Kid Ink - F With U (Official Video) ft. Ty Dolla $ign

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  • New EP '7 Series' out now featuring "F With U" ft. Ty Dolla $ign!
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    Kid Ink's new single "F With U" ft. Ty Dolla $ign Out Now!
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  • Runtime: 3:2
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  • sabrina bay
    sabrina bay 1 hour ago

    the beginning is my favorite​ part 😍

    -xSQUALLY 1 hour ago

    greeting from france

  • zeinb Shaabna
    zeinb Shaabna 11 hours ago

    i love it so good :*

  • Ester Avivi
    Ester Avivi 13 hours ago

    השירה שלך גורמת לי לבייץ

  • Nils Küppers
    Nils Küppers 18 hours ago


  • EMILY 303
    EMILY 303 23 hours ago

    This is the link foоr loooosing weight and it is veeryyyy fаast

  • Andrei Ilie Fodor


  • Karla M.
    Karla M. 1 day ago

    I just can't believe I've gotten so OLD that they are starting to remix songs that came out when I was young! fabolous' "into you" was my shtttttttt!

  • Aniya Holston
    Aniya Holston 1 day ago

    Ty Dolla Sign need to take out those light brown dreads because those not cute at all 😁😃😆😝

  • Anthony Corral
    Anthony Corral 1 day ago

    You guys should check out his song no strings that he released

  • Anthony Corral
    Anthony Corral 1 day ago

    I've been listening to kid ink for a long time

  • Dude Killer Beast

    Who saw don Benjamin

  • alexvids 1121
    alexvids 1121 1 day ago

    Who else is here for musically

  • Antoine VENTO
    Antoine VENTO 2 days ago

    My god the image of women is worse and worse

  • Miss loyal royalty ****

    I fuck with this song tho 😘

  • Danny M
    Danny M 2 days ago

    Good song? Is the hook orginal

  • Tania Ester Escobar


  • Ric Ric
    Ric Ric 2 days ago

    0:15 💓💓 💘 chocolate cake my favorite 😍

  • zVexmah
    zVexmah 2 days ago

    They should of put Breezy in this.

  • RnB SiM
    RnB SiM 2 days ago

    love rnb hip hop music

  • cml a l
    cml a l 2 days ago

    Way you make that clap, Nola, Nola

  • Mikołaj Ixiński
    Mikołaj Ixiński 2 days ago

    this camera sucks

  • Jackson pene
    Jackson pene 2 days ago

    love this song

  • Kareem Shareef
    Kareem Shareef 3 days ago

    Who are the girls at 0.05 sec , 1:07 , 1:30 lol i gotta know names

  • Fernando Cr7
    Fernando Cr7 3 days ago

    who else thought ty was future in the thumbnail

  • Amanda Marie
    Amanda Marie 3 days ago

    I really love this 😍😍 kid ink and Ty my favorites I swear and this combination of them both HELL YES😍😍😍❤️😩

  • Кирилл Винокуров

    girls are very cool 👍😍😍😍

  • Barbara Jones-Williams


  • gabby pierre
    gabby pierre 3 days ago

    2:16 shawty bad asffff lol

  • princessxkayy
    princessxkayy 4 days ago

    exactly like this song is addicting 😍

  • ichigokatz
    ichigokatz 4 days ago

    good song

  • _gwynbleidd
    _gwynbleidd 4 days ago

    So sexist.

  • Yahlita Moore
    Yahlita Moore 4 days ago

    this is so fucked up it sounds like something else I've heard from somebody else that did it before

  • intellectual ingnoranSe

    2:21 No hate but look at that fake ass future😂

  • joyce nascimento
    joyce nascimento 5 days ago

    façam legenda pra essa msc pf 😍😍

  • Krista Calderon
    Krista Calderon 5 days ago

    What can I say? The fabolous/Tamia version is obviously better. Welcome to 2017 where people have to turn a romantic early 2000's jam into a modern day fuck boy anthem. The flow is good and I love me some ty dolla but ya'll know I'm not wrong in what I'm saying. Fuck boys be Taking over :/

  • JC macias
    JC macias 5 days ago

    Me gusta! <3

  • Victoria M
    Victoria M 5 days ago


  • laura kovach
    laura kovach 5 days ago

    Hate the chick in the hot tub trying shake her no ass she got -gag-

  • musicly channel
    musicly channel 5 days ago

    kid_ink u look like yazz from a distance u my fave rapper/ hip hop singer

  • Chanese Knox
    Chanese Knox 6 days ago

    into you remix...

  • Sess Prodigy
    Sess Prodigy 6 days ago

    Ink Is The Fukin King! Props To My Nigga 100%, Kid Ink Iz The Realist In The Rap Game, Been My Favorite Rapper Since Day One. All His Tracks Fire FrFr, He's Among One Of The Best Out There. Fuk All Tha Haters Kid Ink Gott Flow... Lyrics Be Too Litt Tho #Salute #AlumniBatGang #KeepShining #StayFresh

  • UTexas
    UTexas 6 days ago

    This shitty ass song is GARBAGE! The only thing remotely decent about it are the video bitches.

  • kushclouds408
    kushclouds408 6 days ago

    kid ink fell off so hard

    LUCAS YOUTUBER 6 days ago

    very good

  • Paul Williams
    Paul Williams 7 days ago


  • Taitlyn _
    Taitlyn _ 7 days ago

    Who is the guy at 1:35? I found my baby daddy.

