Top 5 Single Board Computers 2017

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  • custume
    custume 6 hours ago

    Is there any single board with 2 or more lan connections ??

    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers 5 hours ago

      Not that I'm aware of. You would have to go to a mini-ITX board.

  • Killy
    Killy 12 hours ago

    Are any on these capable of running liquid sky? My dream is a high end gaming pc on a single board. I would really appreciate the help.

  • Stefan Gies
    Stefan Gies 1 day ago

    More baout old computers:

  • rchandraonline
    rchandraonline 1 day ago

    some good choices.

    My only lament so far with my Pi3 is it will not run FlightGear (fgfs, even though it's available in Raspbian). It gets killed due to OOM (guess 1GB isn't enough). I haven't fiddled yet with seeing if enabling more swap would help.

  • Marcos Aranda
    Marcos Aranda 1 day ago

    I prefer the Orange Pi 2E! it's cheaper than the raspberry pi but have 2gb off DDR3 and better cpu and gpu

  • Joshua Wagner
    Joshua Wagner 2 days ago

    no love for the odroid line, from hardkernel, for shame

  • Diamond mad2604
    Diamond mad2604 2 days ago

    yha pi ftw

  • Louisa Pijnacker - Oort

    get a haircut hippie

  • myozone
    myozone 3 days ago

  • Muranaman
    Muranaman 3 days ago

    I wonder if you want to do the same for 'stick-pcs' ?
    Intel had a stick pc for $100USD-149.
    Android has many $35-$90 stick pcs.

    The difference between this, and a stick pc, is a stick pc is a sort of pc, you plug into a HDMI port of a TV (or PC monitor).
    It doesn't have all the feats, but can be a great alternative to read emails, browse web pages, or play basic games.

    I'd also love to see some overclocking tests and gaming benchmarks done with an IR camera, to prevent chips or capacitors to pop; and see if some of these cheap pcs can be overclocked to run some heavier games?

  • Lucian Andrei
    Lucian Andrei 3 days ago

    lattepanda vs UP Board...i believe UP Board is much better.

  • gilneral
    gilneral 4 days ago

    Always a pleasure to learn with such educated gentleman.

  • Михаил Хлыстунов

    May be, it will be interesting for you: Russian SBC. Cost about 60$.

  • Usdai Wahya
    Usdai Wahya 4 days ago

    What are your thoughts on he what odroid is offering in their single boards?

  • MattS_RANTZ49
    MattS_RANTZ49 5 days ago

    I agree on number 1 SBC Raspberry Pi 3. I did three projects with three boards. My first became a Retro Gaming Console, Second I built a working PI Tablet, and Last and final project Raspberry Pi Super Computer and it works. :)

  • Ma So
    Ma So 5 days ago

    Also odroid c2 and xu4 are great, excelent temperatures and stability, but with OS armbian. And have in standard radiator/cooler!!

  • Asger Vestbjerg
    Asger Vestbjerg 5 days ago

    YES I agree, Thanks for Sharing

  • Novaspirit Tech
    Novaspirit Tech 6 days ago

    awesome video!!!

  • NinjaIIDX
    NinjaIIDX 6 days ago

    What about the UDOO? =)

  • Günther Thomsen
    Günther Thomsen 6 days ago

    I realize it's a short list, but I miss the TI BeagleBone {black, blue, green}. For real-time control its hard to beat.

  • Günther Thomsen
    Günther Thomsen 6 days ago

    Er, why do call them 'single board computers'? Clearly there is only a single board, but the same is true for most computers these days (or the last 30 years or so). Show me a laptop or a home computer of yesteryear or any of the all-in-one or 'legacy-free' PCs with more than one board. I've seen them called 'open frame' computers before and IMHO that's more descriptive.

    • Günther Thomsen
      Günther Thomsen 6 days ago

      Never mind -- descriptive or not, 'single board computer' is a popular, if not even the dominant, label of these machines.

  • Yash Pal Goyal
    Yash Pal Goyal 6 days ago

    Hello explaining computers!! Waiting for a review of Udoo SCB (single computer or say Makers board) from you restlessly! Do this deserve a space in your top 5-6 SCBs??
    Please update us!!

    • Yash Pal Goyal
      Yash Pal Goyal 6 days ago check it here!!

  • Lee Vuitton
    Lee Vuitton 6 days ago

    Isn't technology amazing? Getting an entire computer on to a tiny little board. I still can't get my head round it!

