Trump voters talk Russia probe, president's progress

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  • President Trump says the investigation into Russia's influence in the 2016 election is not interfering with his agenda. Republican strategist and CBS News contributor Frank Luntz spoke with a group of 13 men and seven women who voted for Mr. Trump in November about what they think of the president's performance.

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Comments: 251

  • M VGA
    M VGA 15 hours ago

    These people are more brainwashed than a North Korea!

  • Lancelot Excalibur
    Lancelot Excalibur 20 hours ago


  • Sugarpants_
    Sugarpants_ 1 day ago


  • Roumy Jhin
    Roumy Jhin 1 day ago

    Seth Rich, Seth Rich and Seth Rich-----He was the big leaker not Ruuussia, he was killed last year for leaking info to wikileaks---Assange himself offered a $10,000 reward for you guys are the dumb dumbs for believing the Russia conspiracies. This group didn't buy it, they didn't buy that he was a racist, a bigot, hates women and beats puppies up. But you guys did---What happened to the "indigo" children, they were supposed to shine the light and lead the way but they just turned out to be a bunch of gullible tyrants. You guys are misinformed and brainwashed.

  • jfitnesshealth
    jfitnesshealth 1 day ago

    these voters can go and eat trumpshit.

  • trident065
    trident065 1 day ago

    2:01 The guy says Trump is "honest" while shaking hi head side to side. This is a classic sign of what people think being in conflict of what they say...

  • Puppy Tail
    Puppy Tail 1 day ago

    Please focus on the majority of Americans who did not vote for trump! We all know Russia interfered in our election, so why don't you put your focus on that and give us real news!

  • Puppy Tail
    Puppy Tail 1 day ago

    Stupid is as stupid does!

  • aquelpibe
    aquelpibe 1 day ago

    Hats off to Donald Trump. A "reality show president" who still has his voters believing he's the real thing.

  • Noelia Jaime
    Noelia Jaime 1 day ago

    I WANT A WALL PUT UP!!Between ME and Trump supporters!!I cannot stand them for another second.I'm done.

  • tmv108
    tmv108 1 day ago

    The only sad and pathetic people are the ones who voted for Clinton. Get over your loss.

  • Lamar Jefferson
    Lamar Jefferson 1 day ago

    FULL VIDEO?? Does anyone know where I can find the entire discussion?

  • True Blue Cowboys Fan

    But you know what the real trick is here?, the insidious plot behind all this is to make, the news credible. we all know they have not been truthful, throughout the years on bringing us the stories we should hear. the way they should be told.
    but now with this president, blatantly lying about everything and for once the news calling someone out on there BS. which they rarely rarely do. just makes them sound and look like the news of old. back when TV stations and Newspapers used to actually report about stuff that really mattered. Because any person with a brain knows that nowadays news is brought to us by all the powers that be. they allow stories they want run. But this whole trump thing is another trick because they need us to believe the news the media for their own sick plans.
    something is coming they want us to believe. Mark my words.

  • True Blue Cowboys Fan

    because Trump supporters are the very Essence of stupid. As much as I shouldn't be, i still am amazed 🤤🤤 by how Utterly moronic they are.

  • The King
    The King 1 day ago

    They do understand that's not how hacking works, right?

  • Shotgun
    Shotgun 1 day ago

    All are more worried about being wrong then intelligence.

  • zisforzoo16
    zisforzoo16 2 days ago

    How can we move forward with people like this...

  • TrapKingz
    TrapKingz 2 days ago

    LMAO. All those people in that room are the typical people who would let Trump grab their mother by the pussy.🤣

  • Gail Huland El
    Gail Huland El 2 days ago

    Were these supporters asked about this: "Wealthy Would Get Billions in Tax Cuts Under Obamacare Repeal Plan"

  • Angry Factory Worker

    Can we talk about something other than twitter and Russia??? Lets talk about the stuff at 2:30 and onwards: POLICIES
    As you can see, Trump supporters are dumb and weak cucks when they get exposed!

  • EH CBunny
    EH CBunny 2 days ago

    Did Luntz get his sampling pool from an acting agent because their remarks sound fake?

  • obsidianthe7th
    obsidianthe7th 2 days ago

    Well that was infuriating.

  • 4nomorewar Again
    4nomorewar Again 2 days ago

    I'm with him unless he lets the neocons force him into war. The Dems could destroy him if they condemned the shooting down of that Syrian plane. But they won't because the Dems aren't anti war anymore. They lost the one reason I could vote for them.

