How To Hack Into a Computer

Today I show you how to easily hack into any computer without the password. This one simple trick can be used to gain access to any computer or laptop in minutes. It doesn't take long & you don't need any previous hacking experience whatsoever. All you need is an iPhone. NOTE - This video is for educational purposes only. Please do not use this flawless hacking method for criminal activities.

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Author Ahmad Raul Putra ( ago)
Computer in children could have eat that Africa.

Author James Barker ( ago)
Thanks for the video.

Author Elise Mahmood ( ago)
Great job!!

Author Aimee Briggs ( ago)
that's cool video

Author Billy Lambert ( ago)
Great job!!

Author Evan Barlow ( ago)
Awesome video!!!

Author Rhaffy Gt ( ago)
i think this guy been illuminati because his/her house is empty and he always naked and showing illuminati stuff

Author Roi The BEST ( ago)
This is like the wreck your computer game

Author Camera Crazy ( ago)
Reaction to Windows xp shutting down

Author AwesomeAppleAidanRBLX ( ago)
omg I used the same thumbnail as him and I didn't even know it

Author Marcin Rusiniak ( ago)
1:16 Yay! My computer works!

Author Weri4 ( ago)
You are crazy😂😂😂😂

Author Alex Crosslin ( ago)
Instructions unclear, made a Sonic ROM hack that exploded instantly.

Author Mira Medeo ( ago)
Whoa this guy is INSANE

Author Lanksey ( ago)
Stupid rich white kid

Author Gafas Pixeladas ( ago)
Happiness in pure form

Author BeastY Beaver ( ago)
now my computer won't turn on. :(

Author adrian leiva ( ago)
Sabes cuantos niños de Africa se abrian comido esos huevos :v

Author Annihere ( ago)
That hurts):

Author enfermiza obsesión ( ago)
este tipo es rico verdad?

Author GM ( ago)

Author Himanshu Patel ( ago)
Stupid ass

Author Sequel Uncut! ( ago)

Author Lola Ellis ( ago)

Author YitzhakMB ( ago)

Author YitzhakMB ( ago)
todavía se puede reparar

Author Stanley Song ( ago)
This guy needs to stop

Author Steph Zearing ( ago)
When He set it on fire That's The most normal laugh he has made

Author fran Varga ( ago)
que risa

Author Gerson Manases Flores Quinteros ( ago)
Jaja vamos dallas

Author Captainchihuahua ( ago)
his laugh when he was burning the computer was priceless

Author MontisGames - 2 Vídeos Diarios ( ago)
es dalas? >:v

Author Grumpy Cat ( ago)
Should've poured gasoline not water

Author alixx 111 ( ago)
OK thx now i can start

Author Ginamita 369 ( ago)
Poor computer what have it done to get such torture if you could do that to your computer you could give it to me

Author Luis Ceja ( ago)
Dalas eres tu? :'v
Shit you are crazy man

Author Xaviermack behindacamera ( ago)
Dude you need help

Author GeroGJG Barreto ( ago)
dalasreview pendejo

Author Daniel LZJ ( ago)
ehh Dalas

Author Luke Li ( ago)
You could at least sell it

Author Hello as you can see i'm an emoji ( ago)
This is what dedsec do xD

Author Xoxo Mars ( ago)
How to properly react to hate comments

Author GAMERScentral ( ago)
I am guna die its so funy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author HVY Cat ( ago)
The computer was expired.

Author Fluffy Jr ( ago)
this should be called, HOW TO RAGE QUIT! XD

Author Santio Arivianto ( ago)

Author ShivIzKewl ;3; ( ago)
He aslo plugged an iphone charger on a hdmi port

Author Watermelon Papaya ( ago)
oɥʇ ƃuᴉqᴉɹɔsƃƃǝ ɯᴉ 'uɐɯ ʎzɐɹɔ ɐ ǝɹɐ noʎ

Its upside down

Author Plasmastronaut ( ago)
I'm gonna laugh when Howtobasic gets caught by the police doing things like this and then gets sent to a mental institution.