  • hellterminator
    hellterminator 6 days ago

    No love for Orange Pis?

  • Cacalari Bus
    Cacalari Bus 6 days ago

    3:40 - are you sure the sata port has any speed? Because I think it has not at all.

    • ikickss
      ikickss 5 days ago

      It's connected to an internal USB bridge, so it's no faster than USB 2.0 speed. And this guy is suggesting making a NAS out of it.....

      As far as I know there are no "hobbiest" SBC board that implements SATA properly at this time.

    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers 6 days ago

      Enjoy your Tinker Board -- hardware certainly better than the Pi. But the Pi currently wins on software (though TinkerOS 1.8 is pretty good).

    • Cacalari Bus
      Cacalari Bus 6 days ago

      And .. yeah well, I just ordered the tinker board.. for $40 however. When the OS is stable - it's better than the rasp after all because of the hardware capabilities.

  • Cacalari Bus
    Cacalari Bus 6 days ago

    3:40 - are you sure the sata port has any speed? Because I think it has not at all.

    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers 6 days ago

      As you inply, it will not be a standard speed SATA port (probably running at USB 2.0 speeds). But it is still handy to be able to connect a SATA drive directly.

  • Ryan Peacock
    Ryan Peacock 6 days ago

    u forgot about a big player sir , the UDOO x 86 boards i got mine yesterday its great!

    DAVID GREGORY KERR 6 days ago

    What about the Gigabyte F2A88 based systems with the FM2+ socket motherboard that can take the AMD A10 series of SOC APU chips and can take up to 128GB of SAMSUNG S2GB DDR3 RAM, I am watching you on a system that is a SOC based system but has a graphics card that is not really needed installed and should not have been installed.

  • James Logan
    James Logan 7 days ago

    I like how you say asus correctly.

  • welde landia
    welde landia 7 days ago

    Just found your channel, great videos. Subscribed

  • Robert pendergast
    Robert pendergast 7 days ago

    Hi, I have a general question:
    Did you decide you liked Mint or Mate better than Raspian Jessie on your RPi 3?

  • PapaEmotive
    PapaEmotive 7 days ago

    can you do a video on lattepanda vs. minnowboard turbot vs. upbaord up. would love to see all three single board computers that i know of that can run windows compared.

  • Paul Turner
    Paul Turner 7 days ago

    Forget #3, I don't think that Intel can be relied on for a long term IoT platform...

  • John Paul Aguilar Rios

    i need some help on reprogram acer aspire one because i accidently push F12 now i got lock out by HITACHI

  • eyreland
    eyreland 7 days ago

    For Western Europe, your Top5 list is not terrible ... but is a consensus view never the less. All of these boards do have design and use flaws, and personally I would not prefer any of them.

  • Brian C
    Brian C 7 days ago

    Check out dietpi...for SBC minimal for MANY SBC's out there
    I have been messing with Orange Pi PC and Orange Pi Zero lately...they will run octopi for my 3D printer but the wifi is a bit squiffy...but works (I prefer wired)
    I do however run a TOR relay and a very effective VPN (using openvpn) on my phones into my home network with a RPi B single core 512

  • Mr Saint
    Mr Saint 7 days ago

    what are the uses of thesr?

  • Stefan Gies
    Stefan Gies 7 days ago

    If you want to review some more single-board computer, so please look at

  • pirucreek
    pirucreek 7 days ago

    XU4 I have never used it but in my research that is what I put at #1. Heard C2 is good.

  • FanMae Hu
    FanMae Hu 7 days ago


  • e r
    e r 7 days ago

    no mention of the ODROID XU4 or C2?!

  • Antonius Kelvin Kurniawan

    Yeah. I do agree. Raspberry pi is the OG SBC, which sets the standard for the other
    Although, i'm still waiting for someone to make a stable version of android for the raspberry pi 3 😄

  • Michael O'Leary
    Michael O'Leary 7 days ago

    if not 3gig + who care its garbage no gaming
    i used 3gig in early 90s why u not got better ?? all idiots

  • Abdullah Mostafa
    Abdullah Mostafa 7 days ago

    Can you make a video on the new Chip Pro?

  • Golden Grenadier
    Golden Grenadier 7 days ago

    bring out the PowerPC single board computers.

  • Gerold Blossey
    Gerold Blossey 7 days ago

    I agree with your choices. Keep up the good work.

  • Estêvão Bhering
    Estêvão Bhering 7 days ago

    Ever thought about including sponsored links for the products depicted on your videos in the description?

