Engaged Doctors Killed in Their Upscale Penthouse, Suspect in Custody: Cops

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  • Two doctors were found dead in their Boston home and the man accused of killing them is in the hospital after a shootout with police. Authorities say the bodies of 49-year-old Dr. Richard Field and 38-year-old Dr. Lina Bolanos were found in their penthouse apartment. They were reportedly engaged to be married. Reports say their hands were bound and a message of retribution was written on a wall in the apartment. InsideEdition.com's Mara Montalbano (https://twitter.com/MaraMontalbano) has more.
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  • Carol Micia
    Carol Micia 11 days ago


  • Bad Moe
    Bad Moe 13 days ago

    Black people again....I knew I wouldn't be surprised.

  • Nubian
    Nubian 16 days ago

    I can't believe that it was a Black dude?

  • MrRuss10000
    MrRuss10000 18 days ago

    And Trevon Martin is given an Honorary  Scholarship in Engineering ???

  • MrRuss10000
    MrRuss10000 18 days ago

    He was on his way to the library !  He dindunufin  LOL

  • Armen V
    Armen V 18 days ago

    We need to become brutal again. Skin him alive and drown him in bleach.

  • Prince Kingman
    Prince Kingman 19 days ago

    *Another RACIST black killer form Africa*

  • MrRhys T
    MrRhys T 19 days ago


  • mabz gemz
    mabz gemz 19 days ago

    and you say black lives matter haahahahaha

  • Dove Love
    Dove Love 19 days ago

    One of the tenant said that you would need an access key to front door and elevator and obviously their unit as well. He would have to know them somehow or he just a devil himself.

  • EpicMILFTime
    EpicMILFTime 19 days ago

    Where's the incoming riot at?

  • Toulee Vang
    Toulee Vang 19 days ago

    I bet another doctor was jealous of those couple and send a hired street crook to take care of it.

  • footballfan8989
    footballfan8989 19 days ago

    this is why I didn't become a doctor

  • waterside
    waterside 19 days ago

    only thing that surprised me about this video, that this black male didnt facebook live the murders of these 2 doctors. R.I.P

  • Jack Brian
    Jack Brian 19 days ago

    even white lives matters !!

  • Ed S
    Ed S 19 days ago

    gotta love how trump-terds took over a tragic story. We're all effing immigrants. Get over it. To all white racist pricks>Your grandparents or their parents aren't & werent from here white boys. Get over it.

    • MrRuss10000
      MrRuss10000 19 days ago

      However we now have CRIMES that could have been avoided moron .

  • St. Rawman
    St. Rawman 19 days ago

    a message of retribution written on the wall and they don't know why he did it? riiiiight.

  • Frank Hamilton
    Frank Hamilton 19 days ago

    When cuckold fantasies go wrong...

  • riskbusin3ss
    riskbusin3ss 19 days ago

    Dear Black people, please just kill your own kind. Thank you very much!

  • Tommy Gunz
    Tommy Gunz 19 days ago

    they were anethesioligists, drugs like propofol, they knew too much

  • Neelah F
    Neelah F 19 days ago

    Probably doing drugs

  • Evad Sel
    Evad Sel 19 days ago

    Yet two more humans murdered by some effing negro!
    You know he raped her as well, but the media likes to minimize the savagery of these beasts

  • gearofduty2012
    gearofduty2012 20 days ago


  • 911eVoX
    911eVoX 20 days ago

    People die everyday. Not a big deal

  • Angry Pirate
    Angry Pirate 20 days ago

    Sad when you investigate this and find out how our immigration policies failed this poor couple. It isn't a right to come live in this country it's a privilege and if you violate the law of the land then you should have that privilege revoked. After 2 bank robbery convictions he should have been deported.

  • Mark BossMan
    Mark BossMan 20 days ago

    Let him die

  • Blue Shark
    Blue Shark 20 days ago

    big pharma? they must have had cures

  • Bill Nye Fake Science Guy


  • Steven Patti
    Steven Patti 20 days ago

    Of course it was a black guy

  • whitegenji
    whitegenji 20 days ago


  • jennifer dong
    jennifer dong 20 days ago

    Why is there so much racism cause he's black? Psychos come in all color. Let's not forget about what happen recently on the airlines and they weren't black

    His skin color is irrelevant.

