♿ This is how 300 KM/H BIKE CRASH sounds like...

When a motorcycle with a freaking top speed of 300 km/h crash, This is how it feels and sounds like...

300 kph bike crash is dangerous.

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Author City Spawn ( ago)
that is why i love my moped bike....

Author TheRandomBikers ( ago)
You should see the aftermath of this crash. His whole body was split into pieces

Author gabriel di blasio ( ago)
ahahahah yes

Author Bar9indamix ( ago)
Wow that would have been a crazy ride!

Author Mormax9 ( ago)

the bike is ok?

Author Taxi's Capati ( ago)

Author SpecialGamer ( ago)

Author Florian Schweder ( ago)
this guy must be shredded😮

Author acolyte04 ( ago)
"I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky!"

Author Soham Makwana ( ago)
That's why never ride in group.

Author JOHNFRA ( ago)
Y jodieron al coche los hijos de puta...

Author Peter Griffin ( ago)
jesus...he was sliding as long as he was riding in this video

Author iWaxEliTe ( ago)
I've seen the whole video and his body parts are scattered everywhere

Author Maurice Michler ( ago)

Author zeb06tem ( ago)
Not 300 but 281 lol

Author Raul Haro ( ago) for all of u idiots saying you can survive sliding with your bike pinnin you to the ground at 300 km/h heres the aftermath.

Author Beast ( ago)
Have you seen the aftermath of this? The driver split in 3 pieces.

Author alexandra kruithof ( ago)
hope you survived dude . crazy ass crash

Author Marco B ( ago)

Author timothyjayholla ( ago)

Author محمد الحربي ( ago)
are they alive

Author JP Deeds ( ago)
Gotta watch out for those damn IEDs

Author gabrielwhite ( ago)
hope the bus drove trough them on top! Fucking assholes

Author Arifin Bali ( ago)
more like 140kmh

Author Hacı Murad 131 ( ago)
Turkish cunts

Author Rizki Fajar ( ago)
GAME OVER.. Welcome to HELL........

Author Andrei Bunaziua ( ago)
What happened to the rider tho? Is he ok?

Author Damo Dharan ( ago)
what happens to the guy is he alright

Author James miller ( ago)
300kmh big fucking deal thats only 186ish MPH seen lesser of men go faster and not brag with a video must be from Eurasia county where that seem cool lolollolololol hahaahaahaahahahahahahahaahaaahhaahaahah

Author muntaram taram ( ago)

Author Gouri Shankar ( ago)
love you go pro...

Author stachanpl ( ago)
Dobrze, gdy takie debile (bo jak inaczej nazwać debila jadącego 300 km/h drogą publiczną) zabijają tylko siebie! Gorzej, gdy giną niewinni ludzie przez takich skurwysynów na motorkach...

Author sagun khadka ( ago)
they both must hv slided a 1000meters

Author Bad drivers of St. John's, NL ( ago)
doing 300+ on a public and traveled road? deserved it

Author Xoulepos Xoulepos ( ago)
220 was bad..fuck!! 300 looks even worse

Author avolnario x ( ago)

Author TheFunkhouser ( ago)
Go to Liveleak, see how he ended up! >_<
They needed a few plastic bags.

Author Natchanon Natchanon ( ago)
he died ?

Author harsh mukhi ( ago)
WTF !! Go Pro Manufactured By Nokia 🤐

Author Willy G P ( ago)
so I guess one at 300 sounds just like one at 281 I'm confused

Author rayzen ( ago)
are They died?

Author Chicken Lips ( ago)
Well deserved

Author iLegend ( ago)
Turkey bursa - istanbul otoban

Author моня салитан ( ago)
he survive?!

Author Promodh Sridhar ( ago)
Why the hell wwas he racing on the road ?? That's a speed for the track not a road with opposite traffic!!!

Author Selman Uçar ( ago)
This is Turkey. City is Bursa.

Author Holzwerker Tim ( ago)

Author jr63049 ( ago)
No sympathy when you ride like a douche canoe.

Author Andy Hvarila ( ago)
i was close to fatal... and .... maked me feel shit to see this video... i guess i am getting old....

Author Explicit Ray ( ago)
It;s crazy I saw the aftermath of that crash oh my God, it was horrific, both legs cut off, torso cut off, head smashed like if it was a deflated balloon. It was so crazy.

Author wgv wgv ( ago)
It is what not how.

Author ebk305 ( ago)

Author Jakob Rosi ( ago)
did he dieded?

Author Monu rangra ( ago)
I want the rider to get up and say "hello" in video.

Author ᄃ드ᄂ ( ago)
was he hurt??

Author Hapenis Awaits ( ago)
This guy got his face sliced in half, his arms and legs shattered in to peaces ...

