Stirling Engine, Free Piston Generator


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Author eva silva salgado ( ago)
Hello Could you sell me like Model UN

Author Theo van der linden ( ago)
love it !! can you share the building plans so i can make one too ??

Author Kumail Al-Qadi ( ago)
Can you make it work as Stirling cooler ?

Author NOBOX7 ( ago)
this would also make a nice air pump or oil pump or a water pump 

Author NOBOX7 ( ago)
hello sir very cool device , if you made a hydraulic pump from this using
check valves it could be connected with several units making a powerful

Author zuricatex ( ago)
thanks for explain anything

Author henri ( ago)
can you draw a sketch your design

Author barumman ( ago)
Hi, Thanks for the interest, Sorry nothing for sale.

Author Win Rijssenbeek ( ago)
Marvelous machine: how many watts output? 5 watt? how much it weighs? Do
you see potential for use in remote areas in developing nations? Is there
any idea on the wear of the materials you use. I do not see any flexures
like in the Nasa Design? Is it a pure air spring? To what extent you think
it can be pressurised? best Winfried

Author barumman ( ago)
Butane Gas.

Author WildMania ( ago)
WOW. You made it even better looking than NASA design of the stirling

Author Games with Sieze ( ago)
seems liek a nice littl project :3

Author barumman ( ago)
@xyanide1986 I seldom use drawings, I might draw a rough sketch my
workbench sometimes but mostly I have the idea in my head, I just cut the
metal and make each piece fit as I go along. This method can be wastfull of
materials and labour sometimes. :) :) Cyril

Author spookanide ( ago)
@barumman No drawings? I'm curious how you designed and built it then.

Author barumman ( ago)
@studioLivingDead Correct.

Author specallez ( ago)
Sweet engine! You should be able to get more power if you use neodymium
magnets, it doesn't look as though your generator is loading the engine at
all. Have you measured the output ?

Author barumman ( ago)
@salomonlor30 Sorry I have made no drawings and can not discribe how to
build the engine as it would be too time consuming, best wishes from the
UK. :)

Author salomon castillo ( ago)
Hi, excellent video, it is that can make a video of how to build the
engine, I am student of engineering I have interest in building a similar
engine, thanks in advance greetings from Tenochtitlan, if it is explained
how to build the motor. it is in writing, we use the translator google text
of "English to Spanish," you know, we are limited in our education and do
not speak English, yet the internet about us as humans, greetings. thanks
for your time

Author NOBOX7 ( ago)
@barumman great design , good idea to cut out all the ineeficint machanery

Author douro20 ( ago)
This is the same basic design as Infinia's engines except they have much
larger field coils, they are liquid cooled, and they are sealed in a
titanium vessel pressurized to over 2000psi.

Author barumman ( ago)
Thank You, :)

Author barumman ( ago)
Sorry Sam, I havn't made any drawings Best wishes.

Author Amanda Rodriguez ( ago)
That is excellent! Could you provide me with the plans or specs you used? I
would like to build one. Sam

Author 30GB ( ago)
if you get a thermal plate thing they use for computers and such you can
make high wattage

Author junkman6261 ( ago)
that is neat! You make it all? It just lights the two light?

Author barumman ( ago)

Author Michael Crumpton ( ago)
So is the displacer driven similarly to a ringbom type engine?

Author SWINGREGORY ( ago)
very cool

Author barumman ( ago)
Thank you for your kind comments, the heatsink only gets slightly warm.
best wishes, Cyril .

Author barumman ( ago)
There is no mechanical connection to the displacer,it is driven

Author fassenkugel ( ago)
a simple question: there is any connection between the displacer and power
piston? it is extended rod configuration? so the displacer is moved by
presure wave of power piston?

Author barumman ( ago)
Sorry I made no drawings, They are in my head, I cut the metal and make
things fit as I go along.

Author fassenkugel ( ago)
it is possible to get the mechanical drawing or at least some parameter of
ur motor? i would like to rebuild in pressurised form. i think i can do
easy from this an 2..500W generator.

Author fassenkugel ( ago)
on atm pressure u cant make a lot powaaa. because the pressure difference
is not enough. but this machine in closed box at 30..100bar pressure can do
3..500W mechanical power. this linear generator is loks very primitiv. u
can get cheap linear motor from membran pupmps. that about
2..300W/230V/50hz. or u can use for lower power like this biger loudspekaer
coil+magnet. both have a god effiency. and self starting is possible with
short impulse to coil, from butt or whatever.

Author barumman ( ago)
I understand,I think.

Author barumman ( ago)
Hi Richard, No glasses ;) the rattle is caused by a spring that biases the
displacer to the middle of travel,I didn't fasten it in order to avoid any
side thrust which would have increased friction on the displacer actuating
piston which is in effect an air bearing. As for the power output, you are
an optomist. It is my own design, no plans. Thanks for the interest & the

Author barumman ( ago)
Thanks for the comments Richard and mowerofdoom, that name frightens me!, I
have not measured the power output, it is probably less than 0ne watt

Author roidroid ( ago)
linear alternator! woohoo :D

Author SWINGREGORY ( ago)

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