Pixelux Real Time DMM Engine Demo

A Real Time tech demo of the DMM Engine outside Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Amazing.

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Added: 5 years
Runtime: 4:10
Comments: 79

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Uploaded by: Johnathon Selstad
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Author KittenKiller (4 years)
This is great but it still needs some improvement.

Author Johnathon Selstad (5 years)
This is currently not available for download, this Pixelux hopes to have it
public soon.

Author Fast3nuf (5 years)
Hey Zalo, is this from the Evaluation kit from Pixelux? I e-mailed them
about getting me one of them.

Author dri fter (5 years)
thx for the reply. :)

Author desktoppirate (5 years)
wow, i cant wait to get my hands on this.

Author sup3rt0aster (4 years)
@wiktorpanaktuningfre thay r developing a sandbox editor for non-comercial
use as we speak, but it will take a wile :)

Author TheChrismix (4 years)
It took probably 50000 LOC to program this

Author KaLul0 (5 years)
i want that too!! where can i get it from? can i modify anything on it?

Author preper133 (2 years)
can i do this with a naidia gt 530 ?

Author FireLord3001 (4 years)
u bent a brick wall WTF

Author wardino388 (4 years)
*some guy logs onto youtube and watches this demo* guy: "DUUDE THIS IS SO
TRIPPY, ITS WAY BETTER THAN HL2!!!" *sends it to ValvE* valve:

Author DJ Dopekut (4 years)
it looks ok but still wood could be better because too big parts stick out
in my opinion.And the thing with the pillars is weird because it breaks to

Author Freak2121GTAF (5 years)
*Ahem*Star Wars Force Unleashed for PC, just announced.

Author Neivlak Odin (4 years)
oh wait nvrmind sorry i missed the first half ot the vid. that wood
definitly uses dmm hahaha sry

Author DeadLegHolden7 (4 years)
who dosn't?

Author TheGeneralismo (4 years)
Gooey bricks ftw.

Author Neivlak Odin (4 years)
the wood doesnt look like its using dmm cuz both of the wooden poles
cracked the same way

Author GodOfYouTubbe (4 years)
most be quit heavy people

Author wardino388 (4 years)
I know, i think it was kind of stupid of valve to take the havok engine (i
thought it was the quake engine...) and just tear it to pieces. then again,
games made by valve are pretty damn good :D

Author RoyalGaming (5 years)
wait does the demo work on MAC?

Author Isakuma (4 years)

Author l2enegadesofFunk (5 years)
LOL this is hilarious.

Author Tonaize (5 years)
Hey Fast3nuf did you recieve the Evaluation Kit From Pixelux

Author yoyoboy70 (5 years)
havok destruction is just as good

Author dbg wins (2 years)

Author Johnathon Selstad (5 years)
Yeah, I know you too. You were the guy with the reported post in the Warbot

Author Yadda TrillNeato (4 years)
I want a Salvador Dali brick wall irl!

Author Primus Pilus (3 years)

Author dentistguba (2 years)
never seen a brick wall melt before

Author LukeDude759 (3 years)
Hooray for making brick walls act/break/bend like metal! :D

Author JuniorProducer1996 (4 years)
that looks like a lot of fun, but the sound effects it comes with......ehhh

Author RoyalGaming (5 years)
No you cant you cant have it unless you have more than 300 dollars becasue
this is what was used in a video game, and becasue its the only physics
engine that destroys things realistacly

Author SANAFABICH (2 years)
I minute of silence for all the men whose sacrifice made this demo video

Author sambetty123 (5 years)
hey did you get this in the evaluation email, cuz there not emailing me...

Author logitech4873 (4 years)
Are you implying valve ever tried to make somthing like this?

Author 11myedu (3 years)
@Themoviewatcher96 No this is not easy to make i dont know what i doed.

Author youngbong111 (3 years)
@Zalo10 2 years later ..... Can i get a link to download page?

Author Aldaris Taalo (5 years)
Mega Wow!

Author Malcolm Reynolds (5 years)
Do you think they just hand out this kind of technology for free? like some
internet game? First you have to have maya then you have to buy the DMM
Plugin then you have to learn how to do somthing like this and THEN you can
get your stuff to do this.

Author Freak2121GTAF (5 years)
They're not rumors dumbass, just search Star Wars Force Unleashed Sith
Edition PC on google.

Author stexes007 . (5 years)
can we download any test demo?

Author 11myedu (4 years)
'This is a gamebryo engine DMM demo,this is easy to made.

Author frequentSieben (1 year)
where to get this?

Author SanteriP (5 years)
LoL, jelly things. Too bad they did not use much of this on star wars force
unleashed... wow... i have about 5 days left on my demo and im making a
thing where i can throw stones on a house... or drop some boulders on it.

Author rockcabbage (4 years)
Is this DMM plugin for Maya or or 3DSMAX?

Author SanteriP (5 years)
*ahem* Havok. But yeah, this is even better than havok... probably the best
"destruction" engine, :P. PhysX for fluid physics and other weird physics
that would not make much difference....

Author SanteriP (5 years)
not yet... :P

Author Acer0c (4 years)

Author MoskowFreak1111 (4 years)
can you get me A direct link?

Author Mag Dev (5 years)
holy crap thats awesome

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