How To Hack Into a Computer

Today I show you how to easily hack into any computer without the password. This one simple trick can be used to gain access to any computer or laptop in minutes. It doesn't take long & you don't need any previous hacking experience whatsoever. All you need is an iPhone. NOTE - This video is for educational purposes only. Please do not use this flawless hacking method for criminal activities.

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HowToBasic howtobasic How To Basic

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Author Zombiekid00 ( ago)

Author Sivert Husby ( ago)
its windows XP

Author Gareth Hayers ( ago)
That sound of the windows activating, is so fake

Author RafPlayz Roblox&More ( ago)
Awwww you forgot to bury it XD

Author Gingerbread Man ( ago)
He sounded like a gremlin

Author StavrosGamer ( ago)
Im Happy to know i have a better pc than this one in the end xD

Author Baby Aaron ( ago)
Instructions unclear broke my computer.....

Author Emilio Camacho jesus ( ago)
Me: let's play a game club penguin *game shuts down* 0:33

Author Cryptic Master ( ago)
When you play watch dogs 2 for 1 week in a row

Author Amrita Jaiswal ( ago) school

Author DuncyDragon ( ago)
Sorry I didn't understand steps 1,2 and 3 but the rest were fine

Author Jakub-Kubuś Michta ( ago)
00:31 :D

Author Need Some Musics ( ago)

Author ファン マツダ 久保こうよう ( ago)

Author MXL _HD ( ago)

Author Sean Bernales ( ago)
Only you can prevent forest fires

Author el fan de undertale :v ( ago)
haker 100%real no fake

Author Drifter Gaming & More ( ago)
Dedsec wuz here

Author Khazynn ( ago)
who the fuck teached him how to play with fire?

Author Dauga Benjamin ( ago)
I love this Guy

Author Achim Robert ( ago)
i first thiss was real but then i saw it is from howtobasic headdesk*

Author Adel Aliouche ( ago)
i searched for this, didnt realise who it was until he smashed thr computer...

Author Ali Ekrem Bilen ( ago)
Fck this shit

Author corysfriend and stampyandsquaishyfan ( ago)
it worked! it worked! the like button worked!

Author Not Important ( ago)
Watch Dogs 3 Leaked gameplay

Author GamerMinecraft12 Lol ( ago)

Author Mahesh Kumar ( ago)
you could use screwdriver

Author Michael Morada ( ago)
When you are so angry at unfair mario lol

Author JaxsonForThings [Repeat Records] ( ago)
that's like benny used to do

Author PixelStriko ( ago)

Author Gaming Warriors ( ago)
I needed that CPU...😑

Author XxGamerkitty and KarixX ( ago)
0:43 - 0:50 Never in my life have I heard HTB laugh. At all. This is the happiest and evilest I've seen him. XD

Author Joey X IV II Venal Random Content ( ago)
Instructions unclear: ended up with Artificial Intelligence

Author ULTRA productionsYT ( ago)
Ohhh.... THAT kind of hack. I get it.

Author Carricx ( ago)
Thanks! This was a really helpful guide!

Author Bleach Bottle ( ago)
im here

Author Christoph .Schneeberger ( ago)
i love how the first code he uses is 3548 and it doesn´t work but after hacking the pc he used the code 3457 and it worked so i think he just got the wrong code

Author TØP trash ( ago)
just like Sombra

Author iWiiZiX ( ago)

Author Brunozas _Pro ( ago)
hue hue hue hue hue hue hue hue

Author Aleksander Rinaldo ( ago)
i tried but the PC did not answer. Why, maybe i did not use fire. well....
nice vid

Author nasser alrashed ( ago)
me when I get angry

Author kisssa ( ago)
i feel bad for the guy who needs to clean all of this mess

Author Cri Banco ( ago)

Author RIFKI ADITYA ( ago)
Omg O.O

Author BroccoliMaster1221 ( ago)
Instructions Not Clear Enough, I Have My Dick Stuck In A Jeep ;(

Author Andreas Østerballe ( ago)
what the FUCK

Author gameboymaster1 ( ago)
I substituted an Android phone and now i'm on the run from the F.B.I. for hacking their server, I was trying to unlock my computer because I forgot my password and I forgot the answers to the security questions.

