What If You Only Drank Soda?

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  • The effect that pop has on your body!
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    Written by Rachel Salt, Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
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    Further Reading:

    http://www.gallup.com/poll/156116/Nearly-Half-Americans-Drink-Soda-Daily.aspx?utm_source=google&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=syndication Nearly Half of Americans Drink Soda Daily
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  • God Slappy
    God Slappy 3 hours ago


  • God Slappy
    God Slappy 3 hours ago

    wrong again

  • Naughty Hotdog
    Naughty Hotdog 11 hours ago

    If you want a carbonated drink try flavored water so good.

  • CineMMRs
    CineMMRs 1 day ago

    I'm watching this drinking coke. Cool.

  • Cynthia Diaz
    Cynthia Diaz 1 day ago

    Same with me

  • InfinityDeath Z
    InfinityDeath Z 1 day ago

    how to solve: diet soda

  • Ian Prieto
    Ian Prieto 2 days ago


  • Bycion
    Bycion 3 days ago

    Then you'd be me

  • theDigiflower5
    theDigiflower5 3 days ago

    Why does pop burn when I drink it. Ive never been able to enjoy fizz.

  • Simon Ruiz
    Simon Ruiz 3 days ago

    Thank god I don't really drink soda only in partys

  • some name
    some name 4 days ago

    Lol, so if you drink NOTHING but soda for 16 years it might give you low potasium. Oh no! I'd better start taking a suppliment or have a glass of water at some point in the next 15 years.

  • Jazzy Pooh
    Jazzy Pooh 4 days ago

    We'd get diabetes

  • Gomez Mandala
    Gomez Mandala 4 days ago

    I want to say hi and kiss me please call me

  • androshi
    androshi 4 days ago

    i drink diet soda everyday !
    no major problems really.
    its all about portion control.

  • Mr Tryhard
    Mr Tryhard 5 days ago

    i drink sprite niggas

  • Alpha Centauri
    Alpha Centauri 5 days ago

    i know one woman who drank only soda for years and years and years her bones broke she cant walk properly but still her arrogance and stupidity wont make her stop she sayssss ohh my doctor says drink less soda

  • Game Rush
    Game Rush 5 days ago

    but cola is black/darkbrown not purple

  • True Bobbian
    True Bobbian 6 days ago

    Soda makes your teeth go gray!

  • Jeremy Garner
    Jeremy Garner 7 days ago

    Know I know pop/soda is bad for you but 16 years straight lol I'm 41 and been drinking Pepsi sense I was a toddler. I remember my
    baby bottle being filled with
    Pepsi and yes I'm unhealthy I'm 6'1" 250ibs and have a couple cavities. But unless there is a huge difference between coke and Pepsi I have that lady beat by 23yrs. So total of 39yrs and I've tried to quit even tryed to only drink with the 1 maybe 2 meals a day I eat. But still can't stop Im drinking caffeine free now do to the fact that reg Pepsi was making me feel completely crappie. I've tryed gatoraid tried bottled tea's nothing works so I'm at a loss anymore.

  • Emee Loves3
    Emee Loves3 8 days ago

    sad is I am 29, all I drink is Coke and Pepsi and I now have heart murmurs, tachycardia, and I do have major fainting spells. What happens when I try to quit? I have migraines so I'd take Ibuprofen... what's ibuprofen known to cause? Cardiovascular disease. Like yeah, I'm quitting!!!

  • Vlad Mn
    Vlad Mn 8 days ago

    I thought of Warren Buffet...

  • the phandom is everywhere

    Who else hates soft drinks

  • Shyla
    Shyla 9 days ago

    I stopped drinking pop 2 years ago and I've lost a decent amount of weight/fat from doing so

  • UltraMarioLegendz
    UltraMarioLegendz 9 days ago

    I'm drinking soda now. I don't regret it. I'm skinny as hell, and am in good shape. Sometimes I wonder why I'm so fit when I drink more soda than water.

  • iepictic
    iepictic 9 days ago

    2:49 God knees drawn like that make me feel weird.

  • I don't have a name okay

    Am I the only one that doesn't like soda?

  • adina sadiq
    adina sadiq 11 days ago

    what if you only drank diet soda?

  • Aaron Blake Food Reviews

    I haven't eaten a healthy meal since I was two and I have barely ever drank water, somehow I'm still alive.

