Cell Phones Tips : How to Transfer Cell Phone Pictures to a Computer

Transfer cell phone pictures to a computer by connecting the phone and the computer with a USB cable, opening the phone file on the computer, and dragging the pictures onto the computer desktop. Enter any necessary passwords to open the cell phone file on the computer with help from the store manager of a cell phone broker in this free video on cell phones.

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Author Superbowl96 (4 years)
it wont let me with my Crazer........plz help

Author TwilightJunkieee (4 years)
@lalo924 me either. idk what to do.

Author Zlatan Ibrahimovic (2 years)
what do i do if i want pictures from the computer on my phone?

Author shamikghosh1 (3 years)
fuck u

Author kaboomitszandrew (2 years)
This is what my computer popped up when I plug my USB to my phone & my
computer monitor. "Device driver software was not successfully installed.
Please consult with your device manufacturer for assistance getting this
device installed." So, do I need a device-driver..?

Author CallMe_ShanLee (4 years)

Author MrJalenharris (2 years)
orb audio

Author Bonden Dan Anders (2 years)
its not working i have a samsung i didnt get a cable like that :(

Author Perfekt (7 months)
U have to have a micro sd card in the phone people geez

Author jaime105 (4 years)
ahhh!! i dont see anything abut my phone of the my computer folder its an
lg voyager i have the sd card in the phone and the usb also help pleaseD:

Author lalo924 (4 years)
ahaha the problem was simple... we just didnt have the media card ahahah
sorry i didnt reply

Author kirsion (3 years)
nothing happens with i plug in my usb cable

Author EscapextehxFate1 (3 years)
There's not a file in the start>My Computer>SCH-U450 folder. Help?

Author Eagleye890 (5 years)
I have the LG Dare. I've recently been on a trip and took about 70 photos.
When I plug it in, it only asks "Select sync option for USB Connection". I
press Data. Then nothing else pops up or anything happens. HELP!

Author Alba Chaséz (3 years)
well nothing really popped up on my cpu but when the usb was in my phone a
screen came on my phone and when i clicked ok then it did.btw i have a
droid. --does anybody know what the microSD adapter does?cus it doesnt the
pics when i put both chip into my camera.??any help would b appreciated.

Author Kyle Johnston (4 years)
I cant find a usb cable that fits my phone, and ours is being disconnected
in 2 days and 2 years of concert video is on it!!!

Author jonny72007 (2 years)
Nothing Pops Up Help ..? And They Are Saved To The Phone Memory Does That
Affect It ..?

Author lalo924 (4 years)
same here : /

Author lalo924 (4 years)
i found the problem,.. its pretty simple we just didnt have a media card

Author johnnyboi629 (3 years)
kid is a

Author Superbowl96 (4 years)
no offnece but dude if ur going to post a vid like this plz answer ppls

Author sobewong (3 years)
Now for the androids for me it said usb connected i clicked that. Mounted
the phone and then something finally popped up on the screen of my computer.

Author Nick Kenyon (4 years)
man this sucks i dont have a blackberry thats why yu cant really make these
kind of videos for everybody

Author Icepelt1000 (9 months)
nothing pops up for me (most likely because the mass storage option you had
selected is something i cant use)

Author hannamontana132 (3 years)
@itsgabbaa LMFEO HAHA

Author Lamonta griffin (10 months)
its say no mass storage

Author dakotajune4 (1 year)
it didmt work

Author Zyriattanicce (4 years)
wait did he tell us where to get the cord from??? it didnt come with my new

Author Sneakerkiid1996 (2 years)
you look like the onceler from the lorax movie hahaha" no foreal you do"-

Author Fernando Perez (5 years)
my phone wont let me it only charges

Author ChaozCF (2 years)
Hello my name is ben and i like to blink alot.

Author christian amada (10 months)

Author tyrhhjy (5 years)
USB Cable 2.0

Author lurchipoo (2 years)
@kaboomitszandrew i got the same thing

Author Chris Samuels (2 years)
Mine only shows music i have downloaded onto my phone >:/

Author dragonmaster9822 (2 years)
i got a usb for my samsung andi go to plug it in but nothing happens, my
phone just charges. can i get some help?

Author Andru (2 years)
fuck fag this is bullshit, no folders open up!!!!

Author Vasquez Reynoso (4 years)
I have an LG Voyager cell and when I connect my phone to the computer
through the USB cord it doesn't do anything. Oh and i have Vista. HELP PLZ!

Author Superbowl96 (4 years)
when i plug in my Motorola Crazer nothing shows up

Author GOPFighter (3 years)
Yea Ben, it just pops right up. If that was the case I wouldn't need you
would I? Too funny.

Author LethalAiMb0t (3 years)
it does pop up for mine put mine is called removable disc OMG et a new
video :(

Author Arty Cheremenin (4 years)
Hey peoples can you help me. Samsung GT E2120. Can it be connected with
special Samsung (or other) USB cable to computer? Thanks.

Author hannamontana132 (3 years)

Author skizzz1 (2 years)
nothing pops up for me

Author sheyanne renee (1 year)
Nothing happened? What do I do if it doesnt work?

Author ppjdbsjai12332 (2 years)
nothing pops up wtf ur so stupid lol

Author sofiaxxxxxxxx (4 years)
Please help me :( Every time I press "Mass storage" it says "Initialising
failed. Please reinsert the card" Im guessing the means the Sim card, so I
did. But after I restarted the phone and put in the cable again and pressed
"Mass storage" it said the same thing, What do I do? :( Please reply!

Author LaLalollipoper (4 years)
how do u do this with a motorola razr?? i cant seem to find the rite info
anywhere.......can someone give some advice??? pls!!!

Author ppjdbsjai12332 (2 years)
stop blinking so much do u have turrets or something its annoying

Author skizzz1 (2 years)
wow hes ugly

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