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  • Jesse Link Reporting

    police aren't even human

  • Ronen T
    Ronen T 4 days ago

    not bikers, just niggas with bikes

  • UsSubway
    UsSubway 18 days ago


  • 0 1 2
    0 1 2 19 days ago


  • Πιπις Τσιαβικος

    I need the music please help

  • MrMaccauley
    MrMaccauley 24 days ago

    yoooooooo man that's sick

  • German Sauco
    German Sauco 29 days ago


  • Alberto Galante
    Alberto Galante 1 month ago

    Non pensavo che i negri fossero in grado di stare in equilibrio su una moto!

  • theo trinh
    theo trinh 1 month ago


  • Τρεληαγελαδα

    i would just pull off show my driving license i would said i was heading down the job and good day sir lol

  • tino ivano
    tino ivano 1 month ago

    shit Men

  • Aliama Lawölö
    Aliama Lawölö 1 month ago

    music name?

  • tanal1as
    tanal1as 1 month ago


  • Lộc Sociu
    Lộc Sociu 1 month ago

    tao chấp hết ...

  • Samsul Huda
    Samsul Huda 2 months ago

    Good job.

  • Vladic Kenny
    Vladic Kenny 2 months ago

    Hey guys I give you all a challenge fuck with the police

  • Indy Jones
    Indy Jones 2 months ago

    Solution: 50 cal machine gun with 200,000 rounds.

  • Jamey Jave
    Jamey Jave 2 months ago

    Fuck the police

  • Qiya Fisqiya
    Qiya Fisqiya 2 months ago

    When those monkeys bikers meet an accident just dont help them dont even call police or ambulance.. let them die on the road n let their body to be eaten by e wild dogs.. bcz they dont respect police

  • orange
    orange 2 months ago

    if i were a cops, i just shoot them down..

  • Doe Ardo
    Doe Ardo 2 months ago

    Just ride ur motorcycle carefully, follow the rules and have license. Im sure, cop not pissing off. This clip show how the bunch of motorcycle thugs showing off at road.

  • Lis Abdija1233
    Lis Abdija1233 2 months ago

    😎😎😎😎moto jee i like moto

  • pp p2
    pp p2 2 months ago


  • Aswin ?
    Aswin ? 2 months ago

    Brainless people without manners

  • ferly fernando
    ferly fernando 2 months ago

    come and try in my country INDONESIA... haha POLISI in INDONESIA realy STRONG!!!

  • Hackerfire 7
    Hackerfire 7 2 months ago

    original video in 1:35?

  • Taha Kose
    Taha Kose 2 months ago

    Orda polisler sevilmiyor demek :D

  • Laidi Rede
    Laidi Rede 2 months ago

    fuck police

  • Benjamin Filbert
    Benjamin Filbert 2 months ago

    Dekalb - That's a county of Metro Atlanta.

  • Production Marwane Dz
    Production Marwane Dz 2 months ago

    GooD JoB
    BuT i NeeD BaSeS Becaus I'm New BiKeR

  • Deus Earth
    Deus Earth 2 months ago

    Four wheels
    move the body
    two wheels
    move the Soul !

  • Viking AJ
    Viking AJ 3 months ago

    is idiots like this that give bikers a bad name and reputation

  • Shahriar Bin Rouf
    Shahriar Bin Rouf 3 months ago

    is there illegal to ride bikes in a group??

    • Doe Ardo
      Doe Ardo 2 months ago

      Shahriar Bin Rouf

      Thats not illegal. The cops only want to know whether their have license (and insurance) or not. Thats their job.

  • S500 4matic ling
    S500 4matic ling 3 months ago

    미개한 니그로 엠흑새끼들 수준이 진짜 개씨발이네ㅋㅋㅋㄱㅋ

  • Loi Nguyen
    Loi Nguyen 3 months ago


  • Born To Ride
    Born To Ride 3 months ago

    that shit is sick fuck the police

  • Reptiloid Павелитель всеx Земель и Миров


    • Im The Dying Meme
      Im The Dying Meme 3 months ago

      Reptiloid Павелитель всеx Земель и Миров why's that, hm? what do you expect the government gonna do 'bout it? ban motorcycles? I hope you realize that you're gonna get your shit kicked in by someone.

