Whited00r Custom iOS Jailbreak & Unlock For iPhone 2G, 3G, iPod Touch 1G, 2G

NEW Bring iOS 7 Like Features To Older Devices Whited00r 7.1 Jailbreak & Unlock For iPhone 2G, 3G, iPod Touch 1G, 2G:

iREB_r7 (Windows)

iREB_r7 (MAC)

NEW whited00r 6 Updated on 14th December 2012 Downloads:

Important Info Whited00r has been updated to version 6 after installing the Jailbroken custom firmware you will be ale to run Cydia, Apple app store and the 3 Store by clicking on the App store icon you will then get the choice to launch the above mentioned markets.

IMPORTANT For iPod Touch 2 Users:
Whited00r firmware only supports the iPod Touch 2G MB series, not the MC one. The two models have a different Bootloader.
Check it in Settings -- General -- Info -- Model: the first two characters indicate the series.

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Author Tajae Biggs ( ago)
Hey, I've tried with my IPhone 3G and I got Error 1600 0r !601. What do I

Author Elquenosequeda ( ago)
Awesome video, man but I have an ipod 1st gene... Model. MA#####. version
2.2.1 do you have any idea, I tried everything still don't work

Author nyle rigor ( ago)
Hi, thank you for the vid, it did update my 3g successfully but it only has
3.something version and itunes is telling to download version 4.2, is it
okay to do this? Thanks.

Author Dave Flint ( ago)
Try so many times im sick of it! i think im just gonna mail it to you
across the ocean just so you can do it for me.

Author Dragan Alyn ( ago)
Thanks man ,it works !

Author Cletus297 ( ago)
i've done everything as described. However when i open iTunes with the
iPhone being in DFU-mode the error 1479 appears (no connection to update
servers) Does somebody have any solutions? thanks in advance!

Author Tayseer Awni ( ago)
pop up error 1600 what the solution please

Author Sandeep Jvv ( ago)
before dfu mode when i restore via itunes showing error 1015,then i used
redsnow 0.9.6b6 and bring my iphone to emergency screen mode ,then after
succesfull dfu with iREB after accepting unlocked firmware showing same
error 1600 

Author Sandeep Jvv ( ago)
after succesful DFU state via iREB-r7 ,itunnes still showing 1600 error .
while i am restoring via itunes showing 1015 error 

Author Sandeep Jvv ( ago)
my iphone 3g after accepting the unlocked firmware from itunes after
succesfull dfu mode got 1600 error my itunes version is iphone bb

Author Mihaela Unknown ( ago)
Thank you it works

Author utopiaeclipse lee ( ago)
hey. just have a quarry i want to ask... umm can i update my iphone while
on white door and still keep the cool whited00r features??? 

Author FRIZ ( ago)
i upgraded but their is no cydia??

Author Syrita Vaughn ( ago)

Author Devin Brathwaite ( ago)
u iz a boss Thanks 

Author digital4628 ( ago)
HEll YEAH!!! AWESOME!!! Thanks 

Author chris Sss ( ago)
thx <3 

Author miguel navarete ( ago)
i will like it though but all i want is to get the updated apps 

Author miguel navarete ( ago)
everything worked very well but it downgrade it to 3.1.3 and i cant get
facebook if you help me ill subscribe and like this video plus tell my
freinds about it

Author Kaye Cueto ( ago)
i installed whitedoor but it downgraded my ios to 3.1.3 although it looks
like ios6 its hard to download apps. i want the newest versions of twitter
facebok and others apps. help please? :) 

Author Jeffrey Medina ( ago)
RELATED to jerome ramales case, i download whited00r 6 and fallow the
procedure you instruct on this vid. i used ios 5.1 4.2 and 4.1 always
appear ver. 3.1.3 . so it means its good it can download apps in the ver of
ios 6. i tried amplitube but i dont work .. requires 5.1 higer ver

Author MysteriousUnknown14 ( ago)
hey ii have iphone 3g and when trying ireb it does not recognize my
iphone... so can u help me 

Author Jerome Ramales ( ago)
Sir, when I do that step by step its running good but the version 4.2.1
goes to 3.1.3, what should I do? 

Author Jrd4292 ( ago)
damn i cant seems to download ireb r7 . it showing problem with the page ..
do u have another dwnld link. help plz..thankz

Author Los Daddy ( ago)
I also commented, Subscribed and Liked :D

Author Los Daddy ( ago)
Dude ummm... it says " The Ipod could not be restored because the firmware
file is not compatible" Im using an Ipod touch 1st Gen. 

Author Patrick Shreps ( ago)
Thanks! :)) It worked very well! :)

Author Patrick Shreps ( ago)
Can Anybody help me? I did this process BUT i used normal whited00r, BUt my
phone is also jailbroken. IT made my phone locked. What should i do? PLease
help me. 

Author Patrick Shreps ( ago)
Hey i have an jailbroken iphone 3g. What kind of whited00r should i
download? Normal or Unlocked? 

