antivir + KEY 2014

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Author Black Hawk ( ago)
why the fu** didn't u just put the godamn key in the description??!!

Author anip dafi ( ago)
why mine not working......... some help plzz

Author Pedro Carvajal de Torres ( ago)
de momento se ha descargado y no detecta ke este contaminado, ya veremos la
instalacion y la licencia. muchos negativos te dan, no se... de momento te
doy positivo hasta ver y si la cosa funciona me subscribo y sumbscribo
otras 23 cuentas de amigos... thanke

Author petruz9 ( ago)
hey bro..give the key serial..

Author Daniel Martinez ( ago)
ya no sirve la licencia, despues del reinicio sse bloquea y pide nueva

Author tapizoma ( ago)
Perfecto.... Rápido e eficaz!!!!!!!!

Author Sader Honorato ( ago)
este solo funciona con el avira premium

Author MegaMatirx ( ago)
disculpa como lo pongo en español?

Author rafael santos almeida ( ago)
gracias perfecto

Author Peliculas HD ( ago)
ya trai el instalador ??

Author Ana Hernandez ( ago)
Gracias, Funciona perfecto!!!

Author Pedro Carvajal de Torres ( ago)
la carpeta licencia no se abre

Author josetorrejon ( ago)
eres de los pocos confiables de youtube :)

Author suriel rodriguez ( ago)
muchas gracias amigo funciona perfectamente gracias por el aporte

Author Anthony Stark ( ago)

Author Aldo Lucio Camacho ( ago)
gracias por tu material es de gran ayuda

Author José Alberto Túpano ( ago)
te felicito muy buen video pana

Author Tony012562 ( ago)
re-upload plz, its giving me to ziddu. com/indexnew .php respond plz if u
updated the link?

Author MyHazardousTutorials (564 years ago)
@akihm Kelly Rowland-Work

Author Aleksandar Sazdanovic ( ago)
What is a name of this song?

Author Nyktalgia ( ago)
@i7cpu thanks dude, your youtube link worked.

Author MegaBARCELONY ( ago)
Thxxxxxxxxx :DDDD

Author i7cpu ( ago)
dont loose your time here .,,,,,,// go here

Author MultiJunior00 ( ago)
watch?v=dDaU9ZjUE-Q try it 100% works + thumb up to let ppl see

Author naeemshamas ( ago)
thanks dude

Author TheL0one ( ago)
Danke :DD Funktioniert Thanks :DD works

Author LantaarnAppel ( ago)
bitch! my avira freeware says its an virus!

Author Joey Khor ( ago)
watch this video for free NOD32 antivirus 5

Author MultiJunior00 ( ago)
wht u waitin for :::: shek this 1 till 18-11-2012

Author Eric16SV ( ago)
song name

Author MultiJunior00 (1168 years ago)

Author Redblack ( ago)
Avira AntiVir Premium 2012 v.

Author logesh guhan ( ago)
OMG guys i need a avira premium free,but my own avira detected a
antivir.Later i bought the premium.

Author Kaasknabbel95 ( ago)
What are you guys talking about? it works perfect :) thank you so much, was
looking for it for like months

Author pokerbmx1 ( ago)
i hope you a cancer moron

Author mohamedyassinmoslih ( ago)

Author Ren1234ize ( ago)
The Password??

Author Igor Oliveira ( ago)
We are not viruses, can I test? I uploaded the picture to the suspicious
Ok:) I'm from Brazil but nobody asked right, good luck to those who do not
have money to pay this antivirus ... link photo img 38. imageshack.
us/i/proveavira. jpg/ add spaces to see the photo

Author Igor Oliveira ( ago)
We are not viruses, can I test? I uploaded the picture to the suspicious
Ok:) I'm from Brazil but nobody asked right, good luck to those who do not
have money to pay this antivirus ... link photo img 38.imageshack
.us/i/proveavira. jpg/

Author Igor Oliveira ( ago)
We are not virus proof? I uploaded the picture to the suspicious Ok:) I'm
from Brazil but nobody asked right, good luck to those who do not have
money to pay this antivirus ... link photo

Author Redblack ( ago)
Avira Antivir Premium 2011 V. Plus Key Till 2013

Author mohamedyassinee ( ago)

Author MrRobindiaz ( ago)
Thank you works just fine!!

Author xSeeD`18 ( ago)
lol,no need the key,juz activate the trial for 30 days then when after u
have used it for about 29 days that only have 1 day left,change your date
to 29 days before then u will get 30 days left for using this antivirus :)

Author noobka21 ( ago)
tank u so much :)

Author Castor Troy ( ago)

Author Mateo ( ago)
thank you is OK!!!!!!!!