  • Bandz
    Bandz 11 days ago

    you will die

  • D
    D 12 days ago

    Lol you people should drink diet sodas instead of regular sodas. I drink sugar free sodas ( Diet coke,diet sprite,lemonade,fanta) & I havent suffered any bad effects from it cause they are healthier than regular sodas as they contain no sugar & no carbs!

  • Jaima's cute world
    Jaima's cute world 12 days ago

    my brother drink only cola daily👨

  • Jp Reacts 2
    Jp Reacts 2 13 days ago

    thank you for all the facts

  • Lion Fish
    Lion Fish 13 days ago

    This makes me glad that I hate carbonated drinks

  • Conner Madison
    Conner Madison 14 days ago

    the only time a drink soda is at special events.

  • Harris Mahmood
    Harris Mahmood 14 days ago

    You don't have to quit people!! If you drink 12ML a week it won't have that many bad effects. But it is still MUCH better not to drink soda

  • Vanilla Bunny cutesy

    I never drink soda meow

  • WakeUpTheFish
    WakeUpTheFish 14 days ago

    I still love cola.

  • JaTGM
    JaTGM 15 days ago

    Its fine, ill be okay........

  • AnimeHeart
    AnimeHeart 16 days ago

    answer= Diabetes

  • TWrecks
    TWrecks 16 days ago

    the way to stop drinking soda is to be lazy. if you're too lazy to go to the store and get soda then you won't do it.

  • TWrecks
    TWrecks 16 days ago

    i drink atleast 2 cans usually every day. sometimes i don't drink any but that usually means i have no more soda. i just drank 4 cans of soda :(((

  • Anonymous Mau5
    Anonymous Mau5 16 days ago

    I wish I would've found this video a long time ago for a 4 years I drank only Coca Cola & energy drinks and smoked cigarettes. Glad I quit recently.

  • ThisAccountWasOnlyMadeToComment

    8 daily glasses of water is bs

  • Jordan Cohen
    Jordan Cohen 17 days ago

    I need to stop craving drinks with flavor

  • Cam Gall
    Cam Gall 18 days ago

    I'm sorry but this video does not actually address the title "what if you ONLY drank soft drink"...

  • Edgar Hustles
    Edgar Hustles 18 days ago

    What if you only drank beer ?

  • Anirudha Nayak
    Anirudha Nayak 19 days ago

    I don't have soft drinks at all still I am kind of obese
    Edit: I am a vegetarian too.

  • milkysock
    milkysock 19 days ago

    buy this dude more markers

  • Random account
    Random account 19 days ago

    I drink like a soda a day and and I've never had a cavity 😂

  • Alex Golembeski
    Alex Golembeski 20 days ago

    I only drink water, beer, and coffee! Breakfast of champions!

  • Destroyer3230Gaming
    Destroyer3230Gaming 20 days ago

    Someone outta tell the scout this

  • Narwhal Derp
    Narwhal Derp 20 days ago

    If I could only drink soda without getting fat it would be the best day of my life

  • SegaDisney
    SegaDisney 20 days ago

    My result of going 6 years without getting my teeth checked, and drinking too much soda were almost 20 cavities and having holes on the side of my molars equivalent to Courage the Cowardly Dog...

  • Non Lamma Videos
    Non Lamma Videos 20 days ago


  • DydyFirstcool
    DydyFirstcool 21 day ago

    I drink juice over 10 times a day, what will happen to me!!

  • I Like Cats Meow
    I Like Cats Meow 21 day ago

    am i the only one who went and drank water straight aftee thia video

  • FluffyHusky
    FluffyHusky 21 day ago

    I hate coke anyway... And all fizzy drinks.

  • De FMM
    De FMM 21 day ago

    Who also watched This whit A soda 😂😂😂

  • Nano Rasmus
    Nano Rasmus 22 days ago

    One time i actually only drank soda for about half a year. It was only one can(330 ml) a day but i DIDNT drink anything Else tho i was thirsty most of the time. It was really hard to not hate the taste of water after it is still dont really like it to this day. So my advise: dont do it once you done it water will never taste the same to you!

  • Ali Mills
    Ali Mills 22 days ago

    I have a question! What happens over time if you don't brush your teeth???

  • Mai Waifu
    Mai Waifu 22 days ago

    Simple as: You die.

