♿ This is how 300 KM/H BIKE CRASH sounds like...

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  • City Spawn
    City Spawn 6 months ago

    that is why i love my moped bike....

    • Sexy Emirko
      Sexy Emirko 18 days ago

      I love you man

    • Ali Elabdimarras
      Ali Elabdimarras 27 days ago

      Ram A haha, I have a 900cc sports bike and guess what I ride most : yes the bicycle. these are the first world problems, other folks have no clean water.

    • YURI
      YURI 1 month ago

      Buddy TheElf i only seen one chopped off leg first time but watched another copy of same video and seen 2 chopped off legs and that squashed head also body in the grass.... 😷😷

  • Tim  Gerz
    Tim Gerz 4 hours ago

    the man is dead i have the full vid

  • T _R
    T _R 9 hours ago

    motoru aldigin an zaten olumune bir davetiye cikartiorsun demek oluyor, ve bu yuzden motor almiorum cunki biliorum basmadan duramicami.

  • parardhya dio nandiwardhana

    aww those left limbs must be hurt

  • Will Davis
    Will Davis 17 hours ago

    stupid twat deserved it. You wanna race? Get the FUCK off the public highway, you inconsiderate ASSHOLES. Just glad nobody else was hurt. You wanna race? FIND A TRACK. Don't punishment pass cars to see how big your balls are.

  • Maria L.
    Maria L. 1 day ago

    Are you proud?? :-(

  • mahdi samp
    mahdi samp 1 day ago

    and he got died?

  • Jos van der ark
    Jos van der ark 1 day ago


  • Piotr Dudziak
    Piotr Dudziak 1 day ago

    sehr gut

  • I help anytime
    I help anytime 2 days ago

    That was 281 km/h... CLICKBAIT

  • guybrushzhreepwood
    guybrushzhreepwood 2 days ago

    das Moped is doch noch gut? Das geht doch noch?

  • papi schmoop
    papi schmoop 3 days ago

    saw the aftermath, nasty asf. body torn apart spread across the pavement. head is lying in the middle by itself. I'm never buying a bike Fuck that

  • Hüseyin Avni Şahin

    turkiyede olmus la metro otobusunun tozundan etkileniyo gene metro turizm... amk

  • Martin Blacklion
    Martin Blacklion 4 days ago

    Only in turkey!

  • ReJected
    ReJected 4 days ago

    you dont usually see a 300kmh wheelie

  • YaBH
    YaBH 4 days ago

    hey I just uploaded I bike crash video aswell, check it out !!

  • dernoob 123
    dernoob 123 4 days ago


  • Ertugrul
    Ertugrul 5 days ago


  • Luis Enrique  Ortega Stenzel

    they show the dead body's in another unofficial video...

  • Enver Kibaroglu
    Enver Kibaroglu 5 days ago


  • Pasi Sallinen
    Pasi Sallinen 7 days ago

    Young daredevils die because they're too stupid to realize this is dangerous. Just natural selection.

  • Christian Maufort
    Christian Maufort 8 days ago

    Yaou ....!!!!!

  • Alex 83
    Alex 83 9 days ago

    minus 1 stupid asshole

  • Zuun Nebu
    Zuun Nebu 9 days ago

    i hear only die

  • Int etsu69
    Int etsu69 10 days ago

    135 cc is enought for me..love my moped

  • Paul Mauer
    Paul Mauer 12 days ago

    ned grad der Hit

  • FUKA Yes
    FUKA Yes 12 days ago

    well deserved.

  • Gago Bilic
    Gago Bilic 12 days ago

    fuck you idiot

  • jimshad Sika
    jimshad Sika 12 days ago


  • Alfs Awful
    Alfs Awful 13 days ago

    At least it means there is 1 lest moron on the roads

  • Filip Flein
    Filip Flein 13 days ago

    this is why you don't buy a motorbike kids

  • fmitterb
    fmitterb 13 days ago

    And this is what happens if you ride a bike without using your brain.

  • Siddhartha Sarmah
    Siddhartha Sarmah 13 days ago

    any survivors?