Author Jmovies ( ago)
Nice watch dogs 2 references

Author Lew B ( ago)
why dose this guy break so much stuff

Author Sajasc 3493 ( ago)
This is how I hacked Sombra. No kidding

Author MrOrangehorseman ( ago)
Africa in kids could have computer that eaten!

Author Marcohazard ( ago)
To be fair, he did "hacked" into a computer.

Author jessica styles ( ago)
omg!OMG !! Its amazing, Now I can hacked any WiFi password from this amazing link.. So guys hurry up. Get link below:

Author The Boss Channel ( ago)
А работать точно будет?

Author Ouranos Minecraft ( ago)
did he growl in the water???

Author Xram42 ( ago)
This is how windows xp died.

Author Dark Trickster ( ago)
<\ />
\ /
\ /

Author Twinmill 12 ( ago)
I followed all the instructions and I hacked someone's vibrating dildo instead of the computer

Author Bay Area Toneworks ( ago)
im a haker

Author sweglies ( ago)
Who the fuck gave this man thermite

Author GNR gallexy news radio ( ago)
how I feel when my computer is not powerful enough to play minimum graphics and it ever crashes or lags like hell people that have amazing pcs you are so lucky

Author Hannah Dennis ( ago)
You have almost 9 million subscribers from making incredibly bad videos like this???

Author Michael Chandra ( ago)
Poor processor

Author Spell Icup NIGGA ( ago)
have random loud mating calls in between scenes and we have the next level dictator I mean director

Author Madas Mobile ( ago)
wanna play some gmod after this vid ....

Author hillary ( ago)
OMG !! Its amazing, Now I can hacked any WiFi password from this amazing link.. So guys hurry up. Get link below:

Author anthony ramirez ( ago)
how to fix a Wii remote

Author Orion Cozz ( ago)
flipqy from htf runs this channel!

Author Hala Mel ( ago)
probably his pc's password is is eggs

Author Andrew Rice ( ago)
Can't tell if genius or

Author TcCuber ( ago)
It didn't work on my father's surface book :( can someone help. I cant turn it on¿?

Author Julius Natanael ( ago)
even the primate can hack

Author Dark_ WarKing ( ago)
Rest in Peace computer💔

Author Lucy McArthur ( ago)
I hope that was his computer

Author thecarmaster751 ( ago)
i could have used that for my budget gaming pc well i say budget it totals in at £1200

Author Theo Nielsen ( ago)
the password is howto basic

Author Christian Callender ( ago)

Author AV Skits. ( ago)
Who's this fucking mental...
i think he's the most fucking unknown fucker of world

Author NAUFAL HILMI 194 ( ago)

That africa could have eaten the computers in the childs

Author Danielcg1217 ( ago)
I wonder what the people who are watching think

Author Gian Catugas ( ago)
Coolest guy ever

Author Jeff Clarence ( ago)
Why 3548 can be changed to 3457

Author blazzing wolf videos ( ago)
how much do you have to pay for that

Author blazzing wolf videos ( ago)
it blows up hahhahahhahah

Author jugando con juan ( ago)
the vest haker in the histori

Author ZECROOO ( ago)
Working on iPhone 5?

Author Soul Wolf ( ago)
It worked!!! I finally hacked into my bestfriends comp!

Author Suresh Tamang ( ago)
haahaa nice

Author Hail Storm ( ago)
I think he needs a mental health checkup

Author TheCabooseGamer35 ( ago)
i lost it at the rapid egg throwing and shovel smashing

Author xboxjunkie1931 ( ago)
Everyday we live we stray further from the Emperors light.

Author Wheathly ! ( ago)
I wonder how much money was put into every vid he has...

Author remember bubblebutt ( ago)
best evil laugh ever.

Author FUZZYNUM FUZZ ( ago)
Stop obsessing in Class

Author Black Magic ( ago)
Thanks this worked perfectly for me!

Author Chamza Jachjajev ( ago)
at 0:20 he writes 3547 and at 1:17 he writes 3457

Author Septic Sim ( ago)
nice. u used watch dogs 2 ded sec

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