Triggered To Death By Milo Yiannopoulos

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  • Xxxsorrow
    Xxxsorrow 1 hour ago

    Thank God I live in Europe.

  • Bob Turd
    Bob Turd 4 hours ago

    That brotha had it all wrong, white supremacy is try in to make your race supreme which is what these coon ass niggas are doin in BLM. I used to roll with BLM but after all the riots and not speaking out against the shitbags I gladly fell outta that crowd real quick.

  • Tom Palmer
    Tom Palmer 10 hours ago

    When they set fire to a building because Milo came to Berkley to speak there is nothing they could have done to increase Milo's stature in the public media more than that. Milo looked like the man of reason, and the people at Berkley looked like fanatics and thugs. Blaire is right. If you want to discredit someone, buy them a microphone. Let them spout their rhetoric. If what they're saying is valid, it will be respected. If it isn't, it will be relegated to the trash bin of history.

  • Tom Palmer
    Tom Palmer 11 hours ago

    So much for the free press and freedom of speech.

  • Nintendo Realm
    Nintendo Realm 1 day ago

    keep no hate-speech on this campus

  • MarkiPewdSepticeye KaleKaZaM

    I am noticing that SJWs and leftist are a lot more violent than anyone else. Everybody else seems to act rational and mature, while these people are the ones who seem to go off the deep end in every video they are in. Hmm, I think that says something about how mentally unstable they all are.

  • Spacey.
    Spacey. 1 day ago

    Milo is too handsome and eloquent for the title of "dangerous faggot"

  • Jon Almeida
    Jon Almeida 2 days ago

    " fuck me" you know what... I fucking would. :*

  • Brandon Miner
    Brandon Miner 2 days ago

    3:05 When the camera turned around, I just was dead XD

  • TheHerothief
    TheHerothief 3 days ago

    christina hoff sommers is just adorable!

  • oboestavs
    oboestavs 4 days ago

    @BlairWhite: I've been watching a lot of your videos lately, and I really appreciate that you're willing to have different opinions and spark debate. I don't always agree with you, but it's refreshing to see someone who speaks with reasoned arguments and thoughtfulness. And you often make me rethink a lot of attitudes I have, which is (I think) the point of your channel. I lean left of centre, so I can definitely relate to the desire for reasonable discourse about heated topics.

    One thing I've noticed though, is you tend to take potshots at people's appearance. Your arguments are so great, and I love when you take similar potshots at others' bullshit. You are just as sassy, but it works in your arguements' favour(s). Your quote from this video sums up how I see it quite well:

    "If Milo truly is toxic and problematic, and a bigot and as horrible as these people make him out to be, they really should let him speak. Because the best way to lose the argument, look like a fool, whatever, is to let him say his positions out loud uninterrupted. And then, if you have any confidence in your own arguments, make your own."

    I realise the parallel is not perfect, but attacking appearance over ideas undercuts your message - which is really a shame, because your message is worth hearing and saying. I hope this is something you'll consider, because I love the sass on your channel; I just hope it can be better directed to help your message.

  • Mackenna Litz
    Mackenna Litz 4 days ago

    "that's white supremacy right there why don't you give him the mic" ITS HIS FUCKING SHOW LMFAO WHAT

  • Mackenna Litz
    Mackenna Litz 4 days ago

    deadass milo and ben are the sharpest mother fuckers i know - no one can prove them wrong such legends

  • Mackenna Litz
    Mackenna Litz 4 days ago

    i fucking love milo so much he's such an icon

  • heheszki
    heheszki 4 days ago


    Oh god, this is a good one.

  • Red Pill
    Red Pill 4 days ago

    I think these people are doing themselves more harm than good. The beauty of technology is that all of this insanity gets captured and posted for thousands of people to see.

  • Addy Marshall
    Addy Marshall 4 days ago

    "black people have NEVER BEEN SUPREME!"
    um how about obama you idiot??

