wow 3.3.5a bug hack over 5million dps.avi

Wow bug 3.3.5a can super damage making the 50million mobs insta-kill!!
looking for trade to working dupe.

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Author Archvaldor's Warcraft Hacks ( ago)
It is possible to do millions of damage in wow through various exploits,
but it isn't easy and is highly situational (hint: look at some past
exploits and think of a new angle using the same principle). Most hack
programs are outdated or just fail.

Author kristtiam pernia ( ago)
hear me use this hack teach me much Thanks serve

Author maylinas Spielzeug Welt und die beste ( ago)
fail eq?! xD

Author Kevin h (1347 years ago)
@IgorBif it was bug LMAO fail

Author Riou Sama ( ago)
Metastacking (':

Author iJvs11 ( ago)
Yes infact it is a bug and I know how to do it : ) but does anyone know any
3.3.5 dupes for Arcemu?

Author YAPI 1337 ( ago)
it is fail look on his ring

Author Zack Legend Heroes-WoW ( ago)
how do you do it plz

Author TheMonsterMod ( ago)
how do you do it?

Author ProBeastX ( ago)

Author Noobish ( ago)
@3prco neni .. ;)

Author Lian Querry ( ago)
rofl private.. You FAIL broh.. :D 3:26

Author sharya15 ( ago)
3:26 rofl idiot

Author TheRegularGamer98 ( ago)
that was not 5m that was 163k ..........

Author centerglobal ( ago)

Author Slim Themouni ( ago)
Omg :O

Author Andrew Andruxa ( ago)
send me that programm plz

Author Andrew Andruxa ( ago)
can you tell me what programm do you use and tell me how to make that bug

Author Kaspars Mezaks ( ago)
so basicly u wonna get dupe filter ?

Author firrs1 ( ago)
What's name this program/

Author effing ADEAra ( ago)
rofl faker than your mom ;)

Author Gentle Smith ( ago)
i have dupe i send you pm

Author Lito Domingo ( ago)
this is eternion-server, moron!

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