13 Games That Physically Hurt People

From Battlefield 3 Simulator to Lightning Reaction Reloaded here are 13 Games That Physically Hurt People.

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7- Tekken Torture

Nothing beats playing a fighting game while being simultaneously shocked. Dubbed Tekken Torture, but fully known as the Tekken Torture Tournament, is a game of Tekken Three, but with a twist. Two players are dressed in arm straps that are wired directly to the game. The two players go at the game, but for every injury sustained in the game, the players receive a little electrical shock. Players were set up in the arm bands and had to battle each other until someone gave up. This version of Tekken is not for the weak willed, or those with a pacemaker.

6- Battlefield 3 Simulator

For the release of the upcoming Battlefield 3, a UK TV program, The Gadget Show, decided to set up an elaborate Battlefield 3 simulator. Players entered the simulator, fully dressed in their battle gear. They had a three hundred and sixty degree screen with a one hundred and eighty degree view that moved with your movement. The way to navigate the game was through panels on the floor that were individual treadmills linked to the PC game. Doesn’t sound that bad. The pain comes from the multiple paintball guns set up around you, shooting you if you get shot in the game, further emphasizing the reality of the simulation. Hopefully ice packs were available.

5- Lightning Reaction Reloaded

Need a party game to wow your friends? How about a game of quick reaction, testing out the old hand-eye coordination? A card game of speed could fulfill that for you and your friends, but if you and your buddies are a little more adventurous, then Lightning Reaction Reloaded is the game to play. Each player takes a hold of the silver joystick and select the number of players. Once that is done, then the game begins. In the center platform is button that will flash red. Once the button flashes green, you have to quickly press the button on your joystick. The slowest one receives an electric shock. With this game, you can also change modes to where every player except the fastest gets a shock and you can also control the level of shock. This will surely be a hit with grandma at the next sunday dinner.

4- Shocking Duel

Unlike other games where getting an electric shock is for punishment, Shocking Duel is a game that delivers the shock indiscriminately. The game is a simple one: two players grab onto the game handles and must hold onto the handle as electric shocks are being sent through them. The intensity goes up bit by bit and the first person to let go loses. It’s a game of endurance and sheer will and only the brave will come out on top.

3- PainStation

Goodbye traditional PlayStation, and hello PainStation. The PainStation is basically a game of Pong, but with more painful consequences. Players steps up to the PainStation and places their left hand on the metal plates, while the other is used to turn the metal dial, controlling your paddle. The goal is simple: don’t let the ball get past you. If you let the ball get past your paddle, little icons appear behind your paddle indicating the form of punishment you get if you let the ball hit them. And there’s more than one punishment. You can get an electric shock, extreme heat, or get your hand whipped by a piece of wire. It’s a game that makes you think twice about how “boring” Pong can be.

2- Pokemon Go

When Pokemon Go was released, players flocked the streets and parks, all searching and hunting for their favorite Pokemon. The weeks following the release of Pokemon Go, many cases of injuries, even deaths, began to surface. Players nonchalantly played, unaware of their surroundings and boom, they got hurt, sometimes even severely. One person drove into a tree while playing the game on their phone while on the road, while another fell into a ditch and fractured their foot. Who knew invisible monsters were so dangerous?

1- Arm Spirit

A regular old arm wrestling game is out of the window when you have Arm Spirit. Arm Spirit is an arcade wrestling game that challenges players to a game of arm wrestling. The player battles the machine as the difficulty goes up level by level. Unfortunately you won’t find the game in arcades anymore due to them being recalled. The reason for the recall? The machine reportedly broke arms of some players. It’s safe to say that there are no complaints that this arm breaking machine is no longer available. Drink your milk kids.

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Author Sam Pinney ( ago)

Author Nightzz Mixx ( ago)
Number -1. Players have played Roblox, only to find themselves lying in a hospital bed with severe internal pain.

Author Tman C. ( ago)

Author Mr. Moo ( ago)

Author Mr. Moo ( ago)
11. YOU DUMBASSES I PLAY THOSE BOTH ALL THE TIME AND I NEVER GOT BRUISES AND I WAS NEVER SOAR. The only reason I was soar was when my "friend" and I were playing Tennis on the Wii and he was being a retard, thinking that he had to swing full fucking force and hit me in the face (multiple times).

Author Nerf or Nothing ( ago)
Fake news

Author SparkyzHD ( ago)
Cramps and sore arms don't count dumbass

Author TheMinecraftAssassinTMA ( ago)
Yeah, 1. is not availabe in any city, We literally have it in the bawadi mall fun city in Al Ain UAE

Author RandomReviews OrOtherThings ( ago)
You know what game is more dangerous? Football, soccer, skiing, baseball or any other sport.