Author KeepRockin ( ago)
can anybody help me? it says activate sim card shit and shows all the
features of iso 5 and i got iphone 2g

Author oj juice ( ago)
ipod 2nd gen. ios 4.2.1

Author oj juice ( ago)
hey nice tutorial but everytime i try to custom restore when the restore is
finished it still says its in dfu mode and needs to restore again. when
this happens it wont turn on. please help 

Author GirlsPinkLifestyle ( ago)
why do you have to put ireb ??

Author AceTechHD ( ago)
if your using an iPod touch 1g or 2g it doesn't have a camera 

Author paul baker ( ago)
thanks m8 a real help..

Author Aadit Thakuri ( ago)
its works but when I am going record vedio it crash why ' 

Author BeaTHaZaRD2k59 ( ago)
Does it bring a Jailbreak with it ? I trief to load Whited00r 6 on my
iPhone 3G and there was no cydia :( !

Author john stephen bagaygay ( ago)
thank you so much :') it's work on my Iphone 3g !

Author Rafael Dood ( ago)
it doesn't work on my ipod touch 1g :( what will i do? 

Author Hamit Khurana ( ago)
i tried with this software but my ipod 2g downgrade in 3.2.1 

Author Gabocod ( ago)
Friend, i did all the things in the vid and it turned out quite nicely,
thank you. The only problem is that it didnt install me Cydia, which is a
problem :/ I have Ipod Touch 1g, what can i do?

Author Nexuez Nicholas Chua ( ago)
i was successfully installed WD 6 on my i3g however when i installed some
tweak like activator & sbsettings, there was some bugs like settings
crashes and when i tried to make hard reset printscreen was activated...
what should i do? 

Author Harshbardhan Goenka ( ago)
does it works on ipod touch 2g mc model plz reply 

Author Mark Mikhail Cabasa ( ago)
good evening zambas how can i activate my simcard its not reading i already
update the ultrasnow.repo666 ?? 

Author Angelo Baluyot ( ago)
That is official working , well i have a iPod 1st Gen. and i want to Update
to 4.3.1 because i got 3.1.3 version of IOS . Pls HELP :)

Author Blackout842 ( ago)
mines stuck on preparing for iphone restore ???

Author Jerlan Zuniga ( ago)
I got the Ipod 2G 

Author diego lopez ( ago)
Hello guys. I can say i love whited00r so far. Ive been using it for a
month now. Although I can't get whatsapp to work. I downloaded it using the
app market-time machine. But once I open it and try getting the code to
activate it, an error message pops up saying the version is too old. Would
u help me? Any solution or alternative would be great. Thanks! :)

Author Sedrick Alejandrino ( ago)
I got a problem ! I successfully installed whitedoors on my 3g iphone!! But
the simcard is not activated , i also tried installing the ultrasnow but it
didnt work!! What am i gonna do?? Pls help me !!

Author Ambrosia Dominguez ( ago)
PLEASE HELP!!! I'm not really tech savvy I bought an iphone2gen that's
jailbroken with cydia but only to 3.1.3 what do I do??

Author jose matheus ( ago)
WHITED00R 7 iphone 2g V 4.3

Author Hezuzfocker ( ago)
i still need help, i hav a 2gen ipod, i did all the steps you said, and it
ended up being ios 3.1.3 and i wanna download a new game on app stores but
it says i needa update to ios 4.1.2 or so. so i updated it on itunes, and
everythin from whitedoor was gone 

Author DeeDurano ( ago)
Thanks! it worked! but how to download Cydia? There's no Cydia :(

Author Miss Cieww ( ago)
i'm still not understand i have ipod 2g ios 4.2.1 but i want upgrade to ios
5..but always failed..please description step by step..which anything
software must i have to support procces install that.. thanx before _<...

Author Lola Greywall ( ago)
@DinoZambas2 but what if your phone is jailbroken AND unlocked and just
needs that update? will the resseting part take away the jailbroken and

Author Phil Sullivan ( ago)
honestly im not familiar with model types. im mainly an android user and
this is the first time i've actually owned an apple device.. so im still
learning... any tips on how to get some apps on this thing? I installed
cydia but dont really know how to use it..

Author Phil Sullivan ( ago)
whitedoor never works on my ipod 2G... i go thru all the steps and this
little piece of shit keeps gettin stuck in dcfu mode or whatever the hell
its called. and the only way to get it back on is to restore... 

Author Shane Broom ( ago)

Author gkaka jay ( ago)
mad it shot fi real yo thankz alot yo 

Author DiamondsNPearls86 ( ago)
Oh yeah and how do I find my pictures from before the update?

Author DiamondsNPearls86 ( ago)
Thank you so much but now I have 2 questions when I connect to iTunes it
says a new update 4.2.1 is available should I click no on this every time?
and how do I restore my music and files?

