10+ Times Cats Found Catnip, And Cat.exe Stopped Functioning

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Comments: 475

  • W.D.Gaster Caretaker of AUskeletons and Scientist.

    Almost nowhere is safe to put catnip.
    Bags? Torn.
    Jars? Broke.
    Actually grown I garden? No chance, if outdoor cat.

  • Tony Jones
    Tony Jones 1 hour ago

    My sister had a cat that used to leap into the screen door and hang there after getting his catnip blast....I mean, right dead-bang center on the screen. After about ten minutes, he'd do this weird, controlled descent to the floor and he'd lay there with his eyes totally glassed over and bulging, f*cked up to the point of paralysis...

  • Greatest American Hero

    These cats are on the moon.

  • Cyberat Rodent
    Cyberat Rodent 22 hours ago

    We're all a bunch of catnip peddlers, damn us all to meow !

  • TheEnders
    TheEnders 1 day ago

    Catnip is weed for cats

  • Belamundo
    Belamundo 1 day ago

    Drug kills, kills! Catnip has to be banned! :)

  • jinggo78
    jinggo78 1 day ago

    A slide show.... This all you do? I wanted to see videos of cats on catnip.

    HAPPY CAT 1 day ago

    Please sub for my channel and comment below. I will sub back for your channel ….

  • Edmund Squid
    Edmund Squid 1 day ago

    When we got our cat he almost to young to be away from his mamma, and my also very young kids at the time gave him catnip. I think too soon. He did not have a good first experience with it. He was terrified of the smell for years, he would literally run for the hills when he smelled it. We kept trying every now and again. Now that he is older he has decided that he likes it, but only in moderation.

  • Ann Frazier
    Ann Frazier 2 days ago

    makes me remember my college days

  • 座薬
    座薬 2 days ago

    0:43Cat Killed all people in the house. and it's Cat is Nesヤウヒ.
    My memory is 「Someone KILL it's Cat!! KILL!!! 」
    My Most hate Cat.

  • Alex Granger2016
    Alex Granger2016 2 days ago

    Normal Cats: Meh..

    High Cats: *I HAVE SEEN THINGS*

  • Harley Davis
    Harley Davis 2 days ago

    I'm that family Guy cat

  • Llymeron
    Llymeron 3 days ago

    Did you know cat nip is harmless to cats and can be used as a sedative, There are other plants that carry the chemical in catnip but catnip is most easiest to harvest and preferred by cats.

    • Llymeron
      Llymeron 3 days ago

      Also whoever owns the cat in 56. Your cat is obese and has a higher chance of digestive diseases. You should get that checked out.

  • Ninjatoertchen
    Ninjatoertchen 3 days ago

    The music ruined it

  • tall32guy
    tall32guy 3 days ago

    This music is SO annoying! argh! but I do like the video

  • Mathilde Bouchard
    Mathilde Bouchard 3 days ago

    I have the same pillow 0:32

  • Dr Giggles
    Dr Giggles 3 days ago

    Meanwhile I'm here with my giant ass bush of catnip growing in my garden and not a single cat will go near it

  • CoyotPlayz Gam3z
    CoyotPlayz Gam3z 3 days ago

    catnip is LITERALLY weed for cats

  • Isabella Allen
    Isabella Allen 3 days ago

    Why was capnip invented!!!?!?

  • MrTerence
    MrTerence 3 days ago

    wtf does catnip do to cats?!

  • Crazed Mythical Titan Cat

    pretty much catnip is crack or cocaine

  • pyrotechNick
    pyrotechNick 3 days ago

    drugs are bad, mmkay?

  • Alora Seger
    Alora Seger 3 days ago

    my friends cat will kick himself in his face when he's on catnip... special kitty lol

  • aop videos
    aop videos 3 days ago

    Catnip..... not even once.

  • aop videos
    aop videos 3 days ago


  • anthony cooper
    anthony cooper 3 days ago

    Love it - "On the Nip" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Richard Collingsworth

    So true....every part of it!.

  • Kawaii cat
    Kawaii cat 3 days ago

    Cat.exe has stopped responding...please contact your cat administrator.

  • Sean
    Sean 3 days ago

    Got to love that cat holding the bottle of Catnip too funny!

  • Omega Rubis
    Omega Rubis 3 days ago

    ¿Catnip?, ¡i find Catdrug way better!