Author Tom H ( ago)
Dark Souls 3 Hurt me mentally

Author mustafa alkafaji ( ago)
My dad broke the arm spirit instead of it breaking him

Author SUPER.00D.M0NK3Y.24 GAM31NG ( ago)
Games where you move hurt so what any movement can hurt

Author Logan Young ( ago)
the zombie game with the gun the person looks like kadet black

Author JORDAN COLLAZO ( ago)
u can play the last one at main event

Author #SavageKat ( ago)

Author ᏁᎪᎪᏁ ( ago)
Wtf I got Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. **Throws it out the window**.

Problem Fixed!

Author Henry Hope ( ago)
someone​ doesn't love Nintendo

Author Wyatt Hackman No ( ago)
Literally all games can give you cramps on the 3DS

Author Muhammad Raees Patel ( ago)
Video games are dangerous!😂

Author Robert Galler ( ago)
stop being lazy

Author Sonic The Hedgehog ( ago)
I was not planning on this.

Author Glitchy Pix ( ago)
Seriously? You can change the setting in Kid Icarus so it doesn't hurt. Other than that, the first bunch of games were just complaints about physically using your body parts.The Pokémon GO...There are warnings in place, it's not the game's fault that people aren't using their heads

Author TheGreenYoutuber ( ago)
SHE FORGOT MARIO/SONIC RIO 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Nintendogslpsgirl AJ ( ago)

Author Game Freeze ( ago)
Let's see, the Nintendo games were the players fault, because in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games, the players hurt each other, and the games don't "hurt" you, they make you tired. Pokémon go even gives warnings, and the players don't watch where they go, so some of these on the list aren't the games fault, it's the players.

Author Kian Universe ( ago)
Pokémon go isn't dangerous it's the person playing it who is dangerous to themselves because they don't pay attention to were there going

Author Jade Animations Forever ( ago)
What about the Blue whale game

Author crazy creepers ( ago)
GO TO 360mall KUWAIT

Author Flaze07 ( ago)
I can handle thw gun ;)

Author Lolbox 710 ( ago)
Half of these things are on here because people are idiots

Author Lolbox 710 ( ago)
I played lightning shock reloaded with my friends and I won in a tournament

Author Greninja Birds Fan. ( ago)
I got a black eye from my heavy new 3ds xl

Author Dacoool! ( ago)
Tomodachi Life Football

Author Jackdon0907 ( ago)
for pokemon go, people are getting themselves hurt, its not the actual game thats hurting them its their fault

Author Francisco Rosado ( ago)
*over tears* "UuunnderTallleee"

Author Luis M. Bueno ( ago)

Oh wow, the 64 is dangerous..

talltanic should literally die

Author UnNameable Name ( ago)
kid icarus uprising is not in any way pain causing. trust me, i've beaten it 5 times

Author THE NERD SQUAD ( ago)
after I play wii stare my eyes hurt from starting for 10 minutes

Author Emre Unal ( ago)
I play Pokémon go I'm not dead


Author Ultragun1220 ( ago)
Well, all games can hurt people. Just slap people across the face with the game covers.

Author YoshiPasta735 ( ago)
What about slap card dropping cards that I still don't know what the hell is going on. Slapping you and your friends hand wrong while slapping the pile of cards could hurt each other

Author TheCrazyEagle ( ago)
killer games

Author D3rpy ( ago)
The legshocker (and the one after) were OBVIOUSLY bad ideas...

Author David-Music ( ago)
When They mentioned Pokemon: GO I was like "Its not the game that can hurt you!Its the stupid player!Just put your phone in your pocket and It will vibrate when a pokemon comes up"

Author yoyo_thebest ( ago)
I swear arm spirit is at my arcade

Author yoyo_thebest ( ago)
I have Mario&Sonic at the olympics games I didn't get hurt 😐 well thank god for that

Author Super Nintendo Boy ( ago)
Those are pussy games play Nerf or Lego, it hurts even more.

Author allister hagy ( ago)
where's geometry dash

Author murat ikizceli ( ago)
The games hurt people mentaly........ İT HURTS MORE THAN ANYTHİNG?!??!??!!?!?