    • Bad Moe
      Bad Moe 15 days ago

      jennifer dong what happened on the airlines​? Did someone get their throat slit by a white guy?

  • Richard Dukard
    Richard Dukard 20 days ago

    Obama's sons, at it again

  • receo11
    receo11 20 days ago


  • Julian Hicks
    Julian Hicks 20 days ago

    Killers Black: "Of course he's black" "Not surprised"
    Killers White: "Poor Doctors" "RIP they will be missed"

  • youtube booooooo
    youtube booooooo 20 days ago

    oh look an immigrant who trump would have deported

  • Wilson Huertas
    Wilson Huertas 20 days ago

    Lina Bolaños Is colombian

  • Fairy Budmother
    Fairy Budmother 20 days ago

    Hmmm....smells fishy
    1. how did this guy get in their upscale penthouse?
    2. bound and a msg on the wall.
    Sounds like a scripted movie where typically the suspect is
    A. a deranged lover or
    B. a psychopath that resembles kevin spacey. Not some weird looking black guy with down syndrome. For all that says "of course, a low-life black thug did this" clearly you don't watch the news. Black thugs do drive-bys and rob dope-dealers. This was a well thought out plan. I highly doubt THIS guy had the intelligence. Last but not least, how is it he's shot but not killed while all the other black guys were killed when getting pulled over. Something's not right. I don't think these 2 were just a regular couple of doctors. They were either involved in something or know something about somebody.

  • آحمد شوك
    آحمد شوك 20 days ago

    that's make me wanna cry ,sorry for humanity
    my heart is with their family

  • Skyhighblu
    Skyhighblu 20 days ago

    it's tough in the streets

  • Conor McTrumper
    Conor McTrumper 20 days ago

    Imagine if a white guy killed 2 black doctors....

    • Denis
      Denis 20 days ago

      Conor McTrumper We would hear about it for eternity while this story will be buried tomorrow.

  • 1994CPK
    1994CPK 20 days ago

    he dindu nuffin, he was on his way to church. He was a good boy.

    • Denis
      Denis 20 days ago

      1994CPK He was gonna go back to college and get a degree. The cops didn't have to shoot him. Lol.

  • TheRickay
    TheRickay 20 days ago

    Wow, black man commits a white person crime lol I swear I thought the killer was a 50 some year old white guy

  • Straight White Male
    Straight White Male 20 days ago

    Guess who's black?

    Black again...

  • E4T6
    E4T6 20 days ago

    If they weren't doctors would this be making national headlines?

  • Pat Smash
    Pat Smash 20 days ago

    Killed by an immigrant that robbed a bank but held from deportation by a liberal judge. Disgusting.

  • Victoria Louden
    Victoria Louden 20 days ago

    they had the cure for cancer!! fact!!

  • e
    e 20 days ago

    Please don't be black don't be black don't be black.... god damnit

  • Brianna Lozano
    Brianna Lozano 20 days ago

    put to much medicine in his IV and have him overdose??? lol I don't feel bad for people like him.

  • session telemetric
    session telemetric 20 days ago

    Glad the suspect is not dead because Burglars Lives Matter

  • Todd Medium Wellington

    black people kill on the streets, and white people kill in schools or malls facts.

    • Todd Medium Wellington
      Todd Medium Wellington 20 days ago

      Denis huh?

    • Denis
      Denis 20 days ago

      Todd Medium Wellington Blacks don't go to school and no one shops at malls since Amazon. Make sense if your going to post.

  • snoopy 1500
    snoopy 1500 20 days ago

    how is this not monetised, let alone how is it on the trending page?

  • ShadohMasta
    ShadohMasta 20 days ago

    Got some racist people in the comments today huh...

  • Cris Bernabe
    Cris Bernabe 20 days ago

    This is why Im not a doctor.

  • imjusthereforcomments

    When Obama was presidents all the media killings were of white people. Trump is president and they all turn black.

  • gusdahlehhater
    gusdahlehhater 20 days ago

    what color was the murderer? oh yeah. why even bother asking?