Author DinoPlayzGamez and more ( ago)

Author Kawaii Cloaker ( ago)
Dedsex xD

Author Ninjago Spirit AJ ( ago)
Admittedly this was the first video I ever saw of his

Author Uçan Makarna ( ago)
0:46 motherfucker

Author Pineapple in the games ( ago)
Kids of africa should have eat that PC

Author Kise Cherryblood ( ago)
0:46 LOL

Author Ninja Bm ( ago)
what the fuck? shit I am crying man haha

Author Trent Alley ( ago)
when someone says pc is better than the wii

Author Smiley ( ago)
He did 3457 instead of 3548.


Author friskchibiXD gameplays y retos ( ago)

Author Ya Boi Ned The Neo Nazi ( ago)
He literally meant hack (as in cut with rough or heavy blows)

Author Mii ( ago)
Wow,amazing,i tried it,it really worked

Author Potential Grieve ( ago)
Anybody looking to buy a computer desk... Look at this on eBay

Author Iordanis Chatzileftheriadis ( ago)
is it 3548 or 3457?

Author Tony Revenge ( ago)
this vid was brought to you by ubisoft

Author MaskedKane95 ( ago)
The only reason I would wanna hack into a computer is to see people's reactions through the camera when they watch your videos!

Author ashley corpu ( ago)
0:32 the start of stupid thing

Author Isaac Tam ( ago)
That doesn't even make any sense

Author Djx the legend ( ago)
WTF is this

Author Maesipan Er ekkelt ( ago)
You are so funny

Author Craig Di Fonzo ( ago)
You hit hard moving a hammer underwater, I move my arm slow underwater, how the fuck do you swing a hammer?

Author Xxthatwere wolfgirlxX ( ago)

Author Mr. Artem 2 ( ago)

Author NickNoah minekill ( ago)
how do you clean everything up😂😂

Author MaskedKane95 ( ago)
Look at the date of this video and the video before that. It took four years to reach madness!

Author Joshua R ( ago)
hmmmmm but what if I don't have an iPhone? does it work with androids 🤔

Author The Spook AKA ChainZ ( ago)
why r u soo mad at all the time

Author beastmodekiller ( ago)
Is he away ways naked

Author Pavel Alfonso De Los Angeles Figueroa ( ago)
eres malo con todo las cosas Android

Author magnusaaskov HD ( ago)
just show how to do it i have spend 2 HOURS ON YOUTUBE NOW!!!!!!!

Author Untoasted LP ( ago)

Author Dat Boi ( ago)
omg how is he so normal

Author Владимир Абдулаев ( ago)
нет нет зашто зашто нет

Author LEON_MIRKOV ( ago)
watch dogs 2 ?dedsec

Author Epsilon ( ago)
All this just because it's fucking windows XP

Author 1RisaLe Wolfteam ( ago)
Ananı bilgisayar kırarken sikerim

Author ComputerTechnology ( ago)
'm concerned for this guy's mental health

Author ناز نافذ ( ago)
Cocanines a hell of a drug xD

Author ChantingComet18 ( ago)
poor cumputer

Author Content Pit ( ago)
How can you even afford doing this?!

Author Gamer's Galaxy ( ago)
Thanks a lot! My PC is now DUST

Author Denise Carlos ( ago)
Rip computer XD

Author EL REY DORITO ( ago)

Author khizar mustafa ( ago)
fuck you

Author Pepsi Cola ( ago)
this really helped!

Author TacTic ( ago)
why didnt u "hack" into it?

Author H.1309 Taskmaster ( ago)
Computer frickin blows up in his face
Dude just keeps laughing like a psycho

Author Daniel Alvarez ( ago)
alguien demandelo, esta loco

Author ActionGamer / ActionDalton ( ago)
Kids in Africa could have used dat computer

Author NeoOreos ( ago)
Someone hacked my computer, all my porn is gone. Disliked.

Author Ainsley Harriott ( ago)
I think this guy just actually made an IED, detonated it, and ruined his pool's filtration system. Dedication.

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