  • Curt Oliver
    Curt Oliver 2 days ago

    OMG!!! Do they really know what this election was all about? It is about starting another war to boost the price of oil.

  • João Pacheco
    João Pacheco 2 days ago


  • man_i_am
    man_i_am 2 days ago

    Luntz did a great job being objective. Props to him.

  • Iceborn
    Iceborn 2 days ago

    OK I know understand that Trump Is the american culture in person. Thank god I live in Europe.

  • Kent W
    Kent W 3 days ago

    They are confident and passionate right now because the wall hasnt reach their properties and splits it in half. Wait till tht happens and lets have a discussion like this once more. #buildthewall

  • Joshua White
    Joshua White 3 days ago

    Loves these comments, especially the ones mentioning Whiteness. Stay salty people.

  • TheBlessingsOfJesusMessages

    The Father, Son and Holy Spirit chose Trump to be President and all you mouthing mouthpieces for satanic forces are an irrelevant joke combined.

    He beat all the "odds" because God is with him and he has been and always will be a winner unlike all you screwball delusion irrelevant immature nutjobs who will always be losers as you hide out on cyberspace irrelevant, hate filled and going nowhere in your lives.

    God laughs at all your piddling pathetically useless little mockeries!!!

    "The Lord laughs at the wicked for He sees his day is coming."

    "He who sits in the heavens shall laugh. The Lord shall hold them in mocking deriding derision."

    It doesn't matter whether any of you "don't believe" it or not!

    President Trump will never be "impeached" "assassinated" or "resign."

    He will have a 2 Term Office as Ptesident and there is not one of you or all of you liberals COMBINED that can stop what The Father, Son and Holy Spirit will do through President Trump for these 2 upcoming terms!!!

    But go ahead!!! Give it your "best" shot liberals and do all you can to get him out of Office!!!

    You will utterly FAIL just like you did when you "predicted" that there was absolutely "no way" Trump would be elected!!!

    It's all TRUE regardless!!!

    Hallelujah Lord Jesus Christ!!!

    I am neither a liberal or conservative.

  • Limmamikegamma60
    Limmamikegamma60 3 days ago

    nobody cares. The president is going hard in the paint.

  • Mark Russell
    Mark Russell 3 days ago

    Well SJW, here is just a few!
    * Climate Accord GONE!!!
    * Over 70 Executive Orders Signed (Decreasing Regulation)
    * Notifying Congress of a strike on Syria after it was reported that the country used gas on its citizens.
    * Dismantling Obama’s climate change initiatives.
    * Travel bans for individuals from a select number of countries embroiled in terrorist atrocities.
    * Enforcing regulatory reform.
    * Protecting Law enforcement.
    * Mandating for every new regulation to eliminate two.
    * Defeating ISIS.
    * Rebuilding the military.
    * Building a border wall On the books, already 70% reduction seen
    * Cutting funding for sanctuary cities.
    * Approving pipelines, 2
    * Reducing regulations on manufacturers.
    * Placing a hiring freeze on federal employees.
    * Exiting the US from the TPP.
    * 3.5 TRILLION RECORD in the Stock Market
    * Whapping 1 MILLION JOBS CREATED to date
    * Conservative Judges (1 IN, 3 to go)

  • James Parman
    James Parman 3 days ago

    I feel like an outsider looking in when it comes to the 'democratic' process. And from an outsiders perspective, I see (not everyone, but an awful lot) that identifies themselves (proudly, loudly, blindly) as either republican or democrat as a sheep. Folks, we're not responsible to be our elected officials cheerleaders, we're here to hold them accountable to the office in which they were appointed. This video shows nothing more than what a sheeple is and how to identify it.

    • James Parman
      James Parman 3 days ago

      America First you really have me figured out. Or you're an idiot. I must side with the opposite of what I disagree with because that's how it works, right? That is the only possible choice. There can't POSSIBLY be any other options....

  • mclerj 057
    mclerj 057 3 days ago

    They need to stop this goofy Russian crap and wasting taxpayer money. How much more cash/time is going to be wasted on this?? I will never vote for another Democrat in my life. I will forever vote straight (R) ticket from now on - no matter how much I dislike the republican running for office. The dems have shown their true colors with all this nutty crap.