  • TC Roland
    TC Roland 20 days ago

    Tough year for Boston Doctors. Another couple died in an avalanche out west this Winter. That's a lot of brain power gone forever.

  • retro king
    retro king 20 days ago

    Damn that's sad what if they were the ones who found a actual cure for cancer

  • Hernan Cortez
    Hernan Cortez 20 days ago

    This is way you sleep within your own ethnicity and stay away from africans , everyone shares a portion of the blame for this situation including the "victims" .

    • kittykatkira xo
      kittykatkira xo 20 days ago

      Hernan Cortez Stay away from Africans? Really now? I'm sorry, but you can't say a whole race is responsible for the actions of one person, you novice. After the elementary school shooting in Connecticut, I'm pretty sure no one told anyone to stay away from autistic or white people.

  • K c
    K c 20 days ago

    What did they know about the Clinton's??

  • Chris P Bacon
    Chris P Bacon 20 days ago

    Black Lives Matter !

  • gribble of the sand
    gribble of the sand 20 days ago

    Ironic. He could save others from death, but not himself

  • Daedric X
    Daedric X 20 days ago

    " Trending "

  • Matty Ice
    Matty Ice 20 days ago

    Im sure if those doctors practiced their second amendment rights it would have gone the other way.

  • LoLAwesomechad
    LoLAwesomechad 20 days ago

    they deserved to die

  • Alexis V
    Alexis V 20 days ago

    Black man KILLS 2 doctors who forever could have saved lives.

    • I Rate Your Comments
      I Rate Your Comments 20 days ago

      Alexis V she was an anesthesiologist at Mass. Eye & Ear, and he was director of anesthesiology of plastic surgery at Brigham and Women's Hospital. Not exactly heroes out saving lives. Still sad though.

  • Tokidoki302
    Tokidoki302 20 days ago

    All I could think was "Please don't be black." And then I saw the mugshot and said "damn it"

  • MrOutPerform
    MrOutPerform 20 days ago

    What the hell is this music?

  • Anime Recommendation Playlist

    wow inside edition 2 in trending?

  • Sch Rikk
    Sch Rikk 20 days ago

    This report is being ignored by all the fake leftist media, CNN, NY Times, NBC refuses to pay attention to this report because the killer is an afro american, just imagine the outrage if the killer would be a white male and the victims an afro american doctors? all the paid protestors should be in the streets by now.

  • Goron
    Goron 20 days ago

    maybe this is the movie get out

  • 2764
    2764 20 days ago

    This is so disrespectful to put this on YouTube trending for people to comment. God Susan Wojcicki, this is low, even for you. Disable the comments and let the poor families grieve. This makes me sick to my stomach you allowed this. Another low.

  • Cisco 4real
    Cisco 4real 20 days ago

    I'm black and I scared to be arrow black When I see someone get off way from me , I understand if I was in they position I do the same too

  • crashedpelican
    crashedpelican 20 days ago

    I am sure race had nothing to do with it because only white people can be racist. /s

  • Unverifiable
    Unverifiable 20 days ago

    Black again lol

  • Colonel Kairasu
    Colonel Kairasu 20 days ago

    "This is one incident" White people do this all the time" Black lives matter"

  • 450/400 Man
    450/400 Man 20 days ago

    He hated that white male's white privilege.

  • uppermostking02
    uppermostking02 20 days ago

    and we care why?

  • Darryl Shaw
    Darryl Shaw 20 days ago

    look like a bad couckolding session..

  • Anon FOFF
    Anon FOFF 20 days ago

    More black on white crime. Its time to ship the dark skins home.

    • kittykatkira xo
      kittykatkira xo 15 days ago

      Anon FOFF I'm black and I live in a white community too. And I agree, I DO feel bad for white people living in black communities, but I feel bad for ANYONE living in those communities. But you're acting like violence is exclusively dedicated to majority black places, when the truth is a Spanish community would share the same problem.

    • Diego Figueroa
      Diego Figueroa 18 days ago

      Anon FOFF don't forget the Germans and brits (;

    • Anon FOFF
      Anon FOFF 18 days ago

      I am a happy person I live in a majority white community so I don't need to worry about crime as much. I do feel bad for the whites that have to live in black communities and would do more to help them were I able.

