♿ This is how 300 KM/H BIKE CRASH sounds like...

When a motorcycle with a freaking top speed of 300 km/h crash, This is how it feels and sounds like...

300 kph bike crash is dangerous.

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Author City Spawn ( ago)
that is why i love my moped bike....

Author Christopher Nelson ( ago)
glad you did speed limits

Author Antonio Pateas ( ago)
Damn...that was fatal man... It's very hard to survive that kind of crash...

Author gio vil ( ago)
ecco perchè bisogna istituire la pena di morte

Author Enter The NiNjA ( ago)
At this speed gear is useless

Author fottiti ( ago)

Author Forever Sunrise ( ago)
I laid down a Katana 600 going over 130mph on a back country road cresting over a steep hill. We slid for a couple hundred feet. It was pretty knarly.

Author Quemasdara ( ago)
I watch this full video and.. the corpse of the guy was.. beheaded without arms foots.. when u run like a crazy man u have crazy hit

Author mohammad was evil ( ago)
did it hurt?

Author ZahiroviX GamesTV ( ago)
Recorded by : Nokia 3310

Author Danny Devito ( ago)
OMG did they survived?

Author Sotirakis Varnava ( ago)
what happened to the drivers

Author Basil Bacote ( ago)
its 281kph crash not 300

Author MrMADCANADIAN ( ago)
going 300 km on the public street your a moron

Author Bomberman ( ago)
sounds like daeth

Author Akash Gaikwad ( ago)
ride safe guys...

Author Самсунг Самунг ( ago)
есть удаленные видео продолжение этого так там его на куски покромсало как на стейк

Author Ivory Ballard ( ago)
Yo! This was crazy! But all the bikers here know what they was gitting
into. Its a bikers life. The feeling of adrenaline and being able to
feel free. Some of you should see Biker Boyz. They knew they can die
like that. So, i feel no sorrow for them. Though, give them respect for
dieing doing something they love.

Author LEOPARD 2.0 ( ago)

Author Berkant Dilbay ( ago)
This Is In Turkey Respekt !

Author imdat dalgıran ( ago)
turkey crash

Author orion 310591 ( ago)
0:58 pause and play on 0.25 speed thank me later

Author AndaBoss ( ago)
Did the guy die. If he didn't what injuries did he get

Author Yerald Flores ( ago)
fuuf driver safe :)

Author Tomasz Leśny ( ago)
im looking for full Version of this video.someone?

Author pompodorius ( ago)
Why race on public streets, seems like a dumb idea to me. Hopefully no one else got hurt.

Author Suprotim Choudhury ( ago)
May their souls rest in peace and their families blessed. There's really no safety riding these beasts on public roads, and still a risk on tracks. Don't need this sort of speed. I'd say int limits should be 70-90 kmph. Safety first, superbikes never.

Author #17TEO99# - ( ago)
Non ho parole

Author Kim Kom ( ago)
How it s sounds like ..and how it s looks like aftermath for the turkish pilot :

Author Lee Ferguson ( ago)
As a biker that made my heart race.. crazy driving like that on a public road. No wonder some people calls us organ donors

Author Alexis Tosta ( ago)
If they just went slower non of that would happen. 99% of bike accidents are the bikers fault and 40% of them are fatal. Go run in the isle of man but not on the streets

Author L. Santos ( ago)
is he dead?

Author Sp3NgL3R ( ago)
did they survive ?

Author nicholas Kokhanevich ( ago)
the man rideing the bike got decapitaed by a small part of guard rail. in on onother video by my dads feind you see a bloody leg in the grass a riped up shirt with body parsts and a bloody torso than you can seee the drivers head in the middle if the road along with anoyher leg wth the jeans hanging off and in the hanging jeans ther is a bloody leg (edit) i now have no clue which of the driver was decapatated but i posted the video to my channel(other edit) video got deleted due to blood and volience.

Author VS Studio ( ago)
the driver is totally dead😂😂

Author Christopher Landin ( ago)

Author Craig G ( ago)
The aftermath video is insane. It seems like the one that died wasn't wearing proper gear. Not that that would have stopped his head coming off.. gruesome

Author Frodo Baggins ( ago)
I hope no one got hurt...

Author Bubbles ( ago)
"That's the way she goes."

- Ray

Author fdyjt ( ago)
is there any aftermath video or news???

Author BLACK05GO1 ( ago)
My worst crash was going about 25 mph.
So just because you're on a "moped" doesn't mean you can be easily killed.
Most important advice is to wear a helmet no matter what your riding.

Author Harley Davidson Road king ( ago)

Author Le Galant ( ago)
Y a les photos un cadavre sur le site "documenting reality"

Author jamie eyles ( ago)
2 riders died and 1 of the riders was ripped in half. I think liveleak had the full footage and aftermath. It was gruesome....

Author Kemosabe 88 ( ago)

Author Lyle Helbert ( ago)
I saw the aftermath. it ripped them aport! body parts laying all down the highway. that's what happens when you do stupid shit

Author Jeffrey Snyder ( ago)
can am all the way

Author Kal El ( ago)
No respect for anyone else on the road so the fuckin pricks got what they deserved!

Author HarleyFirestorm ( ago)
To be fair if that other guy had not of hit his bike, 300 KMH or not he wouldn't have crashed.