  • Melissa Denbo
    Melissa Denbo 3 days ago

    I recently moved to Texas, if you had told me there were this kind of stupid in America, I never would have believed it's possible.. I'm 50 years old and have lived all over this country and in several developed nations overseas. The more people I speak with here in Texas, the more I'm stupified. We have soo many ignorant people in this country it is really scary. People who today still don't know what the Electoral vote is or what it has to do with the Presidential election. This is inspite of the fact it was on every news channel in November and Decemebr. Not once did these idiots pick up a dictionary or open a browser to look it up. I've spoken to people who think because Trump has money, he has more value than engineers, researchers and innovators that contribute to this country. These pople believe that having money makes you somehow magically smarter than everyone else.
    They believe if Trump tells a lie they can look over it because he's rich. I'v never seen such ignorance in my life. These are the same people who picked Rick Perrry as a Governer. It is truly scary where the education system is taking America. It is clearly not working. I'm not simply referrring to pople with a high school diploma, I'm talking about people with college degrees, well some of them.

  • Robert Rodgers
    Robert Rodgers 3 days ago

    Treasonous Trump needs to be impeached ASAP and EVERYONE in government who expressed any support of him also needs to be thrown out of government ASAP! Lock him up!
    Lock him UP!
    Lock HIM UP!

  • Bloodylaser
    Bloodylaser 3 days ago

    Frank Luntz is a good pollster.

  • Bloodylaser
    Bloodylaser 3 days ago

    CBS got BTFO, we care about holding the president and congress accountable to do the job we elected them to do not his russia witch hunt!

  • John Relik
    John Relik 4 days ago

    theres no words to describe the stupidity of these people and US news outlets

  • john doe
    john doe 4 days ago

    People who still trust the media need to have their heads examined.

  • john doe
    john doe 4 days ago

    People who support Trump DO NOT TRUST THE MEDIA >>>>>>>>>Whereas people who DO NOT TRUST Trump STILL TRUST THE MEDIA

  • allnotathome
    allnotathome 4 days ago

    Only thing that Obama did in 8 years was getting Otto Warmbier dead and create ISIS.

    • Scott Gilbert
      Scott Gilbert 17 hours ago

      allnotathome hahahahaha!!! ISIS started up in 1999 and Otto died under the current potus. But yea. lol

  • Dagga De La Rossi
    Dagga De La Rossi 4 days ago

    Trump voters would not enteratain fake news...these are hand picked for leftist propaganda

  • Nicholas Didier
    Nicholas Didier 4 days ago

    luntz looks like a drinker.

  • John Zielinski
    John Zielinski 4 days ago

    I see a lot of people brainwashed by the lying MSM in the comments to this video, and probably a lot of ShareBlue shills as well. Keep crying lefties, you have NOTHING of merit to offer the country, and until you do, you will have to sit in the back seat.

  • Kvazquez222 Kvazquez222

    This seems so scripted.

  • Littledragon03
    Littledragon03 4 days ago

    Oh boy. This is the 35 to 38% of America that believes in trump. We are in trouble. He's done more in 100 days than Obama did in 8 years? Are you serious bro?

  • David Bratt
    David Bratt 4 days ago

    These Trump supporters are uninformed, naive and delusional. For example, how can they believe he's "honest" when he's a proven LIAR? Moreover, Trump has NOT done more in the last 100 days than Obama accomplished in 8 years. That's absurd! As for the Russians hacking the election, YES, they DID change the minds of American voters with their misinformation campaign. However, they did much more than that. They made "incursions into voter databases and software systems in almost twice as many states as previously reported."*


  • steinbra27
    steinbra27 4 days ago


  • pedro almeida
    pedro almeida 4 days ago

    Ask them if they would still support Trump if they caught him in bed with their wifes.

  • Putin The Great
    Putin The Great 4 days ago

    NBC-Nothing But Crap

  • The Real
    The Real 4 days ago

    Here comes the butthurt Hillary trolls screaming ignorance at people who know more than them

  • EAD
    EAD 4 days ago

    I keep reminding people Trump might not have succeeded (for better or worse—worse, in my opinion, as I didn't support him) were it not for Ann Coulter's xenophobic influence on him. So if you want a barometer on how well he's delivered, look at her attitude toward him—she's made her disappointment abundantly clear. He is to her what Obama was to Bill Maher years ago. Bill would always say to the Fox News wingnuts who hated Obama that the Obama they hated was a strawman. Bill's problem w/Obama was he wasn't progressive ENOUGH; if he really WAS as radical as they said, "Obamacare" would mean single-payer--not what it is, which is Nixoncare--the drug war would have ended and the defense budget would have been slashed by at least half. Similary, if Trump was as successful as the people interviewed here say he is, the wall would be being built as we speak and Obamacare would be overturned. You know how we know Trump's "progress" has been a colossal failure? Because MSNBC is throwing a party every day and Ann Coulter is borderline suicidal these days.

