GTA San Andreas FreeRunning Mod + Download

GTA San Andreas FreeRunning Mod ;)

Bei Fragen lest euch das Readme durch :)

Viel Spaß !

Wenn ihr Lust habt, schaut doch mal hier vorbei :)

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Author Emre zeus ( ago)
Hangi tuşlarla yapcaz bu taklaları yardım et acill .s

Author Abdo Lifei ( ago)
nice music

Author Tedi Games ( ago)

Author Adarsh Ittigi ( ago)
thankyou bro

Author Zuhair Zahari ( ago)
AHh thanks bro... i just need the link to download mod... i know how to
install that 😃its work when i use IMGTOOL N cleo4

Author Stefan Navodaru ( ago)

Author Pron1k Play ( ago)
Мод говно!

Author pravee chamnanpana ( ago)

Author Timothy Kurosaki ( ago)
i know to install but when i play the game it crashes pls help me!

Author yassine shil ( ago)
what is IMGTool

Author Twin Joker ( ago)
it didnt work in a mod like powerfull mode mod 2,can anyone help me? please

Author Nasi Cossa ( ago)
Wie heißt das lied?

Author Stefan Milojevic ( ago)
how install

Author Smokees LP (SmokeesLP-) ( ago)
Yeah Thank bro ! want u to make on my YouTube channel a Letsplay"s ? ask me
look at my Channel from

Skype: Kosova_Playa123


FaceBook FanPage : Smokeeslp

Author Games57584 ( ago)
What did you use for record?

Author jafal bin hameed ( ago)
tnx bro really thanks

Author Otaku4Life ( ago)
how can u use them

Author rmxprzemo ( ago)
Nope. It's more like acro.

Author MiBen773 ( ago)
yep it's parkour not freerunning

Author Hostile Banana ( ago)
This is the "Backflip Off of Buildings Mod" I saw it before 

Author (: LMPCG :) ( ago)
It is freerunning actually, freerunning isn't necessarily going anywhere,
that's parkour. Freerunning is moving and doing tricks at the same time :)

Author xba222 ( ago)
No. This is just tricks and stunts. Parkour is from point A to point B.

Author San-Andreas Parkuore ( ago)

Author xba222 ( ago)

Author BlueProductions ( ago)
Its KINDA freerun -.- 

Author markofask laboš ( ago)
pls jak se to ovládá???

Author Ammar Emini ( ago)
Thankss Man <3 ! 

Author vladena čonkova ( ago)

Author Saftoyu Pk. Andrey ( ago)
How to instalation ? Plzz ! 

Author SIK7 ( ago)
Your CJ is fat :D

Author Terror Poop ( ago)

Author 1111rZv1111 ( ago)

Author bushabob ( ago)
:3 i only started playing gta sa in 2006, the other gtas weren't much my
style :P

Author alexmania1998 ( ago)
Why? Like you didn't play GTA at 10 xD He is not going to become any cerial

Author xba222 ( ago)
This isn't freerunning...

Author Dinesh P ( ago)
@ntcqgdc yeah thats what everyones been saying BTW! check this game is
really damn addictive ->

Author Isac viana ( ago)
qual nome da musica ?

Author bushabob ( ago)
you're ten? you shouldn't even be playing GTA 

Author Pavle Mandic ( ago)
gj ČD 

Author SsX SkuLLeRBoY ( ago)

Author NyanCatProd ( ago)
Jeez, calm down?

Author NyanCatProd ( ago)
Wow what a dick xD

Author Bailey Hope ( ago)
and im 10 so fuck you

Author Bailey Hope ( ago)
its not a cheat you dipshit

Author Bailey Hope ( ago)
fuck you mikey owens what a shit name shit head fuck you and u you fucking
cunt go stuff your self

Author MrEnoxide ( ago)
they aren't the same mods are modification to the game files cheats are
code already in the game, so how about you stfu asshole 

Author Çhîkö Senpai ( ago)
cheats and mods are the same thing dumbass, so stfu asshole

Author Çhîkö Senpai ( ago)
what's the name of this cheat??

Author Žaidžia SwirtQ ( ago)
Not This link 

Author GermanAndRussianPlay ( ago)
braucht man cleo?

Author walid el amine ( ago)
lil zoo best 

Author rex escartin ( ago)
LOL zero nofal how come you dont know how to put .cs files in cleo just put
the .cs files in cleo folder

Author Zero nofal ( ago)
how to downlaod it and install it can u plz help me?!