    Your CHIP v Raspberry Pi Zero helped me settling on the Pi Zero for a younger brother's birthday gift. It would be nice knowing you are getting some kickbacks from all the informed purchases being made thanks to you..

  • Kriss 89
    Kriss 89 7 days ago

    what about Pine64 ??

  • Mark Paul
    Mark Paul 8 days ago

    what about the UP Board? ETA Prime did a head to head with the latte panda and called it the better board mostly because of faster onboard memory and a more traditional bios.

  • cyrixblack
    cyrixblack 8 days ago

    is that your hair or is that a wig?

    do you cut your own hair?

  • Steve Taylor
    Steve Taylor 8 days ago

    I thought, maybe the Tinker board would've scored closer to the top of the list, but I've heard (possibly from you?) that Asus isn't really giving that device proper support, and so it doesn't have the community support that other boards have. But yes, this is a very decent list. Thanks for another great video.

  • James Kitching
    James Kitching 8 days ago

    I would replace the Banana Pro with CHIP and at 6th I would put the Nanopi 2 Fire. You should check out nanopi although the support isn't great

  • JohnnyMindcrime
    JohnnyMindcrime 8 days ago

    Chris, did you ever get to try out the Odroid XU4? I am very impressed with my one.

  • vincy gamer brakes
    vincy gamer brakes 8 days ago

    well done

  • Ganymede
    Ganymede 8 days ago

    The best computer of all-time is Flopotron.

  • LegionsOfAnon
    LegionsOfAnon 8 days ago

    Really wish these SBC makers would realize these boards are hamstrung with tiny working sets. It seems really goofy to me to tout how powerful the CPU/GPUs are and sticking them with a piddly 1GB of RAM.

    • ExplainingComputers
      ExplainingComputers 8 days ago

      Totally agree. And partly that is why I like the TinkerBoard (2GB) and LattePanda Enhanced (4GB).

  • Qamar Waqar
    Qamar Waqar 8 days ago

    thank you for making this video, fantastic video

  • AZOffRoadster
    AZOffRoadster 8 days ago

    On the very low end, I've been playing with an ESP8266 module (NodeMCU) using the Arduino IDE. A lot of functionality for $4 to $8 and a minuscule power budget.

  • goshfather
    goshfather 8 days ago

    Raspberry Pi Woooooooo!!!

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    This serves as a good video to watch while my new SSD is formatting and soon to replace my 11 year old HDD

  • Tom Servo
    Tom Servo 8 days ago

    no odroid-c2 from hardkernel $46 and more powerful than pi 3 (and is gpio pi3 compatible)

  • Opel Corsa D
    Opel Corsa D 8 days ago

    Incredibly there's no trace of the ODROID single board family, no mention about the C2 (best quality/price factor) and the new ODROID XU4.

  • infopackrat
    infopackrat 8 days ago

    Did you look at the Orange Pi One? To me that's the most bang for the buck. 1.2 GHz quad core, 512 megs ram and super cheap on EBay.

  • Samuel Agius
    Samuel Agius 8 days ago

    The raspberry pi is the worst one from all the others. I'd rather add more and get a latte panda or asus thinker board.

  • Storm Gaming Media
    Storm Gaming Media 8 days ago

    You might not realise but the Raspberri Pi 3's achilles heel is definitely the 100mb ethernet. Most people who buy a small form computer like this want them as media players and these days with the advent of BluRay quality streaming files etc, 100mb speed does not cut it. I personally have many BluRay backups and the Pi3 cannot stream them without hitches and lags. You might not have realised this because you might not stream such large files over your network, but for me this really is a killer for the pi3 as a media player.

  • Angry Goat
    Angry Goat 8 days ago

    2017 ? this video looks like from 90's

  • uroborous01
    uroborous01 8 days ago

    i agree the pi 3b is the best. not because of hardware or price-point, but because it has the software and the support to go the distance. as we have seen in the past. ultimately it is not hardware that makes a system great. its the software and the support for that software.

  • TheLawnWanderer
    TheLawnWanderer 8 days ago

    Upboard^2 ???

  • Geoffrey Johnstone
    Geoffrey Johnstone 8 days ago

    I love the presentation style. It just reminds me of the old Open University broadcasts from decades ago.