Author Pratik Shah ( ago)
accidentally restored to normal wd6 on iphone 2G. Is there a way to unlock
or restore unlocked wd6? PLease help

Author Jono Glastonbury ( ago)
Yes yes yes, you're the best!

Author _princessdiana ( ago)
How can I put my ipod in DFU mode if my home button doesn't work? :( xD
help? thanks. 

Author Zack baller4life ( ago)
I can't do it on iPod touch 2g it won't let me

Author Paulie Dee ( ago)
AWsum tutorial my friend, and it works like a charm to, so much thank's for
that DinoZambas2 :)))

Author iTzZ Snipez ( ago)
u cant get ios 4.3 on ipod touch 1st gen 

Author Vukasin Lukic ( ago)
I followed this tutorial and didn't get cydia ? Please help me.

Author Adam Szczechowicz ( ago)
Do you need ireb

Author Chris Paul ( ago)
By any chances is your favorite alphabet "D"and your favorite number 7?

Author HatefulziinPR ( ago)
it didnt gave me cydia and it is not the right iso

Author HatefulziinPR ( ago)

Author Da King “DKP” Of Poetry ( ago)

Author kevin stewart ( ago)
i really need your help my girl got a jailbrocken iphone3g and restored it
and lost cydia if i do this well it come back 

Author CORSAIR ( ago)
It doesnt install iOS 6. It only installs the iOS features ;D

Author Elaadlouni Mouhcine ( ago)
thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Finaly thnx thnx 

Author Martin Kühne ( ago)

Author NRXTM ( ago)
is it an appstore app or do you get it from cydia? 

Author Josiah Williams ( ago)
i did that but i got an error and i cant get my ipod out of pwned dfu

Author Waseem Abbasi ( ago)
what is the link for the ipod?

Author kenroy flemmings ( ago)
I fake my ios 6.0.2 but iTunes won't let me download the new apps like

Author Jester T ( ago)
i did this and i still cant download apps.. i have an iphone 3g and its
tellin me i need a higher iOS :/ 

Author Niranth Padmonkar ( ago)
How do you get the time machine app

Author NRXTM ( ago)
can you explain this time machin app for me? is it in cydia

Author FreeClanGFX ( ago)
what do u do if u encounter the error. i did and i had to restore back to
its original mode 

Author RetroAlto ( ago)
ok i think i fixed it, i went to restore from this backup: then picked the
oldest one, pew i think this worked, 

Author RetroAlto ( ago)
PLEASE HELP I'm really upset right now! whited00r deleted my other apps and
i want them back!!! i went to itunes and clicked restore to lst back up and
it had an error because of the software but i then saw it was automaticly
backing up my phone in it's current state! does that delete my other back
up? i tryed agian to restore but it was restoreing then i turned it on and
it was the same so does that mean it restored it to itself??? is there a
way to choose witch back-up u want??? help :'(

Author Laura Lawliet ( ago)
Hello, I just installed this for my iPhone 3G with a SIM. I downloaded the
Normal Whited00r and it works smoothly and perfectly. I have a question,
though: I used "Time Machine" on the "App Market" to find apps, and I
downloaded "Whatsapp". I found two applications. One downloaded and
installed but said it was expired and the other said it wasn't a valid
".ipa" file... I really don't know why it won't work. Would you know if
there is any additional installing/changing I have to do? Thank you.

Author dangalangtime ( ago)
I've already installed the entire whited00r update, but when I try to
download the app directly from iTunes via a direct connection, it still
tells me that I need a newer operating system to download it.

Author dangalangtime ( ago)
Is it possible to get snapchat with an iphone 3g using this jailbreak?

Author Marco Diversi ( ago)
thanks, what repo to add now that i've just find out that appsync is no
longer available cuz cydia.hackulo its over ?

Author Angelica Abasto ( ago)
so i tried this and my iphone 3g downgraded to ios 3. any help on how to go
back to ios 4?

Author Mark Kevin Navales ( ago)
hey dude can you link me the link for Mac download tnx

Author meiel miller ( ago)
used this with my ipod 2g everything went well up until i pressed shift +
restore.. the firmware didn't show up?? help!

Author John Smith ( ago)
oh and i am trying this with a ipod toucg 1g

Author Dan Rigor Mortiz ( ago)
i used the normal not the unlocker because i uses sim and did it with

Author Dan Rigor Mortiz ( ago)
i cant download apps because it's still version 3.1.3? i thought it will
upgrade the version. i checked the settings and as i said the version is
3.1.3. kindly help me pls.. ill wait for your reply. i want to fix

Author Dan Rigor Mortiz ( ago)
i did it again. it works.. but the the version is still 3.1.3. what should
do? it has terminal and icloud.. there is no cydia and the version is still
3.1.3. help pls!

Author Dan Rigor Mortiz ( ago)
i tried it but the dfu failed. what should i do?

Author Alexis Rivera Carrasco ( ago)
Thank you so much man, it works perfectly:)

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