  • meneer kebab
    meneer kebab 3 months ago

    why fuck the police , im pretty sure you guys gonna cal the police if you get robberd so shut the fucj upp dumbasses cunts

  • Armando Barreda
    Armando Barreda 3 months ago

    1 word , Niggers

  • Drota
    Drota 3 months ago

    These Peoples Whelies is HARDCORE bro

  • Syahril Hidayat
    Syahril Hidayat 3 months ago

    motorcycle gang as if in Indonesia will surely die.
    die at the hands of the community and die under the under the truck and bus

  • Paul Guerrero
    Paul Guerrero 4 months ago

    I would of run them over fucken stupid bikers the cops should take out their spikes haha

  • yansen toy's
    yansen toy's 4 months ago

    hahahahahahha fuck

    BROCK LESNAR FAN 4 months ago

    this was uploaded on my birthday

  • Andi Sawara
    Andi Sawara 4 months ago


  • Questi0ns&Answers
    Questi0ns&Answers 4 months ago

    WOW POLICE ARE GUILTY OF SEDITION.  See how the police are hated for all the crimes they have committed!  Its a scary world now man.  The cops are responsible for the peoples turn on the government, THE COPS HAVE CAUSED THIS unruliness and anarchy due to all the false arrests which devastates a persons ability to provide, due to the murders against people unarmed totally and those NOT armed with a gun; the EXTREME USE OF FORCE, the TARGETING, the I am a cop and I can break the law and get a way with it, but I will pull you over.  20/20 or another one of those programs had a show where they were catching police speeding and speeding by a lot.  One of the many was a POLICE DRIVING INSTRUCTOR a SPEED DEMON!  Lot's of hypocrisy in the police force.  The public going crazy in this video is THE RESULT OF ALL OF THE ILLEGAL POLICE ACTIVITY and their BROAD POWERS.  Now were all screwed because the worlds going to go NUTZ!  I know im terrified!  Thanks for serving and protecting you scary cops.  Were the ones truly afraid however you idiots are CLAIM FEAR of an unarmed elderly grandmother that you tased her, yeah she was going to put a real hurtin on ya! Well you are so excessively scared all the time when the real fight comes you guys are going to stay home and quite your jobs.  I don't know why you just cant do your jobs correctly.  Why all the abuse.  See how people treat you now!  Im scared it's only going to get worse.  Jeeze thanks a lot you evil cops!  I don't think there is any good ones either, they usually get fired like the many  US Marines who became cops but got fired because they wouldn't shoot and kill someone... true story, Cop gets fired for not shooting and killing someone suicidal.  It's real just search for it.  Were all done man... Im terrified...  Well when it all goes down know that COPS ARE GUILTY OF SEDITION!  I HOPE im wrong about this but from the looks of this video, It's coming!

  • Crossik Ison
    Crossik Ison 4 months ago

    Охуевшие падлы. Никто не соблюдает ПДД

  • Carlos Muñoz
    Carlos Muñoz 4 months ago


  • ผมเมะคุงครับ'บบ ชอบกินเคะV.2


  • Fdah85 Idda85
    Fdah85 Idda85 4 months ago

    what's song?plizzz

  • Edoardo Marzocchi
    Edoardo Marzocchi 4 months ago

    Stai ..........****

  • Hernán ARG
    Hernán ARG 4 months ago

    Son unos pelotudos que se creen vivos "escapando", (porque no los persigue la policía, solo se acercan para que se vayan) dan lastima

  • Zbirkaa
    Zbirkaa 4 months ago

    negrolos on the bike fucking USA

  • s33dless1134
    s33dless1134 5 months ago

    stupid niggers

    WAKEISLAND99 5 months ago

    If you mean harm or insult to cops for no reason, like these lifeless biker scum of society in the video, you're an asshole who deserves to live in an anarchy.

  • Irfan Motovlog
    Irfan Motovlog 5 months ago

    what it is back sound dude

  • arun kumar
    arun kumar 6 months ago

    Fucking niggas

  • Ivan LILO
    Ivan LILO 6 months ago

    nigga wins

  • Poplop 262
    Poplop 262 6 months ago

    What's the song

  • steve evans
    steve evans 6 months ago

    just outlaw all motorcycles.

  • Ezel Clash of Clans
    Ezel Clash of Clans 6 months ago

    kill and dead an niggas plague!!!