  • Iluv2bblk
    Iluv2bblk 7 days ago

    I knew I heard ty dolla signs

  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher 7 days ago

    Ty Dolla $ign killed it in a good way

  • Jade Lenguyen
    Jade Lenguyen 7 days ago

    Kid Ink always has a Summer Hit

  • Trap Kid
    Trap Kid 7 days ago

    fabulous so into you

  • SK AMK
    SK AMK 7 days ago

    .. apored got more views shit... have to change this!!!

  • Youssef Khaled
    Youssef Khaled 8 days ago


  • nova huks
    nova huks 8 days ago

    first 57 seconds are the best I've heard in a song

  • Adam wag1
    Adam wag1 8 days ago

    bruh this chorus sounds Fabolous feat Tamia So Into You and the 2nd one is Ronnie Flex – Energie from Netherlands look it up sound so a like i cant even believe it

  • Shay babes
    Shay babes 8 days ago

    Cant wait for summer! i just get those summer vibes XD

  • Afong Collins
    Afong Collins 8 days ago

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  • Daily Mp3
    Daily Mp3 8 days ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Kaci Stewart
    Kaci Stewart 8 days ago

    that boy was boo 💋😙😘

  • Kaci Stewart
    Kaci Stewart 8 days ago

    that boy was base😍💋😘

  • Alaina Wise
    Alaina Wise 8 days ago

    1:19 is that amber rose

  • ryan
    ryan 8 days ago

    dope ass song

  • Buster Basher
    Buster Basher 8 days ago

    Could have been a good song but that 90s music part killed the boner. It's 2017. Leave the classics.

  • Destiny Pierre
    Destiny Pierre 8 days ago

    this song sounds so much like So Into You, Fabolous feat Tamia  just the rap version lol

  • Y Land
    Y Land 8 days ago

    Why does 0:38-0:45 sound so similar to a part in the song "So into you" by Tamia. Like If you Agree

  • Lord Uchiha
    Lord Uchiha 9 days ago

    who thinks That Kid ink Looks Bro Of Chris brown ?

  • Blak ghost
    Blak ghost 9 days ago plz check it out 💀👻 follow blak_gh0st

  • Miracle Miller
    Miracle Miller 9 days ago

    Ty Dolla $ign dressin like Harry Styles with those skinny jeans, unbuttoned floral red & black top, & big fedora hat 😂😂 I'm dead ya'll. He makes it work tho 😏

  • cxhee bmx
    cxhee bmx 9 days ago

    Kid inks the man

  • Vishabh P. Bhawani
    Vishabh P. Bhawani 9 days ago

    In Love With The Song <3

  • Yasseen_El
    Yasseen_El 9 days ago

    Add Chris brown to this and you got straight flames

  • M. Simmons
    M. Simmons 9 days ago

    kid ink needs to drop a new album!!

  • xxxZACATECASxxx
    xxxZACATECASxxx 9 days ago

    i really like the way sounds like fabulous so into you

  • Daniel Raines
    Daniel Raines 9 days ago

    kid ink low views again but best music

  • nilesh lama
    nilesh lama 9 days ago

    isnt tht n the criminal turned model

  • Dirty Sprite
    Dirty Sprite 9 days ago

    much better than i'm the one or whatever

    CHIZURU SUZUKI 10 days ago

    love this song

  • Joshua Crout
    Joshua Crout 10 days ago

    since when did ty turn into a singer?

  • Maxi Fast
    Maxi Fast 10 days ago

    sounds sooooo boooooring

  • DolphinTheGr3at
    DolphinTheGr3at 10 days ago

    U used a part from Into you by sydney renae "i really like what youve done to me"

  • juan carlos marin yanes

    worked fоr mеe! I wоrked just likе I thоught it would. It was eааsу еnоugh аnd I just wаnt others tо know whеn soomеthing wоrks. Cheсk oout it thereее

  • Ianslushy
    Ianslushy 10 days ago

    Thumbs up if your here from adapts vid

  • Tino P
    Tino P 10 days ago

    fuck yeah...mean sounds

  • Victor Dantas
    Victor Dantas 10 days ago

    Im so into youuu

  • Angie Acosta
    Angie Acosta 10 days ago

    chorus is copied by Fabolous feat Tamia "I'm so into you"

  • DJ ARG
    DJ ARG 10 days ago

    SICK !!

  • It Is ViVi
    It Is ViVi 10 days ago

    I'm hating this music coz of the quality sound pls do something

  • Lawand Irving
    Lawand Irving 10 days ago

    Asian girls love when you pull up slapping this.

  • Devon Layne
    Devon Layne 10 days ago

    make a lyric video

  • Tialia _
    Tialia _ 11 days ago


  • Tialia _
    Tialia _ 11 days ago

    Heyyyyy This song sound exactly like faboulas song?!?!??

  • BHRiS P
    BHRiS P 11 days ago

    kid ink x sobxrbe

  • shashi poloju
    shashi poloju 11 days ago

    TТТherе is ааа grеаat wау toооо lоsееее weight and its loсаteeееd аt

  • Chantel Peckham
    Chantel Peckham 11 days ago

    don b mhmmm

  • Mackpoor Marco
    Mackpoor Marco 11 days ago

    The chorus sounds like "so into you" by Tamia

  • bruna eduarda
    bruna eduarda 11 days ago

    Amazing Vibe

  • Qism Bagdad
    Qism Bagdad 11 days ago


  • Stefan Twaróg
    Stefan Twaróg 11 days ago

    2:48 she cant twerk for shit hahahahahha

  • Florence Ologi
    Florence Ologi 11 days ago

    the lyrics easy to get ...I know all of it already

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