Windows 98 running on Dosbox on a Nokia 6220c - download-link in description

video quality got worse since youtube's theme update....
i managed to install & boot a stripped-down version of windows 98 on an symbian-based cell phone (nokia 6220c) with dosbox, a great dos emulator!
since the mouse is a bit strange to handle, the pic, i've drawn doesn't show anything ;-)

for all those trolls, who want to do this crap on their own phone:

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Author Viktor Angelov ( ago)

Author AssemblerX86 ( ago)
2:00 You can thank me when you get 2 minutes extra in your life

Author KrasherLiveGames ( ago)
i can run windows xp on my symbian 3 smartphone ???

Author ma0she ( ago)
have fun, trying it on your own: www66 zippyshare com/v/92039660/file.html

Author Fafanimation ( ago)
My! Is there a way to have the playstation in a symbian phone?

Author razorbulan ( ago)
yes is impossible to play wingames but you can play dos games,wave and midi
work as well and some old programs. old 7zip,deamon tools,etc even old
winamp is work but is useless becouse dosbox dont support Mp3:(

Author Fafanimation ( ago)
impossible to play a win98 game with that?

Author ReisenFruit ( ago)
what about microsoft 3.1

Author Gerhard de Clercq ( ago)
Can you please give me a link for the windows 98 image

Author ma0she ( ago)
ok :)

Author ma0she ( ago)
@lakiertTV ja,....nicht jeder kann polnisch

Author lakiertTV ( ago)
chwila chwila mam kolegę i mówił że trzeba mieć telefon z androidem:)

Author razorbulan ( ago)
@ma0she you can play only dos games becouse dosbox is a dos program:(

Author razorbulan ( ago)
@ma0she what win 98 is se or lite?

Author razorbulan ( ago)
@ashenclone dosbox can run windows 95 and 98 ii know that becouse it works
on pc:)

Author Eva Kechagioglou ( ago)
hi i have a nokia 6730 classic.where i can find it and instal it

Author SEJK97 ( ago)
@ashenclone, isn't theme, dosbox emulating x86 cpu that running windows, i
think to 6220c have arm11 cpu :)

Author SEJK97 ( ago)
hi ma0she, can you send me a dosbox.conf file(vith your configuration) !? i
have nokia e52, 6220c & e52 are same, but e52 have wifi and 600MHz cpu. do
you know to if you set a high value to cycles you can to break your cpu ?
send me dosbox.conf file to sekara97 (at) gmail (dot) com, (at) = @ (dot) =

Author DecibelAlex ( ago)
@riveraluciano only dos games are playable, laggy tough.. It depends on
your phones RAM capacity

Author TheCatMilton ( ago)
how long does it take to install

Author Joshua Vaughan ( ago)
@MotweraCity That wouldn't work, because neither of them ran on DOS

Author umdihando ( ago)
My generation from The who... what version is this?

Author Motwera ( ago)
@ma0she can u try with windows me?or XP?

Author Luciano R ( ago)
i'm installing DOSbox in my nokia 5800 (and maybe Windows 3.1 or even 98
like yourself), do you know if i could install an old game called Fallout?
in terms of requirements it shouldn't have a problem (an old Intel 90, i
think 16mb of ram and directx in case i play on windows). This would be the
only reason i would install DOSbox (at least for now)

Author KonyaliHarun ( ago)
download link pls

Author TSKRAPIE ( ago)
Download link PLZ

Author teacherlau ( ago)
hi ma0she, can you send me the mapper.txt of t9 keyboard? mines don't work.
thanks a lot. teacherlauatgmaildotcom

Author sheeplover2009 ( ago)

Author Nihal Jackson ( ago)
i know, i was just joking.

Author NGagex1 ( ago)
Where you got SDL library. I have downloaded DOSbox s60. And I can't
install that SDL library. Please help! :D

Author ma0she ( ago)
i hope hope, you didn't bet for money, because it's no theme. dosbox is
already an old application that just has been ported to the symbian
operating system. it's really true, that i ran win98 on this phone, but
it's, as i already said, very slow and not really useable

Author ma0she ( ago)
i had windows 1.0, 3.11, 95 and 98 already installed and you're right, 1.0
is the fastest, but this should be seen just as a proof od concept

Author Nihal Jackson (856 years ago)
WOW That's a SLOW computer LOL! I went to get something for a few minuites
and came back to see it is STILL playing LOL!

Author baneskrbic (1885 years ago)
Did you try to install Win 1.0?It's tiny and I hope not very laggy.

Author michielh ( ago)
or if you know a site where it's explained, that would also be helpfull. tnx

Author michielh ( ago)
I wanna try to install window 3,1 or 95 or whatever, on my N82 (I've seen
it is posible) . but can you help me out, sent me into the right direction?
like what do I need to install on my phone, and in witch order? thanks

Author Abu LeON ( ago)
Oh, that's okay. I've figured out how to set a bigger screen resolution of
Windows 98. really appreciate your help.

Author ma0she ( ago)
usually it is possible to set the dpi to a bigger value in win 98, but in
this version it is not working....don't ask me why. i anyway deleted dosbox
from my phone already

Author Abu LeON (538 years ago)
Excuse me, I've got one 6220c too. But how do you solve the problem with
small fonts and icons? Would you share the [SDL] section settings in
dosbox.conf with us? Should I add fullresolution=original string onto it
and etc.? Thanks.

Author ma0she ( ago)
i just heard music in background (very silent) and youtube deleted the
audio track. and the music, that youtube offers is bullshit

Author ma0she ( ago)
because the nokia 6220 classic has a processor with 369 MHz an i have 15MB
Ram to the dosbox. if i increased the memsize, dosbox crashed

Author ma0she ( ago)
i read that dosbox also works on 5800, but i can't confirm this because i
have no 5800

Author ma0she ( ago)
what is your memsize, set in dosbox.conf ? ist should be 15 - with every
bigger value dosbox crashes on my phone

Author Marija Popova ( ago)
How did you install it and can I instal on nokia 5800xm

Author bestboy75 ( ago)
why working so fast?! ;)

Author Junafani ( ago)
"This video contains an audio track that has not been authorized by all
copyright holders. The audio has been disabled." Yay~~ Thank you.

Author kekkoberry ( ago)
hey how i can run it?

Author eAGTRaser ( ago)
Warum wundet mich das nicht, dass du sowas machst^^

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