  • Shawn Presley
    Shawn Presley 4 days ago

    This goes to show the importance of Education in any society and how a lack of it can determine the trajectory of that said Nation

  • Ronnie Jones
    Ronnie Jones 4 days ago

    White Supremacy is dying and these people are dinosaurs.

  • packjim56
    packjim56 4 days ago

    Frank Luntz the Rino collaborator/turn coat in a bad toupee.

  • Jessica
    Jessica 4 days ago

    Trump is the most courageous man in modern political history.

  • Myghty Mo
    Myghty Mo 4 days ago

    These have to be the dumbest ppl in this country...dude couldn't answer any accomplishments period

  • Rune Martin Guldberg

    Luntz is a Trump voting machine. He projects im so inntelligent and you the Trump voter is so stupid.

  • Kelly Prosnier
    Kelly Prosnier 4 days ago

    Why don't the pundits at CBS listen to people who are WAY smarter than they are. Wasn't the jurisdiction over Russian hacking in Obama's court? Trump is right to call out the globalists on there misdeeds, crimes and lies.

  • Eddie Dexter Stewart

    4:14 Still no one can mention one promise (outside of the Supreme Court nomination) that he's kept. This is about clinging onto a dead rose because attached to it was the promise of a love that has never been requited. Sad.

  • Eddie Dexter Stewart

    "I'd say honest," he said as he shook his head no in a Freudian slip. There comes a time when one has to admit they voted for the wrong guy. I was too young to vote....I wasn't even a teenager, but I remember thinking Jimmy Carter was going to be a great president. I learned that I was wrong. I was still too young to vote, but I tried to convince my dad to vote for Ronald Reagan. Reagan had his faults (ballooning the deficit was one of them) but he became one of our greatest presidents. So, at an early age, I learned that I had to research the candidates for myself and to vote for the one best qualified. Once they are in, it's up to them. Although I knew DJT would win the election, I also knew he was the least qualified for the job. It's as the old spiritual says, "Let the works I've done speak for me." Executive Orders are not laws. Only Congress can pass law. On those merits, DJT so far has proven to be our worst president. I have prayed for him, but I fear only a King Nebuchadnezzar Moment will straighten him up and give him the discipline and clarity he needs.

  • Gustavo Souza
    Gustavo Souza 4 days ago

    Trump voters are the backbone of the US. God bless them all and teach their kids how to behave

  • David Keogh
    David Keogh 4 days ago

    what are those people on,have they lost all sence of reality.

  • Crimsonphilosophy
    Crimsonphilosophy 4 days ago

    The intellectual bar is set so low.

  • Pat Hansel
    Pat Hansel 4 days ago


  • Artoo Defive
    Artoo Defive 4 days ago

    They're fine with Trump pushing someone aside to appear forceful. They're fine with it, that is, until he does it to them.

  • D. Niiya
    D. Niiya 4 days ago

    The guy at 4:05 isn't that stupid...

  • D. Niiya
    D. Niiya 4 days ago

    Creep show

  • Jim Dandy
    Jim Dandy 4 days ago

    The ad-driven "news" business is killing ethical journalism.

  • Jim Dandy
    Jim Dandy 4 days ago

    Frank Luntz is biased to a fault.

  • Jim Dandy
    Jim Dandy 4 days ago

    DJT is our best President in years.

  • Jim Dandy
    Jim Dandy 4 days ago

    Mental illness oozes from the left.

  • Beth Grant-DeRoos
    Beth Grant-DeRoos 4 days ago

    As a long time Republican (1967) its sad to see such uniformed comments. Ronald Reagan meant what he said, said what he meant and was NEVER rude, vulgar and mean!! 

    Would love to know where we can learn more of the jobs, educational levels of the men and women chosen for these panels that Frank Luntz does.

    Yes, Trump got a conservative in the Supreme Court. But that man who said Trump had gotten more done in 100 days than any other President is right if you consider how many negative things Trump has done that has made the United States a poor world citizen, and taken us backwards not forward.

    Even Republicans in the House and Senate have seen the harm his proposed healthcare plan would have on the very people who voted for him!! In many ways Trump resembles someone like Kim Jong-in, Bashar al-Assad than an educated President who knows what the Founding Fathers envisioned.

  • Constance Singleton

    This small group is a smidgen of thousands just like them. Their man lies without blinking and they believe in him. That's a scary thought.

    • Solomon Regenstreif
      Solomon Regenstreif 4 days ago

      +Constance Singleton They have to follow their Great White Hope. They know the tidal wave against them is coming soon.