  • Jennifer Luong
    Jennifer Luong 20 days ago

    Damn this is in trending

  • MrRuss10000
    MrRuss10000 20 days ago

    We know, again it was a Black Thug .................Blacks make up 15 % of the population yet, commit 50% of the Murders . Fact...........

    • MrRuss10000
      MrRuss10000 19 days ago

      Never go Full Retard !

    • Todd Medium Wellington
      Todd Medium Wellington 19 days ago

      Armen V Your lack of the English language is disturbing. You can't just add "tard" to a word, and insult my intelligence with your ignorance.

    • Armen V
      Armen V 19 days ago

      Oh god the libtard is triggered... Go color some books in your safezone.

    • Todd Medium Wellington
      Todd Medium Wellington 19 days ago

      Armen V That I can agree with. Also did use improper English, and call me a "libatard" you know that's not a proper word right?

  • azapps
    azapps 20 days ago

    Just another liberal trying to take back what is his, just working for equality.

  • Isabella Rose
    Isabella Rose 20 days ago

    And the taxpayers have to pay for that dudes hospital bills 😑

    • Sage Gannon
      Sage Gannon 19 days ago

      Isabella Rose and to feed him while he's in jail. Such a shame

  • john d
    john d 20 days ago

    Simpsons did i....

    A Muslims did it? oh wow what a shocker ...

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 20 days ago


  • torque_300
    torque_300 20 days ago

    Why do we treat the criminals injuries?

  • Luis Enrique Terron
    Luis Enrique Terron 20 days ago

    Texeira? Is the suspect Brazilian?

    • Josh T
      Josh T 20 days ago

      he might be. there is a lot of Brazilians that live in the Boston area.

  • Hadley Pleasanton
    Hadley Pleasanton 20 days ago

    Around blacks, never relax.

  • Latin00032
    Latin00032 20 days ago

    please dont be black, please dont be black, please dont be black..... Dammit, Colin Flaherty!
    You win again!

  • Zach tattoo
    Zach tattoo 20 days ago

    they must have found the cure for cancer

  • Jet Nassar
    Jet Nassar 20 days ago

    Every day we move farther from god

  • Darkk I
    Darkk I 20 days ago

    Ofcourse the killer is black.

    • Straight White Male
      Straight White Male 20 days ago

      AlexThorson1 of course the killer was a living organism

    • AlexThorson1
      AlexThorson1 20 days ago

      Christina H O course the killer was human.

    • Christina H
      Christina H 20 days ago

      Darkk I of course the killer is a man.

  • Jeffery Scarbrough
    Jeffery Scarbrough 20 days ago

    Shooter is not an American. YIKES!!

  • Dixie May
    Dixie May 20 days ago

    They were not into 3 somes anymore?

  • lemmy kilmister
    lemmy kilmister 20 days ago

    Sounds about black

    • Austen Diaz
      Austen Diaz 20 days ago

      lemmy kilmister lol

    • kittykatkira xo
      kittykatkira xo 20 days ago

      lemmy kilmister Sounds like a triggered white person who has virtually no knowledge about racial issues👍🏽😝

  • Curious Bob
    Curious Bob 20 days ago

    So many raceist folks online

    • Richard
      Richard 20 days ago

      better to encounter them online in comment sections instead of in person like the couple had to...

    • Spencer
      Spencer 20 days ago

      AlexThorson1 read the comment below this thread along w/ the other 2000 comments.

    • AlexThorson1
      AlexThorson1 20 days ago

      Curious Bob pointing out that the killer is black is not racist.

  • HugZ 4 PugZ
    HugZ 4 PugZ 20 days ago

    Why did they take the suspect to a hospital? Couldn't they just of left him there?

  • Aaron Sanroe
    Aaron Sanroe 20 days ago

    totally unexpected that he was black

  • Yee Haw
    Yee Haw 20 days ago

    sheeet, he dindu nuffin

  • Yasser Saeed
    Yasser Saeed 20 days ago

    Fake news

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