Mean Tweets - President Obama Edition #2

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  • Being President is a tough job. It’s one of the only jobs where you get a new approval rating every day. Now that we have this thing called social media, the President gets hundreds of judgments every hour of every day, many of them unpleasant. For the second time, President Obama has agreed to read them for our second-ever Presidential Edition of #MeanTweets.

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    Mean Tweets - President Obama Edition #2
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Comments: 19 422

  • Hugh Jassole
    Hugh Jassole 6 hours ago

    1:38 watching that was just beautiful

  • joseph tassone
    joseph tassone 10 hours ago

    Trump with the biggest clap back of all times.

  • Alyssa G.
    Alyssa G. 15 hours ago

    OBAMA'S A SAVAGE! 😂🔥🔥 BURRRNNN @DONALDTRUMP...... too bad that backfired. Hail President Donald Trump 😂

  • sumi
    sumi 15 hours ago

    he looks at his phone like an old person HAHAHA

  • Imperialism
    Imperialism 18 hours ago


  • David Giunta
    David Giunta 1 day ago

    HA! Suck it Obama:)

  • Becoming Godsize
    Becoming Godsize 1 day ago

    even the globalist/media had obama brainwashed

  • Klara Johanson
    Klara Johanson 1 day ago

    But why have ppl build a $25 billion wall, when the Mexicans can buy a $25 ladder. Really Trump😒

  • Challenge Accepted

    the ending tho

  • Oshawott Nate
    Oshawott Nate 1 day ago

    the phobe drop😂😂

  • MikeVJ
    MikeVJ 2 days ago

    "Do not insult the crocodile until you have crossed the river" - African proverb

  • Jennileriver
    Jennileriver 2 days ago

    @realDONALDTRUMP got roasted by Obama

  • MrSophisticatedChild

    1:22 I just want to keep coming back and watching this bit lol

  • Just Huy
    Just Huy 2 days ago

    1:29 at that moment, u knew, u fuked up

  • Drey Anime
    Drey Anime 3 days ago

    I luv seeing the bad grammar the people said.

  • I'llbeyourbudski1432

    I think it is safe to assume that trump will go down as the worst president in the history of the United States

  • Zidane Malik As'ad
    Zidane Malik As'ad 3 days ago

    Irony hit Obama hard

  • A.I. Privilege
    A.I. Privilege 4 days ago

    Ha! when you bet it all on black and lose lmmfao!

  • claton blade
    claton blade 4 days ago

    dang, beer is 22$ for a 15 pack here in canada.

  • Serbian Space Marines

    You know, looking back he really was a vindictive narcissist.

  • Bitch You Mad?
    Bitch You Mad? 5 days ago

    I love this man. I wish he could continue being our president for many more years to come..sadly he could only stay in office for 4 years. :'(

  • Plummybo
    Plummybo 5 days ago


  • Golden Bulls
    Golden Bulls 6 days ago

    I bet all these people are racist white people who love Donald trump

  • Mo Red1
    Mo Red1 6 days ago

    Loved the phone drop.

  • Anthony Kish
    Anthony Kish 6 days ago

    when Obama said that he will go down as a president to Donald Trump, that isn't very true anymore. ha

  • dennis soh
    dennis soh 6 days ago

    ohhhh that last tweet. no more burn effect.

  • Franscine Garcia
    Franscine Garcia 6 days ago

    Now the Alt Right movement is the one laughing.

  • דוד רודנב
    דוד רודנב 6 days ago

    " at least i would go down as a President". LoL

  • Meg Does Stuff
    Meg Does Stuff 6 days ago

    That last one got me tearing up a bit

  • GamerHavoc27
    GamerHavoc27 6 days ago

    Someone should have time traveled to keep that from happening...

  • Jimmy Conant
    Jimmy Conant 6 days ago

    1:43 MAGA

  • Noah Blanchard
    Noah Blanchard 7 days ago

    the irony

  • the road warrior
    the road warrior 7 days ago

    and then trump won suck it

  • Rammy
    Rammy 7 days ago

    lol obumah failed liek on hiz loife lololol, dolan thump is of bettu dan him, maek murica grate aigan

  • Zion Fisher
    Zion Fisher 7 days ago

    If Donald Trunps crazy ass kept taking bad about Hilary and saying it's gonna be huge! I guess I'm 10 years old and I can run since his stupid ass ran!