  • Silvina Barbara
    Silvina Barbara 6 months ago

    la Policía No sirve PA nada

  • ana maria casado cifuentes

    yo no lo aria

  • kuba hraje cz
    kuba hraje cz 6 months ago


  • nikola krtinic
    nikola krtinic 6 months ago

    how its name of song

  • Jeremy Ulanch
    Jeremy Ulanch 6 months ago

    This is just a part of why I'm voting for Trump!

  • Mirko Lahti
    Mirko Lahti 6 months ago


    JD-PHOTOGRAPHIC 6 months ago

    These made me laugh so much

  • santos santos
    santos santos 6 months ago

    alguien ke sepa el nombre de la canción de este video

  • DaRealSkrillex RBLX
    DaRealSkrillex RBLX 7 months ago

    Man i wish i could ride with you guys i just need a bike lol

  • Barans Vlog
    Barans Vlog 7 months ago

    music please

  • Gmax TV
    Gmax TV 7 months ago

    AHAHAHAHA :)))))

    DHMHTRHS APOSTOLOU 7 months ago

    song pliz

  • Axel Jabalot
    Axel Jabalot 7 months ago

    2:10 😂😂😂😂

  • OpiateX
    OpiateX 7 months ago

    I couldn't care less about people doing wheelies and messing with cops, but it's the fgts on stolen bikes I hate.  If you watch those idiots doing wheelies downtown, in one place the cop almost has him, so the guy throws the bike down and runs.  If the bike wasn't stolen, he wouldn't be doing that.  Criminal fgts can eat shit and die.  The rest of you - carry on.  :P

  • Emyle Ednaldo
    Emyle Ednaldo 7 months ago

    e muito massa

  • Bruno Brasil18
    Bruno Brasil18 7 months ago

    alguem sabe o nome dessa music ?

  • Two Wheel Aussie
    Two Wheel Aussie 7 months ago

    And this is what makes us bikers look bad. Fuck I get pulled over and followed a lot because cops think we are just going to run.. Pisses me off.

    DOGI BOSS 7 months ago


  • Gabriel Kroich
    Gabriel Kroich 7 months ago

    USA is turning into garbage... LoL

  • Lê Trung MCPE GAMING
    Lê Trung MCPE GAMING 7 months ago

    what the fuck

  • Siddhartha Bidari
    Siddhartha Bidari 7 months ago

    hahaha I like it

  • Mr. History
    Mr. History 7 months ago

    Und dann wundert ihr euch wenn ihr Schwarzen abgeknallt werdet..
    Respektlose Schweine 😡

  • jose gamer Moronta
    jose gamer Moronta 7 months ago


  • jamrockingston
    jamrockingston 7 months ago

    Bikers are fucking assholes. Any time I see a group of them I pull over. They're a fucking menace. I can't wait for the day cops can ram them with their cars.

  • Jack Mark
    Jack Mark 7 months ago

    Why most of them black wtf

    SIMPSON LIVE 7 months ago

    100 % negro lol

  • Simon Vogt
    Simon Vogt 7 months ago


  • Emrahthe Vlogger
    Emrahthe Vlogger 7 months ago

    these people are retarded

  • Pertti Jalonen
    Pertti Jalonen 7 months ago

    what the song name?

  • XxAK_Gam3rxX
    XxAK_Gam3rxX 7 months ago


  • lucian fernandes
    lucian fernandes 7 months ago

    Por isso que eu gosto de EUA

  • Otto Stierlitz
    Otto Stierlitz 8 months ago

    hey, video-thief.. why fucked up sounds and where are the originalsounds, moron?

  • honey boo hoo
    honey boo hoo 8 months ago

    all this provoking the cops over the yrs,,,and the colored brotha, wonders why cops are shooting us. get an education!!!!!! not probation!!!!! get an education!!!!!! not probation!!!!! get an education!!!!!! not probation!!!!! get an education!!!!!! come ya'll join in!!! lol

  • Mr_Rohrzange
    Mr_Rohrzange 8 months ago

    i like the guy in the Sekond clip

  • kempmt1
    kempmt1 8 months ago

    0:03-Did he just flipped off the police?

  • Camel Antrax
    Camel Antrax 8 months ago

    I had ben chased by south gate police Ca loss them in wattz feels good running away from them

  • Camel Antrax
    Camel Antrax 8 months ago

    I had ben chased by south gate police Ca loss them in wattz feels good running away from them

  • Anyoums We support Anyoums

    Fuck the police 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  • Gaál Bálint 16
    Gaál Bálint 16 8 months ago

    Song name ?

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