Author Mićko i Paša ( ago)
It works,but only what you need is Cleo 3,or Cleo 4 folder in GTA SA
directory.Just type on youtube: "How to put CLEO mod in GTA San Andreas"

Author mateusz radloff ( ago)
mie mine gta sa pl1234

Author Kelvin Larrimore ( ago)
Don't listen to them just dish

Author Ralph James ( ago)
Guys come down its only a mod no one died ?? All bad words give some

Author CrashAndWonderboy ( ago)
How do you install this?

Author JustWilliam ( ago)
can someone help me i put it in but dont work :( plls help me 

Author Saurav Rathi ( ago)
how to uninstall these mod 

Author Nail Fattah ( ago)

Author Tabo0oTy ( ago)
toooooooo many fucking back flip !!!!!!!!!!

Author muhamad soleh ( ago)
HEY THIS is not working ?? please reply 

Author Ryan Dass ( ago)

Author defandj ( ago)
dumbass bitch!

Author defandj ( ago)
well i understand germany a little. Fuck your mom lmlegen77 bitch! fuck hes
family fuckass asshole bitch1 now fuck your hes mother and father bitch and
the fuckass crybaby bitch

Author The Ferrarist ( ago)
Read the ReadMe you dumb shit 

Author The Ferrarist ( ago)
Read the ReadMe you dumb shit

Author Eray Aras ( ago)
fail :D

Author Esmillone Rosal ( ago)
is not working 

Author Esmillone Rosal ( ago)
How to make tricks 

Author Panos Mpogdanis ( ago)
this song!!!!!!! fast and the furious 2 or 1 

Author Panos Mpogdanis ( ago)

Author daja boss ( ago)
how to make trick??

Author Black x Weedz ( ago)
waht are you do kig guy 

Author Schyths ( ago)
this mod and you wearing white hoodie and white jeans you look like etzio

Author matthew evalla ( ago)
THank you very much for the mod

Author 55867mihalis ( ago)
pleaze music name ? 

Author Commander Pantagruel ( ago)
0:42 wie eine prima ballerina xDD

Author MrIlovevideogames1 ( ago)
no there is NO virus

Author Kelemework Kefyalew ( ago)
f**k you

Author Миха Никон ( ago)
Говно плнейшое

Author DerBestGamer1 ( ago)
Wie steuert mann das? 

Author Walnutdriver ( ago)
If you use Winrar to extract your files you can do a virus scan on the .rar

Author mohammed ghazal ( ago)
omg talk english!! i wanna know if there is virus!! <( 

Author Bogdan Midvighi ( ago)
song name plis tnx :) :D

Author marcel opd ( ago)
ich habe gta san andereas schon gedownloadet eine voll version und ich kann
keine jumps machen und abrollen wahrum ? 

Author marcel opd ( ago)
ist der mod umsonst ? 

Author Ali Tafaj ( ago)
Ich Kann Dir Helfen Hast Du Fb Dann Helfe ich dir ich schicke dir downloads
links und das downloadest du

Author Ali Tafaj ( ago)
Hier Ist die steuerung CONTROLLING: 1 - backflip 2 - frontflip 3 - sideflip
4 - gainer 5 - folha 6 - cork 7 - webster 8 - fulltwist 9 - round off
flashkick 0 - backhandspring t - backhandspring + backflip y - palmflip u -
wallflip i - cork + folha o - popup layout p - jump and dive ;) g -
frontflip + aerial + fulltwist 

Author Urin Stone ( ago)
hi wie machst du diese Saltos ich habe den Mod aber wie steuer ich alles?? 

Author Ali Tafaj ( ago)
Ich Kann dir helfen hast du facebook oda skype edde mich ihn skype
ali.tafaj2 und fb Ali Tafaj :D

Author Usfps ( ago)
ich liebe Dieses Game Und besser mit FreeRunning Mod ich lerne deutsch in
marokko Danke Schon Für Dich

Author chriatioab müllwr ( ago)
Ich helf dir okeei ? 

Author chriatioab müllwr ( ago)
Brauchst du immernoch hilfe bei dem einfügen :)) ?

Author Anel Muric ( ago)

Author romel pa ( ago)
FaiL At 0:35......JETPACK XD 

Author Mattias Nacimento ( ago)

Author นพรัตน์ วัชระลือชา ( ago)

Author SwearLP ( ago)
Im Multyplayer nervt das aber richtig :D

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