  • SleepyPuddle 6
    SleepyPuddle 6 5 days ago

    I support Milo, he's not afraid to say what needs to be said and he also says it in an accurate and hilarious fashion

  • GoCeltics734
    GoCeltics734 5 days ago

    came here from the youtube rabbit hole.....stayed for the Iron Maiden

  • Nerd Nation
    Nerd Nation 7 days ago

    If trigglypuff spent half of the time protesting to exercise, he might actually be thin

  • orison17
    orison17 8 days ago

    so many likes for blaire's awesome way of thinking and then another some for her love of iron maiden!

  • WorldsOkayestCableGuy

    lip syncing Wasted Years....I think I'm in love💘 you're my favorite tranny Blair don't change.

  • Soul full
    Soul full 9 days ago

    Lol. can anyone really take this audience (they are like bunch of disrespectful loud monkeys) seriously?

  • missmommy185
    missmommy185 10 days ago

    I just found your channel and I must say that after watching only a few videos, I really like what you have to say! I subscribed :)

  • IlluminatiConfirmed
    IlluminatiConfirmed 10 days ago

    whos that lady?

  • Cool Beanz
    Cool Beanz 11 days ago

    I'd probably listen to Milo more if he didn't say that hypocritical comment about lesbians

  • Richard Leonard
    Richard Leonard 13 days ago

    Up the Irons!

  • Higher Vibration
    Higher Vibration 13 days ago

    These people are disgusting! They are a big joke!

  • Taj Obliëk
    Taj Obliëk 13 days ago

    Oh I thought the most attractive guy was the lightskin in the blue shirt. NUT

  • Jesse Turner
    Jesse Turner 14 days ago

    Loved your point that said "Let Milo speak." If he is so horrible people will figure it out! JEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Corey MaxWell
    Corey MaxWell 17 days ago

    Blaire White, I thought it said Blair Witch?

  • Avocado1
    Avocado1 19 days ago

    Wasted Years by Iron Maiden right at the very end! I was wondering what types of music Blaire likes. COOL!

  • Blue Glass Productions

    +Blaire White, the fact that you like Iron Maiden (as well as being an anti-SJW and anti-Feminist and seeing the world the way it is), makes me want to Marry you.

    If I had a Ring and knew where you lived, I'd travel to your House, get down on one knee (my bad knee) and propose to you, and remember I have a long way to travel as I live in UK.

    TYLER WILSON 20 days ago

    My erectile dysfunction was cured when I heard Iron Maiden

  • crona ampora
    crona ampora 20 days ago

    these people are why I give up hope on my futur

  • Unga Health
    Unga Health 21 day ago

    I can't...... The left is just.... I can't... my brain is literally unable to process them.

  • Michael Bleu
    Michael Bleu 22 days ago

    Don't compare disgusting sjw's with Rocky Horror pls. Rocky Horror was actually good

  • Bandit's shoes
    Bandit's shoes 22 days ago


  • SwirlySabsana Dances

    5:51 Does he know what "Supremacy" means?

  • libby mlg
    libby mlg 23 days ago

    I love her shirt

  • Nick Meyer
    Nick Meyer 24 days ago

    "lets say fuck that guy!" 😂 Crinnnnngy fam.

  • Jaems Harilie
    Jaems Harilie 25 days ago

    I blame the teachers.

  • Dark God
    Dark God 26 days ago

    My question regarding the first video is why don't they let'im film them, while clearly somebody else is filming them? I mean we are watching a video about it, maybe they didn't even realize lol

  • Sydney
    Sydney 26 days ago

    What was that first girl screaming at waving her arms at?

  • James Carson
    James Carson 26 days ago

    3:20 A wild Wailord appears!

  • WhiteR4bbit
    WhiteR4bbit 27 days ago

    I don't really care for milo

    DAVID ADDIS 28 days ago

    sjw are fuckin wierd

  • Dwak Solo
    Dwak Solo 29 days ago

    I'd suck a fart from ya bum and hold it like a bong toke!