  • Zane Khrome
    Zane Khrome 22 days ago

    I'm still alive... he lied

  • Harri
    Harri 23 days ago

    i drink literally nothing but soda, i'm of fairly good health but i'm going cold turkey now

  • Jennifer Morin
    Jennifer Morin 24 days ago

    I do not like cola

  • Akın Çağlayan
    Akın Çağlayan 24 days ago

    thank you guys for your all videos and i want to advice some natural drinks that you can drink at any time for example ayran, crush and also kephir ( it is one of the healthiest drink ever )

  • Trizzy Tanya
    Trizzy Tanya 24 days ago

    shit i was drinking eating mcdonalds and drinking soda right now, oh well *keeps drinking*

  • KevinTheGreat
    KevinTheGreat 24 days ago

    drink powerade and gatorade it will help u stop sodas

  • theuglyhat
    theuglyhat 24 days ago

    But 8 glasses of water every day is waay to much...

  • SilverRainStorm
    SilverRainStorm 25 days ago

    Is it bad that I've had so much soda my bloodstream has been replaced with it?

    *Grabs a 2-liter:* NAH!!!

  • QUEEN TO THE KING Segoviano

    i only drank soda for YEARS... 💔😪😓

  • Michael Benson
    Michael Benson 26 days ago

    who else clicked on the video with a soda in their ✋?

  • Daisy Dell
    Daisy Dell 27 days ago

    I drink two can diet soda per day. Is diet soda same cause of normal soda?

  • Faded
    Faded 27 days ago

    How did they know I was binge watching these videos?

  • Mecha.D Luffy,australia

    Who drinking fizzy drink while watching?

  • Jose Rivera
    Jose Rivera 28 days ago

    hey u guys should do a beer one, like what if i only drink beer instead of water/ anything else including water.

  • Esprie
    Esprie 28 days ago

    Last time I drank soda was a little less than a week ago, and that was a few sips and then I stopped all together, as before that I haven't drank soda in a week. Hope I continue just drinking water and black coffee- it actually helped me feel better and healthier!

  • Cleo Agyepong
    Cleo Agyepong 29 days ago

    I hate coke

  • Keshia Nrwkirk
    Keshia Nrwkirk 29 days ago

    I'm glad I'm starting to drink more water jeez like i drank soda alot i wanna quiz now

  • Nardwuar
    Nardwuar 29 days ago

    I do only drink soda lmao

  • 2000 Subs Challenge
    2000 Subs Challenge 29 days ago

    Thats not true I only drink one soda a month

  • Archie Michie
    Archie Michie 29 days ago

    Just drink diet soda smh

  • LotusFlower
    LotusFlower 1 month ago

    I don't like soda xD the bubbles are weird in meh mouth lol

  • insert meme here
    insert meme here 1 month ago

    if banana has potasium in it will it be a good torch

  • BRITTANY Harris
    BRITTANY Harris 1 month ago

    My father only drinks Mountain Dew. I've never seen him drink water ever. And he only has copd and he's 54. Interesting

  • Dalia Smith
    Dalia Smith 1 month ago

    This is why I don't drink soda.
    Have lemonade instead

  • Esmeee Hamer
    Esmeee Hamer 1 month ago

    I hate fizzy drinks anyway😂

  • Shaun S. 8bit
    Shaun S. 8bit 1 month ago

    I didn't want soda before this video, but I want one now

  • arman rgun
    arman rgun 1 month ago


  • Storm Twip
    Storm Twip 1 month ago

    Soda is really bad lol

  • BriaPrettyPup
    BriaPrettyPup 1 month ago


  • Agee's talk video Agastya

    Good for showing this video to the world

  • dirtyeggo
    dirtyeggo 1 month ago

    nigga I just had 2 cans of 🅱o🅱a 🅱ola

  • dirtyeggo
    dirtyeggo 1 month ago

    it's pronounced 🅱o🅱a 🅱ola

  • Marki knowler
    Marki knowler 1 month ago

    I haven't drank soda for a whole year and honestly it wasn't hard

  • Marleen den hartog
    Marleen den hartog 1 month ago

    i hate drinking water. when i have no sodas i just dont drink.. i am not overweight and dont have any healthproblems or cavitys.. so.. whatsup with that..

  • maria and jade Hernandez and gomez

    I love soda

  • Moo
    Moo 1 month ago

    I didn't start drinking water until I was 20. And nothing bad happened to me.

  • Mark Fredrick Graves, Jr.

    Nobody should drink soda.

  • Party
    Party 1 month ago

    Oh no I'm drinking a Coke right now

  • Nicholle E.
    Nicholle E. 1 month ago


    *10 years later*

    Ugh! I can't stop!

    *100 years later*

    Eh! I give up! (Cough Cough)

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