.2 or so. so i updated it on itunes, and
everythin from whitedoor was gone

Author wendysremix (2 years)

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