  • Andre Martänz
    Andre Martänz 7 days ago

    and only a few months after he left there is a new worst president in the history of the united states. Well done, Donnieboy

  • Petha
    Petha 7 days ago

    #neverforget obama's clapback at trump 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😩😩😩😩

  • Petha
    Petha 7 days ago

    Can we keep doin these even tho Obama isn't president anymore ?

  • Adam Breez
    Adam Breez 8 days ago

    Lol...... how stupid does he feel now?

  • R_ Loretta
    R_ Loretta 8 days ago

    I laughed at the last one and then I cried because, "at least I will go down as a president." So depressing that Trump is technically sort of a "real" president now.

  • MrSportsnation2
    MrSportsnation2 8 days ago

    Obama is one of the most overrated presidents ever

  • MrSportsnation2
    MrSportsnation2 8 days ago

    Ha jokes on Obama

  • MrSportsnation2
    MrSportsnation2 8 days ago


  • JpSummers
    JpSummers 8 days ago

    dat boy dropped the phone😂

  • Gideon 5527
    Gideon 5527 8 days ago

    "At least I will go down as President......."
    Me:WEEEEEELLLLLLL There's something you should know.

  • Lady Von Hautkopf
    Lady Von Hautkopf 8 days ago

    So Trump took this as a challenge and now he's doing everything he can to be the Worst President Ever? Makes sense, somehow.

  • Noctem Aeternam
    Noctem Aeternam 8 days ago

    Omg I miss President Obama

  • Assyriansoldier1933

    1:41 will who's the president now ha loool

  • Psiberzerker
    Psiberzerker 9 days ago


  • PrincessKLS
    PrincessKLS 9 days ago

    This is one reason why I'm going to miss Obama, I can't image Trump doing this and having so much fun.

  • Rainbow Writer
    Rainbow Writer 9 days ago

    DAMN! That last one was so prophetic! The part about Obama was wrong..but this is a "what goes around...." kind of Trump tweet. We now have an all new LOW that a President has to be, to be the worst. #thanksTrump

  • Andrew Blanchard
    Andrew Blanchard 9 days ago


  • Tanner Reynolds
    Tanner Reynolds 9 days ago


  • Natalie Ann
    Natalie Ann 9 days ago

    Trump would never do this!

  • Salt AU
    Salt AU 10 days ago

    Could you imagine orange Trump having to read Mean Tweets?

  • The cup Rapmon throws in the Run MV


  • Shadae McFarlane
    Shadae McFarlane 10 days ago

    That last one though!!!😂😂😂😂😭😭

  • pinkstate
    pinkstate 10 days ago

    Who's laughing now Obama?

  • Cole Privitere
    Cole Privitere 10 days ago

    Who isn't a president?

  • Easter Man
    Easter Man 10 days ago

    Bro trump is the president of the us saad times

  • III David III
    III David III 10 days ago

    They should skip Donald Trump, he might turn orange to red when he reads the tweets and blow up the place or something...

  • yousef yousef
    yousef yousef 11 days ago

    you played yourself my friend

  • Ronald Perez
    Ronald Perez 11 days ago

    Screw Obama

  • camerica135
    camerica135 11 days ago


  • ES3
    ES3 11 days ago

    Lol 1:41 trump is the president now 😂

  • Nan0 HD
    Nan0 HD 13 days ago

    Do a trump version of this

  • Danny Sanchez
    Danny Sanchez 13 days ago

    Never knew a president could have a sense of humor.

  • Ahmad al arif
    Ahmad al arif 13 days ago

    They should just delete this video after donald trump became president

  • Miguel Acayan
    Miguel Acayan 13 days ago

    Obama jinxed it

  • Hey Ho
    Hey Ho 14 days ago

    Don't lie. You would love to see Trump doing one of these.