Author Avusturya Çarşı Pazar ( ago)
its work or not

Author Avusturya Çarşı Pazar ( ago)
when this a virus is i kill this girl

Author kevinflecki ( ago)
@christianzzz09 You seh it on the name by activating the license is
Wolfgang Lenz a english name ??? XD

Author a HAMID Bouharaoua ( ago)
@JossStonedems YOU SUCK

Author dick dickerson ( ago)
don't stop being awesome!!!!

Author CoquitoPump ( ago)
WaO..1 Graciaz Cauza ..JuztO ztaba BuskandO ZtO Graciaz ... Eres un

Author TandTProject ( ago)
@TheFranco555 check your startup and C drive, trojan pal

Author Franco Casissa ( ago)
@TandTProject What virus??

Author TandTProject ( ago)
virus detected. both nod and mcafee say soo.

Author Henry Sanchez ( ago)
bien gracias es bueno

Author direwitch ( ago)
virus don't download

Author Universalmusicgroup ( ago)
why is the file so big for just a couple of serial keys & owner?.. added

Author JDguides09 ( ago)
@bann1f3ro We are not discussing about Mac here...

Author Law Ren ( ago)
want avira premium that last even longer time add me lawren91@hotmail()com
replace () with . [dot]

Author Law Ren ( ago)
want avira premium that last even longer time add me lawren91@hotmail()com
replace () with . [dot] 100%working

Author bann1f3ro ( ago)
@mohammed1354 Better is Mac, no antivirus at all

Author Di Ana ( ago)
does not work

Author Moonwalkers650 ( ago)
this is fake i keep getting pop ups of a fake my computer drive :P

Author Jannik Sch ( ago)
geht nih diese kacke

Author Carlos Vargas ( ago)
einfach ausgezeichnet!! vielen herzlichen dank!

Author mohammed1354 ( ago)
@bann1f3ro lmao yeah its hard to get avira keys im just gonna stick with
avast :/

Author bann1f3ro ( ago)

Author bann1f3ro ( ago)
@mohammed1354 OF COURSE IS A FAKE, HE PAY FOR IT ;)

Author mohammed1354 ( ago)
this is stupid its fake....

Author balanza26 ( ago)
esto es una porqueria no lo descarguen este pendejo no sabe lo que hace
alfinal te aparece cono demo es un verdadero pendejo y inutil

Author xurimx ( ago)
this disabled after update 1/5 rate

Author Sickling3 ( ago)
exactly download the file with the virus, then u get avira, avira removes
the virus taking itself down with it no win xD lol

Author Ikiru no tenshi ( ago)
name musik ..!! cual ?? es xDD

Author Archer6633 ( ago)
shuussh u shit, kiss ur mom's ass

Author Archer6633 ( ago)
hush don't say anythin' about arabs u shit

Author Watsakorn Chumkaew ( ago)
i use this code its work fine! Code for avira: 00000-00000-00000-00000-00000

Author Tenpacy ( ago)
name of song? xD

Author yurij10 ( ago)

Author yurij10 ( ago)

Author ThePunisher1061 ( ago)
shutup u dipshit dont talk about arabs like this you shithead

Author Oskill Wafu ( ago)

Author REVO REVOO ( ago)
fucking arab theres a virus u fucking idiot

Author compumaniac0 ( ago)
there's a virus on the file that we have to download too. oh the irony.

Author w88nuke ( ago)
avira 2009 does not work with it!

Author Restum Shamsi ( ago)
yes is better but so does everything by itself

Author sonicrushfan1 ( ago)
Yeh, after update, then Avira Personal Free is way better

Author riGeLTanDz34 ( ago)
damn it! it changed to demo version.. fuck!

Author riGeLTanDz34 ( ago)
plz help! :(

Author riGeLTanDz34 ( ago)
is it effective?

Author victor2cutube ( ago)
that file is showing up as infected

Author Restum Shamsi ( ago)
ich weiß nicht was meinst du mit intrenet seit lol

Author Mike Hunt ( ago)
hahaha google translator for the win xDDD u wanted to say Die internet
seite die ich grad versucht habe ... from then i dont understand it xDDDD
dont use google or lycos or whatever to translate :>

Author El Hardy ( ago)
its not work.the product will change to demo version after update

Author Restum Shamsi ( ago)
Wolfgang Lanz 1101184534-MEDIE-0001

Author mathboyx215 ( ago)
Wolfgang Lanz 1101184534-MEDIE-0001

Author Restum Shamsi ( ago)
you can make that nevertheless thus goes completely simply and that is not
for xp if you Vista has can be folds ne

Author Restum Shamsi ( ago)
the web page has I degrees tried goes that is called can one those open
attempt again and wait then goes nevertheless

Author Kazuhiko ( ago)
demon version with limited function

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