10 MAGIC PRANKS!! - How to do tricks you can do NOW!

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    Watch the entire video! There's something for everyone!
    The location of each trick is below:

    0:29 1. Toothpick Penetration Illusion! (Awesome!)
    2:28 2. Impossible Burnt Match Trick!
    5:08 3. The Perfect Card BET!
    7:40 4. How to Put your HEAD through a Business Card!
    9:58 5. Balancing Coin on Dollar Edge!
    10:56 6. Camera Magic!
    12:02 7. Rubberband Finger Penetration!
    12:57 8. Coin through Table! (Plus Bonus)
    14:19 9. No Skill Spoon Bending!
    16:40 10. The Perfect Peek - Always Know a Card Trick! (Try it!!)
    Please enjoy and share!

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    Rich, Thank you for your amazing teaching skills!.....One trick I would love to learn: David Blaine enters a casino, and he has two girls alternatively guess what color is the next card, and they guess it all the time. Could you please tell us what is the trick.......Thank you so much for such interesting tricks. You make it so easy to learn....;-)....Cheers!

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    I would love to have that book!
    Oh and I definitely subscribed.

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    Learn to draw 15 days ago

    ive learned all my tricks off u and they always get amazing reactions!

  • Learn to draw
    Learn to draw 15 days ago

    ive learned all my magic tricks off you and they always get amazing reactions!

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    Rich, love your channel. 
    Your explanations are clear and concise with no repeating of the same
    phrase over and over again.

    I’ve been into magic since my pre-teens and do several of
    the card tricks you perform, however I’ve had to adapt them as I have no
    feeling in my left hand.

    Thanks, Colin.

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