  • The Golden Zombie
    The Golden Zombie 3 days ago

    H- hey man...
    *bark sirens*
    *Run. But you're high on catnip.*
    *falls over*

  • beckie lassetter
    beckie lassetter 3 days ago

    it's me Dave open the cat door

  • Stray Strides
    Stray Strides 3 days ago

    I can just imagine catnip cat dealers. "Hey kitten, you want some nip?"

  • Chevy Bee
    Chevy Bee 3 days ago

    THC - That high cat

  • Chevy Bee
    Chevy Bee 3 days ago

    Catatonic states. All state should be legal cat-atonic states.

  • Hannah Adams
    Hannah Adams 3 days ago

    Catnip is like cocaine to cats like this comment if you agree

  • Ultimo D
    Ultimo D 3 days ago

    Horrible music

  • pink bear 48
    pink bear 48 3 days ago

    They look woke

  • Sarah Gray
    Sarah Gray 3 days ago

    Let's face it...cats are FUNNY when they're high on catnip. So are humans when they're high on weed. We might as well legalize it....the ensuing chaos would last maybe a week or so, then we'd all settle down a bit!

  • Sakura Shimatsoko
    Sakura Shimatsoko 4 days ago

    Well my cat seems to be broken: Sniffs at catnip, walking back slowly and runs away everytime I get near to her with it xD

  • star warrior 2016 shoemaker

    catnip is drugs

  • horses4555
    horses4555 4 days ago

    Ugh I hate these videos because of the fucking music.

  • SirVejeiro
    SirVejeiro 4 days ago

    The music is really annoying, video is amusing but i quit watching a few mins into it

    BUZINA 4 days ago

    high means very crazy cat?

  • Panda Swag55
    Panda Swag55 4 days ago

    is this catnip like weed but for cats?

  • Naufal Rafdi
    Naufal Rafdi 4 days ago

    Theyre called Snoop Catt

  • Helena Svensson
    Helena Svensson 4 days ago


  • kimmalya higurashi
    kimmalya higurashi 4 days ago

    0:49 cat on a pole. which one was on the pole though...

  • Kitten9710799 cats
    Kitten9710799 cats 4 days ago

    911: what's your emergency?
    me: I gave my mentally insane catnip and now he's going completely mentally high mode, I don't think I'll make it out of the bed room.
    911: sorry, this job is to dangerous for even the army. I'm sorry, but we can't help you.

  • Christine Cleaver
    Christine Cleaver 4 days ago

    lol it's like cocaine 😂

  • Waiban Steinburg
    Waiban Steinburg 4 days ago

    Retarded song

  • Gal Nevo
    Gal Nevo 4 days ago

    fucking "music"

  • fourp4nts
    fourp4nts 4 days ago

    What is catnip?

  • kr38t3x x
    kr38t3x x 4 days ago

    Cats with there catnip
    Humans with there drugs

  • se7en
    se7en 4 days ago

    "I hate cats" - millie 2017

  • Sideline Shadows
    Sideline Shadows 4 days ago

    Call 0009758422 for more details

    SLIPPERYCAT MAN 4 days ago

    10+, You mean 80+

  • Donerkebab
    Donerkebab 4 days ago

    I need a catnip flavoured perfume

  • Virtual BasicSeeds
    Virtual BasicSeeds 4 days ago

    catnip is drugs to cats

  • thebozman1000
    thebozman1000 4 days ago

    Just a lot of sleepy cats

  • Starry Night123
    Starry Night123 4 days ago

    I have nip and a cat Should I try?

  • Kasalwe Kabwe
    Kasalwe Kabwe 4 days ago

    11# was the funniest

  • Cat.exe has stopped working

    Reading Harry Potter

    Hello, furry otter

    Kitty starts to knead and purr

    Cuddles up and licks its fur

    Owner pets the fuzzy mass

    Cat presents its feline ass

    "Should I sniff, should I smell?

    I'd rather not, it reeks of hell"

    Must remain respectful though

    Doesn't sniff, but gives a blow

    From the depths of kitty's anus

    Erupts a lava rank and heinous

  • mysock351C
    mysock351C 4 days ago

    Green Screen of Death lol.

  • the artist formally known as craig lastname

    What's with americans getting their cat high?

  • Finn McGuire
    Finn McGuire 4 days ago

    This is stolen from the site BoredPanda. And the same goes to everything else these people "make"

  • bama phoenix
    bama phoenix 4 days ago


  • Osmar Toro
    Osmar Toro 4 days ago

    yo w+here do u get cat nip and my cat is pregnet so she'll need is for birth, her 4t litter. we need cat nip but if our younger cat gets it ut oh she'll go crazy! no joke, she already is running into walls and she isn't blind wetested her with a kkitty lazzer and theres nothing wrong whith her!!!!!! she does have a rare disease that she cant grow,, maby that meesed her up kinda idk.