    Trust me, its a compliment

  • MrDoskol
    MrDoskol 8 days ago

    I dont understand why you mention LattePanda, which is extremally expensive and have HUGE problems with temepratures (Yes, LattePanda needs custom-build heatsinks)
    Much better/cheaper/more efficient is UPboard with Rpi compatible gpio, intel core and rpi-form dimensions.

    Also there is worth to know, we can buy Udoox86 which is most advanced SBC ever built. You name it, it has it.

  • Marcin P
    Marcin P 8 days ago

    where is UP board

  • Nedelcu Catalin
    Nedelcu Catalin 8 days ago

    My number one is the LattePanda ,because its a powerful board and i only use Windows

  • Patrick Jackson
    Patrick Jackson 8 days ago

    Do you have any idea how much I love sbcs

  • shomolya
    shomolya 8 days ago

    Raspberry Pi also comes with Mathematica for free! That was the clincher for me.

  • Chevy SparkEV
    Chevy SparkEV 8 days ago

    Which one consumes least power when in active mode, and which consume least power when in sleep that u can wake in under 1 second? If I wanted "powerful", I'd go with desktop!

  • Aroop Roelofs
    Aroop Roelofs 8 days ago

    Been following this channel for a few years(?) now, and it amazes me how much the digital world has changed, yet his hair has stayed the same as before I was born :p

  • Rowan Schischka
    Rowan Schischka 8 days ago

    good job on the video. I like the Banana Pro. There needs to be more SBC pro level fruit with SATA

  • swedisch elite hacker system!!!!!!

    great list and video!
    would be awesome if you could do a video/review of different routers also.
    for example the UBNT Edgerouter series

  • Darren Williams
    Darren Williams 8 days ago

    Can't believe neither the Odroid C2 nor the Odroid XU4 even got a mention.

  • Cuda FX
    Cuda FX 8 days ago

    when it comes to raw ARM processing power, the ordoid-XU4 propably reigns surpreme.

  • jimmy87251
    jimmy87251 8 days ago

    Your videos are essential viewing for anybody interested in compact or low power computing and I have watched many of them, but I must have missed the one on the UP Board. This SBC looks very capable as well. I'm interested to know where it falls short compared to Latte Panda as I'd like to get a Windows 10 SBC

  • Gabriel Ionescu
    Gabriel Ionescu 8 days ago

    What about the Odroid-XU4? I have a Banana Pi M3 but I was disappointed by the SATA performance (internal only USB2) and the OS stability, but got it running eventually and am using it as multi purpose server (NAS, http, Nextcloud). The Odroid-XU4 however looks very good on paper. Performant CPUs, 2 GB RAM, Gbit-Ethernet, 2 USB3 ports, eMMC beside microSD and lots of accessories. Has anyone actual experience with it?

  • fgregerfeaxcwfeffece

    I prefer the Pi's, as even the more expensive boards are too weak to take heavy load taks. And even the raspberry is oversized for the most other loads, like home automatisation etc. So why pay extra for worse support? A NAS with 1 SATA Port? Seriously? A HP Microserver costs 200€ and you can put *4* 3,5" SATA drives in it. 2 Gbit Network + ILO(Not to mention it's also already in a good case and has a integrated power supply, so for NAS usage it really is not that more expensive). That's about minimum for a viable NAS. Otherwise go for a real budget option and buy a good "network hdd".

  • fgregerfeaxcwfeffece

    Man they really should rename it to megachip. What about the children?!

  • Gene Sarda
    Gene Sarda 8 days ago

    Hey Christopher maybe you can give me some advice. I am fairly new at programming and recently got a Pi 3 with a 7" screen. I'm trying to do a photo booth for my friends wedding but I'm stuck... so I'm following these instructions and I cant get it to up load a pic.. I've deleted everything and started all over and still wont. if I go into it from my windows laptop it uploads and then log in to it from the Pi I see the new image and can even download it but it wont let me upload anything it just stick on preparing image.......all night if i leave I just want it to snap pics and upload them to google photo.....that way I dont need a huge amount of memory

  • Anthony Danes
    Anthony Danes 8 days ago

    I was happy to see that I have own 3 SBCs and they all made the list! The Pi3 is clearly the best very versatile and powerful enough. I have a Zero since I am a Windows person and not a Maker Type I haven't utilized but I am learning. My TinkerBoard is running Android Marshmallow and have love it for YouTube and has obviously more power than the Pi3 but it does not handle tasks with ease like the 3. The LattaPandas is next and you helped me decide. Thanks for a great video!

