All Saints Church Oystermouth Swansea Organ Music By Rob Charles

Visiting All Saints Church Oystermouth where I play some tunes on the famous conacher organ tunes include the hymn tune Blaenwern, Andrew Moore Literacle Minatures Plus "The two Robs! Bachs Libster Iesu, the Welsh Hymn Gwahoddiad, Fanfare with promenade By Rosalie Bonighton and Richard Loydd's Processional And Shots Of Church I hope you enjoy this video!

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Author Daniel Jones (2 months)
As always - most enjoyable. Thank you. Dafydd and family.

Author Hans Wermink (6 months)
i only wished i could play an monster organ like this....very impressive 

Author Sean Carley (9 months)
how many mixtures and sharp octaves are on this one rob?? they're my
favourite stops along with the principals ,fifteenths and open diapason :P 

Author Sean Carley (11 months)
HAHAHA! Rob 4:15 was hilarious! :)

Author Prayerbook Catholic (1 year)
Rob, your videos are a real ministry. They show your love of the organ and
of the church. Please continue.

Author Antonio Enciso (1 year)
Such majesty! Yet, it wouldn't give sufficient justice to the majesty of
God. Oh, well, we have to be content with our limitations while on earth.
Thanks for the glimpse of heaven in this playing. God bless.

Author dekufru (4 years)
nice Rob very nice

Author RobCharles1981 (2 years)
Kevin Mayhew Publishers 200 Last Verses For Organ by Noel Rawsthrone.

Author KJaneway1 (3 years)
I meant anywhere, not just this church

Author Keith Colley (4 years)
That was excellent Rob! Was that a real Art Deco Odeon I saw in one of the
shots of the church exterior? Not too many of those around nowadays!

Author RobCharles1981 (4 years)
@mortondavid Hiya and many thanks and I'm glad you enjoyed! Its A Trumpet
btw! ;-)

Author David Morton (4 years)
Rob, I love every bit of this! You play beautiful hymn tunes not sung here
in the US, and terrific organ pieces on this clip show the organ off
wonderfully. Love the big Trumpet (or is it a Tuba?). The church is truly

Author Richard Brasier (3 years)
the art of good hymn playing begins with being able to play 'IN TIME'

Author RobCharles1981 (4 years)
@mortondavid I know and only one is enough!

Author RobCharles1981 (3 years)
@fluteceleste Many Thanks indeed its a feature that I like too, epically
when you walk into the church for the first time and admire the amazing
building! :-)

Author RobCharles1981 (4 years)
@kejcolley Thanks Keith Very Much! What are you referring too???

Author RobCharles1981 (4 years)
@ChrisLawtonorganist Thanks Chris I'm Glad you enjoyed it!

Author 007vauxhall (4 years)
Fantastic Mr Charles, Full of my Favourites, Blaenwern is the best I have
ever heard it played! Well Done Rob. And the effects were great, I see you
sneeked in your favourite effect too! I was lucky enough to see this church
and play the Organ myself. Thanks Rob :-)

Author RobCharles1981 (4 years)
@dekufru ta much so!

Author 007vauxhall (4 years)
@RobCharles1981 , To right I do......LoL....:-)

Author hudsoninbury (2 years)
What type of person would choose to watch ths lovely video and then mark it
down ??

Author RobCharles1981 (2 years)
Thank you very much! :o)

Author RobCharles1981 (2 years)
Many Thanks!

Author Charlie Degnon (2 years)
need the variation on the last verse of "love divine"

Author Dansorganmusic (2 years)
What a beautiful church!

Author RobCharles1981 (4 years)
@robharper1273 hey would love to try that organ out but theres a nice large
4 Manual Willis near me thats just as good!

Author RobCharles1981 (2 years)
Many thanks its in a hymn book mate!

Author Keith Colley (4 years)
@kejcolley - 1.48 into the video, looking (I guess) North from the (West)
tower end of the building - above the roof tops: white tiled frontage with
neon lights.

Author britair777pilot (4 years)

Author RobCharles1981 (4 years)
@vickytaff1 Certainly will Vicky xxx

Author RobCharles1981 (4 years)
@OHhooverpoof Thanks Thom very much well I think only one Rob is more than
enough! hehe!!

Author Charlie Degnon (2 years)
Please can you send me the first and the second hymn of this playing? God
bless you!

Author RobCharles1981 (4 years)
@sanubishoor Many Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed!

Author RobCharles1981 (4 years)
@007vauxhall Woops! And your wanting me to come and pick them up?

Author Vicky Ann Jones (4 years)
lovely video rob... keep them coming :-)

Author Christopher Lawton (4 years)
Wow!! What an "atmospheric" video - loved it!

Author robharper1273 (4 years)
Another great rendition, about time you tried the organ at the Albert Hall
! A truly great organist keep up the great work

Author RobCharles1981 (3 years)
@Dickwad26 :-)

Author Charlie Degnon (2 years)
please don't stop recording those amazing hymn

Author RobCharles1981 (3 years)
@colinburrows865 Many Thanks Colin for the encouragement it's appreciated
have you subscribed to my channel?

Author David Morton (4 years)
And the "double Rob" is a hoot!!

Author KJaneway1 (3 years)
Do you direct any choirs at the churches you play at?

Author RobCharles1981 (4 years)
@007vauxhall oh yes! Thanks Paul How did it sound your end power wise??

Author RobCharles1981 (4 years)
@joenwayne Many Thanks Wayne hope your well looking forward to any of your
videos when you get an opportunity.

Author silverstartrucker (4 years)
Glorious mighty sound. Our Warden comes round every morning to make sure
none of us have died in our beds. My door is always open. She said the
organ music sounds nice. She heard it at the end of our first floor
balcony. Couldn't play it that loud with my hearing aids in, they would
squeak. a great sound Rob...

Author RobCharles1981 (3 years)
@KJaneway1 Yes I'm just an Organist not a "Choirmaster"

Author Emmanuel Jeba (4 years)
Hi Rob, I didnt know that you are a master in Video coverage and
editing...... Great job,expecting more of this kind......

Author RobCharles1981 (3 years)
@Dickwad26 Once again it's everyone's opinions on what they wish to do in
future if you don't like my videos simply go out side and play and shag a

Author 007vauxhall (4 years)
@RobCharles1981 , Well put it this way.........the pictures are on the
floor and the cats have legged it! :-)

Author RobCharles1981 (4 years)
@sweetpeaandmidnight Many Thanks for watching! :-)

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