  • AnnaMac Studios
    AnnaMac Studios 4 days ago

    Cat nip is freaking cat drugs. Any humans tried it to see what would happen?

  • Brody Parker
    Brody Parker 4 days ago

    never mix cats and cat nip

  • Elite HD
    Elite HD 4 days ago

    #5 looks like it has google eyes :/

  • kid_O_war
    kid_O_war 4 days ago

    A little specific.

  • Jerome L
    Jerome L 4 days ago

    i thought there would be 12, maybe 13 cats.....i'd say i got my money's worth

  • EpicFace 640
    EpicFace 640 4 days ago

    Hey boy, you want some Skooma?

  • Mr Marf
    Mr Marf 4 days ago

    EXCORCIST CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Billie Hansen
    Billie Hansen 4 days ago

    Do cats always get high when they rupture a bag of catnip?

    I have a wild cat in my yard which i give food but he or she waits until i'm gone then she/he starts eating, the cat is very shy of humans.

    So my question is will catnip get cat stoned enough for me to catch the cat and send him/her off to someone elses yard?

    I'm not even joking 😂.

    I don't want to harm the cat in any way but i want the cat gone.

  • vipmd
    vipmd 4 days ago

    Check my 2 videos of cats getting high on nip

  • holly maurer
    holly maurer 4 days ago

    i hate how the music is so loud

  • Emmasaurus Rex
    Emmasaurus Rex 4 days ago

    In this video there's a cat named Spaghetti (#21) and I have a dog named Meatball...

  • Josiah Henrict
    Josiah Henrict 4 days ago

    Running Troubleshoot...

  • zombabeger
    zombabeger 4 days ago

    where can i get a cat nip? the living tree would be good. i couldn't find any at pet shop here... live in rural place. they only have 2 small pet shop here... need a catnip for my maincoon(alpha female) and flat face(alpha male).... no kitten yet (theyre only 6 month old)

  • Dank Famous1
    Dank Famous1 4 days ago

    This should be illegal

  • jelly
    jelly 4 days ago

    Just a headphone warning

  • MashupYoTatos
    MashupYoTatos 4 days ago

    Nice 10:05

  • Stella G.
    Stella G. 4 days ago

    Cat #1: "Hey y'know where I can get some catnip from? "
    Cat #2: *whispers* "SHHHH! we're in a library"
    Cat #1: *whispers* "Hey y'know where I can get some catnip from? "
    Cat #2: *whispers* "Yeah, I gotchu' "

  • scarletfluerr
    scarletfluerr 4 days ago

    Cats do not get *high* on catnip, they may get very relaxed (catnip tea for humans does the same) or they may spazz a bit. It lasts for about 15 minutes. Not all cats react and kittens under six months don't usually react. Funny photos but the captions are stupid.

  • Ethereal Astro
    Ethereal Astro 4 days ago

    i needed the bathroom then VERY STUPIDLY clicked on the video..

  • 65bug519
    65bug519 4 days ago

    cat froze up again gotta find that tech guy's number

  • Gerithaw
    Gerithaw 4 days ago

    Catnip has these effects on cats because the plant contains a female attractant hormone of cats. Nothing else special about the plant for cats. I can imagine some of these cats are not exactly stoked, but confused and weirded-out.

  • Trenton 2006 gaming

    cat nip is cat marowana

  • KJ's BassBoost
    KJ's BassBoost 4 days ago

    the music ruined the mood i had to watch these cats on catnip

  • Ian Truhler
    Ian Truhler 4 days ago

    that George one had me doing for minutes

  • Pike Henry
    Pike Henry 4 days ago

    Show full size pictures please

  • Nayeli Salinas
    Nayeli Salinas 4 days ago

    cat:hey kitten,want drugs
    both are high as 👋

  • Kevin Combret
    Kevin Combret 4 days ago


  • ualuuanie
    ualuuanie 4 days ago

    Could u guys believe it 1 time while coming back from overseas I decided to buy my cat some catnip. Was detained in the airport for 6 hours because they thought it was weed and send that stuff for testing while they put me in a holding cell.

  • ThreeGamingBros
    ThreeGamingBros 4 days ago

    that cat's not sleeping. its dead.

  • Jason Westburg
    Jason Westburg 4 days ago

    i think catnip may be something different from what i origonally thought...

    INSTAKILL SCRUBS 4 days ago

    Snoop Cats

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