Eric Schmidt at IBM Business Partners Leadership Conference

Eric Schmidt speaks at the IBM Business Partners Leadership Conference on May 1, 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. Presentation followed by a conversation with IBM Chairman and CEO Sam Palmisano, moderated by Pankaj Ghemawat.

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Author Loris Andrea Piccolo ( ago)
in wich part of discouse talk about human resources?

Author Patrick Gin ( ago)
Great to see Google's CEO working with IBM partners.

Author SMDSchablonen ( ago)
Good, since this video is online many people watched it now I am impressed :L

Author Roberto Rubin ( ago)
Great message....I love it everytime Eric Schmidt speaks. Thanks for sharing this video.

Author joshig1983 ( ago)
What's the point of the video? Are they saying anything special? The good thing about tv programs is they act like they value the viewer's time.

Author The Daily English Show (73 years ago)
"I try to use everything all the time, even if I hate it."
I wonder if Eric has ever uploaded a video to YouTube, or commented on a video.
I enjoyed the speech, although I think Eric says "literally" too much.

Author The Daily English Show ( ago)
"Just to prove that the Japanese are really wacky" - wtf? Did you actually say that?

Author Robert Ray Hedges ( ago)
Please note: You can and "should" upload that search page code with it's links in tact, and give it a relevant file name such as childrens-clarity-immortality.html etc, and PLEASE add your own truth to THE ANCHOR TEXT to keep it from being a duplicate content copy, which Google wisely filters...

Okay it's your turn to show ALL children that you're more than a cultural robot of your era.

Thanks, rrh

Author Robert Ray Hedges ( ago)
Dr. Eric has been very nice to me considering my vocation. I manipulate Google Yahoo and Msn search results for Children's Immortality.
Back about the year 2000 I reverse engineered the ultimate behavior by simply realizing the worst thing a person could do is to kill a child and then doing just the opposite. So, logically and emotionally, I saw that preventing the death of all children, endlessly, was the ultimate intent.

Author elpresidio ( ago)
This is a wonderful discussion. This is actually the second time I'm watching this. Eric, Google and IBM. These guys always have such visionary insight, it's incredibly inspiring to watch, listen and absorb it all.

Author elpresidio ( ago)
first! I love it everytime Eric Schmidt speaks. I'm so glad YouTube gives me the opportunity to do so. Eric Schmidt to me is like E.F. Hutton. When he speaks, I stop and listen. I always come away with more insight, knowledge and intellectual stimulation with each speech he gives. I feel like I'm listening to one of my very interesting college professors speaking back in my college days.

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