  • Xenomorph
    Xenomorph 14 days ago



  • Bahari Brizo
    Bahari Brizo 16 days ago

    Trump isn't worthy of being called the president of the US. To me, Obama is still President, and will be until someone equally worthy steps into his shoes.

  • Dowon Kim
    Dowon Kim 16 days ago

    that last statement by Obama was savage and it's boutta come tru hahaha

  • lien schuller
    lien schuller 16 days ago

    Sadly now Trump is president bet he would not handle mean tweets with class like Obama did. Oh wait Trump block people who post mean tweets or doesn't agree with him.🙄

  • Paladin1warrior
    Paladin1warrior 17 days ago

    Trump trashed Obama, Obama then counters and throws his phone down. Trump does an ultimate counter and Obama throws his keys to the White house down for him. Trump is the legendary Emperor of the Republic!

  • R3LYKS
    R3LYKS 18 days ago

    Obama roasts. Trump cries and throws a fit.

  • yaeuhw
    yaeuhw 18 days ago

    My tweet reads......
    Barack Obama is an arrogant pompous ass! #trumpispresident

  • Elmer J. Fapp
    Elmer J. Fapp 18 days ago

    I couldn't hear the last over trump being the president

  • Farrell Deebach-Carpenter

    Obama coolest Pres I have gotten to see in my life time so far!!! Fuq the haters 😀

  • Rebecca Kaysinger
    Rebecca Kaysinger 19 days ago

    This was funny until the last extremely tragic tweet, and then I was bawling like the end of Marley and Me #ohgodnowhathavewedoneobamanoooooohelpuspleasewerefuckedforeverohsweetjesusimslowlysuffocatinginapoolofshitcalledtheUSofA

  • Singing Sammy
    Singing Sammy 19 days ago

    The last one gets me every damn time I can't help to laugh or just have a little minute to go damn wonder if Obama looks at this some times and says I really should have rethought all my wording for that last one there

  • Contact VIP Jamaica
    Contact VIP Jamaica 19 days ago

    well... at least you won't be the worst president for sure

  • Stella viura
    Stella viura 19 days ago

    I miss u Obama

  • Erick Braga
    Erick Braga 19 days ago

    If they do this with Trump it will start WW3

  • James Feldmann
    James Feldmann 19 days ago

    that last joke isn't even funny now. that just hurts.

  • Maria Eduarda
    Maria Eduarda 20 days ago


  • Merrilou Neigenfind
    Merrilou Neigenfind 20 days ago

    Y'all think Trump is presidential? OMG. Just fyi, the earth revolves around the sun.

  • werner van rensburg
    werner van rensburg 20 days ago

    when the rigging of the election didnt work as plannef

  • PrivatePR
    PrivatePR 20 days ago

    Lol, the comments are mainly triggered Conservatives.

  • Maniac Bob
    Maniac Bob 21 day ago

    that last tweet from donald dumb trump, made me laugh, because he might go as the worst and shortest serving president in US history hahaha.

  • Little Apple
    Little Apple 21 day ago

    Oh the irony

  • Fu Fulviarella & Custard Karim

    "Well, at least I will go down as a president."


  • West Graham
    West Graham 21 day ago

    obama is a beast
    crap trump

  • Afrina Mohamad
    Afrina Mohamad 21 day ago

    How could all of this people wrote a mean tweets for obama He is a better president than you know who (Donald Trump)

  • JoE d0e
    JoE d0e 22 days ago

    I would pay to see a Donald Trump edition

  • Jay M
    Jay M 22 days ago

    Its funny how he says "well Donald, at least I will go down as a president"... and now Trump is president... lol... funny how things turn out isn't it?

  • Eli Johnson
    Eli Johnson 22 days ago

    Lol. Bet Obobo feels dumb after reading that last tweet. Thanks, Obobo.

  • greenbeancom38
    greenbeancom38 22 days ago

    Epic funny

  • 8thwonder0608
    8thwonder0608 22 days ago

    "AT LEAST I WON'T GO DOWN...AS A PRESIDENT!" President Obama already knows the future of his successor. #PHONEDROPBITCH

  • Tate Dudley
    Tate Dudley 22 days ago

    Little did Obama know

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