  • rockets4kids
    rockets4kids 4 days ago

    Huh. Zombies are real after all.

  • TheWhat667
    TheWhat667 4 days ago

    Trump...president for life. Make America and the world great again.

  • Johnny Lightning
    Johnny Lightning 4 days ago

    Most of these people have around the same brain level as a oyster and that isn't much.

  • M B
    M B 4 days ago

    Describe Donald trump, honest? Wtf shut up retards !!

  • abarzilai0334
    abarzilai0334 4 days ago

    Lot of triggered Trump haters here I don't blame you he hasn't been perfect but these are the American people and if Hillary didn't brush them off she wouldn't have lost.

    SMAKDON1 4 days ago

    The tragic comedy is these people define the reason the US needs to have free higher education for all. Critical thinking skills are important, especially if your IQ is hovering at the 80 to 100 mark.

  • Its all Good
    Its all Good 4 days ago

    you want to hunt a witch!! look no further than Hillary....

  • Jeff Spangler
    Jeff Spangler 4 days ago


  • John Anticuck
    John Anticuck 4 days ago


  • Pat Brodie
    Pat Brodie 5 days ago

    These people are SCARY, SCARY STUPID!!!

  • Going Viral
    Going Viral 5 days ago

    -37 Executive orders signed
    -Pulled out of paris climate deal
    -Pulled out of TPP
    -Approved keystone
    -Ban on White House official Lobbying
    -Neil Gorsuch
    -NAFTA negotiations
    -Regulations cut down in half
    -Dow Jones increased from 17,888 to 21,491
    -Illegal immigration drastically down, deportation up
    -Unemployment at lowest point
    -Increase in Patriotism,Faith and respect towards law enforcement....And many more
    All these happened in just 5 months of his Presidency........... 43 months left.....Keep Barking Libtard Snowflakes

  • Peter Parker Piper
    Peter Parker Piper 5 days ago

    Wow, we get what we deserve.

  • Michael Kirkland
    Michael Kirkland 5 days ago

    Some of the dumbest and misinformed people on earth.

  • Timodeus44
    Timodeus44 5 days ago

    These people are why I left the Republican Party. All reason and intelligence has evaporated among them.

  • englandsensation
    englandsensation 5 days ago

    The Russia thing is important and is already being inversigated, but the fact republicans are trying to pass a secret healthcare bill that would hurt millions of americans, is horrific. That's what this people need to be talking about.

  • Andrew Hellinger
    Andrew Hellinger 5 days ago

    These people are morons

  • Ez Target
    Ez Target 5 days ago

    The "push aside" of the European leaders?

    Come on Frank Lutz? You can clearly see in that video that he was having fun with the other leader. You're better than this.

  • Rodrigo Salas
    Rodrigo Salas 5 days ago


  • mambojazz1
    mambojazz1 5 days ago

    These sad people are so misguided!!!!!

  • amy
    amy 5 days ago

    this is the proof

  • Jpaul Shive
    Jpaul Shive 5 days ago

    What promises has he kept, he said he was going to help the people. which he is, except he's only helping the people who have billions in the bank.

    • Jpaul Shive
      Jpaul Shive 5 days ago

      Although when all you do is read tweets from the toddler and chief, and watch Fox Propaganda, you won't know what is actually happening.

      The media needs to spend more time focusing on how much the policies of this administration will negatively impact average people. That's how you get the Trump supporters to see the light. unless you have a picture of Trump and Putin literally in bed together, they won't listen to a word about Russia.

  • coc0s
    coc0s 5 days ago

    A room full of trumptards.

    • coc0s
      coc0s 4 days ago

      You've earned the title.

    • Joshua Stevens
      Joshua Stevens 4 days ago

      coc0s This is why you lose. You need to win "Trumptards" over to win, but you just attack us.

  • Bassem Sarris
    Bassem Sarris 5 days ago

    Just more proof that Americans are the dumbest people on earth

    • Khruezer M.
      Khruezer M. 4 days ago

      Emma, he/she said Americans, not Trump supporters. And by your logic, Trump supporters will continue to vote for Trump, despite his possible future failures, just to spite the opposition, regardless if they're shooting themselves in the foot because of it. If that is the case, then I stand by Mr./Ms. Sarris' statements, albeit to a lesser extent (50% or so of the population sounds about right.)

    • Emma White
      Emma White 5 days ago

      Bassem Sarris your hate of trump supporters is why trump won

  • fantasysculpts
    fantasysculpts 5 days ago

    These dense people horrify me. Omg! Low education voters.

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