Author Alejandro Balderas ( ago)
y se murió? porque q putazo

Author Wesley I'oeuille ( ago)
R.I.P idiots

Author goblin87 ( ago)
he crashed because that dumb Bus driver gay fuck

Author Patrik Supertrade ( ago)
Thats not the whole movie.. after that someone picked up the camera and show his one leg and head lying on the street and torso on the grass, the rest was missing.

Author still K still k ( ago)
watch video after Crash

Author Pausen Clown ( ago)
too many idiots at the same time

Author jari jari ( ago)
mamulo ojo do banter2

Author DrInsane76 ( ago)
At least he got an HELL of a ride before he died. :-S

Author Fick Dich ( ago)
On instagram i found a video where a policeofficer is filming the parts of the drivers body laying all over the street for a 200meter range.... absolutly terrifying.

Author Bazuzeus ( ago)
1. Not 3000 but 281 en the speedo
2. 281 on the ZX speedo is more like 250 IRL

For those who don't drive at this speed, this doesn't seems a big difference, but 250 or 300 is another world

Author _. claxxic ( ago)
Is heute alive?

Author Snickers und dein hunger ist gegessen ( ago)
i saw this video on facebook a couple of hours ago and the rider was chopped in pieces his head was ripped away.

Author Misanthropic Division ( ago)
Hope he is dead fuckin biker retards as car driver i would not helped him

Author brabus amg ( ago)

Author Serdar döner ( ago)
Last year in the Yalova Türkey. sory 😐😐

Author yow ( ago)
how many deaths?

Author Vend Master ( ago)
fuck these assholes

Author elcast ( ago)
And now i would like to hear how sounds police announcing to parents and family that a father/children/brother is dead.

Ride safe.
I don't say to drive SLOW, but SAFE.

Author how to hack life ( ago)
I saw the later footage, body corpse, legs, head in the middle of the road, it really hurts becoz I'm 10000%addicted to SUPERBIKES, that much an alcoholic loves alcohol, I love bikes more than him almost 100 times. But after seeing all these crashes I feel cursed with this SUPERBIKES addiction, becoz no matter how hard I try I can't ride slow, neither these bikes meant to be ridden slow, God pls help me to get off this addiction or give me a sbk which never ever crashes, or some brands please design hoverboard, gliding type SUPERBIKES which delivers pure adrenaline rush like these bikes. God damn rip to these guys and the lovely 10r

Author Captain Imba von der blauen Wolke ( ago)
I hope the dude died

Author Rhino e.g smith ( ago)
Wasn't really 300km but anyway

Author Johan K ( ago)
I saw the video without censorship, the poor man was totally dismembered.

Author lokesh raju ( ago)
how is the raider?

Author roy herrera ( ago)
well, I guess Charles Darwin was right all along.....

Author carla rose ( ago)
Is he safe?

Author Lion Heart ( ago)
The biggest falt of rider..that he was overtaking from left..🚫☜

Author hakan Şentürk ( ago)
türkiye bursa xz10r vs s1000rr crash.

Author Boss mustang ( ago)
man I was robbed of some kmh, speedo said 281 when rider went down.

Author sailentxx ( ago)
well I cant feel it and I quite frankly dont wanna feel it.

Author jimmyfly ( ago)
I can honestly say I don't feel bad for either rider.

Author That guy ( ago)
Hope gieco got him 15 percent off or more on the coffin payment

Author That guy ( ago)
Where is all the gear defenders that think wearing a one piece suit keeps you alive no matter what happens

Author Eray Demiröz ( ago)
Belongs to the Turkish channel and has been banned from the court decision This video wanted to hide the family was in Bursa highway

Author korkmaz dayanç ( ago)
The incident happened in Turkey.

Author Minigiant ( ago)
It's on best, he obviously died and was in pieces

Author Sweetpotato Johnson ( ago)
Hopefully they didn't kill anyone but themselves.

Author HARTHIK HONEY ( ago)
only one question, had he survived?

Author SSDom Smith ( ago)
are you ok bra

Author RULE 303 ( ago)
Did they survive? fucken miracle if they did.

Author Mohama ( ago)
this guy was in pieces literly his head was gone arms legs sad video rip

Author Rave2DaGrave ( ago)
totaly ripped in pieces. Im sorry for the driver but if you drive like that its totaly your fault.

Author ZX7R Melado ( ago)
I've been riding motorbikes for over 30 years. Thankfully I've never been party to such idiotic riding. God doesn't care for stupidity.

Author john doe ( ago)
Fucking idiots. I hope they are taken off the streets. One way or the other...

Author Marco Simula ( ago)
mio Dio!!! niente da aggiungere. R.I.P. 😑😞😥

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