  • brickman409
    brickman409 8 days ago

    One of these days I'm going to build my own AIO PC with a raspberry pi. I know plenty of others have alredy done that, but I want to make one on my own

  • Darth Killer
    Darth Killer 8 days ago

    In my humble opinion, Latte Panda should not be on this list solely because it comes with Windows 10 pre-installes which increases the price. Should and when they release a version of Latte Panda with other pre-installed systems or maybe even none, as it's x86_64 we can do it ourselves onto the SD card, then i may reconsider (unless the price does not drop despite this)

  • GillKaraEagle / /GillKara Designs

    can you stop reviewing single board computers and review softwares. And operating systems. And when are you gonna look at shotcut }:(

  • Christopher Guy
    Christopher Guy 8 days ago

    I agree with 1 & 2, Raspberry Pi 3 & Zero W are great boards and a bargain as well. I would disagree with the tinker board and the Banana Pi being on the list as they fall down in the support and community size. My taste goes to higher end SBC and the UP Board should be on the list. You can go all out and get 4GB RAM with 64GB of internal storage to run 64 bit Windows 10 Pro and some heavy hitting applications. Being an x86/x64 chip all you need are the drivers and you get the full Windows community for development and support.

    There are also the UDOO and UP2 boards that are even more powerful (and more expensive, in the $150 range) and capable. These boards have ePCI, gobs of RAM, and are really mini desktop computers. These three boards are suitable for computer vision (eg the Leap Motion or RealSense 3D vision systems) which requires lots of processing power.

    I just come to the conclusion that while the Raspberry Pi boards started the creative juices running, the more powerful boards let me explore ideas that I would have thought to be impossible in the small SBC market a year ago.

  • elliott113
    elliott113 8 days ago

    i mostly agree with this list, however, i would personally swap the pi zero w with the latte panda. as far as ease of access, programability, capability, the fact that the latte panda has windows 10, is an amazing feature. it's a close call, i love the zero w too, it's great, super cheap, but you do need a lot of addons for at least innitial developement, the latte panda is far more plug and play than any of the rest, but simply for cost vs preformance, i do also concour that pi 3 rates abov it. it's only a minor variation, but i think with some of the startup costs, and not having preinstalled gpio pins (i get why for that too), i simply just rate the latte panda higher than the zero w

  • Mark Conger
    Mark Conger 8 days ago

    I agree with your list although I'm more prone to say the Asus deserves third place instead of last.

    What I think we all want to see in the future is an RPi with more RAM, a SATA port and gigabit ethernet (or USB 3.0). And I would be happy to pay more for it than the historical $40 price point.

    Alternatively, if the SATA and USB upgrades could not be achieved I would like to see a better interface and connector for add on boards. Additional data lines can easily be added to the Broadcom SoC so that thrid party makers could offer SATA and USB 3 add ons.

  • Joel Robert Justiawan

    5:08 Microsoft, this small atleast runs legit Windows 10! not mfs Win10 S. and it is cheap, cheaper than yours! Yet, I can do anything IoT related with it.
    6:51 oh mai God, really? wow, amazing! *Spoiler!* Software is alot more important than hardware. *Spoiler!* This board is pretty af! No wonder that makes the Lady jealous and threw her away to the bottom of the Maw! *Spoiler!* The only board that has a lot of support from communities, resulting highest amount of *DETERMINATION!* *Spoiler!* It is cheap and powerful enough to be anything you wanted to be despite not so powerful. *Spoiler!* Alot of softwares available for it!

  • ikickss
    ikickss 8 days ago

    That SATA port on banana board is bridged to a usb controller. Really lame. And you ranked it so high for that suggest you haven't done your homework and shooting it out of your a**. Thumbs down.

  • DoomRater
    DoomRater 8 days ago

    Number one reason why I would have wanted to choose LAttePAnda is because I use Windows software literally everywhere. Having a super cheap and portable Windows 10 computer would make a world of difference for me.

  • Kelli Halliburton
    Kelli Halliburton 8 days ago

    MATE is pronounced mah-tay.

  • Exaris A.
    Exaris A. 8 days ago

    720p in 2017... Really?

  • Fernando Flores
    Fernando Flores 8 days ago

    thanks a lot, good stuff!

  • Stefan Buller
    Stefan Buller 8 days ago

    intro music made me sad. would not watch again.

  • raydeen2k
    raydeen2k 8 days ago

    No C.H.I.P.? Son, I am disappoint. Considering you can get a Pocket C.H.I.P. for around $60 that should have been in there somewhere.

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