  • vahdet cukur
    vahdet cukur 13 days ago

    This Crash is in the Turkey

  • vahdet cukur
    vahdet cukur 13 days ago

    Head arm legs Gerißen and his friend is fault of is determined right against outside mirrors of the buss dangers wtf

  • Alexander Veseth
    Alexander Veseth 13 days ago

    this was actually filmed in a green screen studio.

  • TheBabolas
    TheBabolas 14 days ago

    O M G

  • FAID
    FAID 14 days ago

    *It's on live leak, one dude looked like a lasagna that fell on the floor and the dog had a go at it...... R.I.P*

  • Şevşenko '
    Şevşenko ' 14 days ago

    Crash in Turkey/Bursa Otoban. 1 kill (amk ingilizcem bu kadar) 🇹🇷

  • the DAWG
    the DAWG 14 days ago

    RIP if you see the after crash footage 🙏

    SWAT TM 14 days ago

    you stay a live?

  • Alihan Erkasap
    Alihan Erkasap 16 days ago

    First one is in Turkey

  • Sunarto Driver
    Sunarto Driver 16 days ago

    gila ,,, serem banget kecelakaannya ...

  • Serhat Can Murat
    Serhat Can Murat 16 days ago

    Turkey 😓

  • Wordupmiman
    Wordupmiman 17 days ago

    oh yeah

  • Morne Liebenberg
    Morne Liebenberg 17 days ago

    ha ha ha ha I LOVE IT WHEN BIKERS DIE. Keep to the fucking speed limit!!!

  • orlygtgamer castillo anaya

    oooo que les abrar pasado pobres lo que da la velocidad

  • Stephen Nichols
    Stephen Nichols 17 days ago

    seriously. go to a track!

  • GlassTopRX7
    GlassTopRX7 18 days ago

    One less idiot biker on the road.

  • Chappy Papi
    Chappy Papi 18 days ago

    in the full video you can see that the camera guy was completely dismembered. The concrete shredded his body apart from going so fast.

  • WhiteLion2013
    WhiteLion2013 18 days ago

    Good camera

  • R FlorezD
    R FlorezD 18 days ago

    It looks like the rider that hit the car flew into in the rider with the go pro probably died instantly and to make things worse he probably bounced off onto the guard rail and sliced him up. Happened so fast! even in slow motion.

  • TX RNG
    TX RNG 18 days ago

    More like, this is the sound that stupid makes.

  • pixel LTU
    pixel LTU 19 days ago

    whi i waching dis?

  • pixelTox GG.
    pixelTox GG. 19 days ago

    rip 2 souls ...

  • Jonas Kartino
    Jonas Kartino 20 days ago

    gibt es irgendwelche infos ob einer von den überlebt hat???

  • Gneis Beis
    Gneis Beis 20 days ago

    If these idiots kill themselves, its ok. But on public roads it's not, because there are others, too!

  • getl0st
    getl0st 20 days ago

    After all the damage I did to myself on a BMX, I decided Motorbikes were a bad idea...

  • DailyMark
    DailyMark 20 days ago

    show some respect.. i saw the full video and this guy is Torn apart completely. U know it so.. please show respect! ;(

  • [TWG]TheWarriorGamer

    Which is this bike?

  • King Noah
    King Noah 20 days ago

    All fun till they crash

  • Quadra Moon
    Quadra Moon 21 day ago

    lol..those farts don´t deserve anything better...wish them all to death

  • Bashir Gasanov
    Bashir Gasanov 21 day ago

    2 pilot dead ? two pilot dead ?

  • getl0st
    getl0st 21 day ago

    It's hard to feel sorry for these fuckheads...

  • sfctwZockt
    sfctwZockt 21 day ago

    The fukken live leak vid shows the aftermath...
    His legs and head are separated all over the highway

  • Rafay khan
    Rafay khan 22 days ago

    Not his mistake

  • Ben M
    Ben M 23 days ago

    This is what CycleCruza refers to as "a reel fucked up DEYYY!"

  • sniph mifinger
    sniph mifinger 23 days ago

    Gotta see the live leaks version

  • G G
    G G 23 days ago

    them go pros are worth every penny.. super tough

  • Philip Watson
    Philip Watson 24 days ago

    Waste of a bike

  • Muhibbur Maulizal
    Muhibbur Maulizal 24 days ago


  • Levent Onder
    Levent Onder 25 days ago

    Highway on turkey

  • DonSamOza
    DonSamOza 25 days ago

    is he dead.?