Author •BEST GAMER• ( ago)
Soo basically it's better if we just hack Pokemon Go and stay at home

Author Homophobic Asswipe ( ago)
i dont know shits like technology that will hurt you if you suck at games

Author Juno Teoxon ( ago)
i play mario party at my computer at 2013

Author Patrick Harte ( ago)
Wii's are fun so stop saint stuff abwot Mario

Author Michelle Tangi ( ago)
i play both olympics and wii sports but i dont even get hurt

Author jeiel david ( ago)
Top ten videos are the pinnacle of clickbait

Author hi_XD ( ago)
1. any game on a console because you can "accidently" smash the remote on your head

Author ihartwarriors ( ago)
#1-the hunger games

Author Ja Cagu ( ago)
This is not true

Author Saeed Alhosani ( ago)
I actually played #1 months ago in my arcade.Lets just say I putted the hardest difficulty and I cheated by using 2 hands instead of one 😈

Author Braiden Richardson ( ago)
they forgot 5 finger fillet (the knife game)

Author Icelver YT ( ago)
The number 1 most painful game is

Tag srsly you have to slap eachother

Author McNallyLogan421 ( ago)
These are causes that can easily be avoided

Author Xovion - FPS and MORE!!! ( ago)
there is this thing called a STRAP on the wii

Author TsukiKageTora ( ago)
This video is stupid. Most of the games were not at fault but the idiot children who are so damn obsessed in playing a game until they were physically hurt.

I have played Kid Icarus for hours nonstop without the stand, did not get hurt whatsoever. Meaning idiot children overplaying and not knowing how to play the right way that wouldn't hurt them.

Children at fault not the games

Author fuzzysoap gaming ( ago)

Author fuzzysoap gaming ( ago)
you get a little cramps for playing for a long time

Author Jazzmyn Johnson ( ago)
Melisa? That you?

Author Oh look a meme ( ago)
Me: How could you hurt yourself with Mario and sonic
ME: no

Author SERRATED VIBES ( ago)
this seems like something for weak people or retarded cunt

Author Awesome Fuzz ( ago)
"Games that physically hurt people" Number 13: While playing this game, your arms get kind of tired. *Wow, next time someone needs an excuse not to do something, they can just say their arm is tired. Oh no! My arm got tired! CALL THE HOSPITAL!

BTW, everything after the * is sarcasm.

Author Enov803 ( ago)
Pokemon is not responsible it is the people

Author Quirky Kendall ( ago)
The first one is lying. It's just being lazy

Author mano ninja ( ago)
OMG I like your voice. +1 subscribed

Author MayhemGamer ( ago)
Kid Icarus isn't that bad idiots

Author MegaStar640 ( ago)
The arm wrestling game i found in Ohio...

Author Sonica Blur ( ago)
A game that caused me physical pain?


Author Liotos PKM ( ago)
I find so many people who walk up to me and say Pokémon Go kills people. So I look down at that 5 year old and say No, idiots kill people

Author Aideath88 ( ago)
3. A game of pong that literally tortures the player that fails to win
2. Pokémon Go

Author jason markle ( ago)
Or you can yose both of your hands the one that lets go lose the one that doesn't wins

Author Ryan Harris ( ago)
wow, how are these games dangerous?

Author Benjamin Priest ( ago)
You guys are just lazy.

Author Hangaplay ( ago)
She yust picks random Games and say that the Control give u Finger cramps -.-

I have one

Russian Roulet

Author Daniel Bjørkhaug ( ago)
Wtf am I watching watchmojo

Author Skill - Gaming ( ago)
you forgot blue whale game

Author Epicgamersgalore ( ago)
the fact that most of the "facts" she is stating, are about fatigue, that humors me

Uuuum no it's called exercising

Author zilla master trzeci XD ( ago)
I played Mario & Sonic at the olympic games. My ARM hurts me 4th day

Author nicholas labrecque ( ago)
much click bait

Author cactusgod ( ago)
arm spirit is still in Belmont park as a arcade game but it does have a disclaimer saying that is can cause injury

Author Shadow Griffin ( ago)
dark souls

Author Fawfulbug2000 ( ago)
New super Mario bros. wii should have been on the list because it can get you beaten up.

Author demented froggy ( ago)
Why isn't geometry dash on this?

Author UltimateLime ( ago)
I played most of these games and I never hurt myself in any way

Author RagingWookie 05 ( ago)
Games can't hurt you physically! The people must be suicidal or very stupid if they get hurt by a game!

Author Treydan Wipf ( ago)
You are really stupid if you get injuries from playing a damn wii game...

Author Anøuar Bøedhøe 倫立 ( ago)
You know what hurts really really bad?

Playing Project Cars with a Keyboard.

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