  • Llywylln Gryffyn
    Llywylln Gryffyn 1 month ago

    Darn it, now I have Iron Maiden 'Wasted Years' stuck in my head. :)

  • Skeptical Strom
    Skeptical Strom 1 month ago

    Blaire do you not like steven crowder? If not may I ask why? I'm just curious.

  • LightlessDimension
    LightlessDimension 1 month ago

    How is Dr. Sommers a rape apologist?

  • Josh Josh
    Josh Josh 1 month ago

    Milo is the man

  • Bananasplitter Games

    please die now

  • David Schmidt
    David Schmidt 1 month ago

    Is that Patrick Stewart sitting in front of that asshole?

  • Relevant Truth
    Relevant Truth 1 month ago

    5:18 it's a jewish male! imagine that! 6:52 another jewish male. Imagine that!

  • serialgriller4life
    serialgriller4life 1 month ago

    1:50 "Okay :)"....

  • Shea Oconnor
    Shea Oconnor 1 month ago

    These people are the type of people that deserve to be shot.

  • Ashley Persaud
    Ashley Persaud 1 month ago

    I fucking love Milo, let him speak

  • johnny b
    johnny b 1 month ago

    "Calm down young lady or I'll put you over my knee". Christina Hoff Sommers didn't actually say that, but imagine the reaction if she had! Lol

  • iKaroliina
    iKaroliina 1 month ago

    I used to think that Milo was shit because of the way internet portrayed him to be but then I started watching videos about how stupid SJWs are and now I respect him. He is so smart and amazing and debates really well against SJWs. He has strong arguments against stupid people.

  • Etho 4595
    Etho 4595 1 month ago

    I love how Milo is literally laughing at the people disturbing him. It's fucking beautiful.

  • Dan Lafleur
    Dan Lafleur 1 month ago

    Blair please don't use "man on the moon" as a reference, nobody has set foot on the moon. Those dipshits at NASA are still trying to figure out how to get a man through the Van Allen belts. Man has never gone past lower earth orbit. Another great video though I love your content. #keepingitreal

  • Fktarded Yoda
    Fktarded Yoda 1 month ago

    Supremacy is the belief your race is superior and has noting in to do with your races history, I wish people understood that...

  • Ian MacLean
    Ian MacLean 1 month ago

    Double triple quadruple points for Wasted Years.

  • YaboiDavid Yeet
    YaboiDavid Yeet 1 month ago


  • gobluebuckeye
    gobluebuckeye 1 month ago

    The Iron Maiden at the end pushed me over, I'm a subscriber now.

  • AussieCentristGirl28

    Let him speak. Hear his opinions. So he can openly wreck himself and show himself to be the ignorant silly goose he is. Seriously.

  • js31w
    js31w 1 month ago

    "Don't waste your time always searching for all those wasted years" <3

  • Justin Curtis
    Justin Curtis 1 month ago

    The Iron Maiden song at the end....won my heart over <3

  • SmallDick StoleYourGirl

    ya I would fuck him

  • Patrick
    Patrick 1 month ago

    When they were blocking his phone they were just doing the Hitler salute

  • David Hunt
    David Hunt 1 month ago

    1:41 had me dying

  • gianni Antonelli
    gianni Antonelli 1 month ago

    damn i tought that whale was going to suffocate.

  • Erin Cartier
    Erin Cartier 1 month ago

    I love your sweater so much it's super cute

  • Mother Grunger
    Mother Grunger 1 month ago

    This just shows the ignorance people still have. Smh..

  • Jeremy Diaz
    Jeremy Diaz 1 month ago

    Feelings feelings feelings boo hoo boo hooo LMFAO! Fuck this new generation.