  • dinninhhoa1103 Las
    dinninhhoa1103 Las 25 days ago


  • Jimm Gunnarsson
    Jimm Gunnarsson 26 days ago

    271km/h during a crash ain't bad.. I give him a gold star for the crash and nothing for being an idiot :) And a thumbs down for the clipname.

  • Piridajac
    Piridajac 27 days ago


  • BryanG760
    BryanG760 27 days ago

    this why i ride alone

  • Shaw Z
    Shaw Z 27 days ago

    Bikers laugh on 250cc and 300cc bikes wheres bike speeds like 100-120kps is still far more better than a car.

  • Raphael Wechselberger

    In the full version of the Video you can see that one of the guys foot got chopped off and a corpse lying in the grass.

    Ride safe

  • Dick Bullwood
    Dick Bullwood 27 days ago

    feeling sorry for these guys is like feeling sorry for someone who plays Russian Roulette every night. Slapping one bullet and a revolver and then spinning it around and just pulling the trigger in his mouth. It's literally the same kind of activity, at least when you play Russian Roulette though you will only kill yourself. These idiots are more than happy to kill others

  • John Doe
    John Doe 28 days ago

    from Turkey

  • Sahil SaM
    Sahil SaM 29 days ago

    is rider alive????

  • Almac x
    Almac x 29 days ago

    What people don't realize is that some people just love to go fast. Theres no race track where you can reach 300km so these individuals take to the highway. Nobody is asking for your approval and the riders know the inherent risks of their hobby.
    I don't approve of going full retard on the highway but I'm also not going to start judging people who take risks, they live more in one highway rip than most people do their entire lives.
    Rest in peace brothers, where ever it is death has taken you.

  • moro boonta
    moro boonta 29 days ago

    น่าสงสารจัง หวังว่าคนขับจะปลอดภัยi hope you safe

  • MeatVision
    MeatVision 29 days ago

    Damn physics

  • fidel catsro
    fidel catsro 1 month ago


  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers 1 month ago

    😁 Comments from LiveLeak:

    Seedyrom - What's that ahead up the road?

    GoiterMcFundus - Some Assembly Required.

    JDessel - Now he can quit while he's a head.

    The Demons Inside - Walk it off, P***y!

    Richisp - Getting a bit ahead of himself?

    Nachoman - If your bike can do 300km/h, you can afford a cellphone or camera with better video quality. shame on you.
    Hackbrett - @nachoman Not really. The bike already cost him an arm and a leg and a head for that matter.

    Nostrildamus - Another rider stopped and claimed to be the brother of the man killed. Police asked him to help identify the body. The cop reached down and picked up the head by the hair and held it up asking, "Is this your brother?"......the other rider replied, "No, it look like him but he wasn't that short."

  • Dan Cujo
    Dan Cujo 1 month ago

    That was too funny. Had to watch it over again.

  • Carlos Villa
    Carlos Villa 1 month ago

    that's what he gets for putting other people in danger, i hope the fucker is paralyzed for life so other people will use him as an example👍

    • Carlos Villa
      Carlos Villa 1 month ago

      i just found a video link to this😂😂😂😂😂he was found in pieces😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • K P
    K P 1 month ago


  • myfavorites959
    myfavorites959 1 month ago

    That was only 288

  • myfavorites959
    myfavorites959 1 month ago

    That was only 288

  • yow
    yow 1 month ago

    1 guy dead.. my scooter top speed at 100 kph, and i never reach half of it

  • Bernardo Lesourdmuet

    good gopro, not chinese counterfake, ach ach ach !

  • Stephen
    Stephen 1 month ago


  • Graham Arnold
    Graham Arnold 1 month ago

    ONLY Muppets ride like this on the public highway

    1000RRLIADAM HAKAN 1 month ago

    turkiye bursa yolu ali kardesim allah rahmet eylesin.

  • Sekar Wangi
    Sekar Wangi 1 month ago

    aq takut jadinya karena kakak sepupuku juga kayak begini ikut ikut an balap sepeda

  • TheKingPilot
    TheKingPilot 1 month ago

    Wow, this crash is impressive, not like the Panigale from my channel but...

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