Author Gustavo vixx ( ago)
ghost haider representa mais

Author RobertDeville ( ago)
Apparently this crash happened in Turkey & that's no Istanbullshit.

Author arjit agarwal ( ago)
IT took more than 10 seconds to stop after crash, enough to slice the riders
and dangerus too

Author Adolf wolf ( ago)
yes yes yes die Hahahahahaha .... nah its really sad :(

Author Aden aio ( ago)
Rest In Pieces...

Author gavin bullard ( ago)
Anyone know the Facebook link to all the pictures?

Author 劉國雄 ( ago)

Author ejdermavzerli CAN ( ago)
please dont use this death bikes!!

Author Skender1324 ( ago)

Author Bádogospápa ( ago)
Rohadék fasz szopó ámokfutók , azt kaptátok amit megérdemeltetek !

Author özhan bakıcı ( ago)
This motorcycle accident was in turkey. The person using the motorcycle is dead. His head is broken, his legs are broken, his arms are broken. Do not go too fast. Or you will die.

Author alban halimi ( ago)
did you see the full video?? thats ugly shit

Author MarkVL ( ago)
The last time this idiot overtakes a bus on the wrong side.

Author luis trejo ( ago)
sure he died

Author PRYWATNY ( ago)
0:54 fantastic absolutely super crash , love this show . Hope his given his kidney who's really need one . Perfect ...

Author Benjo YT ツ ( ago)
i watch somewere a full video can someone give me a link or something

Author El Vega ( ago)
that camera isn't a normal's a Nokia 3310

Author 1scott921 ( ago)
This is why I'll never buy a super sport bike, because it's just imposible to enjoy those bikes unless you're doing 150+km/h. Super moto all the way, better to burn your ass after failing a wheelie at 70km/h then to get sliced into pieces after a crash at 200+ km/h, fucking terrifying.

Author Archer ( ago)
99% of the comments here don't have balls to attempt this so they joke about it. Enjoy dying of old age you weak bastards.

Author Daniel Casillas ( ago)
I've seen this on liveleak and the rider was in pieces no lie

Author JonJon95GT ( ago)
Your first crash happens so fast that it's over before you know it. Over time they turn to slow motion.

Author OckhamAsylum ( ago)
What did they think was going to happen? How did this idea come about? Did someone seriously say "Hey, let's hop on our badass bikes and go top-speed down a crowded highway" and everyone was just like "THAT SOUNDS LIKE A FANTASTIC IDEA THAT COULDN'T POSSIBLY RESULT IN OUR OWN OR ANYONE ELSE'S DEATH!" An adrenaline rush isn't worth getting viciously dismembered over, and it certainly isn't worth putting random innocents at risk.

Author 1080 Pixel ( ago)
After those 10 minutes sliding on the street I think he was just a skeleton.

Author Rodrigo Ropelatto ( ago)
hahaha wasted

Author Carlos Sanchez ( ago)
these guys wer able to afford these monstrous bikes, too bad they can't afford another life

Author Marco Marguglio ( ago)

Author ahmad recon ( ago)
padan muka ko bodoh.!!stupid

Author Abaxis- Olathe 43 ( ago)
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Author Hundert Tausend ( ago)
selbst schuld ...idioten !!!

Author John Oakes ( ago)
Anyone doing 300KM/H on a public road with other vehicles is a total idiot! If you want to go that fast, go racing.

Author JD21 ( ago)
This is *what* a ... sounds like

Author Eduardo Falcão ( ago)


Author av9ronz ( ago)
Yep, he was in some pieces after that

Author av9ronz ( ago)
I think he died

Author MyLittleInferno ( ago)
This is stupid

Author Merk glue stick here ( ago)
Did those people survive?

Author Tronkorr12 ( ago)

Author 腾讯游戏!没钱玩你妈逼 堕落之星网游公会 ( ago)
crash at 280 km/h!not 300 km/h

Author homedreamrecords ( ago)
you know what its happen to this guy ??? I have the full version...this guy lost his head his legs and he's death ! joke in peace

Author Matthew Rivera ( ago)
this serious if you watch the full video "180 mph crash " you can the people's arms and legs and head ripped in half

Author trek k ( ago)
good fucking job . if want to race go to the track . respect the roads .

Author TheManInDboX ( ago)
I have built some very fast motorcycle, cars, and mopeds.. but I have only driven the cars.. the other two scared the hell out of me, and I refuse to ride either.. now I just buy um, build um, and sell um..

Author TheManInDboX ( ago)
did these people die?

Author Cash Ivo ( ago)
Organs donor

Author bienenpaps t ( ago)

Author John Doe ( ago)
Awesome. Want to do it

Author Sarath kumar ( ago)
I will play roadrash instead 😁

Author 徐浩源 ( ago)
I am going to get a Kawasaki ZX6R, or a similar bike. Guys, ALWAYS DRIVE SAFE. Don't drive too fast, even if you are on the autobahn. Also, always watch out for the other vehicles. Stay calm, don't touch your bike if you are upset. We are bikers, we should have fun on the street, not an accident. Wish all the bikers good luck and have fun.

Author Mr. Haze & Cherish Hils ( ago)
Are they fucking fine ? That's what's important...

Author Арсен Слюсарчук ( ago)
Do you know why bikers wear these leather costumes? To keep all of the bones together after they crash

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