  • dgo346
    dgo346 1 month ago

    The Iron Maiden is strong with this one

  • Jacqueline
    Jacqueline 1 month ago

    You're right, Blaire, laughing my ass off at Triggly Puff never gets old. ;)

  • danny valdez
    danny valdez 1 month ago

    love the iron maiden at the end

  • ayayayify
    ayayayify 1 month ago

    How did these ppl even get into college??

  • Phil Maestro
    Phil Maestro 1 month ago

    +Blaire White - Love the Iron Maiden lipsync at the end :)

  • AlpacaMyBooty Z
    AlpacaMyBooty Z 1 month ago

    That is the fattest and most triggered person I have ever seen. I shook the whole bed laughing and almost woke my boyfriend up 😂😂 these people!!

  • AlpacaMyBooty Z
    AlpacaMyBooty Z 1 month ago

    Very well said. You are one of my favourite YouTubers now since discovering you a few days ago. I see you've gained lots of new followers. Good, you're refreshing and honest and saying what I would probably get shot for saying with my blonde hair and blue eyes. Keep up the work! Nice top btw

  • Chris Paans
    Chris Paans 1 month ago

    I think it's scary how right you are, Blaire. This is the first time I've felt like I've had beliefs that the government disagrees with. Like, I'm gay, and yes I could've been bullied or attacked in certain public situations but the law and the government was always on my side. All of these people who feel completely legitimately justified in expecting extra attention and are literally delusional... it's frightening.

  • Michael Greenwood
    Michael Greenwood 1 month ago

    blair black fuck off, like, like, like cunt

  • Midnight Rambler
    Midnight Rambler 1 month ago

    Milo dates black dudes, how can he be a racist?

  • Midnight Rambler
    Midnight Rambler 1 month ago

    You crack me up

  • Lydia
    Lydia 1 month ago

    As much as I dislike Milo, I hate these people SOO much more.

  • astro narry
    astro narry 1 month ago

    Fuck girl, I am complitely straight and in a relationship, but after watching some of your videos, I am crushing on your brain and on your logic, so bad!

  • Seaside Sniper
    Seaside Sniper 1 month ago


  • Tylen Pruitt
    Tylen Pruitt 1 month ago

    I have spread my asscheeks and I am ready for penetration

  • Col Sedgo
    Col Sedgo 1 month ago


  • Aidan Gibbar
    Aidan Gibbar 1 month ago

    Milo doesn't give two shits what people say, if any feminist tries to confront him about anything he will shit on their life.

  • Bailey D
    Bailey D 1 month ago

    Milo annoys because of his self hatness

  • Kristen Predka
    Kristen Predka 1 month ago

    Anything said with a British accent is automatically more interesting to hear. Milo is a character. He makes me laugh, pisses me off, but more importantly, gets me to think. When I was in college (1000 years ago), you had to take an "Opposing Viewpoints" class for debate/public speaking. Arguing your opposition should only strengthen your own position. To quote Edina from Absolutely Fabulous, "Lighten up sweetie, lighten up." People take their feelings as law. Write a letter to your Senators, ( lucky me has Elizabeth Warren D- Massachusetts, whom I abhor, yet she represents me, and I often remind her of this when she goes off the leftist rails), organize a food drive - shut your computer off and live in the real moments. And I feel old because I don't understand what half of this means -

  • Andy F.
    Andy F. 1 month ago

    I don't like that Milo is a creationist, but he does make some good arguments on why the left has become a bunch of assholes.

  • Andy F.
    Andy F. 1 month ago

    Social Justice Warriors weren't yelling racist, they were CRYING racist. Why? Because they are crybabies.

  • Tyrie
    Tyrie 1 month ago

    "Haha fuck me"
    oh I will baby..

  • Salvatore Pluchino
    Salvatore Pluchino 1 month ago

    Can we start by saying that these people had escaped from mental intastute ,genes that's why we don't have mental institutions

  • Jocelyn Blanco
    Jocelyn Blanco 1 month ago

    I love your videos. You make really good points and talk about pretty interesting topics. Keep them coming! btw your lipstick is always so nice! tutorial please!

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