2Pac, Big L, Big Pun & The Notorious B.I.G. - Rap Phenomenon (Choo Mix)

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Added: 7 years
Runtime: 4:41
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Author EricsWorldTV (28 days)
What's up everyone? I'm a young Puerto Rican comedian from The Bronx, and
I'm here because my latest video was is inspired by the late great Pun.
It's on my channel, called "Ay Bendito", all my Puerto Ricans can relate
LOL. I appreciate the support. 

Author clarksteel98 (7 months)

Author Ben Stutzenberger (1 month)
Rip Pac and Big l

Author unnam Unnammovich (1 month)
Original tracks pls

Author Ben Dover (4 months)
where is this big l verse from??????????????

Author Ancient Civilization (1 month)

Author Ryan Valadez (3 months)
2Pac, Big L, Big Pun & The Notorious B.I.G. - Rap Phenomenon (Choo Mix) 2Pac,
Big L, Big Pun & The Notorious B.I.G. - Rap Phenomenon (Choo Mix)

Author steveofromthecuse12 (4 months)
save the best for last

Author Roni Seven (4 months)
old school rule

Author GamingBaked (4 months)
Big l kills every track what else is new

Author john binks (5 months)
Big l flows hard as fuuuuck

Author Boris Krumov (5 months)

Author D Wreck (5 months)
No one kan fuck with Big L but possibly Pac, L the best koming out the

Author sitwala sabuta (1 month)
Big l, tupac and big rap phenomenon

Author serap keser (5 months)
Pac really set it offf.. All of them killed it tho

Author Boris Krumov (5 months)

Author Leoney isiroth. (9 months)
Instrumental anyone?

Author HH4L Kappuccino (1 month)
Big L daaammmnnnnn

Author Million Mask March London (6 months)

Author GrooveMaster Cee (7 months)
man,i haven't heard this since likely 2008.shit,i was so young and new to
learning hip hop back then.good memories...

Author I CK (10 months)
whats the instrumental name? so fuking dope

Author DjBoyInTheBubble (8 months)
Frank White the Desperado
Used to rock the all-black Movado
The all-black El Dorado!!

Author gene edwards (7 months)
Tribute to Real Hip Hop!

Author Adventure BugTv (8 months)
Biggie's verse is so chilled out, it's like he's the real don 

Author LesaneCrooks3 (8 months)
WHERE'S YOUR HEART? No one comes with the imagery and soul like Pac.
Nas tries, and does a good job, but no one touches pac. Guy spits fuckin

Author Anıl Çelik (8 months)
thug livin' hell or prison

Author Victor Morales (9 months)
Los Angeles, Harlem, Bronx and Brooklyn

Author Manny Swift (9 months)
RIP Big Pun

Author Keyser Söze (8 months)
What up Big Pun fans, check out my Big Pun Dream Shatterer Remix over
Eminem's Role Model Beat ( as well as
other Big Pun, Biggie, 2pac, Big L remixes at (

Author István Bogó (9 months)
Big LIKE...all R.I.P.

Author Chris Lloyd Bankz (9 months)
Big L is too sick !!!!! RIP Master MC Big L killin in

Author Gor Poghosyan (9 months)
Good rap best

Author sacor07 (9 months)
what beat is this?

Author DBZAOTA482 (10 months)
Cruel irony is that all of them are dead when this was released.

Author Ray Lewis (10 months)
Big L :O !!!

Author Vladimir Enchev (10 months)
pac and big l :)

Author A ZiMsKy (8 months)
ale numer ]

Author alibabazmarsa (9 months)
one of mine favourite independent beat, roccccccckkkkkkks !!!!!!

Author highway955 (10 months)
why is eminem's name coming up? this is a collection of legends not a
collection of gimmicks and publicity stunts. oh but wait, the worst
president has to be black and the best rapper has to be white. US decree.

Author dcboot (9 months)
i wonder how big pun got his nickname :3

Author Jack Menechian (1 year)
youve got it wrong there bro tupac is the best by far but eminem puts it on
the rest

Author Barry Smith (1 year)
Well said sir !

Author Mr Josh (1 year)
Big L

Author Jan schutte (1 year)
Eminem is the lyrical genious, he is as good as pac and biggie. but we can
compare them cause they are really different.

Author Tony Thug (1 year)
U Know when the Energy Blow your Mind and u Feel yourself more Stronger ??
That's what i Feel when i hear Soundz like This!!

Author Holden Caulfield (1 year)

Author Barry Smith (1 year)
L and Pac killed it

Author BXThorn Xvn (1 year)
you have a point

Author WestOGs (1 year)
history will show the greatest. em has not been evaluated completely yet.
2pac has. for now 2pac is the greatest of them all 'cause he rapped for a
better world. he had mastered every aspect of his style and, most
important, had passion. em's a storyteller with the same passion, amazing
lyrics (better than pac's in my opinion) although he is not totally judged
yet. we won't know yet. 2pac is a fuckin' legend and we should all respect
em, but pac more.

Author Josh Simeone (1 year)
In my opinion Naughty By Nature and Wu Tang Clan, Pac, Big L, Biggie, list
goes on

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